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					Pauline Oliveros Named as Artist
in Larry Berk Artist-in-Residence                 Student Opinion
              Series                              Question: Why did you choose SUNY
Pauline Oliveros, the internationally known       Ulster?
composer, performer, author and
philosopher, will offer two workshops and a                     Cody Saraceno 22 yrs. old,
single performance as part of this spring’s                     Gardiner. “The good
artist-in-residence series. Oliveros will visit                 science classes, especially
the SUNY Ulster campus on February 9                            biology.”
and March 2 for two workshops on music
improvisation and a session on Deep
Listening. Both workshops begin at 7:00                         Dan Plichta: 17 yrs. old,
p.m. in the Student Lounge. Oliveros                            New Paltz. “It’s a good
pioneered the concept of Deep Listening                         school and it’s close to
which is designed to inspire performers to                      home.”
practice the art of listening and responding
to environmental conditions in solo and
ensemble conditions. All SUNY Ulster                            Alisha Julian 17 yrs old,
music students and music majors are urged                       Kerhonkson. “It’s close to
to attend the workshops. Oliveros will                          where I live. Easy getting
perform on April 20 with the Oracle Bones                       back and forth.”
Trio at 7:00 p.m. in the Student Lounge.
Free to students.
                                                                Megan Long: 20 yrs old,
                                                                Rosendale. “It’s close to
                                                                home. Transportation is

                                                                Freddie Medina: 35 yrs old,
                                                                Accord. “I was here 12
                                                                years ago. It’s a good

Sal Ligotino, Coordinator of Industrial
Technology registers Mark Dupre, Saugerties,                    Erika Julian: 18 yrs. old,
for his spring semester classes.
                                                                Kerhonkson. “What’s the
                                                                saying? “Start here. Go
Support Ulster Basketball Team!                                 Far.”
          Go Senators!

SUNY Ulster Bulletin                               Volume III Number 5 January 20, 2010
College Art Gallery Has New Opening
      January 28-February 26                        Student Planning Council
SUNY Ulster’s Muroff Kotler Visual Arts            Events for Spring Semester
Gallery opens the new semester with a new        Thanks to Kathy Meyer, the SGO and the
show called Landscape2. The show                 Student Planning Events Council, there’s
highlights the photographic works of Phil        free food for all students! Don’t miss.
Underdown and Jared Handelsman.                  January 27 – Welcome Back Pizza Party
Underdown will exhibit large scale               February 16 – President’s Pie Day
photographs from his Grassland series and        March 3 – Dessert Day
Jared Handelsman’s exhibition will show his      March 24 – Baked Ziti Lunch Day
most recent work utilizing video technology      April 21 – Earth Day BBQ
to investigate the play of light and shadow
in interior spaces. The Gallery is open
Monday-Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00
                                                      SUNY Ulster Music
p.m. The Gallery is closed on College             Department Performs Annual
holidays.                                          Herrington Benefit Concert
                                                       Wednesday, February 17
Below: Rich Cavazza from Marlboro
                                                 SUNY Ulster’s Community Band under the
enjoys the Holiday Coffee Hour sponsored
                                                 direction of Victor Izzo, Jr., performs a
by the Student Events Planning Council.
                                                 benefit concert to support music
                                                 scholarships to honor the memory of Lee
                                                 Herrrington, former band director at Ulster.
                                                 The scholarship is awarded to a returning
                                                 music student. Tickets available at the door
                                                 for $3. Students/Seniors for $2. Family
                                                 group for $10. Call 687-5060.

                                                       The Screening Room with
                                                             Nicole Quinn
                                                 Tuesday, February 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the
                                                 Student Lounge. Local filmmaker hosts
                                                 screening of new film by Barbara Hammer,
                                                 a pioneer in gay cinema. Free to students.

Above: Megan Alles and Jessica Barath from
Kingston enjoy the free food and wish everyone
a happy holiday!

                                                 The Student Dining Center was packed as
    Welcome Back Students!                       students prepared for end of the semester
   Enjoy the Spring Semester!                    exams and holiday good wishes for all.

SUNY Ulster Bulletin                               Volume III Number 5 January 20, 2010