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Making Money With
      What You Need To
Most raffles are considered gambling
 and are governed by fairly precise state
 and provincial laws

Find out the laws in your state or
 province before you start your raffle
 Items regulated may include

Value of Prize
Numbered tickets
Prize disclosure and details explained
Length of contest
Bookkeeping requirements
Length of time you must keep records
Who you can sell tickets to
Whether you need a gambling license or
    Decision(s) To Make On
          Your Raffle
How long will it run?
   One day, one Month, one year
   Until so many tickets are sold
   At the end of an event
   Number of prizes
   One grand prize
   First, Second, Third and so on
   Value of prizes
 How many tickets will you print
 Unlimited VS A limited set number
 How will tickets be purchased?
  On line, at an event, by mail
How much do you want to make?
What will you print on your tickets
  Number, prize detail, where to mail
What will be the value of each ticket
Where will you purchase merchandise
  Retail, Wholesale, Donations, discounts
        Will You Have a

 What will they pay for?
 What will they want in return?
  Most likely advertising
    Newsletter, flyers, website
Companies that may donate gift
 cards and merchandise in exchange
 for advertising

You will need to keep your
 advertising commitments and
 follow up with a thank you letter
  Who Will Keep Track of
      Tickets Sold?
Should have centralized record
  Very important in long duration
   raffles, large number of raffle tickets,
   and multiple raffle ticket sale sources.
     Choosing The Prizes
Items that appeal to a broad range of
 people will attract more entries.
People like big prizes worth large dollar
 amounts (that’s why raffles are
People also like multiple chances to win
People often equate value of an item as
 important as the item itself
Your prizes need to be quality items,
 not something a merchant could not sell
Where Do You Get Prizes?
Wholesale items
Special purchase programs for non
 Examples in hunting merchandise
  Bows, Mathews, Hoyt, Bowtec, PSE
  Merchandise, Primos, Brunton,
   Steiner,Montana Decoy and many more.
  Gift Certificates
           Case Study 1
Bow Raffle for 2 Sportsman shows
Bow Mathews Outback
   Overhead
   Cost $350.00 (Value 700.00)
   Printing of 300 Raffle tickets (50.00)
Tickets sold 300 X 5.00 per ticket=
Profit $1,100.00
 Large sign in booth with lettering
  that can be read by person walking
  by the booth
 Bow hanging on post in front of
  booth so ticket buyers can handle
 Passing out flyers at other booths
  advertising the bow raffle
Post Raffle
Take picture of winner and put in
Keep all raffle tickets for 3 years
Thank Mathews for the discount
 bow and send copy of newsletter
 story about winner and Mathews
          Case Study 2
Alberta Bowhunters
 Association 3rd Annual Spring
 Fever Raffle
Drawing to be held at the ABA banquet
     Cost of prizes and tickets
      Apx. 1,750.00
       ( Retail value of 5 prizes $7,000)
 Sponsor paid for grand prize
 (3,700) Other items were donated
 or purchased at discount
Cost of raffle tickets
   $5.00 X 2,000 (limit) = 10,000
Expected profit $8,350.00
Duration of contest - 5 months
  Emails, Information poster, Banquet event,
   open to non members, mail outs
        Case Study 3

        Coin Raffle
Often used at banquets
Same day drawing
Usually for one item
Prize should be coveted by most
 people at event

Steiner binoculars (Retail $900.00)
 Overhead
     Cost of binoculars $500.00
     Cost of logo wood discs 25.00
Coin value $15.00 X 100 =
Expected profit  975.00
Not enough marketing
Not enough value or quality in prize
Prizes not desired by many people
 Eg. A low end off brand bow
Violations in state or provincial
 gambling laws
Bad bookkeeping
Not thanking donor or doing promised
Advertising (loss of a future donor)

Get a written agreement for any
 merchandise you do not have in hand
  Includes hunts, promised items and
  Have a substitution clause in case prize is
   not available
  Especially in long running raffles
Be as detailed as possible in describing
 exactly what the person will win
  This is especially true when you are raffling
   hunts and services
Good idea to limit time period for raffle
  Insures that prizes will still be
Match your raffle to the size of your
Raffles can be your main fund
 raiser or they can supplement
 existing fundraisers.