- 1 puncture wound surrounded by bruising on the left buttock

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					                                     COMMITTEE OF APPEALS

Appeal    - “Dog Muzzle Order”
Appellant :(dog owner): Benita Henke, 389 Fox Ave., London ON N6G 1H7

Bite Occurrence:          -the morning of July 12, 2006 at approximately 9:30am along the fence
                          line running on the west side of TD Waterhouse Stadium.
Victim:                   - a n adult male
Bite Description:         - 1 puncture wound surrounded by bruising on the left buttock.
                          - attended family physician where wound was cleaned, disinfected and a
                          tetanus shot given.
Victim Statement:         - leaning with his back against the fence speaking on cell phone
                          -felt sharp pain turned to view the biter dog walking back to a gentleman
                          holding an extendable leash.
                          - the dog custodian was standing on the asphalt parking area located
                          approximately 15fl from the location of the bite.
                          - spoke briefly with the dog custodian who advised that the dog’s rabies
                          vaccination were up to date.
                          - dog custodian started to walk away, so victim exited the stadium to
                          request the name and telephone number of the individual walking the dog
                          - obtained both the name and telephone number while staying
                          approximately 1O f l from the dog.
Biter Dog description:     - a large sized, male, 5 % year old, black and tan German Shepherd
                           named ‘Rex’
Dog Owner:                 - Benita Henke - 389 Fox Ave. - London
Dog Custodian:             - Edward Henke - 389 Fox Ave. - London
                           -walking dog on normal route past TD Waterhouse Stadium
                           - dog was on a retractable leash that may have been extended 6 to 8 feet
                           - did not view anyone in the area of the fence as it is surrounded by a
                           - viewed dog jump into the hedge followed by the sound of person yelling
                           - continued walking along fence to where hedge ended, viewed a man
                           standing on other side of fence.
                           - spoke briefly the man and continued walking, moments later being
                           confronted by the victim at the doors of the stadium.
                           - provided information requested
Additional Information:    - although the custodian of the dog only places the length of the leash at 6
                           to 8 feet, the victim is certain he viewed Mr. Henke in the asphalt parking
                           lot beyond the walkway.
                           - in viewing the location of the bite during investigation, this would place
                           the custodian of the dog at least 1 % - 2 car lengths from the location of
                           the bite = approximately 13 - 18 feet.
                           - City of London by-law PH-4 requires dogs to be on a leash no longer
                           than 6fl 6inches in length.
                           - in addition the by-law is clear to identify that the dog must be under
                           physical control of person
                           - during interview the biter dog did display high levels of aggression to the
                           point of causing safety concerns for the investigating Animal Control

 Animal Control after investigation, issued a Muzzle Order to Benita Henke in accordance with City of
 London by-law PH-4.