On-line Approval Hierarchy and PPS Access Training Course Objectives by aek68807


									IFIS On-line Approval Hierarchy

         Dan Rinkert
What You’ll Get From This Training Series

           a Ability to Set-up and Maintain Your
           Department’s Access to UCSD Core Business
           Systems Through AccessLink TNG

  aAbility Ability to Set-up and Maintain Your
           to Set-up and Maintain Your
        Department’s Approval Hierarchies
  Department’s IFISIFIS Approval Hierarchies
        Supporting it’s Ability Transact Financially
  Supporting it’s Ability toto Transact Financially

           a Ability to Set-up and Maintain Your
           Department’s PAN Reviewers within PPS
         What are IFIS Approval Hierarchies?
              IFIS Electronic Document Routing

                   Travel Office (Level 1)
                    Processes document

               Dept. Final Approver (Level 2)
          Signs document before it leaves the dept.

                    Preparer (Level 3)
                    Prepares document

Allows employees to prepare and approve financial documents
                    Financial Link                           Web-based
WebIFIS   Travel Transactions   Encumbrance Lifter   ENPET


                    Financial Link                           Web-based
WebIFIS   Travel Transactions   Encumbrance Lifter   ENPET


Some Documents Do Not Need to be Routed to Central
           Offices for Final Approval

       TRP (Travel Authorization and Encumbrance)

                      Travel Office

                   Preparer and Final
                       (Level 1)
Some Documents Must be Routed to Central Offices
           OLTF BSP (Permanent Budget)
                with Faculty Salaries

              Campus Budget Office
                     (Level 1)
          approves and processes document

             Academic Personnel Office
                    (Level 2)

             Final Department Approver
                      (Level 3)

                     (Level 4)
            Some Documents Are Tailored For Internal
                     Departmental Routing
                          RQT (Requisition)
       Option 1                 Option 2                 Option 3

 Purchasing Division      Purchasing Division      Purchasing Division
creates purchase order   creates purchase order   creates purchase order

 Preparer and Final       Final Departmental       Final Departmental
   Departmental                Approver                 Approver
     Approver                   (Level 1)               (Level 1)
      (Level 1)
                                                      book keeper
                                                        (Level 2)
                               (Level 2)

                                                        (Level 3)
                  IFIS Approval Hierarchies

Department Management Responsibilities

• Decide who will prepare & approve each document type needed

• Delegate signature authorization to final approvers inside the

• Make sure approval hierarchy instructions to DSA’s comply with

• Instruct DSA to setup, modify or delete userids from approval
How Authority to Commit University Funds for
         Expenditures is Delegated



              Department Head/
Department Heads Re-delegate Signature Authorization
          to Department Final Approvers

                     Dept. Head/Chair/
                      MSO or Admin.
                     Officer above MSO

          Employee 1                 Employee 2

        Final department           Final department
       approver for Travel           approver for
           documents                  Purchasing
                  IFIS Approval Hierarchies

DSA Responsibilities

• Review Approval Hierarchy instructions for accuracy and

• Assess employee’s current access and determine what’s needed

• Assess training and training requirements

• Setup, update, and delete userids from approval hierarchies
  Process for Setting up IFIS Approval Hierarchies
                        Dept Head

          Requests access and defines template routing

         DSA reviews: Are all guidelines met?

 Is employee new?                           Is training required?

      YES                                           YES
     Employee Self-Registers               Employee Completes
DSA requests IFIS access via ALTNG              Training

                       DSA sets up IFIS
                      approval hierarchy
Inadequately trained staff may produce
       inappropriate transactions
 that may result in loss to the university
      and/or substantially delay the
           approval process.

                   Administrative Responsibilities Handbook
        IFIS Approval Hierarchy Guidelines
              Provide Requirements
             For Each Document Type

• Who must be final approver(s)

• Number of levels required

• Dollar limits for each level

• See IFIS Approval Hierarchy Guidelines
             IFIS Approval Hierarchies
                  Exist For These
               IFIS Document Types

–   Travel
–   Pay Authorization
–   Purchasing
–   On-line Transfer of Funds
–   Journal Vouchers
                   Travel Document Types

Used to process travel expenses and encumberances

• TRP (Travel Authorization and Encumbrance)

• TIV (Travel Invoice)
                                   IFIS hierarchies can not
• ADV (Travel Advance)             be deleted until all travel
                                   events that have used it
                                   have been reconciled or
                 Pay Authorization Document

Used to process payment requests not associated with general
     purchase orders (on-line check request)

One Document Type - INV
•    Six Templates:
1.   PAY (pay authorization)
2.   REN (rent & lease payments)
3.   MLG (mileage vouchers)
4.   HON (honorariums)
5.   FDX (Federal Express)
6.   ENT (Entertainment)
MyMeetings and Hosted Events
                  Purchasing Document Types

Used to purchase goods and services

• PUR (used when goods cannot be purchased in Marketplace)

• RQT (requisition)
        On-line Transfer of Funds Document Types

Used to transfer budget appropriations between accounts

• BSC (current year budget)

• BSP (permanent budget)
                  Journal Voucher Document

Used to enter adjustments to journals on-line

One Document Type - JV
• Five Templates:
1. XRG (transactions-multiple debts-non-EMF funds) ENPET
2. EMF (extramural funds transaction) ENPET
3. GEN (non-emf funds -1 dept) ENPET
4. RCH (on-line recharge)
5. CRP (cash recap)
When People Leave Your Department
     Mass Updates to Approval Hierarchy Templates

• Copy approval templates from one user to another user and
  optionally transfer unapproved documents.

• Add an approver as an alternate approver wherever a target
  approver is found.
• Delete an alternate approver everywhere the approver appears.

• Replace all occurrences of one approver with another approver
  wherever it occurs (primary and alternate).

• List all approval templates where a userid participates as a
  primary or alternate approver.
When People Leave Your Department
More Financial Systems Info
                     FinancialLink Security

• Group Identifier

   – Think of the Group Identifier as an internal password within
      FinancialLink. It allows an individual to access things they
      create in FinancialLink.
       Financial Link
       * Ledger Reviewer
       * Project Number
       * Notes

         Data Warehouse



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