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									Mark Engel, 6-4-06                                       A.M. Sermon Series            E. Scripture.
Oak Hill Church of Christ                                Stewardship # 5                      1. 2 Cor. 6:2 “now is acceptable time & day of
               Stewardship in God’s Service                                                   2. Heb. 4:16, “draw near now, so we can
                                                                                              receive mercy when in need.”
Intro: To this point, we have talked about our monetary                                       3. Hos. 10:12, “It is time to seek the Lord.”
giving in this series. Today, we will talk of our time, talent,                               4. Isa. 55:6, “Seek the Lord while He may be
and things in regard to stewardship.                                                          found, call on Him while He is near.”
                                                                                       F. Time is your friend when your living for the Lord.
I. Time.
      A. Time may be considered our most valuable commodity.                   II. Talents.
                 1. Call a lawyer on the phone – comes with a bill.                   A. Parable of the Talents, Mt. 25:14-30.
                 2. Doctors bill for time not expertise.                                      1. Made five more.
                         a. Mechanic doesn’t fix car, want money back.                        2. Made two more.
                          For some knowledge equals value.
                                                                                              3. Buried talent – finds punishment.
                       c. But it is what we do w/ knowledge.                                          a. Didn’t use what entrusted to him for master.
        B. How are we spending our time?                                                              b. Do we use our talents for the Lord?
               1. We all have 168 hrs in a week.                                      B. The woods would be silent if only the best sounding
               2. 112 waking hrs (8 hrs sleep a night)                                birds sang out, but all do and make a joyful noise.
               3. 40 hrs at work                                                              1. We make a joyful noise when all use our gifts.
               4. 40 hrs for ourselves                                                        2. We offend if keep someone waiting 15, 30,
                       a. Married divide by 2                                                 or 45 minutes – too many of us have kept God
                       b. 20 hrs for family, 20 for self.                                     waiting to be good stewards.
                       c. Good family, 30 hrs for family                                      3. Never too late to turn and walk with God.
                       d. 10 hrs for self.                                            C. Acts 8:34, “no needy persons among them.”
               5. 32 hrs for the Lord.                                                        1. If all would contribute when a need then no
               6. If we divided it up equally.                                                needs would be left.
                       a. Work, self, the Lord.                                               2. Ps. 110:3 – can volunteer freely in day of His
                       b. We don’t and I won’t ask that.                                      power – power displayed in Acts 2 – sending of
        C. Giving a tenth of our time.                                                        Spirit.
               1. 16.8 hrs a week.
               2. 3 services = 7 hrs (includes drive time, visits)             III. Things – review.
               3. Are we giving God our leftovers in time?                            A. What do we have that God has not given us?
               4. Monetary giving not only leftovers we give.                         B. How have we shared what has been given to us?
        D. Illustrations.                                                             C. Freely He has given, freely will we give?
               1. Harvard professor, Louis Agassiz “I can’t
               afford to waste my time making money.”                          Concl: Seek the Lord while He may be found, Isa. 55:6. Is He
               2. All given 86, 400 seconds a day                              tugging on your heart this morning? The Bible tells how to
               3. 6 mo at stoplights, 8 mo reading junk mail, 2 yrs            seek Him – calling on His name. Acts 22:16, “what are you
                 returning phone calls, 5 yrs waiting in line, 6 yrs eating.
                 4. Ps. 39 – perspective on time.                              waiting for, arise and be baptized, calling on His name.”

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