Linguistic Project Topic Approval by xkt17544



                            Linguistic Project Topic Approval

   You must obtain approval of the topic from your project supervisor, and this must be
    indicated by the signature of the supervisor on this form. The supervisor is
    encouraged to comment briefly on the project proposal in the space below, and also to
    suggest an appropriate second marker.
   Please compose a brief description of the proposed project, not to exceed one page.
    A printed copy of the description must be attached to the form, and an electronic copy
    must be sent by email to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
   This form and the attached project description must be submitted to the Director of
    Undergraduate Studies for approval of the proposed topic for your Paper XII: Linguistic
    Project on or before Wednesday of Week 2 in Michaelmas Term of your final year.
    Consult the Linguistic Project web page for more information and guidelines for the
    Linguistic Project:



Year of examination:

Title of project:

Linguistic subfield:

Other Linguistics Paper XII options chosen (if any):

Ethical approval: Please check one of the following boxes.

    □   My project does not involve collecting data from human subjects.

    □   My project involves collecting data from human subjects, and I have completed the
        CUREC Ethical Approval Checklist, available as “Checklist” at the following link:

           □ My project does not require ethical approval.
           □ My project will require CUREC Level 2 approval.

This section is to be completed by the project supervisor.

Name and signature of project supervisor:

Suggested second marker:

Comments on proposed project:

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