Letter of Commitment 2009 2010 Detroit Red Wings Promotion Commitment

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					               2009 - 2010 Detroit Red Wings Promotion,
                          Commitment Form
Dear Proprietor interested in making Money:

Please take the time to read this commitment form completely before signing and committing your
center(s) to participate.
By signing this letter of commitment you are committing your bowling center(s) to participate with
the Bowling Centers Association of Michigan, the Southeast Michigan Bowling Centers
Association, Metro Detroit USBC, Western Wayne County USBC, and the Detroit Red Wings in
our inaugural 2009 – 2010 joint promotion. This is a $40,000 investment by all Marketing Partners.

   **All participating centers must be a member in good standing with no outstanding arrearages or balances**

Centers agree to start the inaugural Red Wings bowling club no later than mid/late September and
run it for 12 weeks           (we suggest charging $11.50 per bowler per week)

 All Detroit Red Wing bowling club league bowlers must be USBC certified with the dues being
     mailed to your respective USBC Association no later than (1) month after leagues begin
             (Remember the certification fee is included in the weekly bowling fees)

The deadline to commit your center(s) and fax this form in is September 16th, 2009. Please fax to
either John Casbar (586) 264-0805 or Ken Prokopec (248) 559-5008

Participating centers will receive an e-mail reminder from John Casbar (2) weeks prior to the
deadline. Contact John Casbar or Ken Prokopec if you do not receive the e-mailed reminder!!

  Bonus: Each center who signs up to participate in the inaugural Detroit Red Wings bowling club
  will be offered the opportunity to run another bowling club in January at NO Lane Assessment!!

                       Detroit Red Wings Club Bowler Incentives:
   Each Detroit Red Wings Club Bowler receives; (2) regular season home game tickets,
(1) parking pass in the Joe Louis Arena Parking Structure, (2) food vouchers good for a hot
dog and fountain drink, a Detroit Red Wings bowling towel, and the opportunity to shoot at
                      the net on the Red Wings Ice following the game

Important Notice: The cost for each bowler incentive package is $50.00 which is covered in their
weekly bowling fees. BCAM will invoice your center $50.00 x the number of bowlers you reported
   flooring to cover the cost of their packages. The invoice must be paid in full by Wednesday
         December 2nd 2009 in order to take delivery of your bowler’s incentive packages

   As an added benefit to all our club bowlers, should any of your club bowlers like
additional game tickets for their family or friends, they can purchase additional game
 tickets for $28.00 each. This offer is available for the game tickets only and must be
            for the same game your centers club bowlers will be attending!

                      Inaugural Detroit Red Wings Bowling Club Deadlines:
               ♦ Wednesday September 16, 2009 – deadline to commit your center(s) and to fax this
                              commitment form to one of the following directors;
                    (586) 264-0805 Attn: John Casbar or (248) 559-5008 Attn: Ken Prokopec!

           ♦ Wednesday October 7, 2009 – There will be a $7.15 per lane assessment one time fee to
           participate and you will receive an invoice from the BCAM office within a week of your
               commitment which is payable in full no later than Wednesday October 7th, 2009
            **Please make checks payable to BCAM and mail to BCAM Headquarters 28200
           Southfield Road Southfield, MI 48076 C/O 2009/2010 Detroit Red Wings Promotion**

         ♦ Wednesday October 28, 2009 – deadline to report the number of bowlers your center floored to
         John Casbar so he can inform the Red Wings on the number of game tickets, bowling towels, food
                              vouchers and parking passes your center(s) will need!

           ♦ Wednesday November 18, 2009 – Your center should have already received an invoice for
           $50.00 per bowler based on the number of bowlers you reported on or before the October 28th
          deadline as well as for any additional tickets your bowlers requested @ the $28.00 reduced cost,
          If you have not received an invoice please contact John Casbar or Ken Prokopec ASAP to insure
                                 your centers information was received and recorded

          ♦ Wednesday December 2, 2009 – deadline to have your bowler’s game tickets, bowling towel,
         food vouchers and parking passes you ordered ($50.00 per bowler) paid for in full or they will not
          be delivered to your center and you must make your own arrangements to have them picked from
               Sunnybrook at your cost! (we are trying to get a December game for our club bowlers)

        Each center agrees to honor all coupons pertaining to the 2009/2010 Detroit Red Wings promotion
                             (Example, 1 hour free or xx games free, up to a $10 value)

        NOTICE: Please understand that there will be absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to
        any deadlines as we must abide by the Red Wings contract to guarantee our
                          bowlers receive our offerings!

      Center Name:            # of Lanes               Phone #:           Fax #:

       Street Address, City, Zip                               E-Mail Address

        Authorized Signature                                        Today’s Date

        Any questions or for further information contact one of the following;

       Ken Prokopec, BCAM, – (630) 235-7794 or

 John Casbar – (586) 264-2700 ext. 515 or,

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