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					How to Make Paper

Structurally generality paper usually consists of:

1. Introduction: contains words authors hope, saying thank’s, etc. from the
2. List of contents (clear)
3. Introduction: making the background tasks, objectives and benefits of one's
4. Foundation theory: teori2 quote reply underlying papers, usually quoted from
   the book.
5. Discussion: the core papers discuss covetous lo input in this chapter
6. Conclusion: Short-enter the word from the discussion here
7. Bibliography: the sources you use (books)

   And for the early stages namely:
   Choosing Topics

   If the topic has been determined, you may no longer have the freedom to
   choose. However, it does not mean you are ready to go to the next step.

   Consider first the type of script you would write. Should it be a general
   review, or analysis of specific topics? If only a general overview, you can
   directly go to the next step. But if you want to do a special analysis, a topic
   you should really specific. If the topic is still too general, you can narrow your
   topic. For example, if the topic of "Indonesia" is a topic that is still very
   common. If you write an objective overview (Overview), then this topic is
   appropriate. But if you want to make a brief analysis, you can narrow down
   this topic into "Indonesian Cultural Property" or "Political Situation in
   Indonesia. Once you believe what you write, you can proceed to the next step.

   When the topic was not specified, then your task much harder. On the other
   hand, you actually have the freedom to choose the topic you like, so that
   usually makes your essay much stronger and character.

   Define Objectives

   Determine goals first essay you will write. Is it to convince people to believe
   what you believe? Explains how to do certain things? Educate the reader about
   a person, idea, place or something? Whatever topic you choose, must comply
   with its objectives.

   Write Your Interest

   If you have set your goals essay, write down some of the subjects that interest
   you. The more you write the subject, the better. If you have problems in
finding subjects you are interested, just look around you. Are there things that
interest around you? Think about your life? What do you do? Maybe there are
some interesting topics to be made. Do not evaluate these subjects, just write
down everything that occurred in the head.

Evaluation of Potential Topics

If there are several topics that deserve, consider each of these topics. If the
goal to educate, you have to understand correctly about the topic in question.
If the goal convincing, then the topic should be really exciting. Most
important, how many ideas you have for the topic you choose.

Before you go to the next step, check again that your manuscript writing.
Similar to the case where you have specified topic, you also need to think of
the script you write.

Creating Outline

The purpose of making an outline is to put your ideas on your topic in the text
in an organized format.

Start by Writing Your Topic at The Top

Write the Roman numerals I, II, III on the left page, with a wide range of them

Write the outline of your ideas about topics you mean:

If you are trying to convince, give the best argument

If you explain a process, write down the steps so that the reader can

If you try to inform you something, describe the main categories of

In each of the roman, write A, B, and C decreased in the left of the page sis.
Write down the facts or information that supports main ideas
Write thesis

A thesis statement reflects the content of essays and important points which
will be presented by the author. You have to determine the topic of your essay,
now you have to look back at the outline that you've made, and decide what
points would you make it. Your thesis statement consists of two parts:

The first part states the topic. Example: Indonesian Culture, Corruption in
The second part states the points of your essay. Example: have a tremendous
wealth, takes a long time to memberantasnya, and so on.

Writing The Body of Essay

This section is the most fun part of writing an essay. You can explain, describe
and provide a complete argument for the topic you've chosen. Each of these
important ideas that you write down the outline will become one paragraph of
the body of your thesis.

Each paragraph has a similar structure:

Start by writing your great ideas in sentence form. Let's say your idea is:
"Eradication of corruption in Indonesia", you can write: "Eradication of
corruption in Indonesia requires great patience and a long time"

Then write each of these points support the idea, but leave four or five lines.

At each point, write down the expansion of these points. This can be elaborate
description or explanation or discussion

If necessary, you can use the sentence in the conclusion of each paragraph.

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