Schlage Multi-Technology Card Readers Receive FIPS201 Approval

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					Contact Name: Felix Mira, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies: 214-912-7307 (c)
Contact Name: Tom Brigham, Brigham Scully: 818-716-9021

      Schlage Multi-Technology Card Readers Receive
                     FIPS201 Approval
                    During Transition to FIPS201 and After,
       Customers Can Read Variety of Proximity and Smart Card Credentials

FORESTVILLE, CONN. – January 12, 2007 – Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies
today announced that the U.S. Government has approved three of its industry-leading
Multi-Technology card reader models under HSPD-12 for FIPS201 compliance as
Transparent Readers. The Schlage Mullion reader (SXF1100-PIV), Mid-Range reader
(SXF2100-PIV) and Keypad reader (SXF2110-PIV) are now available with FIPS201
       “The approval of Schlage readers under the FIPS201 federal specification
indicates that Schlage readers have passed compliance testing for compatibility with the
new Personal Identity Verification (“PIV II”) credentials mandated for issuance to all
federal employees over the next two years,” emphasizes Felix Mira, Schlage electronic
security marketing manager. “Several card manufacturers have been approved as
suppliers of FIPS201 compliant PIV credentials and the physical access control function
of these approved cards has been verified with our Schlage Multi-Technology readers.”
       In addition to reading approved FIPS201 PIV II credentials, Schlage Multi-
Technology readers are also compatible with many standard proximity and leading smart
card technologies.
       “Reading multiple existing card types and PIV II cards simultaneously is a
tremendous benefit to those agencies looking to painlessly transition from older
proximity technologies to new, mandated PIV II credentials,” adds Mira. “A mixed
population of old proximity credentials and new PIV II credentials will be unavoidable
during the government’s multi-year upgrade path to FIPS201 compliance. As a result,
Schlage Multi-Technology readers will be a unique and critical component of successful
security upgrades in all sectors of the government.”
        FIPS 201 is a Federal Information Processing Standard developed by the
National Institute of Standards and Technology to satisfy the requirements of HSPD-12,
the Homeland Security Presidential Directive. One of the main objectives of HSPD-12 is
to ensure government-wide interoperability for information technology and security
through the implementation of a range of federal standards and product requirements.
FIPS 201 seeks to improve identification and authentication of Federal employees and
contractors for access to Federal facilities and information systems.
        By adding “PIV” to the applicable part number (example: SXF2100-PIV) when
purchasing FIPS201 compliant Schlage products, customers will be shipped the PIV
compliant version of the product.
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