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					                                       club or amalgamating with another
                                       club. This would be a sad and
                                       sorry day for a club with 70 years
                                       of history. It is up to each and
                                       every     member     to    make  a
                                       contribution to the running of the
                                       club and not expect a small band
                                       of dedicated people to do all the
OAC Newsletter May 2008                work. The Executive does not
                                       require you to put in a full time
                                       commitment; rather it appreciates
President’s report                     your    input    and    help  when
                                       necessary circumstances arise.
Dear Members,
                                       The club earnestly needs your help
As we are approaching the end of
                                       to survive into the future.
the 2007/08 angling season we
again need to ponder on the future
                                       Club Angling
of our club. Whilst our membership
has shown a slight increase, our
                                       Insofar as our competitions are
funds are decreasing at a level
                                       concerned it would appear that a
which is unsustainable for the
                                       reduction of competitions from 4
continued financial stability of the
                                       to 3 in each category has not been
                                       an overwhelming success. The one
                                       bright spot has been the tutoring
It was most pleasing to gain a
                                       days on the Patterson River and
number of new active members
                                       Karkarook Lake. Recent members
and I again extend my welcome to
                                       availed    themselves   to    learn
those members for joining the
                                       Estuary and Freshwater fishing
Ormond Angling Club.
                                       techniques from skilled older club
Your executive has been actively
planning for our future and is
                                       Whilst the overall fishing results
preparing to put up a number of
                                       have been mediocre, the fishing at
options for the future operation of
                                       the Bemm River and Port Albert
the club. It is planned that a
                                       was well up to the expected
special General Meeting will be
                                       standards for these areas.
held before the AGM for all
members to consider our options.
                                       Congratulations to all the trophy
Remember the 2008/09 season is
                                       winners so far in the 2007/08
only 2 months away and it is
                                       angling season.
imperative that all members give
consideration to standing for office
for the new season. The club can
                                       Some of the significant things that
only function effectively when
                                       have recently happened are;
members are prepared to put their
hand up for one of the office
                                            A good turn up of members
positions. Under the rules of an
                                             for our Xmas break up,
Incorporated Association we must
                                            The members enjoyment of
have a President and a Secretary
                                             a good social day on the
or Secretary /Treasurer. Unless we
                                             Mornington Peninsula,
can meet these requirements we
may be forced into winding up the
      The change in the way our      Notices
       angling     syllabus     was
       restructured for the 2007-08
                                      Our Club sponsors need
       season, and
      Some good guest speaker        special mention. Please
       presentations.                 remember to utilize their

To all the members of the             Neptune’s Cave of Jasper
Executive     and    the    Angling
                                      Road McKinnon opposite
Committee, and all the helpers on
the social side, I would like to      the McKinnon Hotel - for
express my heartfelt thanks for       all fishing equipment and
your efforts over the year.           a very good range of live
                                      and frozen baits.
Best Regards,                           Jack (Yabby) Wells Fishing
Yours Fraternally                                  Show
Don Ellis                                 This radio program is a
                                           supporter of the OAC.

FISHERIES REGULATION                  This show has been running for
REVIEW                                over 15 years as an independent
                                      source of information for
The Department of Primary             recreational anglers. This show is
Industries (DPI) is undertaking a     for all recreational anglers
review of the Fisheries Regulations   however it has a strong bias
1998.                                 towards club based anglers.
                                      It is conducted each Friday night
Current status of this project is     on radio station Southern FM 88.3
that Fisheries Victoria has advised   and runs for 30 minutes from
on the following schedule.            6.30pm.
    New draft regulations and        Unfortunately due to terminal
      RIS are currently being         illness, Jack Wells is no longer
      finalised                       associated with the show which is
    To be released for               now sponsored by the Elwood
      consultation April 2008.        Angling Club.
    Existing regulations were
      due to finish in March 2008.    Moderator of the show is now:
    A 12 month extension has             Doug Evers-Buckland –
      been granted by the                  Secretary of Williamstown &
      Minister,                            Newport Angling Club
    The new regulations are               Current President of AAA
      expected to be proclaimed            (Vic)
      towards the end of 2008         Regular presenters on the show
                                          Don Ellis –President Ormond
Don Ellis                                  Angling Club also current
                                           President of the MAA.
                                          Shane McNamara
      Asst Secretary Williamstown        to look at the fish and measure, for I
      and Newport AC                     knew they were all over the 30cm
                                         mark. There were some times when I
Club members wishing to submit           had to throw away from the boat but
an article or to advise on fishing
                                         they were still only on my side of the
information are requested to
contact Don Ellis.
                                         boat, much to Gaynor’s disgust. Our
                                         recent talk from the guy from Toorak
                                         AC, suggested that he preferred small
Club trip from Stony Point 2008          pippies so I started cutting the pippies
                                         in half. I always use a thin strip of
Imagine my shock when the times          squid on the bait as well and this
were given to me from Ean Moser.         seems to work just as good. I missed
What, meet at the ramp, by what          several bites when they would only
time? 6:30am???? Rough calculation       bite the once and your bait was gone
in my head means we would have to        so you had to be quick. One stage
be up around 4:30am and what time        there as soon as the line hit the water,
was lines up ???? 3pm, gee whiz          I had to set the bail arm. I ended up
that’s 8 hours of fishing…Too long.      with 13 good sized King George
Office hours prevailed for me. We        Whiting and enjoyed the day. The
started fishing around 9:30am and the    spot where we fished was half way
good side of that, were no queues at     between Fairhaven and Tankerton.
the ramp but we had to park in the top   No sign of anything big, only one
paddock. Any way, I rang Ean Moser       small banjo shark. Overall the
to state we were on the water and        weather was good and the fishing was
asked where he was. Tankerton he         good but I hate the ramp at Stony
replied. Gaynor and I headed off to      Point, so many boats in such a limited
Fairhaven where we had caught            space.
Whiting, Gummy Shark and Elephant
Fish before. But today all we got        Ian Morris
there were two size flathead. The
weather picked up and was lumpy          Bemm 2007
with a wind and rain squall headed
                                         Our November 2007 trip to the
our way. This wasn’t as severe and
                                         Bemm lived up to the expectations so
only lasted around 10 mins. After
                                         consistent with this location. Most of
deciding to leave this spot, we headed
                                         our 15 members who made the trip
back towards Tankerton where we
                                         stayed at Pelican Point Caravan Park.
spotted some boats fishing in a line
                                         Sadly this caravan park is in need of
and decided to get in-between them
                                         some serious maintenance and we as
to try and take advantage of their
                                         a club may be forced to look
berley. After the anchor was set, we
                                         elsewhere for future trips.
realised we were only in 3.5 m of
water but decided to stay there since
                                         Saturday the average bag weight for
the tide was making its way in.
                                         12 members weighed in at 3.562kg
Straight away on my side of the boat,
                                         including two Bream over one kilo,
I started catching whiting and big
                                         two Luderick over one kilo, one
thumpers too. Never once did I have
Tailor over a kilo and a Trevally of       Ross Manning. The Heaviest Fish for
1.775 kilo.                                the competition went to George
Sunday and the Bemm weather
reminded us that the fish do not give      The final Leg of the Ernie Hunt
up without a fight. Wind and rain all      Trophy was won by George Green
day kept all but four members from         making him the winner of the Ernie
fishing. Two members fished from           Hunt Trophy for this season.
the boat and two from the river
banks. For the two boat fishermen,         Results of the friendly competition
Ross and Shaun the fishing was great.      between Oakdale and Ormond on the
One bag of 9.875 and one of 6.660          Monday;
made up of Tailor and Luderick. 20         the Heaviest Bag Winner was Ross
fish for an average fish weight            Manning, and John Lester took the
.827grams.                                 trophy for the Heaviest Fish.

Monday the weather broke, there was        TWO JOHN'S AT PORT ALBERT
some wind but no rain, so we hastily
                                           We headed off to our annual trip to Port
got afloat and most of us had a great      Albert, hoping that for once that
days fishing. The only rain we had         the moving of the trip from the Australia
came just as the boats returned to the     Day holiday weekend in January to the
jetty.                                     more settled weather of the Labour Day
                                           weekend in March was going to work
                                           out as planned. We have found in the
The quality and size of the fish in this
                                           past that we were being blown off the
estuary seem to be getting better. It is   water on at least one of the three days.
a pristine location. With diligent care
from all who visit the area it should      Luckily the forecast for the entire
stay this way.                             weekend looked very good.

                                           After giving the club members a day's
Some of the notable fish caught by
                                           start, we launched the boat about 7am
members this trip –                        Sunday thinking it's time to give the
                                           fish a go. First stop we found slack
George Green a Trevally of 1.775 kg,       smooth water along the main channel
John Lester a Luderick of 1.280, a         and young John said to old John "it
Bream of 1.065 and one of 1.030,           looks like garfish water, let's try it". He
                                           was right. Half an hour later we had
Ean Moser a Bream of 1.025, Eddie
                                           caught 11 good sized garfish between
Tusia a Luderick of 1.245, Don Ellis       us before they moved. What a great
a Luderick of 1.100, Peter Manning a       start, we said to each other. After that,
Luderick of 1.025, John Cumming a          without us knowing someone in a
Bream of 1.045, Ross Manning a             passing boat must have thrown a
Luderick of 1.150, a Tailor of 1.025,      banana into our boat as we didn't catch
                                           another keeper for the day.
Shaun Gillespie a Luderick of 1.175
and one of 1.165.                          Day two, Monday we headed down
                                           Drum Channel to almost out through the
The overall Trophy Winner of the           entrance, seeking gummy shark. Old
competition with Heaviest Bag was          John hooked a small one
                                           which released itself. An hour later we
moved into a new spot, not having             an interesting phenomenon. We may
much success and we were about to             have been the only boat visible in a
move again because the wind was               substantial channel, but if another boat
blowing up, when we noticed another           came within our vision, you could bet
boat with three young people unable to        they would motor up towards us and
start their motor. We towed them all the      start fishing close-by. Our boat
way back to the Port Albert ramp. Upon        acted like a magnet.
arrival one person quickly got out and
went hastily to get their trailer, another    Another interesting fact is that whilst
holding a rope, begrudgingly said             Port Albert is famous for its early run of
thanks and that was it. Left                  big Snapper, for some reason our club
dumbfounded we decided to fish close          finds them or the later run of smaller
in for while. With little success, we         pinkies almost impossible to catch.
called it a day.
                                              P.S. The weather turned out fabulous
Day three, Tuesday, on the water by           over the entire time. No doubt we will be
8.30am we noticed a professional netter       back next year.
leaving just ahead of us. Young John
said "follow that boat" which we did and      Johns Healey and Cumming.
stayed with him for about 15 minutes.
We noticed 10 metres below us in a            My wife’s first fishing experience
narrow channel so we decided to fish.         (other than at a trout farm)
Straight away we were
catching flathead, two at 40cm, one           I didn't want to impose any fishing time
35cm and several smaller ones and four        on our recent NZ holiday, but Jenny
silver trevally. Later while moving to a      really wanted me to try fishing
new spot near the Blue Hole, we               somewhere as I didn't do any in
noticed birds diving. We got out a lure       Canada. It wasn't until we were in the
and spun for salmon catching six good         South Island on the East coast that my
sized and dropping several including a        fishing desires got the better of me. I
few bigger fish - were they Tailor or         made a phone call and as luck would
Kingfish? We do not know but they             have it, the charter operator said there
were putting up an excellent fight on our     had been a cancellation and he would
light gear. Very satisfied with our efforts   take the 2 of us for $140. For that we
we made our way home after trying             would be out for 2.5 hours doing fishing,
once again unsuccessfully for gummy           getting crayfish and visiting a seal
shark. Our baits included; squid, fresh       colony. There was a guarantee of 1
salmon, fresh trevally, cured eel, and        crayfish each. This sounded too good to
fresh flathead. The sand crabs simply         believe. We were to meet him at 8am
loved the fresh flesh and were a              on the beach, where his mate would
constant annoyance. Oh old John did           launch us from the tractor. He advised
catch a Port Jackson Shark which was          the weather looked good.
released at the back of the boat.
                                              I think it may have been the milky latte
Looking back on the weekend, we can           coffee followed by the banana and
sit back well satisfied having targeted       chocolate muffin followed by the ginger
and found garfish and salmon, and             beer that did not agree with me on the
fished successfully for them. Our             high seas. Then again it may well have
experience gives truth to the old adage       been a combination of the strange food
"first find the fish".                        mix coupled with the fumes from the
                                              petrol spillage, the off-putting cigarette
On our last day, the day after the Public     smoke and the quite sizeable seas.
Holiday, a day when almost all other          Then again it may have been everything
boats had returned home, we noticed           plus the skipper's hair-raising driving,
that finally brought me undone. I            Bill: Hey Phil, are you going fishing?
became seasick.                              Phil: Yeah!
                                             Bill: Ya got worms?
The important thing about the trip           Phil: Yeah, but I'm still going!
though, it turned out very memorable.
                                                 FAMILY FUN DAY AT
We fished in water over 70 metres              CAULFIELD RACE COURSE
deep. There was a fair size swell. The
                                                    13TH APRIL 08
hooks were large and the bait was
squid. No anchor was used. In 5
minutes, Jenny caught a fish bigger          Ormond Angling Club was asked by
than I have ever caught in my 57 years,      the Melbourne Racing Club at very
a 25lb Harpuka or local Groper, the
                                             short notice to be a part of their
prime eating fish of the area. Jenny was
very thrilled about her fish. The skipper    Community Family Fun Day and to
described it as his catch of the season      organize “a teach juniors how to fish”
and he requested photos for his              using the lake starting at 11.00am and
website. Unfortunately we couldn't take      finishing at 2.00pm.
the fish or the crayfish ourselves as we
had nowhere to keep them on ice. On
                                             After cancelling our sinker making
the shore, the skipper filleted the fish
and the fish frame and head was given        day (again) the club agreed to stage
to his mate that drove the tractor, for      the event and a hurried notice was
smoking. Both were to be delicacies. I       send out to all members.
eventually tried fresh Groper at the
beautiful Crowne Plaza in Christchurch,      Our day started at 10.30am in the rain
where we stayed for 3 nights.
                                             with a very good turn up of around 14
Jenny is now often making little             members new and old with a variety
references to her catch and how easy it      of fishing rods and tackle ready for
was and why don’t I come back with           the juniors. The OAC banner was set
more fish when I go away fishing. This       up in pride of place on the fence that
was a charter we will never forget.          surrounds the lake and we were ready
                                             for business.
John Cumming.

                                             The showers stayed with us for
                                             approximately 2 hours (typical OAC
                                             day), with only a few customers
                                             arriving. Several members tried to see
                                             if they could catch some of the trout
                                             that we had been told were in the lake
                                             but no one found them.

                                             By around 1.00pm the juniors started
                                             to come across to us after having their
                                             faces painted, the floating castle, the
Jokes                                        pony ride and anything else first, then
                                             we became busy teaching juniors how
Fly-fisherman's wife: "Give a man a fish     to fish. Unfortunately no fish were
and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish
and you get rid of him for the whole
                                             caught but most of the juniors and the
weekend"                                     odd father enjoyed the experience so
maybe next time they may come to us        that there are still many more fossils
first.                                     to be found.

                                           Leaving this fascinating area behind
2.00pm and we were told to close up        and before arriving home we went on
shop. Next year with more notice the       to see the towns of Cloncurry,
club will be better prepared as it may     Normanton, Karumba, Mt Suprise,
become an annual event but perhaps         Lake Tinaroo, Townsville, Hervey
we should try to catch yabbies instead     Bay,Toowomba, Parkes, and
                                           Shepparton. With a bit of fishing in
of fish.
                                           between, we finally arrived home to
                                           East Bentleigh after 49 days and
       Central Queensland                  8682 kms by car and 1500 kms by
                                           train. Australia is such a big country.
     13 August 2007 - - - - 30
          October 2007

Winton Central Queensland was one of       John and Eleanor Lester.
the stop-over towns on our last trip
north and the home of the dinosaur
tracks preserved in rock over 90 million
years old.                                 Club Social Activities

Our journey started from East              The OAC is not just about fishing,
Bentleigh by car to Brisbane, then by
                                           fishing and more fishing. We love
rail overnight aboard The Spirit of
the Outback with the car on motor          nothing more than a day’s fishing
rail to the town of Longreach. We          followed by dinner or a BBQ where we
had a few interesting days in this         talk about, you guessed, fishing. But
town, and then it was on to Winton.        seriously, we have social events
At Winton we came to realize that
                                           throughout the year. The Social
Australia had its share of dinosaurs
as big and awesome as our Northern         Calendar for 2007-08 was a good mix
Hemisphere neighbors.                      of activities including some
                                           particularly well attended events. Our
The area formed by the triangle of         sinker making days, normally followed
the three towns; Winton, Hughenden
and Richmond, was once covered by          by a BBQ are always a great success.
40 metres of inland sea has a wealth       So for the next year, please come
of fossilized prehistoric life forms. At   along and enjoy yourself in the
Richmond there is the complete             company of club members. The
skeleton of the only known fossil in       outings like our trip to the Nepean
the world of the giant swimming
dinosaur Kronosaurus                       peninsula are normally not expensive
Queenslandicus, a dinosaur with            and good fun is had by all. Of course,
jaws two metres in length and teeth        you are always welcome to bring your
30 centimeters long. At Hughenden          friends along as well.
in the very well displayed museum
stands the fossil and outside a
replica of the 7 metre
Muttaburrasauraus a dinosaur that
once roamed the area. We were
informed that on the property of
Mathoura just out from Richmond

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