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									Fort Pickett Hunting & Fishing Regulations
* The information contained in this document is for general information only. More information can be
obtained by calling the Ft. Pickett Game Check Station at 434-292-2618.

The sportsmen using Fort Pickett should be aware that the Commander and the installation staff
are committed to providing recreational opportunities while developing long-term plans and
programs that will ensure the enhancement of our natural, renewable resources. We ask your
indulgence and support as we balance stewardship of our natural wealth, the needs of the
sportsmen, and the military defense of this great land. Remember that training, safety, and
security of our troops are our first priorities, so please be understanding.

All recreational activities at Fort Pickett are authorized under federal law and managed by the Ft.
Pickett-MTC Commander in accordance with appropriate Dept. of Army regulations and federal
and state laws.
Restrictions on recreational activities are established to promote safety, security, protection of
property, preservation/conservation of wildlife resources, and efficient accomplishment of the
installation’s mission.

The MTC Commander through the Fish & Wildlife Office manages the Hunting & Fishing
Program and develops plans for continued enhancement of fish and wildlife on Ft. Pickett.
All funds accrued through the sale of hunting and fishing permits are used exclusively for fish
and wildlife management.

All individuals will be required to complete and sign an Application for Services. Anyone under
18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign the application, unless on active duty in
the U.S. Armed Forces.
Violation of Ft. Pickett regulations will be considered unauthorized activity and may result in
loss of hunting and fishing privileges on Ft. Pickett and/or prosecution. All hunting and fishing
on Ft. Pickett will be conducted in accordance with state regulations, except where Ft. Pickett
regulations may be more stringent.
It is the hunter’s responsibility to read all posted and updated regulations at the Ft. Pickett Game
Check Station.
Installation Permits
Individuals participating in activities on Ft. Pickett must have in their possession a current Ft.
Pickett permit, a valid VA hunting, fishing, or trapping license, and a state or federal game
stamp, if required by law.
Permits to hunt and/or fish may be purchased at the Ft. Pickett Game Check Station during valid
operational hours. Otherwise, permits may be obtained at Bevell’s/Ace Hardware in Blackstone,
Note: Proof of completion of an NRA or equivalent hunter safety course is required of all
individuals 12 years of age or older before purchasing a Ft. Pickett hunting permit.
Members of the Armed Forces, who are on TDY at Ft. Pickett and do not reside in VA, may
purchase a resident state license valid only on the Ft. Pickett installation.

Ft. Pickett Permit Year
The Ft. Pickett hunting permit year will run from July 1st – June 30th.
The Ft. Pickett fishing permit year will run from January 1st – December 31st.

Ft. Pickett Permit Fees
       General Hunting                                    $40.00
       Disabled Hunting                                   $20.00
       Senior Citizen Hunting                             $20.00
       Temporary Hunting (3 days)                         $20.00
       Junior Hunting (under 16)                          FREE
       General Fishing                                    $25.00
       Disabled Fishing                                   $20.00
       Senior Citizen Fishing                             $20.00
       Temporary Fishing (3 days)                         $10.00
       Junior Fishing (under 16)                          FREE
       Boating                                            $10.00

To qualify for a Ft. Pickett disabled permit, individuals must have a VA Disabled Hunting &
Fishing License or display a severe handicap, such as an amputation..
To qualify for a Ft. Pickett senior citizen permit, individuals must be 65 years of age or older. As
funds are accounted for and turned in daily, it is the responsibility of the senior citizen to identify
themselves. Refunds are not provided.
Individuals, under 16 years of age, must have a Ft. Pickett junior permit to hunt or fish. Youth
hunters must be within arm’s reach of an accompanying, properly licensed adult in possession of
a Ft. Pickett hunting permit.
Boating requires a special Ft. Pickett boating permit. No boating permit is required if in
possession of a current Ft. Pickett fishing permit or for hunting during waterfowl seasons.
Ft. Pickett Game Check Station
The Fish & Wildlife Game Check Station will operate Tuesday – Saturday on open hunting days
during the fall hunting seasons.
Hours of operation will be 5:30 am – one hour after legal shooting time. Policies, regulations,
and operating hours are subject to change due to military training and limited manpower. Any
changes will be posted at the Game Check Station.
The telephone number for the Game Check Station is 434-292-2618.
Public access for hunting and trapping is not authorized outside the dates for scheduled Ft.
Pickett Check Station operation.
Ft. Pickett will be closed for hunting on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day,
and New Year’s Day.
The Game Check Station will observe base closure for inclement weather. Hunters must try to be
aware of possible closing due to inclement weather and will be responsible for checking by
phone or in person at the Game Check Station.

Those persons seeking accommodations on Ft. Pickett must call the Billeting office at 434-292-
If staying on Ft. Pickett, weapons must be registered at the Ft. Pickett Police Department, Bldg.
471, 434-292-8444.

Hunting Areas & Daily Quotas
Quotas for each authorized hunt day will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. When the
daily quota for a specific area has been filled, that area will be closed.
All hunters utilizing Ft. Pickett must recognize geographical areas may be closed at anytime due
to the military training mission of the installation.The areas open/fishing hotline phone number is

Permit holders may pre-register in person 24 hours in advance on a first-come, first-served basis,
only until 50% of the area quotas are filled.
Because quail hunting is not permitted on consecutive days, quail hunters may pre-register by
Check In & Out Procedures
All hunters must check in and out daily at the Ft. Pickett Check Station. All hunters must be
checked out within one hour after legal shooting time.
Each hunter will be issued a Daily Bag Card and assigned a specific hunting area. Hunters must
ensure that their bag cards are properly completed and turned in, whether game was harvested or
All deer and turkey must be checked at the Ft. Pickett Game Check Station and validated
according to VA law. Do not check game harvested by phone. Big game must be checked
immediately after the kill.

Display of Bag Card
The driver of the vehicle will position his/her bag card face up on the inside of the windshield on
the driver’s side of the vehicle.
The bag card must be visible from the outside of the vehicle.
Other hunters will carry their daily bag card on their person.

Blaze Orange
Hunters and individuals accompanying hunters must comply with existing state requirements
governing the wearing of blaze orange.
In addition, waterfowl hunters are required to wear blaze orange to and from the blind only
during general firearms deer season.
Hunters utilizing the permanent bow stands are not required to wear blaze orange during general
firearms season. This does not apply to the Handicap Hunting Area or the Youth Stands, due to
firearm use in these areas. Squirrel hunters are required to wear blaze orange while hunting on
Fort Pickett

ATVs & Man Drives
It shall be unlawful to use ATVs on Ft. Pickett for recreational use.
Drive hunting deer, using individuals as drivers, without permission is prohibited.

Possession & Use of Firearms and Bows
All firearms and bows must meet the specifications of VA law on possession and use for
No shotgun shall be capable of holding more than three shells.
Twenty-two (.22) caliber, rimfire rifles will be allowed for the harvest of squirrels, predator
hunters, and those individuals trapping on Ft. Pickett.
All other handguns and centerfire rifles are prohibited for hunting on Ft. Pickett.
No loaded weapons or hunting is allowed within 10 feet of the road ditchline or Post-maintained
road surface.
Transportation of Firearms
All firearms must be completely unloaded, to include empty chambers, magazine wells, and/or
have magazine clips detached, when being transported or stored in any moving or stationary
Firing a weapon from a vehicle is unlawful.
For purposes of transportation in a vehicle, muzzle-loading firearms are considered “unloaded”
when all powder has been removed from the flashpan or the percussion cap has been removed
from the nipple and the breech is open.

As defined by the state, muzzleloaders may be used during the special muzzleloader season and
general deer season.
During general deer season, those hunters wishing to use muzzleloaders must do so in a
treestand that is positioned 10 ft. or higher.

The use of slugs is allowed on Ft. Pickett, except while hunting in the Handicap Hunting Areas.
Slugs are not to be used to hunt turkeys.

Archery Equipment
Only state authorized archery equipment is allowed for the harvest of game in all bow-hunting
The use of crossbows will be allowed on Ft. Pickett within state regulations.

After purchasing a Ft. Pickett hunting permit and on open hunting days, individuals may scout
hunting areas prior to and during the hunting season, when it does not disrupt training or other
Individuals must check in and out at the check station. A daily bag card stamped “SCOUTING”
will be issued to each authorized person.
No firearms may be in the vehicle or in the individual’s possession while scouting.

Only the use of quail, rabbit, turkey, and duck dogs are authorized for use at Ft. Pickett. Use of
deer, fox, or raccoon dogs for hunting is prohibited.
The training/exercising of hunting dogs is limited to Ft. Pickett Check Station hours only.
Individuals participating in bird/rabbit dog training must first obtain a Ft. Pickett hunting permit.
All individuals must check in and out on a daily basis. No captive live birds or rabbits may be
released or used for training and no game shall be taken.
Permanent Bow Stand Area
Bow-hunting ONLY areas have been established to maximize hunting at Ft. Pickett in areas that
cannot otherwise be hunted.
Within the permanent bow stand area, tree stands are positioned by the Natural Resources Office
and may not be relocated.
Permanent tree stands are numbered and the trails to and from the stands are marked with blue
ribbon. Game can only be harvested from designated tree stands.
Hunters may use their own tree stands but only from the designated tree(s) that are identified by
blue paint.

Disabled Hunting Program
The Disabled Hunting Program is designed to provide hunter access opportunities for persons
with physical disabilities.
Individuals desiring to take advantage of these provisions must possess a valid VA Disabled
Resident Lifetime Hunting License or a VA Disabled Resident Veteran’s Lifetime License to
hunt and fish.
A permit to carry a firearm in the cantonment area must be obtained from the Ft. Pickett Police
Department, Bldg. 471, 434-292-8444.

Seasons & Bag Limits
Please contact the Ft. Pickett Game Check Station at 434-292-2618 for seasons and bag limits.

A valid VA state fishing license and Ft. Pickett fishing permit is required to fish within the
boundaries of the Ft. Pickett military installation.
Ft. Pickett’s managed ponds are always open, except when posted otherwise. Any fishing area
may be closed periodically for military training or security.
Fishermen are not allowed to transit through the cantonment area to access ponds or lakes.
Swamps, ponds, and other bodies of water created by roads, fords, and culverts may be fished
only if the training area is open.
Tommeheton and Birchin Lakes will be accessible to general fishermen only when the entrance
gates to the lakes are open. The Ft. Pickett Fishing Hotline (434-292-2406) may be called to
check on the status of these lakes or areas that are open for hunting.
Illegal Techniques
The use of trotline, bank poles, throw nets, snagging, or jug fishing in any lake or waterway on
Ft. Pickett is prohibited.
Minnows may not be taken from creeks, streams, or rivers on Ft. Pickett, but may be taken from
Anglers are not allowed to put brush or trees in any body of water on Ft. Pickett.
Individuals are not allowed to camp in training areas or around lakes and ponds. Camping is
allowed at the campground located within the Ft. Pickett catonment area. For information, call
There will be no swimming in the lakes or ponds on Ft. Pickett.

Rec. Boat Equipment & Speed Restrictions
Operation will be so as not to cause any unsafe acts or conditions to others utilizing Ft. Pickett’s
The maximum speed limit for boats is 25 miles per hour.
Boat motors allowed on Ft. Pickett waters shall not exceed 35 hp; except at the Ft. Pickett
Reservoir, where there is no horsepower restriction.
All boats must have proper safety equipment as required by VA Code 4 VAC 15-370-10.

Snapping Turtles, Bullfrogs, & Other Species
Authorization for jug or bank pole fishing for snapping turtles may be obtained by submitting a
written request to the Fish & Wildlife Office.
Frog gigging is allowed as long as the individual(s) possesses a Ft. Pickett hunting permit and
possesses a memo/letter of authorization from the Fish & Wildlife Office.

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