Front Line Management People Management Skills Course 1 March 14 15 2005 in Cork Course 2 April 7 8 in Dublin Course 3 by jingga4


									             Front Line Management
             People Management Skills
             Course 1 March 14, 15 2005 - in Cork
             Course 2 April 7, 8        - in Dublin
             Course 3 May 23, 24        - in Dublin

For whom     The course is designed for front line managers, team leaders, supervisors and other people
             who wish to enhance their skills in dealing with interpersonal situations in the workplace.
             The course is equally beneficial for people who lead project teams or for specialists who
             regularly operate within the front line management group of your organisation.

             People are the medium through which the work of the organisation is accomplished and they form
             the fabric of the organisation’s culture. If organisations are to be successful, they must ensure that
             managers in their organisations have a clear understanding of the process of people management
             and be able to influence people in business situations. This course is designed to provide front line
             managers with a range of proven techniques that will help them to effectively manage the interac-
             tions they have with people both inside and outside their organisation.

Objectives   The course will enable participants to:              s   Be able to effectively use power and
             s  Understand the role of interpersonal skills           influence in business situations
                in business                                       s   Be able to manage difficult interpersonal
             s  Understand their own interpersonal skills             situations in business
                style                                             s   Be able to conduct efficient meetings

  Content    Understanding interpersonal skills                   Maximising personal influence
             s The role of interpersonal skills in different      s Identifying your influence style
               business situations                                s Using the most appropriate style
             s Identifying your interpersonal style               s The difference between power and
             Developing effective communications                    influence
             s Understanding your communication style
                                                                  s Principles of reaching agreement
             s Active listening techniques                        Managing difficult situations
             s Building effective communications                  s Dealing with difficult people
                                                                  s Techniques for defusing situations
                                                                  s Managing conflict

  To book         eMail        Post / Fax form overleaf
 Course structure and methods                      Course 1 March 14, 15 2005 (M, T) at                    Certificate
 The course is made highly par-                    Blarney Park Hotel, Cork                                You will receive a certificate on successful
 ticipative by the use of a variety                Course 2 April 7, 8 (Th, F) at IMI,                     completion of the course.
 of learning techniques. The tech-                 Sandyford Road, Dublin 16
 niques include group discus-                      Course 3 May 23, 24 (M, T) at IMI,                      Accommodation
 sions, feedback, skills inventories,              Sandyford Road, Dublin 16                               IMI Residence
 exercises, case studies and role-                                                                         Stay on-site in our new contemporary
 plays. In addition, an individual                 Fee
                                                                                                           style bedrooms with TV, study-desk,
 action plan is developed by par-                  Inclusive of tuition, documentation,                    tea/coffee facilities and telephone. Guests
 ticipants at the end of the course                morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea,                enjoy use of the gymnasium and compli-
 in order to encourage the trans-                  the fee is €760 for corporate members                   mentary continental breakfast. To book,
 fer of learning back to the work-                 and €950 for non-members. Fees are                      please contact the IMI Residence phone
 place.                                            payable in advance. Cancellations: There                (01) 207 5900; Fax (01) 207 5962; eMail
                                                   will be a 25% charge for cancellations        
 Participants will receive a com-                  received within 10 days of the start.
 prehensive manual as part of the
 course, which will include course                                                                         ‘The relaxed and helpful atmosphere at
                                                   Further information                                      IMI made the course very valuable and
 notes, management tips, handy
 checklists and appropriate man-                   Please contact Tom Davis, IMI Manage-                    much easier for the participant. Many
 agement reference material.                       ment Specialist, (course director)                       people can be nervous at courses but this
                                                   Direct line (353-1) 207 8418                             course was very different and made the
                                                   FreeFone 1800 22 33 88                                   learning experience enjoyable.’
 Dates, times and venues                           From UK 0800 97 32 50                                   Carol Byrne, VHI Healthcare,
 The times for this course are                     Fax (353-1) 295 5150                                    Team Leader, Finance and Treasury
 from 0900 to 1630.                                eMail                                  Department
                          Your guarantee            If your experience of the IMI is less than satisfactory in any way please let us know. We will
                           of satisfaction          refund your fee in full AND provide you with a free place on an IMI course of equivalent
                                                    duration of your choice
Front Line Management–People Management Skills
Course 1 March 14, 15 2005                      Code 5 131 34   s       Cork
Course 2 April 7, 8                             Code 5 132 34   s       Dublin                 Please     the course you want to attend
Course 3 May 23, 24                             Code 5 133 34   s       Dublin

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