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SBACC Board of Directors Meeting - DOC by tyndale


									                                   3400 Torrance Blvd, Suite 100
                                    Torrance, California 90503

                                 SBACC Board of Directors Meeting

                                           January 6, 2009

1) Welcome                                                                 Marcella Low, Chair
2) Self Introductions and Sign-in sheet                                    All
3) Approval of Minutes                                                     All
4) 2009 Installation                                                       Low
5) Additional Board Officers                                               Low
6) Legislative Report #1
       a. 2009 Policy Platform                                             Shaun Lumachi
       b. H.R. 800 (Miller, George [D – CA])                               Lumachi
7) Financial Report                                                        George Kivett
7) Brief Partner Reports:
   a) LAAFB Alliance Report                                                John Parsons
   b) SBCCOG                                                               Jacki Bacharach
   c) California Chamber                                                   Marlene Carney
   d) US Chamber                                                           Dick Castner
   e) Legislators Reports                                           Harman, Schwarzenegger,
                                                                    Oropeza, Price, Lieu, Knabe,

8) Upcoming Events / Announcements                                         All
Next Meeting February 3 at the Torrance Chamber of Commerce
                                                                              AGENDA ITEM 3
                                                                SBACC Board of Directors Meeting
                                                                                 January 6, 2009
December 2008 Minutes


Charles Gale, Jr.
2008 SBACC Secretary

                            South Bay Association of Chambers of Commerce
                                     Minutes for December 2, 2008
                                 Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce
                                  3400 Torrance Boulevard, Suite 100
                                         Torrance, CA 90503

ATTENDANCE: (Note: Since the sign-in sheet was misplaced and this attendance list is not completely

                     Name                                         Chamber/Company
Jim, Adams                                     Lomita Chamber
Arley, Baker                                   Port of Los Angeles
Lou, Baglietto                                 Harbor City/Harbor Gateway Chamber
Carleen, Beste                                 Northrop Grumman
Jill, Brunkhardt                               Chevron
Larry, Clark                                   Los Angeles AFB
Thomas, Dahlgren                               Wilmington Chamber of Commerce
Christina, Davis                               LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce
Dyan, Davis                                    Lawndale Chamber of Commerce
Ashley, Diestel                                LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce
Louis, Domingues                               San Pedro Chamber of Commerce
Pat, Donaldson                                 Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce
Helen, Duncan                                  Manhattan Beach Chamber
Finer, Kay                                     Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
Sherry, Kramer                                 MB/PVPCC and Continental Development Corp.
Charles, Gale                                  Redondo Beach/MWD of Southern California
Ann, Garten                                    El Camino College
Barbara, Glennie                               Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce
Scott, Gobble                                  Southern California Edison (Past SBACC Chair)
Jeremy, Harris                                 Chamber Advocacy
Dan, Hoffman                                   Wilmington Chamber of Commerce
George, Kivett                                 Lomita Chamber
Marcella, Low                                  El Segundo/The Gas Company
Shaun, Lumachi                                 Chamber Advocacy
Bill, Mason                                    El Segundo Chamber of Commerce
Mike, Morales                                  Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce
Steve, Napolitano                              Office of LA County Supervisor Knabe
John, Parsons                                  Horrell Realtors (Past SBACC Chair)
Marna Smeltzer                                 Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce
Col. David, Sutton                             LA Air Force Base
Chuck, Taylor                                  Lomita Chamber of Commerce
Mark, Waronek                                  Waronek & Associates (Past SBACC Chair)
Sharon, Weissman                               Senator Jenny Oropeza

Chair Helen Duncan called the meeting to order at 8:09 A.M. Chair Duncan invited those present to
introduce themselves. An attendance sheet was circulated and those present were asked to sign in.


John Parsons moved that we approval of the minutes for the meeting of November 3, 2008. The motion
was seconded Chuck Taylor and passed unanimously.


George Kivett, Treasure of the SBACC updated the Board on the latest financial information. Treasure
Kivett noted that since the Board of Directors were changing for 2009; he need to Charles Gale as
signatory to the SBACC checking account and need to remove Scott Gobble.

               2009 BOARD OF DIRECTORS:

                  Chair of the Board Directors – Marcella Low, Sempra Energy - the Gas Company
                  Vice Chair of the Board of Directors – George Kivett, Kivett Realty
                  Treasure to the Board of Directors – Charles Gale, Metropolitan Water District
                  Secretary to the Board of Directors – Creasie, Adams, AT&T
                  Immediate Past Chair – Helen Duncan, Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce

John Parsons moved that signatory names be changes to reflect the 2009 Board of Directors. The motion
was seconded by Ann Garten. The motion passed unanimously.


      San Pedro Waterfront Draft EIR/EIS – Arley Baker briefed the Board on the latest development
       and design of the San Pedro Waterfront Project including the proposed and alternative projects
       studied during the environmental assessment. After Board discussion, the Board moved that the
       SBACC supports the proposed San Pedro Waterfront Project (SPWP) provided that local
       concerns regarding traffic, parking accessibility and downtown business access and exposure as
       well as regional transit solutions are accommodate in the final plan. The motion passed

      2009 Strategic Initiative Policy Platform – Shaun Lumachi lead the Board in a discussion and
       review of the 2009 Strategic Initiative Policy Platform taken during the Board of Directors
       meeting in November. Scott Gobble moved that we accept and approval the Strategic Initiative
       Policy Platform for 2009. The motion was seconded by Louis Dominguez. The motion passed

      2009 Policy Platform – Shaun Lumachi lead the Board in a discussion and review of the 2009
       Policy Platform taken during the Board of Directors meeting in November. It was noted that air
       quality needed to be added to item number 12. Scott Gobble moved that we accept and approval
       the 2009 Policy Platform. The motion was seconded by Chuck Taylor. The motion passed


Chair Duncan briefed the Board on the activities related to the upcoming 2009 SBACC Installation.
Chair Duncan mentioned that a committee had been formed and the date of the event would be January 9,
2009. The Installation will be held at the Torrance Cultural Center in the Toyota Room. Chair Duncan
asked for volunteers to assist with the installation. The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce
volunteered to take the RSVP’s for the event. Marcella Low noted that she was working with State
Controller John Chaing to be the MC and Installing officer.

      Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce – John Parson noted that starting November 18 – Seaside
       Ice would be open at the Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach.
      PV Chamber – Kay Finer noted the PV Chamber would be hosting the Holiday Mixer on
       December 17 form 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. She noted that a flyer was being developed and would be
       sent to all Board members of the SBACC. Lastly, she requested that all Chambers contribute one
       raffle item for the event.
      Lomita Chamber of Commerce – Chuck Taylor noted that the Lomita Chamber of Commerce
       was having its Annual Holiday Toy Mixer on December 10 at the Lomita Kiwanis Hall in


The next SBACC meeting will be the 2009 Installation event scheduled for January 9 at the Torrance
Cultural Arts Center in Torrance.

ADJOURNMENT: Chair Duncan moved that we adjourn the meeting at 9:48 a.m.
                                                                                  AGENDA ITEM 6a
                                                                     SBACC Board of Directors Meeting
                                                                                      January 6, 2009
2009 Policy Platform


Shaun Lumachi
Director of Government Affairs

Recommended Position:

       To approve the final draft of the 2009 Policy Platform.

2009 Policy Platform

The South Bay Association of Chambers of Commerce supports public policy at the regional, state and
federal levels of government that:

   1. Ensures that regulations on business are kept to a minimum and do not put South Bay businesses
      at a competitive disadvantage.

   2. Encourages a tax and fee system that is market competitive.

   3. Encourages the protection of private property rights.

   4. Ensures that government focuses on the functions meant for only government to do; and view the
      private sector as a resource.

   5. Requires the government to be accountable for its actions and for the programs it operates.

   6. Requires government and its actions to be measured periodically to ensure maximum efficiency
      and return on investment with public funds.

   7. Promotes a legal system that minimizes frivolous lawsuits to ensure fairness to all.

   8. Support job creation, workforce development opportunities, and an educational system that
      prepares the South Bay workforce for jobs and careers targeting specific industries such as
      aerospace, trades, sciences, engineering, environmental, and healthcare including the bio-medical

   9. Promotes a quality of life that supports the South Bay region as an affordable place to live, work,
      and do business.

   10. Promotes economic development opportunities in the South Bay for business retention, attraction,
       and expansion.

   11. Encourages an adequate, reliable, and cost-effective utility infrastructure system (including gas,
       electric, water, telecom) be promoted, developed, and maintained to meet the needs of our

   12. Supports a regional solution to meet air passenger and cargo needs including a reconfiguration of
       the Los Angeles International Airport not to exceed 78 million passengers annually; and, only
       when concerns of airport security, air and ground traffic, infrastructure, air quality, sufficient and
       convenient passenger access, and ground transportation are adequately addressed.

   13. Recognizes the positive economic impact of the Los Angeles Air Force Base on the South Bay
       region including the support of the continued retention of the Los Angeles Air Force Base in an
    effort to protect the Base as the Department of Defense begins another round of Base
    Realignments and Closures (BRAC).

14. Supports the creation of workforce housing in the South Bay region given the expensive housing
    prices in Southern California. An adequate supply of smart development growth is needed to
    retain businesses and ensure job opportunities in the region.

15. Forge partnerships with our local legislators so that they can use the SBACC and the private
    sector as a resource to create pro-jobs legislation. The SBACC is committed to holding local
    representatives accountable to the business community by tracking their votes. These votes
    impact not only their constituents, but also the vitality of the economic environment.

16. Encourages local governments and legislators to cooperate to streamline and reduce unnecessary
    regulations that will inhibit the job growth in our region and for local governments to work
    proactively to recruit and retain businesses in the South Bay region.

17. . Support efforts to ensure a financially responsible and timely state budget process.

18. Ensure responsible health care infrastructure and insurance policy proposals that result in
    increased availability of affordable health care coverage for employers and their employees.

19. Encourage the state legislature and the Governor to work together each year to ensure that the
    state budget is developed and passed in a timely manner.

20. Encourage ―green‖ ports, the continued implementation of the Clean Air Action Plan, and truck
    pollution is mitigated while considering impacts due to future port expansion to meet the
    demands of increased cargo and international trade.

21. Ensure government, business, organizations, and residents work collaboratively to reduce carbon
    emissions and conserve energy and natural resources.

22. Supports efforts to repair our aging transportation infrastructure for future development growth
    and engage MTA’s in long term regional transportation planning as it relates to issues such as
    traffic flow, parking, and improving traffic corridors.

23. Secure our fair share in funding distribution for area projects from statewide and federal bond
    funds .

24. Encourage appropriate funding for homeland security demands on the region.
                                                                                AGENDA ITEM 6b
                                                                   SBACC Board of Directors Meeting
                                                                                    January 6, 2009
Legislative Report #1


Shaun Lumachi
Director of Government Affairs

Recommended Position:

       Oppose H.R. 800


   1. H.R. 800 also known as the ―Card Check Bill‖ would amend the National Labor Relations Act to
      establish an efficient system to enable employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to
      provide for mandatory injunctions for unfair labor practices during organizing efforts, and for
      other purposes.


   2. Current law allows employees to a private-ballot election when deciding whether the employees
      want union representation in the workplace.

   3. In 1935 Congress passed the National Labor Relations Act which allowed unions to organize
      workplaces using secret ballot elections or ―other suitable methods‖ to determine union

   4. The ―other suitable methods‖ included card-check systems in which union organizers would ask
      workers to sign union cards to signify their desire for union representation.

   5. The card-check method created severe problems within the workplace ranging from forced
      signatures to harassment and violence.

   6. In 1947 legislators recognized the significant problems that card-check and other forms of union
      election presented and enacted legislation that removed the language that allowed for ―other
      suitable methods‖ such as card-check to be used for union representation.

   7. With the removal of this language, secret elections became the preferred method of union

   8. The elections are overseen by the National Labor Relations Board, which has numerous
      procedures in place to ensure fair and fraud-free elections.

   9. Federal legislation, pending in the U.S. House and Senate entitled H.R. 800 and S. 1041
      respectively, would threaten the rights of U.S employers and employees by taking the workforce
      back over 60 years to a method of voting that has been proven to be ineffective and unfair.

   10. Another component of the EFCA is binding arbitration which would require the federal
       government to appoint a mediator and impose a contract if management and labor cannot come to
       an agreement.

   11. This would allow either party to delay an agreement in the hope of getting more in arbitration
       than the employer/employee would get in bargaining.

   12. In its current form, H.R. 800 contains language that would increase penalties for employers, but
       not for unions or others, who may violate union organizing laws.
   13. H.R. 800 has passed the House 241-185 in 2007, but did not make it to the Senate floor and is
       expected to be brought back when the Congress reconvenes in 2009.

Arguments in Support

   14. H.R. 800 allows for the best opportunity of working men and women to get ahead economically
       by uniting with coworkers to bargain with their employers for better wages and benefits.

   15. The National Labor Relations Act has become a barrier to workers rights as companies
       intimidate, harass, coerce and even fire individuals who try to organize unions.

Arguments in Opposition

   16. According to several chambers across the country, the EFCA would deny employees the right to a
       secret ballot election when deciding whether to join a union.

   17. Union leaders may use their power to threaten, coerce individuals to vote/form a union in public,
       who may otherwise wish to contract privately with their employer.

Supporting                                              Empire State Pride in New York State
                                                        Equality South Carolina
(Partial Listing)ACORN                                  Friends Committee on National Legislation
Alliance for Justice                                    Gamaliel Foundation - Transportation Equity
Alliance for Retired Americans                          Group
American Friends Service Committee                      Grassroots Policy Project
American Library Association - Allied                   Gray Panthers
Professional Association                                Gray Panthers – Austin, Texas
American Public Health Association (resolution)         Gray Panthers of California
American Rights at Work                                 Gray Panthers of Berkley, Calif.
Americans for Democratic Action                         Human Rights Campaign
Americans United for Change                             Human Rights Watch (resolution)
A. Philip Randolph Institute                            Interfaith Worker Justice
Apollo Alliance                                         Japanese-American Citizens League
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance                   Jewish Labor Committee
Black Leadership Forum                                  Jobs with Justice
 Business Responds to AIDS/Labor Responds to            Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
AIDS (BRTA/LRTA)                                        Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (report)
California Church Impact                                League of Rural Voters
Center for American Progress                            League of United Latin American Citizens
Center for America’s Future                             Mexican American Legal Defense and
Center for Community Change                             Educational Fund
Center for Corporate Policy                             Michigan ACLU
Change America Now                                      NAACP
Church Women United                                     National Association of Consumer Advocates
Clergy and Laity Network United for Justice             National Baptist Convention of America
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists                      National Center for Trangendered Rights
Coalition of Contingent Academics Labor                 (NGLTE)
Coalition of Labor Union Women (resolution—             National Consumers League
PDF)                                                    National Council of Women’s Organizations
Council on American-Islamic Relations                   National Employment Law Project
Coalition on Human Needs                                National Federation of Filipino American
Coalition of Immokalee Workers                          Associations
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety               National Immigration Law Center
Cornell University LGBT Center                          National Latino Congreso (resolution)
Demos                                                   National Employment Lawyers Association
Democratic National Committee                           National Partnership for Women and Families
Democratic Socialists of America                        National Puerto Rican Coalition
Earth Action Network                                    National Resources Defense Council
National Stonewall Democrats                      American International Automobile Dealers
National Women's Political Caucus                 Association
National Workrights Institute (resolution)        American Meat Institute
NDN                                               American Seniors Housing Association
NOW California                                    American Shareholders Association
Operation BIG VOTE                                American Society for Healthcare Human
Pax Christi USA (resolution)                      Resources Administration
People for the American Way                       American Society of Employers
Presbyterian Church USA – Washington, D.C.,       American Staffing Association
office                                            American Supply Association
Press Associates Union News Service               American Trucking Associations
 Pride at Work                                    American Wholesale Marketers Association
Progressive Jewish Alliance                       Americans for a Limited Government
Progressive Maryland                              Americans for Prosperity
Progressive States Network                        Americans for Tax Reform
Queer Organizing Coalition                        AMT-The Association for Manufacturing
San Francisco Board of Supervisors                Technology
Sierra Club                                       Antelope Valley (CA) Chamber of Commerce
Sojourners/Call to Renewal                        API
Tikkun/The Network of Spiritual Progressives      Arcadia (CA) Chamber of Commerce
United Church of Christ - Justice and Witness     Arizona Builders Alliance of ABC
Ministries                                        Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry
United for a Fair Economy                         Arizona Hotel & Lodging Association
United Methodist Church - General Board of        Arizona IEC
Church and Society (resolution—PDF)               Arizona Restaurant & Hospitality Association
United Nations Association of the National        Arkansas Chapter of ABC
Capital Area                                      Arkansas Hospitality Association
United for Peace and Justice                      Arkansas Hotel & Lodging Association
United States Student Association                 Arkansas IEC
United Students Against Sweatshops                Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce
United University Professors                      Asheboro/Randolph (NC) Chamber of
Unitarian Universalist Association of             Commerce
Congregations                                     Ashland & Tri State Area Chapter IEC
USAction                                          Asian American Hotel Owners Association
U.S. Labor Against the War                        (AAHOA)
                                                  Assisted Living Federation of America
Opposition                                        Associated Builders & Contractors
(Partial Listing)                                 Associated Builders & Contractors Heart of
                                                  America Chapter
Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater        Associated Builders & Contractors of Alabama
Springfield (MA)                                  Associated General Contractor
Alabama Chapter of ABC                            Associated Industries of Massachusetts
Alabama Restaurant Association                    Association of Equipment Manufacturers
Alaska Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant and Retailers   Association of Millwork Distributors
Association                                       Association of Washington Business
Alaska Hotel & Lodging Association                Association of Woodworking & Furnishings
Alaska Chapter of ABC                             Suppliers
Alliance for Worker Freedom                       Atlanta Hotel Council
Aluminum Association                              Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association
American Apparel & Footwear Association           Baltimore Metro Chapter of ABC
American Bakers Association                       Bearing Specialists Association
American Beverage Association                     Brittney Inc
American Conservative Union                       Burnsville (MN) Chamber of Commerce
American Fire Sprinkler Association               Business & Industry Association of New
American Foundry Society                          Hampshire
American Frozen Food Institute                    California Chamber of Commerce
American Health Care Association                  California Hotel & Lodging Association
American Hospital Association                     California Manufacturers & Technology
American Hotel & Lodging Association              Association
California Restaurant Association               East Tennessee IEC
Camarillo (CA) Chamber of Commerce              East Texas IEC
Capital Associated Industries Inc               Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of ABC
Carolinas Chapter of ABC                        Eastern Sandoval County (NM) Chamber of
Center for Freedom & Prosperity                 Commerce
Center for Individual Freedom                   Eastern Shore Chapter of ABC
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise       Eastern Washington Chapter IEC
CenTex Chapter IEC                              El Paso Chapter IEC
Central Alabama Chapter IEC                     Empire State Chapter of ABC
Central California Chapter of ABC               Environmental Industry Associations
Central Florida Chapter of ABC                  Fairfax County (VA) Chamber of Commerce
Central Indiana IEC                             Federation of American Hospitals
Central Michigan Chapter of ABC                 FEWA-Marketing & Distribution Association
Central Missouri IEC                            Flagstaff (AZ) Chamber of Commerce
Central Ohio AEC/EIC                            Florida Chamber of Commerce
Central Ohio Chapter of ABC                     Florida East Coast Chapter of ABC
Central Pennsylvania Chapter of ABC             Florida First Coast Chapter of ABC
Central Pennsylvania Chapter of IEC             Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of ABC
Central Texas Chapter of ABC                    Florida Independent Concrete & Associated
Central Washington IEC                          Products, Inc.
Centre County (PA) IEC                          Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association
Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana        Florida West Coast Chapter IEC
Chamber of Commerce of St. Joseph County        Food Marketing Institute
Chamber of Medford/Jackson County (OR)          Forging Industry Association
Charleston (SC) Metro Chamber of Commerce       Fort Worth/Tarrant County IEC
Chattanooga Area (TN) Chamber of Commerce       Freedom Works
Chesapeake Chapter of ABC                       Georgia Chamber of Commerce
Chesapeake IEC                                  Georgia Chapter of ABC
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce                 Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association
Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber                 Georgia IEC
Citizen Outreach Project                        Georgia Restaurant Association
Cleveland-Bradley (TN) Chamber of Commerce      Glendale (AZ) Chamber of Commerce
College & University Professional Association   Golden Gate Chapter of ABC
for Human Resources                             Goleta Valley (CA) Chamber of Commerce
Colorado Association of Commerce and            Grand Junction Area (CO) Chamber of
Industry                                        Commerce
Colorado Hospital Association                   Graphic Arts Association
Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association            Greater Albuquerque (NM) Chamber of
Colorado Restaurant Association                 Commerce
Commerce & Industry Association of New          Greater Bakersfield (CA) Chamber of
Jersey                                          Commerce
Connecticut Business & Industry Association     Greater Cincinnati IEC
Connecticut Chapter of ABC                      Greater Columbia (SC) Chamber of Commerce
Connecticut Restaurant Association              Greater Columbus (GA) Chamber of Commerce
Consumer Electronics Association                Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce
Copper & Brass Servicenter                      Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce
Cornhusker Chapter of ABC                       Greater Elkhart (IN) Chamber of Commerce
Costa Mesa (CA) Chamber of Commerce             Greater Findlay (OH) Chamber of Commerce,
Council for Citizens Against Government Waste   Inc.
Cumberland Valley Chapter of ABC                Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
Dakotas Inc IEC/Dallas Chapter IEC              Greater Houston Chapter of ABC
Daytona Beach/Halifax (FL) Chamber of           Greater Louisville Inc.
Commerce                                        Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce
Delaware Chapter of ABC                         Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce
Delaware Restaurant Association                 Greater Pittsburgh Hotel Association
Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce            Greater Raleigh (NC) Chamber of Commerce
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce                Greater Reading (PA) Chamber of Commerce &
Duluth (MN) Area Chamber of Commerce            Industry
East Tennessee Chapter of ABC                   Greater Spokane Incorporated
Greater St. Louis IEC                           Las Vegas (NV) Chamber of Commerce
Greater Syracuse (NY) Chamber of Commerce       Las Vegas Chapter of ABC
Green Bay Area (WI) Chamber of Commerce         Licking County Chamber of Commerce
Guam Contractors Association of ABC             Little Rock Chamber of Commerce
Hampton Area (NH) Chamber of Commerce           Long Beach (CA) Chamber of Commerce
Hampton Roads Chapter IEC                       Los Angeles-Ventura Chapter of ABC
Hardin County Chamber of Commerce               Louisiana Association of Business & Industry
Hartford (CT) Chamber of Commerce               Louisiana Restaurant Association
Hawaii Chapter of ABC                           Louisiana Retailers Association
Hawaii Hotel & Lodging Association              Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce
Hawaii Restaurant Association                   Lubbock Chapter IEC
Heart of America Chapter of ABC                 Maine Chapter of ABC
Heating, Airconditioning & Refrigeration        Maine Innkeepers Association
Distributors International                      Maine Restaurant Association
Henderson (NV) Chamber of Commerce              Management Association of Illinois (The)
Hilliard Chamber of Commerce                    Manufacturers’ Association of NW
Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute        Pennsylvania
Hobbs (NM) Chamber of Commerce                  Marion Area Chamber of Commerce
Hospitality Association of South Carolina       Maryland Hotel, Motel & Resort Association
Hotel Association of New York City              Massachusetts Chapter of ABC
Hotel Association of Washington DC              Massachusetts Restaurant Association
Houma-Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce            Material Handling Equipment Distributors
Idaho IEC                                       Association
Idaho Lodging and Restaurant Association        MEC-IEC of Dayton, OH
Illinois Chamber of Commerce                    Metals Service Center Institute
Illinois Chapter of ABC                         Metro Washington Chapter of ABC
Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association            Metro West (MA) Chamber of Commerce
Illinois IEC                                    Michigan Chamber of Commerce
Illinois Restaurant Association                 Michigan Manufacturers Association
Independent Electrical Contractors Inc          Michigan Restaurant Association
Independent Women’s Voice                       Mid-America Lumbermens Association
Indian River County (FL) Chamber of             Mid Gulf Coast Chapter of ABC
Commerce                                        Mid Tennessee Chapter of ABC
Indiana Chamber of Commerce                     Mid-Oregon Chapter IEC
Indiana Chapter of ABC                          Mid-South Chapter IEC
Industrial Fasteners Institute                  Midwest IEC
Industrial Supply Association                   Minnesota Chapter of ABC
Inland Pacific Chapter of ABC                   Minnesota Lodging Association
Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute        Minnesota Restaurant Association
International Council of Shopping Centers       Mississippi Chapter of ABC
International Foodservice Distributors          Mississippi Economic Development Council
Association                                     Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant
International Franchise Association             Association
International Truck Parts Association           Mississippi Manufacturers Association
International Warehouse Logistics Association   Missouri Restaurant Association
Iowa Association of Business & Industry         Modular Building Institute
Iowa Chapter of ABC                             Monroe (LA) Chamber of Commerce
Iowa Restaurant Association                     Montana Chamber of Commerce
Iowans for Right to Work                        Montana IEC
Kansas City IEC                                 Montana Innkeepers Association
Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association   Montana Motor Carriers Association
Kentuckiana Chapter of ABC                      Montana Restaurant Association
Kentucky & Southern Indiana Chapter IEC         Montgomery Area (AL) Chamber of Commerce
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce                    Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association
Kentucky Electrical Contractors Association     Mountain States Empoyers Council
Keystone Chapter of ABC                         Nashville IEC
Kentucky Restaurant Association                 Natchitoches Area (LA) Chamber of Commerce
Lake Havasu Area (AZ) Chamber of Commerce       National Alliance for Worker & Employer
Larue County Chamber of Commerce                Rights
National Armored Car Association                  North Florida Chapter of ABC
National Association of Automobile Dealers        North Las Vegas (NV) Chamber of Commerce
National Association of Chemical Distributors     North Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce
National Association of Home Builders             North Texas Chapter of ABC
National Association of Manufacturers             Northern Allegheny County Chamber of
National Association of Sign Supply               Commerce
Distributors                                      Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors   Northern Michigan Chapter of ABC
National Center for Assisted Living               Northern New Mexico IEC
National Council of Chain Restaurants             Northern Ohio Chapter of ABC
National Electrical Manufacturers Association     Northern Ohio Electrical Contractors
National Federation of Independent Business       Association
National Franchisee Association                   Northwest Pennsylvania IEC
National Grocers Association                      Northwest Washington IEC
National Lumber & Building Material Dealers       Office Products Wholesalers Association
Association                                       Offshore Marine Service Association
National Mining Association                       Ohio Chamber of Commerce
National Paper Trade Association                  Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association
National Petrochemical & Refiners Association     Ohio Restaurant Association
National Private Duty Association                 Ohio Valley Chapter of ABC
National Ready Mixed Concrete Association         OKC Inc IEC
National Restaurant Association                   Oklahoma Chapter of ABC
National Retail Federation                        Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association
National Roofing Contractors Association          Oklahoma Restaurant Association
National School Transportation Association        Oklahoma State Chamber
National Small Business United                    Optical Laboratories Association
National Solid Wastes Management Association      Oregon IEC
National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association         Oregon Lodging Association
National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc.                Oregon Restaurant Association
National Taxpayers Union                          Owatonna Area (MN) Chamber of Commerce &
National Tooling & Machining Association          Tourism
Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry           Oxnard (CA) Chamber of Commerce
Nebraska Hotel & Motel Association                Pacific Northwest Chapter of ABC
Nebraska Restaurant Association                   Pacific Printing & Imaging Association
Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association                Pelican Chapter of ABC
Nevada Manufactures Association                   Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and
Nevada Restaurant Association                     Industry.
New England IEC                                   Pennsylvania Restaurant Association
New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant                Pennsylvania Tourism & Lodging Association
Association                                       Petroleum Equipment Institute
New Hampshire/Vermont Chapter of ABC              Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors
New Jersey Business & Industry Association        Association
New Jersey Chapter of ABC                         Portland Cement Association
New Jersey Hotel & Lodging Association            Precision Metalforming Association
New Jersey IEC                                    Printing & Graphics Association MidAtlantic
New Jersey Restaurant Association                 Printing & Imaging Association Mountain States
New Mexico Chapter of ABC                         Printing & Imaging Association of Georgia, Inc.
New Mexico Lodging Association                    Printing & Imaging Association of MidAmerica
New Mexico Restaurant Association                 Printing & Imaging Association of New York
New Orleans/Bayou Chapter of ABC                  State
New York State Hospitality & Tourism              Printing Association of Florida, Inc.
Association                                       Printing Industries Association Inc. ―Serving
New York State Restaurant Association             Northern Kentucky and Ohio‖
North Alabama Chapter of ABC                      Printing Industries Association of San Diego
North Carolina Chamber of Commerce                Printing Industries Association of Southern
North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging               California, Inc.
Association                                       Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Arizona
North Dakota Chamber of Commerce                  Printing Industries of America
North Dakota Hospitality Association              Printing Industries of Michigan, Inc.
Printing Industries of New England                 Staten Island (NY) Chamber of Commerce
Printing Industries of Northern California         Steel Manufacturers Association
Printing Industries of St. Louis                   Stuart-Martin County (FL) Chamber of
Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast              Commerce
Printing Industries of the Midlands, Inc.          Taxpayers League of Minnesota
Printing Industries of Utah                        Tennessee Hospital Association
Printing Industries of Virginia                    Tennessee Hotel & Lodging Association
Printing Industries of Wisconsin                   Tennessee Restaurant Association
Printing Industry Association of the South, Inc.   Texas Coastal Bend Chapter of ABC
Printing Industry of Illinois/Indiana Assn.        Texas Gulf Coast Chapter IEC
Printing Industry of Minnesota, Inc                Texas Gulf Coast Chapter of ABC
Printing Industry of the Carolinas, Inc.           Texas Hotel & Lodging Association
Property Rights Alliance                           Texas Mid-Coast Chapter of ABC
Public Service Research Council                    Texas Panhandle IEC
Puget Sound Washington Chapter IEC                 Texas Restaurant Association
Redwood Empire Chapter IEC                         Texas State IEC
Regional Legislative Alliance of Santa Barbara     Texas Warehouse Association
County (CA)                                        Texoma IEC
Restaurant and Hospitality Association of          Textile Care Allied Trades Association
Indiana                                            Textile Rental Services Association of America
Restaurant Association of Maryland
Restaurant Association of Metropolitan             The Real Estate Roundtable
Washington                                         Tooling & Manufacturing Association
Retail Industry Leaders Association                Treasure State IEC
Rhode Island Chapter of ABC                        Tri-State IEC
Rhode Island Hospitality and Tourism               Truckload Carriers Association
Association                                        Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
Rio Grande Valley Chapter of IEC Inc               U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Rocky Mountain Chapter of ABC                      U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Rocky Mountain IEC                                 U.S. Human Recourses and Ethics Services
Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce                  Uniform and Textile Service Association
Ruston-Lincoln (LA) Chamber of Commerce            United Chambers of Commerce-SFV & Region
Sacramento (CA) Metro Chamber of Commerce          United Motorcoach Association
Saginaw Valley Chapter of ABC                      Utah Chapter of ABC
San Antonio Chapter IEC                            Utah Hotel & Lodging Association
San Diego Chapter of ABC                           Utah IEC
San Diego North (CA) Chamber of Commerce           Utah Restaurant Association
San Diego North Chamber of Commerce                Ventura Chapter IEC
Sebago Lake Region (ME) Chamber of                 Vermont Hospitality Council
Commerce                                           Virginia Chamber of Commerce
Sierra Nevada Chapter of ABC                       Virginia Chapter of ABC
Society of Human Resource Management               Virginia Hospital and Travel Association
Society of the Plastics Industry (The)             Virginia Petroleum Convenience & Grocery
South Carolina Chamber of Commerce                 Association
South Carolina Trucking Association                Visalia (CA) Chamber of Commerce
South Dakota Retailers Association                 Washington IEC
South Florida Chapter Inc IEC                      Washington Restaurant Association
South Texas Chapter of ABC                         Washington State Hotel & Lodging Association
Southeast Missouri IEC                             WECA IEC
Southeast Pennsylvania Chapter of ABC              West Chamber Serving Jefferson County (CO)
Southeast Texas Chapter of ABC                     West Suburban (IL) Chamber of Commerce &
Southeastern Michigan Chapter of ABC               Industry
Southern Arizona IEC                               West Tennessee Chapter of ABC
Southern California Chapter of ABC                 West Texas IEC
Southern California IEC                            West Virginia Chamber of Commerce
Southern Colorado Chapter IEC                      West Virginia Chapter of ABC
Southern Indiana Chapter-Evansville IEC            West Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association
Southern New Mexico IEC                            Western Carolina Industries
St. Mary’s County (MD) Chamber of Commerce         Western Colorado Chapter of ABC
Western Colorado IEC                               Wisconsin Chapter of ABC
Western Michigan Chapter of ABC                    Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce
Western Pennsylvania Chapter of ABC                Association
Western Reserve Chapter IEC                        Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association
Western Washington Chapter of ABC                  Wisconsin Restaurant Association
Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association   Wyoming Lodging & Restaurant Association
Wichita Chapter IEC

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