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									                                                             Request for Course Approval
            New course                                           Major revisions of existing course                                     Distance learning course
         Reactivation with new instructor                General education changes                                 Prerequisite changes
Supplemental sheet required for new courses, major revisions, and reactiviation with new instructors. See back for additional instructions.
                                                                                                                            F      W     Sp                                  Sum
Sponsoring agency                                                               Course #
Catalog title                                                                                                                                          Quarter(s) offered

AIS title (19 characters)                                                                                                                         Academic Year

    5 credits            Less than 5 credits (number)                 No credits                                        Concurrent enrollment in                      is required

    Permanent course or          offered once only. Reason:
Catalog description (limit: 40 words)

    Satisfies American history and institutions requirement                  May be repeated for credit

General education codes (choose only one):
    CC cross-cultural analysis             ER ethnicity and race           IM interpreting arts and media                   MF mathematical and formal reasoning
    SI scientific inquiry        SR statistical reasoning            TA textual analysis and interpretation

Perspectives:      PE-E environmental awareness               PE-H human behavior            PE-T technology and society

Practice:       PR-E collaborative endeavor           PR-C creative process             PR-S service learning

    C1 composition                        C2 composition

For a new course, enter prerequisite(s):

If making a prerequisite change, fill in both fields below.

Current prerequisite(s):                                                      Revised prerequisite(s):

    Code I, Interview only
                                 Indicate enrollment criteria for courses requiring interview (exams, auditions, portfolio review, etc.)
Enrollment restriction(s):
     Majors (provide all major codes):
    Frosh                   Sophomore                  Junior                  Senior                 College Member                       Graduate students

Enrollment is        Unlimited             Limited         Limit number:                  Reason:

                                                                                             Primary activity code                                  TIE category
A final examination is           is not        required for this course.
                                                                                             (LEC, SEM, STU, IND, FLD, FLI)                                           1-18

Responsible instructor
                                                                                                                         Teaching appointment title

Additional instructor(s)

                                                                                                                                      Approved                      Denied
       Chair/Provost/Dean of Sponsoring Agency                                                  Date

                                                                                                                                      Approved                      Denied
                      Divisional Dean                                                           Date

                                                                                                                                      Approved                      Denied
                 CEP or Graduate Council                                                        Date
                                                                                              University of California, Santa Cruz, Office of the Registrar   Revision of October 29, 2009
                                                       The Course Approval Process
 Check one or more boxes at the top of the form (all that apply). A major revision includes changing the prerequisites for a course,
 reactivating a course with new course materials or a new instructor, and changes which affect the general education component of
 the course. For crosslisted courses, use the Request Approval of a Crosslisted Course form. Use the Request for Course Revision
 form for minor revisions, such as reactivation with the same instructor, title changes, or minor changes to content. These forms may
 go directly to the publication editors (Office of the Registrar) from the course sponsoring agency.
Note: to be published, course forms must be submitted with complete information by the deadlines issued by the Office of
the Registrar. Unapproved courses are not permitted and cannot be offered.
Overview of Course Approval Process                                   General Education Codes
(1) Instructor or department initiates course.                           CC Cross-Cultural Analysis
                                                                         ER Ethnicity and Race
(2) Instructor or department attaches a completed supplemental           IM Interpreting Arts and Media
    sheet for new courses, major revisions, courses changing             MF Mathematical and Formal Reasoning
    from one to two quarters, courses changing from lower                SI Scientific Inquiry
    to upper division (or vice versa) or to the graduate level.          SR Statistical Reasoning
    Separate supplemental forms are required for undergraduate           TA Textual Analysis and Interpretation
    and graduate courses. Disciplinary Communications (DC)               DC Disciplinary Communication
    courses require a completed Disciplinary Communications              C1/C2 Composition
    Statement Form.                                                      Perspectives
(3) Department chair reviews and signs form (provost for                 PE-E Environmental Awareness
    colleges, dean for division courses). Department keeps copy          PE-H Human Behavior
    of form and photocopy of supplemental sheet.                         PE-T Technology and Society
(4) Department forwards form to the appropriate division before          Practice
    the deadline set by the Committee on Educational Policy              PR-E Collaborative Endeavor
    (CEP) and the Graduate Council. Colleges send form to the            PR-C Creative Process
    Dean of Undergraduate Education’s Office. For Summer                 PR-S Service Learning
    Session-only courses, department forwards form to the             Activity Codes
    Summer Session Office.                                            These codes appear in the Schedule of Classes for student
(5) Division dean checks completeness of form and whether                Primary Codes
    adequate resources are available.
                                                                         FLD Field Study
(6) Dean signs form and forwards to the publication editors,             FLI Independent Field Study
    Office of the Registrar.                                             LAB Primary Laboratory
(7) Publications editors submit form to CEP or Graduate Council          LBI Laboratory Independent Study
    for review and signature.                                            LEC Lecture
                                                                         SEM Seminar
(8) Publication editors enter approved courses in database and
                                                                         STI Studio Independent Study
    maintain original records.
                                                                         STU Studio
(9) Course description is printed in the General Catalog or in the       IND Independent Study
    subsequent publications update in the Schedule of Classes.           Secondary Codes
(10) Student-directed seminars also require a student-directed           FLS Secondary Field Study
     seminar supplemental sheet, a letter from the faculty               LBS Secondary Laboratory
     sponsor describing his or her involvement in the course, and        DIS Secondary Discussion Section
     copies of narrative evaluations of the apprentice teacher.          STS Secondary Studio
Prerequisites                                                         TIE Categories
                                                                      Faculty Instructional Activity Types Code Table
Only UCSC course prerequisites are checked by the enrollment          01 Conference E
system. Courses designated “Interview only” are those in which        02 Fieldwork—Research I
contact with the instructor is necessary for interviews, exams,       03 Fieldwork—Skills/Techniques T
auditions, portfolio reviews, etc. Interview only courses require     04 Individualized Instruction E
permission numbers. Please use the space provided to explain          05 Internship I
the criteria—interview, audition, etc.; this information will print   06 Laboratory—Research I
in the course description. Restrictions and prerequisites can         07 Laboratory—Skills/Techniques T
be added to the text of interview only courses but cannot be          08 Lecture T
enforced by the enrollment system.                                    09 Lecture plus Supplementary Activity T
                                                                      10 Legal/Medical Clerkship I
Enrollment Restrictions                                               11 Practicum I
If you fill in any of these spaces, the enrollment system will        12 Practicum—Teaching I
automatically restrict the course to people who match the             13 Project I
category. If, instead, you only mean to indicate enrollment           14 Seminar—Research/Creative Development I
recommendations to students who might be interested in the            15 Seminar—Topical T
class, you may add such recommendations to the course                 16 Studio—Production/Creative Development I
description; this is informational only and will not be enforced by   17 Studio—Technique T
the enrollment system.                                                18 Tutorial I
Instructions for Request for Course Approval                                 University of California, Santa Cruz, Office of the Registrar, 12/09

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