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					                      ICOTS Transition Committee Meeting
                         Wednesday August 20, 2008
                              1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Those in attendance:
Representing the DOC: Ms. Rose Ann Bisch; Mr. Andy Doom; Mr. Ken Merz and Mr. Dan
Traun. Representing Metro Supervisors: Ms. Phyllis Grubb – Dakota County; Ms. Amy Chavez
– Ramsey County. Representing CPO Counties: Mr. Steve King – Mower County. Representing
CCA Counties: Tom Roy – Arrowhead Regional Corrections. Representing institutions: Mr. Bill
Hafner – MCF-Lino Lakes. Additional county representatives: Ms. Jenny Wood – Hennepin
County; Mr; Ms. Annmarie Suchta – Ramsey County.

   Legacy data
        o Test done, no feedback received from ICOTS
   Users will need to be loaded by October 3, 2008
        o There will be a cutoff for users added – users can then be added after the load
   Training
        o Dan and Jan will train DOC agents
                Took existing PowerPoint and added practices of DOC
                Will use videos from website
                Train the trainer for support staff and supervisors
                September 4th, St Cloud
                September 8th, Faribault
        o Rose Ann will train facilities and non-DOC agents
                Looking to train in Duluth, September 19th to include rule changes in
                   addition to ICOTS
                Looking to train in New Ulm, date TBD to include rule changes in
                   addition to ICOTS
                Once dates are confirmed, dates will be posted on the Training
                   Management System
                Two trainings will be held September 26th at Central Office
   Users
        o Roles are PO, Supervisor & Compact Office
        o Issue of liability if support staff is signed on as a PO
        o When setting up users, keep in mind that there is no role for support staff
        o Need a supervisor for each county for the compact office to route work through
   Privacy application
        o “Supervisor” will need to be the liaison since it needs to be the person that all
           incoming and outgoing work will go through

Phone conversation with Sam Razor
    Pilot started this past Monday
   Some things are working well but there are some issues that are being ironed out
   ICOTS is being used fully
   Known issues with emails
         o Still trying to iron out with Appriss
   Test site will stay up until launch
   Description of email problem
         o Some notifications aren’t being generated
         o Some people are able to receive emails while others are not, depending on email
             service configuration in receiving state
         o Appriss is spoofing email address to make it look like it’s coming from one
             domain instead of another (dns-ms error) so the error shouldn’t occur once the
             actual system is launched – it is just an issue with the test site
   Is it presumed that everyone within a state will be resolved with one fix?
         o Not necessarily
   Is there a way to figure compatibility prior to launch?
         o Check error logs, spam filters, etc
   Is there a specification sheet somewhere or protocols in order to test?
         o They will be changing for the live site so the process is different
         o Can contact Mark Schwarzmiller for more technical issues
   Process in ICOTS
         o Compact office will have access to all supervisors
         o End user will have to specify their supervisor
   Attachment types
         o Only having problems with Microsoft 2007 (.docx)
   Once a request is accepted, is the sending state prompted to complete a notice of
         o No, notice of departure doesn’t show up in workload because those things will be
             reassigned, especially with reporting instructions
   If a notice of departure is submitted, is the receiving state prompted to complete a notice
    of arrival?
         o No, but notification of a departure notice will be sent
   Can merge duplicates – will be handled through the national office
   Editing the sex, etc. after submission wasn’t included in the original design – working on
    enhancements prior to launch
   Can the entire request be printed/viewed or does it have to be viewed in sections?
         o Can have it generate a PDF version of the form
         o Interstate office will submit an email so that both sides of the process can be seen
             – will be set up through Mindy Spring
   How are we going to handle pending cases?
         o Subsequent load similar to the one prior to launch
         o Submit a load once they are resolved
   Behind on looking at test loads of legacy data
   Any issues with firewalls?
         o Shouldn’t be any issues since it doesn’t require a browser plug in or install an
             application on the desktop
           o Will need to configure system to allow the site

Issues for future consideration
     How will offenders released from prison prior to acceptance be handled?
           o May need to return the case to the case manager to be reassigned to the field agent
     What will happen if an offender is assigned to an agent who is not in the user load for
           o Will it go to the supervisor or will it just be lost?
     Who can reassign an agent’s caseload?
     How do we handle caseloads for agents who go on leave unexpectedly?

Policy updates
    Rules are changing with the implementation of ICOTS
    Sex offenders for ECRC are currently going to County Contact and ISR
          o Right now agents are to determine whether offenders need an ECRC with the
              cover letter – that won’t be possible with the new system
          o Perhaps develop a checklist for those who would need an ECRC
                   Ken will have the RA/CN unit develop something
          o Is there a comments section in the Reply to Transfer Request?
          o Is there a way to attach something to the Reply? If so, we could keep the cover
              letter and require that it is attached. Can we see the name of the attachment? This
              could “flag” a case for compact staff so they know the case needs an ECRC.
          o Perhaps have a cover letter with all replies and it needs to be named differently
              for those that are ECRCs.
          o Have agents send separate emails when an offender needs an ECRC.

What’s next?
   DOC and non-DOC training will vary because of differing business practices
         o DOC will not allow support staff to sign on as POs, whereas non-DOC will make
             that decision by agency
   Policy changes need to be made before launch
   Heads up to agency directors for challenges that people run into (i.e. Microsoft 2007
      compatibility, etc.)
   Keep a list of what comes up at each training as foreseeable problems
         o Separate technical and business practices
   Will likely be putting training materials, etc on the DOC website
   Something about how to navigate the DOC website

Next meeting scheduled for September 30, 2008 at 10:00 am.