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									 Volume 1,Issue 2

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                                          Well Being
 Spring 2007
                                          A quarterly newsletter sent to you from your friends at The Carolina Center and Wake Medical Associates

Carolina Center for Integrative          FROM OUR DIRECTOR
Wake Medical Associates                  Welcome to the second issue of                           our What‘s         unable to make our evening well-
                                         “Well Being”. We hope you enjoy                          New section),      ness presentations a chance to
John C. Pittman, MD, DABCMT, Di-         these quarterly updates, provided                        Natural Hor-       learn more about our programs and
                                         to you by The Carolina Center and                        mone Re-           how we can help you maintain a
                                         Wake Medical Associates.                                 placement          more healthy and robust lifestyle.
Diplomate of the American Board of
                                                                                                  Therapy, Ther-
Clinical Metal Toxicology (ABCMT)
                                         Starting in May, we hope you’ll join                     mal Imaging        Also, our current Tuesday presenta-
with advanced proficiency in chela-                                            Dr. John Pittman (discussed in
                                         us for our new “Midday Health Se-                                           tions will now begin at 7PM. Ending
tion therapy
                                         ries”. These 45-minute presenta-                         A Closer           time remains at 8PM.
Interim Diplomate, American Board
                                         tions will be held from 12:15-       Look), Detoxification & Colon Ther-
of Oxidative Medicine
                                         1:30PM at The Carolina Center.       apy, and Chelation Therapy for         Thank you for your continued
Advanced proficiency training in Bio-
                                         Topics will rotate between our new Heart Disease. We hope these             patronage and for sharing our
Identical Hormone Replacement
                                         Weight Loss Program (discussed in new times will allow those of you         name with your friends and family!
and Nutritional Medicine

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                                         A CLOSER LOOK
*Office is closed NOON – 1:00 PM
for lunch                                MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS – AN INTEGRATIVE APPROACH
                                         Obesity and the need to lose weight are serious issues for 65% of US adults. For years, phy-
Staff:                                   sicians have recommended a healthy food diet that balances protein, fat, and carbohydrate to keep blood
John Pittman, MD, DABCMT                 sugar low and increase fat burning. Unfortunately, portion control, food choices, and lack of structure inevita-
Lisa Sanders, RN                         bly derail most typical diet attempts.
Shari Mewborn, RN
Renee Pilgrim, Administrator             Out of this frustration, The Carolina Center has been comparing the various methods for weight loss and dis-
Younger Mattox, Patient Coordinator      covered that the two most effective methods include bariatric surgery with gastric by-pass (a high-risk surgical
Jennifer Sanville, Front Office          procedure only for the morbidly obese) and meal replacement programs. Given the risk and cost factors of
Lisa Stewart, Marketing Coordinator      surgery, we feel that Meal Replacement Programs offer the greatest advantages and benefits. These pro-
                                         grams are structured diets that use meal replacement products (shakes, bars, puddings, other foods) along
Disclaimer:                              with a prescribed low-fat, low-glycemic meal. These programs have been shown to provide the best outcomes
All material provided in this publica-   in terms of successful weight loss and reduction of disease risk. The Carolina Center is currently using two
tion is provided for educational and     Meal Replacement Programs, both soy-based and fermented during processing so that phytates and other
informational purposes only. Con-        known impurities are removed while retaining the protein matrix and isoflavones.
sult your own physician regarding
the applicability of any opinions or     The unique component of The Carolina Center Integrative Medical Weight Loss Program is the accountabil-
recommendations with respect to          ity, which is central to helping our patients achieve their goals and keep the weight off. This support is pro-
your symptoms or medical condi-          vided by brief office visits every two weeks with nursing staff, as well as regular physician visits to ensure
tion.                                    that the health benefits are being achieved while limiting any risks from the process. Look for upcoming
                                         Weight Loss presentations by visiting our website at www.carolinacenter.com
The Carolina Center is proud to announce that Carolina Thermascan is now operating at 4505 Fair Meadow
Lane and is currently accepting new patients for breast thermography screenings. Thermography has been
FDA approved for breast cancer screening since 1982 and is a physiologic screening that images the breast
using an ultra-sensitive infrared camera and sophisticated software. It’s non-invasive, painless, and safe—
even for pregnant and nursing women. It creates high-resolution images of breast temperatures and vascular
patterns, giving your physician valuable data concerning breast health. Thermography detects the earliest risk
markers for breast cancer.

Carolina Thermascan provides thermagrams as a complementary screening procedure to mammograms.
When added to a woman’s breast health examination, thermascan substantially increases the sensitivity in
detecting pathologies associated with the breast. The practice, founded by Dr. Lewis Stocks, was previously located on Duraleigh Road. At the
Blue Ridge Plaza, Dr. Stocks will continue to provide services and interpretations of all breast screenings to patients.

Dr. Stocks received his B.S. in Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina and graduated Magna Cum Laude. He received his Ph.D. from
Marquette University and his M.D. from the Medical College of Wisconsin. A general and thoracic residency was completed at Duke University
Medical Center and he is Board Certified by the American College of Surgeons. He has a special interest in all aspects of both benign and malig-
nant breast disease. Dr. Stocks is currently the only breast surgeon in the Carolinas using thermal imaging as a primary modality for the early
detection of breast cancer.

Any woman, regardless of age, can benefit from a thermagram—the best way to detect and monitor early development of atypical cell growth in
the breast. Thermagram, along with physical examination and mammography, gives patients the best opportunity for early detection and treat-
ment of breast cancer.

Find out if breast thermography is right for you by visiting www.carolinathermascan.com or you can join us on May 22nd from 12:15PM-1:30PM
at The Carolina Center. Our Midday Health Series topic will be Thermal Imaging. Reserve your seat now for this important presentation by calling
Louise Cottrell at (919) 848-1025 ext. 3 or send an email to register@carolinacenter.com.

ODDS ‘N ENDS                                                                                                     THANK YOU
Dr. Pittman will be the Keynote Speaker at this year’s Home Educating Special                                    Compounding
Needs Children Conference and Exhibitor’s Hall presented by GiftsNC.                                             Pharmacy for your
Dr. Pittman will be discussing Autism Spectrum Disorder on Saturday, April 21st                                  continued support of our monthly
from 9-10:30AM at Colonial Baptist Church, 6051 Tryon Road in Cary. Registration deadline for this event         wellness programs!
is April 12. For more information, visit www.giftsnc.com.

               MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
               All of our presentations are free and open to the public. Registration is required in case of cancellation. Contact Louise Cottrell at
               (919) 848-1025 ext. 3 or register@carolinacenter.com. For a complete description of presentation topics, or to view all of our presen-
               tations, visit www.carolinacenter.com and click on Upcoming Presentations.

April 10 – 7:00-8:00PM at The Carolina Center – “An Introduction to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy”
April 24 – 7:00-8:00PM at The Carolina Center – “Autism Spectrum Disorder: Treating Pervasive Developmental Disorders”
May 3 — 12:15-1:30 (Midday Health Series) at The Carolina Center – “Lose Weight Quickly & Safely”
May 8 — 7:00-8:00PM at The Carolina Center –“Treating Lyme Disease: Two Standards of Care”
May 10 — 12:15-1:30 (Midday Health Series) at The Carolina Center – “Understanding the Benefits of Detoxification & Colon Therapy”
May 17 — 12:15-1:30 (Midday Health Series) at The Carolina Center – “Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy”
May 22 – 7:00-8:00PM at the Carolina Center – “Thermal Imaging. Saving Breasts. Saving Lives”
May 31 — 12:15-1:30 (Midday Health Series) at The Carolina Center – “Lose Weight Quickly & Safely”
June 5 – 7:00-8:00PM at The Carolina Center – “Examining the Dangers of Mercury Toxicity”
June 7 — 12:15-1:30 (Midday Health Series) at The Carolina Center – “Understanding the Benefits of Detoxification & Colon Therapy”
June 14 — 12:15-1:30 (Midday Health Series) at The Carolina Center – “Chelation Therapy for Heart Disease”
June 19 – 7:00-8:00PM at the Carolina Center – “Finding Relief from Worn Out Woman Syndrome”
June 28 — 12:15-1:30 (Midday Health Series) at The Carolina Center – “Lose Weight Quickly & Safely”
July 3 – 7:00-8:00PM at the Carolina Center – “Understanding the Benefits of Detoxification & Colon Therapy”
July 5 — 12:15-1:30 (Midday Health Series) at The Carolina Center – “Understanding the Benefits of Detoxification & Colon Therapy”
July 12 — 12:15-1:30 (Midday Health Series) at The Carolina Center – “Thermal Imaging. Saving Breasts. Saving Lives.”
July 17 – 7:00-8:00PM at The Carolina Center – “Lose Weight Quickly & Safely”
July 26 — 12:15-1:30 (Midday Health Series) at The Carolina Center – “Lose Weight Quickly & Safely”
July 31 – 7:00-8:00PM at The Carolina Center – “An Integrative Approach to Treating Chronic Digestive Disturbances”

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