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Not all vitamins are alike.      Aside from the factors listed
Many ask why certain vitamins    above one most examine or
are more expensive then          food today compared to a
others. Are certain ones more    generation or two ago. It
effective. Even the question,    begins with the soil.
do I need them if I eat          Experts today say that 80% of
right?                           the soils nutrient s have
                                 been depleted. This has come
The use of vitamins in our       about from pushing crops
country has grown with great     and not rotating fields
leaps over the last two          anymore. Foods are given
decades. Individuals are         additives for hybrid growth,
becoming more involved in        radiation for processes and
the responsibility of their      additives like ascorbic acid
health, are being better         for color and longevity.
informed as to health issues     Animals today are given
and are asking more              hormones for rapid growth
questions to the health care     and greater production.
provider considering             These are passed on to us.
treatment options as opposed     The toxins   consumed by fish
to the old only choice is        especially certain bottom
Doctors choice. These are        feeders is passing on
all positive statement           certain heavy metal toxins
towards better health .. un-     as well to us.
fortunately we have to weigh
t the other side which is we     OK , this seems all very
are eating worse, working        bleak. There are some very
longer and harder and beign      positive direction s
exposed to far more envoi        happening too. First of all
mental issues then ever          We have recognized the
before.                          processes over the last
                                 thirty years and are changing
                                 tem for the better.
Why take vitamins. Even          Pesticides in our lifetime
this day and age you will        have changed tremendously
hear health care providers
say , “if you eat three          Water. Something as simple
square meals , you do not        as water is now complicated.
need vitamins or supplement”.    Our tap water has many
This simply is not true.         inherent minerals and some
added ones determined by the        absorbing needed proteins and
city you live in and health         nutrient.
department. Fluorides, and
counter agents are added in         These are some of the reasons
the processing. Water is the        we need to consider
most essential thing we             supplementing our diets with
need.   The majority of are         vitamins and mineral.    Now
body is comprised of fluids         that I have you considering
supported by water intake.          vitamins, do not just head to
We all should be consuming          the store and grab a bottle
our body weight , dived by 2        off the rack. Not all
in ounces of water everyday.        vitamins are alike. Before I
Example if you weigh 100 Lbs        discuss how brands differ one
you should consume at least         more concept must be
50 oz of water.   Being             grasped. Vitamins are not a
Seattleite we think I get my        direct one for one
water with the coffee I drink       replacement of medications.
everyday. Actually this is          People take a certain
the exact opposite. Coffee          medicine for a certain
is a diuretic. Meaning it           condition. And the medication
depletes our water intake.          is taken for a certain time.
One cup of coffee, needs one        It is very dangerous to view
cup of water to replenish.          vitamins the same. Vitamin
                                    should be viewed as a
                                    nutritional additive. Many
Before you give up your             conditions and aliments we
coffee and jump to soda,            battle can be addressed with
understand the phosphorous          strong regiment of
in soda has been shown to           supplements but it is not a
deplete may of our vitamins         quick fix . Supplements
and minerals.. Calcium              intake must be down on a
which is essential for              consistent and long term
children in growth is one of        basis. A lot like working
the biggest targets that soda       out. Consistency ,
robs from us.                       consistent, consistency will
                                    give you the desired results.
Our society is consumed with        Going to the gym once in
refined sugars and high             awhile , hit and miss    just
Carbohydrate diets. This is         doesn’t get it..
pushing Type tow diabetes to
all time highs. Are body has        So now you go to the local
to process these sugars , it        vitamin store or Costco’s
cannot just let them pass           ready to buy. As you stare
threw our system.    When the       at the rows and rows of
cells get filled and start          vitamins with their wide
turning away the uptake of          range in cost and long list
sugars it also stops                of what is inside the bottle,
                                    you begin to feel stressed.

Careful stress cases                day. Test you vitamins , try
chemical reactions in the           to break one in half. How
body that also put our              easy does if break?
chemistry in a spin.
                                    Actually lab testing .
What the heck is in that            Unfortuanlity the food and
bottle? Why do they cost            drug company is not mandated
different amounts and which         to keep tight reigns on the
is the best to take.? Lets          vitametn industry. This
examine a few factors.              means companies are left up
                                    to their own choices how
First , different companies         closely and often they are
process the vitamins                checking their product to be
different ways. Most large          exactly what it says it is on
companies take the vitamins         the label. Meaning when the
and pour them into a large          label says each capsule
pot and cook them down. This        contains 550 mg of Vitamins
hot processing destroys many        C. It may actually contain
of the inherent agents you          330 or 400 or 55omg.
actually are trying to gain.        Research was done on this
No different then when you          some years a go and found the
boil vegetable as opposed to        80 % of the vitamin industry
eating them fresh, there is         was grossly off of what they
huge diffences in the               said was being provided in
nutrient gains. Some                the bottle.
combines use cold or flash
processing , this process has       Another marketing trick is
been shown to be more               the tow extremes. Either
adventitious for maintain           long grocery list on the
the nutrient integrity.             side of the bottle IE: more
                                    bang for the buck .   or
                                    only one nutrient per
Binders. Once the vitamins          bottle. Neither one of
have been prepared , they           these is right. The long
need to be made into pill           listed bottles are to
form for consumption. Again         appeal to you get it all in
some companies use cheaper          one pill concept. The
glue like binders so that the       problem with this is that
pills do not get busted up          not all vitamins and mineral
in massive shipping. Others         are compatible with each
use binders that are going          other. Some get better
to allo you digestion to            absorbed in acid envoirmtn
absorb them. That’s right ,         like the stomach and others
some of the binders ar so           are better absorbed in the
strong that the pills are           intestines.   The one magic
never broken down and               pill sounds good but again
absorbed but are frankly            you are not getting all you
flushed down the toilet each        believe you have purchased

because some of the elements        can be bought cheap in a huge
get destroyed. The opposite         bottle. Problem, we do not
is also true. Some mineral          assimilate shark cartilage
/vitamin get better absorbed        glucosamine as well as
and work better if they are         glucosamine derived from
with their partners. For            mammal’s entities. This cost
example Calcium Is far better       more but is better absorbed
absorbed if it is bound with        and assimilated in our system
magnesium. The B complex is         and again does not deal with
just that a complex. Taking         heavy metal toxins associated
a bottle for each different B       with shell fish.
is just not needed.   So here
is a simple example of              Our office has studies for
marketing go bad. Calcium is        years the defenses in
best absorbed with magnesium        nutrients. We have worked
and in an acidic enjoinment.        closely with local
All of us have heard how you        pharmaceuticals in their
can get you daily calcium           supply some essential
when you take a Tums antacid.       products. We here a Mac
Now think about it. If it is        Dermott Chiropractic
an antacid how is that              recommend for major
adventitious for the Calcium        categories of supplement.
to be absorbed?                     Glucosmaine for joint
                                    flexibility anti-arthritic
Glucosamaine is growing is          factors, omega 3 for
popularity. Personally, I           antioxidant free radical
believe ivypropene will be          agents dealing with immunity,
replaced by Glucosamine some        fruits and vegetables
time soon. Glucosamaine is a        multivitamin mineral content.
natural protoglycan (food).
Our body uses it to lubricate       The products we carry here
the joints and keep                 are not the only products on
inflammatory reactions down.        the market. We believe them
We need the fluid in the            to be the best quality for
joints to help lubricate            the price.
them. Thin of a joint as two
ice cues sliding together.
Ivypropene in a no steroidal
anti-inflammatory. It reacts
quicker then glucosamine but
does not have a lasting
result and has long term
complications with regards to
our kidneys and the formation
of fibrosis. Glucosmaine can
be cheaply processed through
shell fish and shark
cartridge. This is why it


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