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                          Staffing Commission Meeting
                           Monday 3 November 2008
                             1.00 pm – 3.00 pm
                     Venue: Knowsley CVS, Nutgrove Villa
Name               Designation                         Name               Designation
Rosemary Hawley    Chair                               Colin Rowling      Vice Chair
Karol Grabowski    Principal, Christ the King Centre   Fr Fintan          Christ the King Centre
                   for Learning                        O’Driscoll         for Learning TGB
Peter Bradley      Principal, Kirkby Catholic Centre   Fr Nick Wilde      Kirkby Catholic Centre
                   for Learning                                           for Learning TGB
Pam Jervis         Principal, Kirkby Sports College
                   Association of School & College
Ann Behan          Principal, Halewood Community       John Cooper        Halewood Community
                   Centre for Learning                                    Centre for Learning TGB
                                                       Francis Raynor     Halewood Community
                                                                          Centre for Learning TGB
Madeleine Cotson   Principal, South Huyton Centre
                   for Learning
Martyn Campbell    Principal, Prescot & Whiston
                   Catholic Learning Centre
Marion Farrell     Principal, Prescot and Whiston
                   Community Centre for Learning
Alan Bell          Liverpool Archdiocese and           Jeff Bowe          UNISON on behalf of the
                   Diocese                                                Single Status Unions
Simon McEneny      Future Schooling in Knowsley        Elaine Ayre        Service Director –
                   Director, KMBC                                         Schools and Early Years
Julie Young        Children’s Services Manager,        Maria Taylor       Lead Education Change
                   KMBC                                                   Partner, KMBC
Steve Stewart      Service Director, Standards         Mary Belchem       Transition Director,
                   Taskforce, KMBC                                        KMBC
Jason Woodruff     Human Resources, KMBC               Mike Jones         Human Resources,
Jane Janaway       Future School in Knowsley           Claire McNally     Children and Family
                   Communications Officer, KMBC                           Services, KMBC (Clerk)
Name               Designation                         Name               Designation
Cllr Dave Friar    Prescot & Whiston Community         Cllr Graham        South Huyton Centre for
                   Learning Centre TGB                 Morgan             Learning TGB
Dave Barkley       Parent Governor                     Cllr Jayne Aston   Kirkby Community
                                                                          Centre for Learning TGB
John Robson        Prescot & Whiston Catholic          Bill Morris        Kirkby Sports College
                   Learning Centre TGB                                    TGB
Damian Allen       Executive Director of Children’s    Dave Norton        Human Resources,
                   Services, KMBC                                         KMBC
John Mayes         Teachers Union                      Nathan Horum       Youth Parliament
  AGENDA ITEM                                  KEY POINTS                                 ACTION

Minutes of         The minutes from the meeting of 6 October 2008 were agreed as an
Previous           accurate and true record.

Matters Arising    Rosemary Hawley formally welcomed Mary Belchem, Transition
                   Director, to the Staffing Commission.

                   Jason Woodruff clarified to Staffing Commission that the Criminal
                   Records Bureau does not facilitate portability and therefore
                   Knowsley does not accept this concept either.

Future Schooling   Simon McEneny updated the Staffing Commission on suggestions
in Knowsley        made to the management model for Community Facilities and
Programme          Access to Services. Papers had previously been circulated to the
- Community        Staffing Commission who had been advised that the model would
  Facilities and   run on a temporary basis at Christ the King Centre for Learning.
  Access to
  Services         Simon McEneny advised the Staffing Commission that the model
                   was not for profit and was a system that would not make revenue
                   from for courses but purely from room hire only.

                   The management structure of the Community Facilities and Access
                   to Services included an Executive Management Board and 3 Area
                   Steering Groups. Local community groups would not be
                   disadvantaged and would receive priority for usage. The Staffing
                   Commission noted that there was no representation from
                   Governors, Principals or Elected Members on the Executive               SMc
                   Management Board.

                   Feedback from the Staffing Commission on the Community
                   Facilities and Access to Services Policy was received. Pam Jervis
                   queried the accountability of the building and role of the governing
                   body during weekends and holidays and would welcome a clearer
                   discussion around these and Health and Safety. Staffing                 SMc
                   Commission agreed that Simon McEneny would follow this up.

                   Staffing Commission discussed Priority for Use of Community
                   Buildings, Facilities and Equipment, and agreed that Group A
                   ‘Secondary Education Related’ should not solely be secondary and
                   that primary in Group E should also be added to Group A.
                   Ann Behan also suggested VA schools should be moved from
                   Group E to Group A, which Staffing Commission agreed.

  AGENDA ITEM                                  KEY POINTS                                  ACTION

Future Schooling   Simon McEneny reiterated that whilst there was a need to ensure
in Knowsley        the right groups would go into Group A for free use, that Staffing
Programme          Commission should note that there was a need to generate income
- Community        too.
  Facilities and
  Access to        Simon McEneny confirmed that the various new posts within the
  Services         Management Structure would sit within the Future Schooling in
(continued)        Knowsley Team initially but may eventually sit elsewhere. Staffing       Staffing
                   Commission to provide all feedback to Simon McEneny direct.            Commission

Communication      Jane Janaway provided feedback to the Staffing Commission on the
- Update           Celebration of Achievement Event and the positive media coverage
                   by the Liverpool Echo and Radio City.

                   An overview of the Field of Dreams Event was provided by
                   Jane Janaway. The company hired would go out into the
                   community and write thoughts on mini trees of aspirations. The
                   event would take place at St Edmund of Arrowsmith with media and
                   the Liverpool Echo coverage. Lots of engagement with the public
                   had taken place with positive feedback.

                   Christ the King Centre for Learning would have a launch event in
                   January 2009 followed by a central launch event. Further
                   information would follow at the next Staffing Commission.                    JJ

                   The ICT bus would be travelling around the borough as a
                   Roadshow. The equipment on the bus would be the same as that
                   within the Centres for learning and the DVD fly-through would also
                   be playing inside the bus. Advertisements would be displayed on
                   the outside of the bus and hopefully the bus would be visible around
                   the borough before Christmas 2008. Principals and Governing
                   Bodies can request the bus via the Communication Team.

                   Knowsley News would contain a 4 page pull-out feature explaining
                   the Centres for Learning with ‘meet the new Principals’ on the back,
                   with photographs. All Principals would need to confirm with
                   Jane Janaway that they are happy with the distribution of the pull-    Principals
                   out feature in November’s Knowsley News.

                   Jane Janaway updated Staffing Commission on the media coverage
                   scheduled for December 2008 in Christ the King Centre for
                   Learning. The press information would be embargoed until January
                   2009 when the Centre opens.

 AGENDA ITEM                               KEY POINTS                                  ACTION

Human          Jason Woodruff updated Staffing Commission on the TUPE process
Resources      for ICT/Premises staff and that legal advice had been taken in
- Update       relation to the phasing of staff moving over. An interim agreement
               had been presented to Haydens, trade unions and staff to maximise
               opportunities for staff. Jason Woodruff advised that he would be
               emailing a communication out to Principals and was prepared to
               attend a Knowsley Association of Secondary Headteachers meeting
               to provide an update if needed.

               Fintan O’Driscall advised the Staffing Commission of concerns
               raised by premises staff in relation to the possible threat of
               redundancy and the most commonly asked question by staff about
               their job description being changed or their working hours. Jason
               Woodruff confirmed to Staffing Commission that HR’s main focus
               with staff was to ensure a smooth transfer and whilst they can try to
               influence Haydens it is Hayden’s final decision.

               Pam Jervis queried how staff would be paid when transferred to
               Haydens on 24 November 2008 and the need to iron out the details
               with Haydens to ensure staff would be placed on the payroll from
               that day so they do not lose out any pay during November and
               December 2008. Knowsley’s pay date was the 15th of the month
               and Hayden’s pay date was the end of the month so there would be
               a need to ensure that the gap was bridged for staff during that

               Simon McEneny confirmed that he would be meeting with
               Transform and Haydens in a couple of days and would email the            SMc
               outcome to all Principals.

               Jason Woodruff provided an update to Staffing Commission on
               where the vacancies and at risk staff was up to and circulated a
               briefing paper which stated:

               “To support the programme of work, the Future Schooling in
               Knowsley Human Resource Team is presently collating both the
               vacancy and at risk lists as an outcome from the Phase 1 process.
               The intention is for these lists to be shared with the Principals of
               each of the Centres for Learning at the Secondary Education
               Transformation Board meeting, this Thursday, 6 November 2008,
               with a view to agreeing an appropriate, reasonable and equitable
               format for at risk employees to submit Expressions of Interest for
               remaining vacancies and of a process for the Centre for Learning’s
               Leadership Teams to consider the same”.

  AGENDA ITEM                                KEY POINTS                                   ACTION

Human           Staffing Commission was asked and agreed to this course of action
Resources       in recognition of its compliance to agreed policy framework
- Update        principles and afforded the Secondary Education Transformation
(continued)     Board the remit to determine the appropriate format for the
                submission and consideration of Expressions of Interest.

                Staffing Commission was further advised of the intention for any
                remaining vacancies at the Centres for Learning after Phase 2 to
                progress to a Phase 3 process where such posts would be
                advertised to the external market as was considered appropriate.
                Any remaining at risk employees would be free to apply for any
                vacancies advertised in such a manner. The Phase 3 process also
                accords with the Principals applicable within the above policy

                Staffing Commission was therefore also asked and agreed to the
                Phase 3 course of action and to any remaining vacancies, the
                principle by which any remaining at risk staff may express an
                interest in such. This Phase 3 process would form an element of
                the discussions with the Secondary Education Transformation
                Board with a view to determining the appropriate activities
                necessary to support this process.

                Elaine Ayre clarified to Staffing Commission that there was always a
                clear indication that there would be 3 layers to appointments which

                -   Stage 1 – institutional or 2 into 1 ring-fence
                -   Stage 2 – staff at risk and vacancies within system ring-fence
                -   Stage 3 – if vacancies still exist, out to national advert as there
                    may well be some skill sets who do not match posts

                Colin Rowling reiterated to Principals that if they could not attend
                Secondary Education Transformation Board on Thursday 6
                November 2008, then they should send a representative from their
                Centre for Learning’s Leadership Team. Elaine Ayre advised
                Staffing Commission that the Secondary Education Transformation
                Board was also meeting on the afternoon of Friday 7 November
                2008 to look at Curriculum and Pedagogy and that there was a
                commitment to stay in the meeting until decisions had been made.

  AGENDA ITEM                                  KEY POINTS                                 ACTION

Firm Foundations Steve Stewart provided a general update on Firm Foundations and
                 circulated a briefing paper entitled Mental Toughness Project 2008,
                 which aims to develop successful and sustainable learning and life

                    Steve Stewart advised Staffing Commission that the activities and
                    meetings that have taken place would evolve and the programme of
                    workshops would continue. Years 10 and 11 would be receiving
                    USB pens into schools as soon as possible. Revision guides for
                    English and Mathematics would be funded and distributed to
                    schools as soon as possible.

                    The Standards Taskforce pool was growing with 2 newly appointed
                    staff made following a national advert for English specialists.

                    Elaine Ayre advised Staffing Commission of the 6% increase to
                    target expected for next year and that the Improving Standards
                    Board became more finely focused at the last meeting on the
                    secondary sector. The Improving Standards Board would meet
                    termly and would be looking and asking for evidence of progress.

Secondary           Julie Young provided an update to Staffing Commission on re-
Education           formed Secondary Education Transformation Board. Damian Allen
Transformation      attended the last meeting and provided input about the need to work
Board               together and make decisions on transformation for the Centres for
                    Learning to meet timelines.

                    There would be 2 Secondary Education Transformation Board
                    meetings a month to ensure decisions would be made, 1 strategic
                    meeting for 2 hours and 1 operational meeting for 1 ½ hours as a
                    follow-up meeting to the strategic meeting. A letter would be
                    distributed to Chairs of Temporary Governing Bodies to outline the    EA/JY
                    process of the Secondary Education Transformation Board.

Any Other           Staffing Commission agreed to put the time of meetings back to         CMc
Business            1.30 pm in future.

                                  NEXT MEETING:
   Monday 12 January 2009, 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm, Knowsley Training and Conference Centre

                 Please send your apologies to Claire McNally on 0151 443 5689
                         or by email to claire.mcnally@knowsley.gov.uk


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