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All participants are now enrolled on the course with a starts date of 12 th
September and the fact that you are able to read this tell me that your
enrolment was successful ;o)

Please feel free to explore Blackboard through the course and the library tabs
but could you save all questions & queries until we meet at the workshop on
the 12th

You won’t need to print any of the documents at this stage as I’ve prepared
them and will distribute them shortly.

If you look at course information link you will see an introduction and outline of
the course.

See you soon



You have now been enrolled on the eTutoring at the University of York
course. The course starts on the 12th September with a face to face workshop
(1:15 until 3:15) in Alcuin AEW004 computer lab.

I’d like you to login to Blackboard before the 12th to make sure everything
works ok.

To do this please follow the link to: http://vle.york.ac.uk/
And use your university username and password to login

Please feel free to explore Blackboard through the course and the library tabs
but could you save all questions & queries until we meet at the workshop on
the 12th

You won’t need to print any of the documents at this stage as I’ve prepared
them and will distribute them shortly.

Let me know if you have any problems




I’m looking forward to see you at the F2F session on Monday 12 th September
(1:15 until 3:15) in Alcuin AEW004 computer lab.

If you haven’t already, could you please login to Blackboard before the
session to make sure everything works ok.

To do this: please follow the link to: http://vle.york.ac.uk/
And use your university username and password to login.

Please feel free to explore Blackboard through the course and the library tabs

If you want to - you can try posting a message to the student café’ or the
technical issues discussion boards

You should have received the course documents via snail mail by now but let
me know if not and I’ll bring some spare copies on Monday

Let me know if you have any problems

Have a good weekend and see you on Monday ;o)


12pm 12/9/05
Welcome to the eTutoring course face-to-face session.
The fun starts here ;o).

One of the things I’ve noticed in the last couple of days is that e-mail through
Blackboard doesn’t seem to be working – so if you need to e-mail use
Thunderbird or your own e-mail client

For those who can’t make the F2F session I will e-mail a synopsis and meet
to iron out any problems/issues if required.

I hope you enjoy the course


3:40 12/9/05 Technical board


As discussed at the face to face session today, I have set all of the discussion
boards to allow the person posting the message to edit after posting

If you will to have a posting removed you will need to contact me

Regards Ian

Post F2F announcement


Thanks to all those of you who attended the F2F session – there was lively
debate and I found it enjoyable – I hope you did to.

I will hold off publishing the agreed group ground rules until Wednesday to
give a little more time for discussion.

I’d like you to now start working through the week 1 tasks – you will find them
via the week one link.

Tasks 1 & 2 need to be finished by Friday 16th Sept and Task 3 will end on the
30th September.



I thought it would be useful to give you a summery of the F2F session this

We discussed what eTutoring is and the role of the eTutor – you can find the
presentation in blackboard via the ‘Week One’ link, the presentation is called
intro to eTutoring.

Some time was spent posting messages in the Week 1 Intro to eLearning
discussion board. There are two main threads – one named ‘online
introductions’ and another on ‘Course ground rules’. I’d like you to read
these postings and contribute if you can.

We also spent some time in the Bb chat room/virtual classrooms exploring
this facility. – There are going to be 3 chat room sessions in week 2 & 3,
could you post a message in the ‘Virtual classroom sessions’ discussion
board letting the group know which of the sessions you can attend.

This week’s tasks are all located via the Week one link from the course menu.

I’m happy to meet with you and go through the basics of blackboard if you
wish – send me some possible dates/times this week.

Let me know if you have any problems

Regards Ian

To log on to Bb: please follow the link to: http://vle.york.ac.uk/
And use your university username and password to login.


I’ve been looking at some of the issues raised in the F2F session yesterday.

I know why the Virtual Classroom didn’t work and I’ve posted the details in the
technical Issues discussion board. I have also sorted the virtual hand issue
in the chat room and we’ll explore that in the first Virtual Classroom session
next week.
If you haven’t already could you please post which of the Virtual Classroom
sessions you can attend.

The problem with e-mail in Bb was my fault and you will now find an e-mail
link so we can all e-mail through the VLE (that’s how you are receiving this

I’ll be posting some virtual classroom tips in Bb later on this week.

Regards Ian
The first Virtual Classroom session will be on Monday 19th at 12pm for 30mins

Participants who are attending so far are Ted, Heather, Clare, Paul & Russell

Could those of you who haven’t yet said in the Virtual classroom sessions
discussion board when you can attend please do so asap ;o)

Here is some information if you have a problem with popup blockers when
trying to use the Virtual Classroom

You might need to change the Internet options on your web browser by doing
the following

In your Internet Explorer web browser click on Tools then Internet Options,
select the Privacy tab then un-check the Block popup tick box and click OK

If you still have problems pressing the CTRL key while opening the Virtual
Classroom will bypass the popup blocker

Hope this helps


I’ve put the week 2 tasks into Bb, you will also find that I have included my
ongoing reflective course journal in the course documents section – I hope
this will give you some insight into running an eTutoring course.
Have a good weekend

Regards Ian

Monday week 2 – discussion board posting
Hi everyone
I hope you all had a good weekend
I hope you’ve had chance to read Robin Mason’s paper on models of online
courses and although this task will run until the end of the course, I thought I’d
kick off with a refocus of the questions.

My initial questions are:

1: Which online course model best suits a course that you are involved with
The Content + Support model, the Wrap around model or the Integrated
model? (details are in section III of the paper)
2: Which of the following do you think is the main issue when managing an
online course? Collaborative working, tutor workload or motivation of students
regards Ian

The Virtual Classroom session today will be a 12pm

I’ve noticed a little glitch when testing the Virtual Classroom this morning – its
to do with Java Plugins and the Health Sciences network (not a Bb problem). I
will need to get Byron to sort it when he returns from holiday.

This means we will have to use the chat room instead of the Virtual
Classroom ( the virtual classroom has a whiteboard, tools and a web
browser), this won’t stop us discussing the topic which is ‘The strengths and
weakness of synchronous and asynchronous discussions’.

If you have any problems getting the chat room to open press the CTRL key
on your keyboard before joining the room – you can always ring me if you get
stuck x1654

See you there


Post VC session 1 message week 2


I thought it would be good to discuss any issues that have arisen out of the
first chat session.

My feelings are that it was quite frustrating from a tutor point of view as it was
impossible to have a meaningful discussion.
I also didn’t like having control over who could speak and who couldn’t and
not knowing if a person had finished talking.

I do know that I cut off a couple of people mid flow which now fills me with
horror – I think we will try something with break out rooms for the Friday

Let me know your thoughts

Cheers Ian
Summery of week 1 Task 2 Examining Introduction messages

Example 1
‘Hi Everyone. Welcome to the conference. Don’t be afraid – put some messages up
about the course! Moses (I run this conference)!

It was commented by Kevin that this first message assumed that participants are frightened
and there is also some ambiguities within the message, it was also suggested that it might be
better to ask for a specific message on experience or a specific topic. Celia felt that this
example read like a command and portray that it is likely to be a negative experience.

Clare commented that a lot of people are terrified of computers and unfamiliar with this type of
technology and Moses seems to be saying try it out, rather than being negative. She also felt
his message was nice and short but he makes no reference to netiquette and security. Alison
F thought that Moses’ posting sounded hurried and a bit disinterested, as if he had to post
something rather than wanting to and that it was not a very welcoming start for people who
are not use to the technology.

Example 2
Hello there. My name’s Alison. I’m e-moderating this conference. Please make frequent
contributions here. Don’t send messages here that should be private. Keep your
messages short and try not to offend anyone. I’ll be putting lots of points related to the topic of
this conference here, so be sure to look here each day. Alison

There is a feeling that there are a lot of don’ts in Alison’s message and it included too many
instructions. It was also commented that Alison sounded bossy. There was a mix of feeling as
to which was the friendlier message, but most of the group felt it was authoritarian and maybe

Paul raised the interesting point that a person’s preference to an opening message might
depend on a person’s confidence (and possibly experience) in engaging with on-line
discussion groups.

Thanks for the comments so far


eTutoring Course participation


We are nearly half way through the eTutoring course now and there has been lots of useful
dialog in the discussion boards & the Virtual classroom

I notice from the course statistics that you haven’t logged into Blackboard yet or completed
any of the tasks.

There are 2 options open to you.
I can meet with you to bring you up to speed with events and advise you which tasks you
need to complete to continue.
You can withdraw from the course and rejoin the next time the course is run, which will be
next March.

I quite understand if your workload is preventing you from participating. ;o)

Regards Ian
e-mail 22nd sept

Hi Everyone

I hope you are enjoying the course – this is just a reminded message to say the next Virtual
Chat session will be tomorrow at 1pm for 30mins. We will be discussing ‘What are the pros
and cons of online groupwork?’ I hope you can attend.

The next deadline for week 2 tasks 3 & 4 is the 25th Sept (task 3 is locating a useful web site
for eTutoring & task 4 is groupwork on CoP’s)
It’s important to have your groups well defined with who is doing what and I know that some
of you are well on your way with these tasks.

If there are any issues or problems
Let me know

At the best Ian

eTutoring Course


This is a reminder that the next Virtual chat session will be at 1pm today for
30mins the topic will be ‘What are the pros and cons of online groupwork?’

Hope you can make it

Regards Ian


Thanks to those of you who were able to attend the 2 nd virtual chat session.
It was recorded so you can view what was said.
Ted (accessing from home) & Paul (from YDH) had problems with JAVA
plugins and the chat room so there are issues with using chat technology off

I’ve uploaded the week 3 tasks – you will find them via the week 3 link.

Looking forward to your comments

Regards Ian
Wed 28th


The Virtual Classroom session today will be a 2pm for 30mins

The topic for discussion is ‘Can eLearning meet the needs of all learners?’

Can you let me know whether you can attend or not ;o)

Hope to see you virtually


Hi Clare

CMC stands for Computer-Mediated Communication

There is a definition at:


You can see the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication at:

cheers Ian


Welcome to the Guest Discussion Group.

I would like you to post a reply to this message – answering the following

1/ Have you ever used a discussion board before? Yes/No

2/ If Yes what was the name of the board/
3/ Do you think this discussion board is better then the one used previously?
4/ What is better about your chosen favourite discussion board?


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