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Business Plan Development

     Full Sail Online

      Mark Gugler

       April 2009
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The business plan development course this month was both exhausting and illuminating

in a very real world way. Seeing all of the topics over the EBMS course come together in

the document was very exciting and eye-opening in helping me understand what other

businesses go through to get started and be successful. There were many challenges and

opportunities that created personal growth during this course. Combining all of the

EBMS courses in this cohesive and comprehensible fashion has given me strength and

knowledge that definitely prepares me for the future in my career and personal endeavors.

While doing the research and gathering data for my business plan, I found many exciting

and some depressing things. I found that my original idea was too broad for a start-up of

my vision’s size and I found the market is already partly oversaturated with companies.

This of course led to refinement and growth of my educational game idea where the

perfect balance could create an unaddressed niche in the market for my company to

exploit. Trying to address a specific piece of the market while operating in the same

fashion as my competitors was definitely hard to iron out and establish. The process,

however, has given me great insight into variable detailed aspects of building a business

and has instilled a higher respect for and understanding of the company I work for now.

There are two strong courses I have taken during the EBMS degree that have greatly

enhanced my business plan document. The finances course prepared me both personally

and professionally and has allowed me to better understand the importance of this aspect

of a successful business. Having a strong detailed financial portion of the business plan

can promote the business in a healthy manner and provide many investors with the main
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impression of how the business will operate, make a return on money, and be successful

in the future. The second course that enhanced my business plan heavily is the Internet

Marketing course. Through the topics discussed and the resources provided in that class,

research and profiling of my competitors helped me iron out many details of my business

plan. If it weren’t for the core research tools that I developed in that class, my final

business plan would lack important details and would most likely fail before it began.

The EBMS degree as a whole has provided many traits and knowledge in understanding

my business partners and my own business I am working for. Being able to understand

many of these higher-level concepts has provided me new opportunities to progress in my

current career and has started opening doors for my future career opportunities. Being

equipped with the successful methods to operate a business has given me the skills to

become a producer. As a result of the degree courses, my desire to succeed has

strengthened. I realize that I can fulfill my dreams and I have already started looking for

a game studio where I may hone my skills and gain experience for future endeavors

wherever my future business ideas will lead me.

The experiences, friendships, and overall sense of accomplishment this course has

provided for me has only fueled my passion for success and growth in my professional

career. The direction my career can take has changed fundamentally and I look forward

to coming back to Full Sail in a few years and sharing my successes and life lessons with

new generations of students in both this degree and other degrees offered at Full Sail. I

am thoroughly gratified that I made the decision to continue my education with Full Sail
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and I know the support and strength Full Sail provides me will sustain me as I succeed

well into the future.