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									Title:   Pachebel's Canon

Submitted By:   James Berry, North Conway, NH

Objective: Students will play the 8 chords of Pachebel's
Canon directed by the teacher and also with accompaniment
by piano or guitar.

National Standards Covered: Performing on instruments,
alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music (2),
Reading and notating music (5)


- Pachebel Canon Worksheet Handout (download here)

- Several Sets of Tone Chimes, Xylophones, Orff Instruments
or Keyboards

- Crayons, Markers, or Pencils

- 6-12 music stands


1. Students are told that they are going to be trying
something very difficult in music class, and will have to
be very good listeners. (Note: This lesson works with
advanced K students and 1st graders)

2. Hand out students the worksheet handout and show
students that each number (1-8) has 3 letters below it, and
these are the notes that we are going to be playing.

3. Partner students up and give each partner group a letter
(A-G). Pass out crayons or whatever you choose to write
with and have the students circle only their letters. For
example, the C's would circle under 1,3,5,6,7. Explain that
even though some groups won't circle their letter as much,
everyone is just as important in playing their part.

4. Once students have finished circling their worksheets,
set up a music stand for each partner group in a semi
circle and have students put their music on their stands
facing you. Ask students to raise their hand for each
number. For instance, when you say 1 - make sure only the
C,E and G groups are raising their hand. Do this for each
number to make sure each student understands this concept.
Then, explain to them that when they hear their number they
are to play their instrument.

5. Pass out instruments - I will explain this using tone
chimes since it is what I have used. Explain how even
though students are really anxious to play, that playing
all at once, doesn't make good music. I usually have the
students say their name and play to get the jitters out
early on. Then explain rest position, and proper playing
technique. This will prevent broken tone chimes and

6. Have students all wait in rest position. Introduce each
number and say Ready-And-1's-Go - and so on for each
number. Explain to students that when their number is over
that they should dampen the bell. Just initially try to get
students to play together after you say Go and go through
the progression once.

7. If you are successful with the above, try going through
the sequence over and over again.


            You will be successful with this if you can
recognize Pachebel's Canon. The kids absolutely love this
lesson and if you really want to push them, accompany them
with piano or guitar and see if they can change the chords
by using their ear!

All lessons are © copyright 2004 and may
not be resold without permission of the author, but may be
freely shared for educational purposes.

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