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					Exhibit Categories
inter airport Europe 2009
R110 Airfield construction and                                R233 Winter service equipment
     installations (airside)                           R240 Passenger handling (airside)
R120 Planning, consultancy, construction                      R241 Aircraft access
R130 Technical installations                                  R242 Passenger transportation
       R131   Fuel farm equipment and technology              R243 Disabled passenger ambulifts and ambulances
       R132   Drainage and water treatment             R250 Baggage handling (airside)
       R133   Power supplies and cabling                      R251 Baggage loading
       R134   Waste collection and treatment                  R252 Baggage transportation
       R135   Standby power generators                 R260 Cargo handling (airside)
       R136   Jet blast screens and deflectors                R261 Conveying equipment and technology
       R137   Perimeter fencing                               R262 Loading systems (e.g. high-loader,
       R138   Windsocks                                            lift-tables, cranes)
R140 Pavement design and servicing                            R263 Mobile cargo handling systems
       R141 Runway, taxiway and apron surfacing                    (e.g. transporters, dollies, ULD trucks)
       R142 Runway and taxiway maintenance             R270 Aircraft docking
       R143 Runway friction testing and de-icing       R280 Consumables, fluids and miscellaneous
       R144 Runway and taxiway cleaning, sweeping,          handling equipment
            rubber removal                             R290 Other ground support equipment (GSE)
       R145 Marking and signage                             and services
R150 Hangar design and construction
     (incl. doors, docks)                              R310 Technical systems and
R160 Other construction and consultancy activities          services (airside)
                                                       R320 Airfield lighting
R210 Ground support equipment                          R330 Aircraft maintenance
     and services                                             R331   Maintenance systems (e.g. scaffolding, test stands)
R220 Aircraft handling                                        R332   Aircraft towbars, jacks and tooling
       R221   Air starters, stored air (PCA) systems          R333   Jet engine transportation stands
       R222   Aircraft de-icing, anti-icing                   R334   Aircraft recovery
       R223   Aircraft refuelling                             R335   Fuel test equipment
       R224   Aircraft towing                                 R336   Ground supply modules
       R225   Aircraft washing                                R337   Surface treatment
       R226   Catering trucks and equipment            R340 Environmental control (e.g. noise, flight monitoring)
       R227   Power supplies                                  R341 Meteorological equipment, weather stations
       R228   Water and toilet carts                   R350   Navigation aids
       R229   Air conditioners, coolers and heaters    R360   Bird control systems
R230 Airfield service equipment                        R370   Fleet management
       R231 Crash, fire, rescue                        R380   Communication solutions for noisy environments
       R232 Maintenance (e.g. sweepers, mowers)        R390   Other technical systems and services

D110 Information technology (IT)                       D170 Traffic and operations management
     and software                                      D180 Internet services
D120 Air traffic control                               D190 Other software and services
       D121 ATC systems and navaids
       D122 Communications                             D210 Data processing hardware
D130   Airport management                              D220   Computer servers
D140   Baggage management and tracking                 D230   Printers, scanners and other peripherals
D150   Cargo management                                D240   Optical character readers (OCR), barcode readers
D160   Passenger management                            D250   Other computer hardware

                   6-7-8-9 October 2009 • Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany
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T110 Terminal construction and installations                  T170 Terminal infrastructure
T120 Baggage handling                                                T171 Construction
      T121 Baggage handling systems and components            T180 Technical installations
           (e.g. conveyors, belts, castors)                          T181   Access technology (doors) and control systems
      T122 Baggage protection systems                                T182   Escalators and moving walkways
      T123 Baggage trolleys and trolley management                   T183   HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
T130 Cargo handling                                                  T184   Safety systems (e.g. alarm, fire control)
      T131 Loading equipment                                         T185   Closed circuit television (CCTV)
      T132 Stationary cargo systems and components                   T186   Telephone systems
           (incl. truck loading docks & lift-tables)          T190 Security equipment
      T133 Warehousing and commissioning systems                     T191   Baggage screening
           (incl. ETV)                                               T192   Passenger screening (incl. biometric systems)
      T134 ULDs                                                      T193   Cargo screening
      T135 Pallet and container handlers                             T194   Uniforms and other clothing
      T136 Weighing scales, platforms and weigh-bridges        T199 Other technical equipment & services
T140 Parking (equipment and services)
T150 Passenger information technology                         T210 Services
      T151 Flight Information Displays (FIDS and PIDS)        T220   Associations
      T152 Monitors                                           T230   Consultancy (incl. outsourcing, privatisation)
      T153 Public address systems (PA)                        T240   Property management
T160 Passenger handling                                       T250   Trade press, information services
      T161   Check-in desks, counters                         T260   Terminal maintenance
      T162   Check-in systems and technology (incl. kiosks)   T270   Other terminal services
      T163   Common user terminal equipment (CUTE)
      T164   Rapid transit systems
      T165   Electric personnel carriers

A110 Architectural Design                                     A230   Smoking areas
                                                              A240   Floor and wall finishings
A210 Interior Design                                          A250   Washrooms & accessories
      A211 Design consultancy                                 A260   Fabrics, textures and other materials
A220 Furniture                                                A270   Illumination, lighting, sun protection
      A221   Seating                                          A280   Acoustics and sound
      A222   Lounges                                          A290   Other interior features and products
      A223   Shop furnishings
      A224   Catering areas                                   A310 Information Design
      A225   Play areas                                       A320 Promotional Displays
      A226   Furniture fittings                               A330 Passenger flow
      A227   Decorative accessories                                  A331 Passenger guidance systems
      A228   Other furniture (e.g. dispensers,                       A332 Terminal signage (e.g. passenger areas
             shelving, display stands)                                    and gates)