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Getting around Paris with public transports metro, rer and velib

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One of the first difficulties or better facts someone has to face once
landed in any of the Paris airports, is the way to reach the city.

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Aéroport Charles de Gaulle, (27kms from the city) is Paris main
international airport receiving flights from the world over. Roissy Rail
is the quickest way to the city. From there, you can take a free shuttle
bus from the airport terminal to the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle RER
(commuter rail) station. If you are arriving at the Aéroport d’Orly
(16kms southwest of the city) which handles mostly domestic and European
flights, your quickest option is the Orly Rail to the Left Bank. You can
take a free shuttle bus to the Ponte de Rungis-Aèroport d'Orly RER
station (C2 line) and get a train to the city. These trains run every 15

Once in the City, then the games ain’t be easier! A piece of cake, so to
say. The various lines, which make up France's railway system, all meet
in the centre of Paris, at Chatelet-Les-Halles, the largest metropolitan
station in the world. Paris' metropolitan is the best way to travel
around the city. The system's 14 lines cover the whole of the Paris area.
They say that no point in Paris is more than 500m from a stop. Free metro
maps are available at all tourist information centres and metro stations.
A single ticket anywhere on the metro and zone one on the RER is €1.30
(2006) . A carnet of ten tickets is €9.30 and works out cheaper (2006).

If you are there for any length of time buy a weekly Travel Card or
monthly Carte Orange (€15 in 2006). They are valid for travel on all
forms of public transport and for unlimited rides. Avoid to be late at
night at these stations: Chatelet, Chateau Rouge in Montmatre, Gare du
Nord, Strasbourg-Saint Denis, Rèaumur-Sèbastopol and Montparnasse-

Alternatively there’s the bus service which is also efficient and
operates from 5:30am to 1am. Bus routes are indicated on the RATP maps
(free from tourist agencies). Tickets can be bought from the driver but
must be validated in the machine onboard. A night service called
Noctambus operates after the underground from 1am till 5.50am with 18
lines terminating at Châtelet.

Another interesting ecologic transport now available in Paris is the
Velib, a newly implemented self-service "bicycle transit system".
Considering that the city of Paris has over 371 km (230 miles) of cycling
lanes, riding in Paris is simple and economic. Citizens and visitors are
able to pick up and drop off bicycles throughout the city at 1451

There is a wide offer of up to 20,600 bikes with a Velib’ station
approximately every 900 feet! Accessing the bikes couldn’t be easier
also! Users can select a one-day card for 1 euro, a weekly card for 5
euros or an annual card for 29 euros. Once purchased the access card,
riding for the first half-hour is free and a supplement of 1 euro will be
charged for an additional half-hour, 2 euros for another 30-minutes and 4
euros for every addition half-hour after that. Example: a 25 minute trip
= 0 euros, a 50 minute trip = 1 euro, an hour and 15-minute ride = 3
euros. In this way they wish to implement the use of the bike for little
or brief journeys. To Try!

After a long day cycling or getting op-off buses and metro, you will be
probably looking for a nice place to rest and a good place to have
dinner. Regarding Paris accommodation, well there are many choices from
budget to expencive ones. We believe there are some with a good price-
quality ratio that can satisfy many travellers.

From the Blue Planet youth hostel, to a secret small studio in Place de
Vichi, to boutique hotels offering colourful rooms, fresh ambience and
private gardens where to enjoy breakfast. Prices range from 30-50 euros
per person at Cecil hotel, Bac Saint Germain (in Latin quarter) or the
Hotel du Parc Saint Charles. Taylor hotel, Des Artes hotel, Altona hotel,
Mon Reve Hotel where they privilege amore familiar ambience and service.

For a typical French dinner you may try Chartier, an old metro station
adapted to be a restaurant very nice and warm atmosphere. Frequented by
locals and tourists. The food is good. Not excellent, but good and
whatever you choose, it arrives in relatively generous portions in a
matter of minutes. The list of wines is on the reasonable side of cheap.
Be ready to wait as no reservations are taken ! (7, rue du Faubourg
Montmartre; ph. +33 Open every day from 11:30am -3pm/
6pm-10 pm).

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