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					09 年 1 月 1 日早晨 AA 共有机经题目 42 篇
6. The following appeared as part of an article in a magazine devoted to regional life.

“Corporations should look to the city of Helios when seeking new business opportunities or a
new location. Even in the recent recession, Helios‟s unemployment rate was lower than the
regional average. It is the industrial center of the region, and historically it has provided more than
its share of the region‟s manufacturing jobs. In addition, Helios is attempting to expand its
economic base by attracting companies that focus on research and development of innovative

企业在寻找新的商机或位置时应该去 Helios 城。甚至在最近的衰退中,Helios 的失业率也比
地区平均水平低,它是地区的工业中心,    历史上它提供的比它在地区制造业工作中分享的份
额中更多。而且,Helios 正试图通过吸引研究和发展革新技术的公司来扩张它的经济基础。

[12 月 8 号上海--barbiedolly] [12 月 9--jingying_210][12.31--liangtyro]

124. The following appeared in a memorandum from the owner of Carlo‟s Clothing to the staff.

“Since Disc Depot, the music store on the next block, began a new radio advertising campaign
last year, its business has grown dramatically, as evidenced by the large increase in foot traffic into
the store. While the Disc Depot‟s owners have apparently become wealthy enough to retire, profits
at Carlo‟s Clothing have remained stagnant for the past three years. In order to boost our sales and
profits, we should therefore switch from newspaper advertising to frequent radio advertisements
like those for Disc Depot.”

Carlo's 服饰老板给员工的备忘录:

由于 Disc Depot,相邻街区的音像店从去年开始新的电台广告,它的业务显著增长,从商店
人流量的大量增加就可以看出。当 Disc Depot 的老板显然已经足够富有可以退休时,Carlo's
服饰的利润 3 年来一直停滞不变。为了促进我们的销售和利润,我们应该像 DiscDepot 一样

[12 月 9 日上海—dollyshao]
     [12.13 一战--rfanrfan] [ 12.19—gyyygyyy]

105. The following appeared in an editorial from a newspaper serving the town of Saluda.

“The Saluda
        High School offers over 200 different courses from which its students can choose. A
much smaller private school down the street offers a basic curriculum of only 80 different courses,
but it consistently sends a higher proportion of its graduating seniors on to college than
Consolidated does. By eliminating at least half of the courses offered there and focusing on a basic
curriculum, we could improve student performance at Consolidated and also save many tax

Saluda 镇的报纸的编者按:

Saluda 统一高中提过超过 200 中不同的课程供它的学生选择。路那头一所小的多的私立学校
提供 80 种基本的课程,但是它的毕业生升入大学的比例始终比统一高中要高。去除至少一

[12.9BJ—sucy][ 1218 JJ--chantal08][ 17 号下午--alice_1103][12. 27 日--tichondrius][ 12 月 31 日

62. The following appeared in the letters-to-the-editor section of a local newspaper.

“Muscle Monthly, a fitness magazine that regularly features pictures of bodybuilders using
state-of-the-art exercise machines, frequently sells out, according to the owner of Skyview
Newsstand. To help maximize fitness levels in our town‟s residents, we should, therefore, equip
our new community fitness center with such machines.”


一份叫 Muscle Monthly 的健康杂志规律性地刊登使用最好的训练器械的健美运动员的照片。
据 skyview 报摊的摊主说它经常卖完。为了提高我镇居民的健康水平,我们应该给我们的新

[12-10JJ--冰岛雪人] [12 月 11 号 BJ--pan2199][ 12 月 15 日广州--绿茶香]
      [ 12 月 31 日北美--jennifershi]

34. The following appeared as part of a plan proposed by an executive of the Easy Credit
Company to the president.

“The Easy Credit Company would gain an advantage over competing credit card services if we
were to donate a portion of the proceeds from the use of our cards to a well-known environmental
organization in exchange for the use of its symbol or logo on our card. Since a recent poll shows
that a large percentage of the public is concerned about environmental issues, this policy would
attract new customers, increase use among existing customers, and enable us to charge interest
rates that are higher than the lowest ones available.”

Easy 信贷公司的一个经营主管向董事长提交的一份计划:

使用他们的标识的权利,Easy 信贷公司将在信用卡服务的竞争中得到很大好处。由于最近

[12-10JJ—wyfabc] [12.31--freya1573]

44. The following is part of a business plan created by the management of the Megamart grocery

“Our total sales have increased this year by 20 percent since we added a pharmacy section to our
grocery store. Clearly, the customer‟s main concern is the convenience afforded by one-stop
shopping. The surest way to increase our profits over the next couple of years, therefore, is to add
a clothing department along with an automotive supplies and repair shop. We should also plan to
continue adding new departments and services, such as a restaurant and a garden shop, in
subsequent years. Being the only store in the area that offers such a range of services will give us a
competitive advantage over other local stores.”

Megamart 杂货店的管理层的商务计划:

由于我们在杂货店内加了药剂部分,今年我们的总体销售额增加了 20%。显然,顾客主要

[12 月 10 号 BJ--huxuelian1]

63. The following appeared as part of an article in the business section of a local newspaper.

“The Cumquat Café made a mistake in moving to a new location. After one year at the new spot,
it is doing about the same volume of business as before, but the owners of the RoboWrench
plumbing supply wholesale outlet that took over its old location are apparently doing better:
RoboWrench is planning to open a store in a neighboring city.”


Cumquat 咖啡店搬到新地址是个错误。到新址的一年以后,它的营业额和以前基本一样。但
在它的原址开业的提供铅管批发出口的 Robo Wrench 的店主显然做的更好。Robo Wrench 正

[12 月 10 号武汉-- yo__ki] [12 月 9 日 bubuputin][ 12/23--小白白菜][ 1226 上海--tracyshao]

16. The following appeared as part of an article in the education section of a Waymarsh
         City newspaper.

“Throughout the last two decades, those who earned graduate degrees found it very difficult to
get jobs teaching their academic specialties at the college level. Those with graduate degrees from
         University had an especially hard time finding such jobs. But better times are coming in
the next decade for all academic job seekers, including those from Waymarsh. Demographic
trends indicate that an increasing number of people will be reaching college age over the next ten
years; consequently, we can expect that the job market will improve dramatically for people
seeking college-level teaching positions in their fields.”

Waymarsh 城日报教育版的一篇文章:

过去的 20 年内,研究生毕业生发现找到在大学教授他们的学术专长的工作是很困难的。那
些从 Waymarsh 获得研究生学位的要找到这类工作尤其困难。但在下个 10 年,寻找学术工
作的人(包括那些 Waymarsh 大学的)的好日子要来了。人口统计趋势显示达到上大学年龄
的人将在未来 10 年增加。我们可预期对那些在他们的领域寻找大学教学工作的人来说,工

[12 月 10 号武汉--amnesic] [12.16—queeniemai][
     北美 12-16--bromidewei] [ 12.19 上海--gloriaclaire][12.22 上海--wj37044]
     [ 12.27--ccemily03]

10. The following appeared in the editorial section of a local newspaper.

“This past winter, 200 students from Waymarsh State College traveled to the state capitol
building to protest against proposed cuts in funding for various state college programs. The other
12,000 Waymarsh students evidently weren‟t so concerned about their education: they either
stayed on campus or left for winter break. Since the group who did not protest is far more
numerous, it is more representative of the state‟s college students than are the protesters. Therefore
the state legislature need not heed the appeals of the protesting students.”


过去的冬天里,200 名学生从 Waymarsh 州立大学前往州府大楼抗议对各项州立大学项目基
金进行削减的计划。另外 12000 名 Waymarsh 学生显然对他们的教育不太关心:他们或是留

[12.11 南京—frankzhifei] [17 日下午北京--liudfg] [ 12.27--mimidetian][12-25--Anneoo][ 12 月
27 日北美--yeats_y] [ 12.27 北美--universityva] [12/31 北美--strawboy78]
106. The following appeared as part of a business plan by the Capital Idea Investment firm.

“Currently more and more books are becoming available in electronic form — either free of
charge on the Internet or for a very low price per book on CD-ROM.* People who would not pay
bookstore prices will now have access to whatever book they want from their home or work
computers. Consequently, literary classics are likely to be read more widely than ever before: 72
percent of those responding to a recent online survey said they would read books in electronic
form, and 81 percent said they believed that reading classic works was important. Given this
newly developing market, we should invest in E-Classics, a new company that sells electronic
versions of literary classics.”

*A CD-ROM is a small portable disc capable of storing relatively large amounts of data that can
be read by a computer.



[12 月 11 日 — kinishelley][ 12.15 晚 SH--12.15 晚 yuzhi51][ 12.16-- sylobo][ 12 月
25--cx505808][ 30 日武汉--snowlemon]


38. The following appeared in the editorial section of a campus newspaper.

“Because occupancy rates for campus housing fell during the last academic year, so did housing
revenues. To solve the problem, campus housing officials should reduce the number of available
housing units, thereby increasing the occupancy rates. Also, to keep students from choosing to live
off-campus, housing officials should lower the rents, thereby increasing demand.”

[12/12—racheloving][ 18 晚--suegirl1688] [12.20--ln458180770][ 12 月 21 日--09saiwinner]
[ 12.24--有尾巴的猫]

32. The following appeared in the editorial section of a West Cambria newspaper.

“A recent review of the West Cambria volunteer ambulance service revealed a longer average
response time to accidents than was reported by a commercial ambulance squad located in East
Cambria. In order to provide better patient care for accident victims and to raise revenue for our
town by collecting service fees for ambulance use, we should disband our volunteer service and
hire a commercial ambulance service.”

一份西 Cambria 报纸的社论片断:

最近的对西 Cambria 的志愿救护服务的回顾显示出其对事故的平均应对时间比设在东
Cambria 的一个商业救护班要长。为了给事故受害者提供更好的医护服务并通过收取急救服

[12 月 12 号--kuraku123][
         12 月 17 日--steven0719][ 12.22--manliangiggs][ 12.23--sudashui]

2. The following appeared in a memorandum from the business department of the Apogee

“When the Apogee Company had all its operations in one location, it was more profitable than it
is today. Therefore, the Apogee Company should close down its field offices (n. 外地办事处) and
conduct all its operations from a single location. Such centralization would improve profitability
by cutting costs and helping the company maintain better supervision of all employees.”

下面摘自 APogee 公司的商务部门的备忘录:

当 Apogee 将它所有的业务部门集中在一处时,它将有比现在更多的利润。因此,Apogee
应该关闭它的驻外办公室并从单一场所管理它的所有部门。   这样的话,集中会通过削减成本

[2008-12-12 Beijing--zhangbo1216] [12 月 15 日北京--aquafairy][ 22 日--greece] [12.22-- 珂
cocoa] [ 12 月 27 日--happyfish25]

9. The following appeared in the opinion column of a financial magazine.

“On average, middle-aged consumers devote 39 percent of their retail expenditure to department
store products and services, while for younger consumers the average is only 25 percent. Since the
number of middle-aged people will increase dramatically within the next decade, department
stores can expect retail sales to increase significantly during that period. Furthermore, to take
advantage of the trend, these stores should begin to replace some of those products intended to
attract the younger consumer with products intended to attract the middle-aged consumer.”


一般而言,中年消费者的零售消费额的 39%用于专卖店的商品何服务。而在年轻一些的消
费者中这一比例仅有 25%。由于中年消费者的数量在下一 10 年中将大幅增长,专卖店可以

[12 月 13 号北美--gflvyy][ 25 号--勇敢做梦][ 12/27--danielgg]

112. The following appeared in a memo to the Saluda town council from the town‟s business

“Research indicates that those who exercise regularly are hospitalized less than half as often as
those who don‟t exercise. By providing a well-equipped gym for Saluda‟s municipal employees,
we should be able to reduce the cost of our group health insurance coverage by approximately
50% and thereby achieve a balanced town budget.”

Saluda 镇的商业管理者给镇议会的备忘录:

研究显示有规律地锻炼的人生病的概率比不运动的人要小一半。通过给 Saluda 的市政雇员
提供一个设备良好的体育馆,我们应该可以大约减少 50%的健康保险支出并得到平衡的镇

[ 12 月 15 日北京--ktower][ 12 月 22 日--escjchen] [ 12 月 22 日--islip][ 12.23--yangkan1015]

43. The following appeared in an article in the health section of a newspaper.

“There is a common misconception that university hospitals are better than
community or private hospitals. This notion is unfounded, however: the university
hospitals in our region employ 15 percent fewer doctors, have a 20 percent lower
success rate in treating patients, make far less overall profit, and pay their medical
staff considerably less than do private hospitals. Furthermore, many doctors at
university hospitals typically divide their time among teaching, conducting research,
and treating patients. From this it seems clear that the quality of care at university
hospitals is lower than that at other kinds of hospitals.”

有一种普遍的错误观念认为大学医院比社区或私人医院更好。  这个想法是无根据
的,我们地区的大学医院较之私人医院,少雇 15%的医生,对患者的治愈率要低

[12 月 15 日--mulluer] [12 月 30 武汉--xx7x80][ 12.30 加拿大--VVBV][ 12.31 武汉
A3. The following appeared in a memorandum from the development director of the
Largo Piano Company.

“The Largo Piano Company has long been known for producing carefully handcrafted,
expensive pianos used by leading concert pianists. During the past few years, however,
our revenues have declined; meanwhile, the Allegro Musical Instrument Company
introduced a line of inexpensive digital pianos and then saw its revenues increase. In
order to increase Largo‟s sales and in fact outsell Allegro, we should introduce a line
of digital pianos in a variety of price ranges. Our digital pianos would be likely to find
instant acceptance with customers, since they would be associated with the prestigious
Largo name.”

[12 月 15 日 北 -- happywawa] [12 月 15 日 晚 北 美 --bttt1226][ 12/16 北 京
--DuckenVic][ 12.17 --hexiaoyanyan]

125. The following appeared as part of the business plan of the Capital Idea
     investment firm.
    “Across town in the Park Hill district, the Thespian Theater, Pizzazz Pizza,
    and the Niblick Golf Club have all had business increases within the past two
    years. Capital Idea should therefore invest in the Roxy Playhouse, the
    Slice-o’-Pizza, and the Divot Golf Club, three new businesses in the Irongate
    district. As a condition, we should require them to participate in a special
    program: Any customer who patronizes two of the businesses will receive a
    substantial discount at the third. By motivating customers to patronize all
    three, we will thus contribute to the profitability of each and maximize our
[12 月 16 号--zergling2006][ 12.24--awei0579]

108. The following appeared as part of a business plan created by the management of
the Take Heart Fitness Center.

“After opening the new swimming pool early last summer, Take Heart saw a 12
percent increase in the use of the center by members. Therefore, in order to increase
the number of our members and thus our revenues, which depend on membership fees,
we should continue to add new recreational facilities in subsequent years: for example,
a multipurpose game room, a tennis court, and a miniature golf course. Being the only
center in the area offering this range of activities would give us a competitive
advantage in the health and recreation market.”

Take Heart 健身中心的管理者起草的商业计划:
去年夏天开了新的游泳池以后, 发现会员对中心的使用率增加了 12%。
                    TH            因此,
为了增加我们的会员数量和决定于会员费的收入, 我们应该在以后几年中继续增
加新的娱乐设施:比如,一个多功能游戏室,一个网球场, 一个迷你高尔夫球场。
作为本地唯一一家提供各种活动的健身中心, 我们将在健身和娱乐市场建立竞争

[12.17 广州--nicky_yao198][ 12.18--lancerct] [ 12.16 号--星子青][ 12.26--herborist]

[12.27 北美--charleneli] [   12.29BJ--baby_vivid]

40. The following appeared as part of an article in a weekly newsmagazine.

“The country of Sacchar can best solve its current trade deficit problem by lowering
the price of sugar, its primary export. Such an action would make Sacchar better able
to compete for markets with other sugar-exporting countries. The sale of Sacchar’s
sugar abroad would increase, and this increase would substantially reduce Sacchar’s
trade deficit.”

Sacchar 国解决其赤字的最好方法是降低其主要出口物糖的价格。这一举动将使
Sacchar 与其他糖出口国更好的竞争。Sacchar 出口的糖将会增加,这一增长将实
在地降低 Sacchar 的贸易赤字。

[18 日晚北京 JJ--wangluyehd][ 12.19 北京--cynbenson][ 19 日上海
--kayzhang][12.25 北美--jingrenyan][ 12 月 29 日--costyx]

11. The following appeared in the editorial section of a local newspaper.

“In the first four years that Montoya has served as mayor of the city of San Perdito,
the population has decreased and the unemployment rate has increased. Two
businesses have closed for each new business that has opened. Under Varro, who
served as mayor for four years before Montoya, the unemployment rate decreased and
the population increased. Clearly, the residents of San Perdito would be best served if
they voted Montoya out of office and reelected Varro.”

在 Montoya 当 San Perdito 市长的头 4 年里,人口下降而失业率上升。每当一个
新企业开业,就有两个旧的关门。而在 Montoya 之前 Uarro 当市长的 4 年里,失
业率下降人口增长。很明显,San Perdito 的居民重新选举 Varro 而非 Montoya 会

[12 月 20 日北京--changwuming] [ 12.22 北美--pan365][ 12.30 新加坡--niufeng]

97. The following appeared as part of an article in a computer magazine.
“A year ago Apex Manufacturing bought its managers computers for their homes
and paid for telephone connections so that the managers could access Apex computers
and data files from home after normal business hours. Since last year, productivity at
Apex has increased by 15 percent. Other companies can learn from the success at
Apex: given home computers and access to company resources, employees will work
additional hours at home and thereby increase company profits.”

一年前 Apex 制造公司给它的经理们在家买了电脑,并支付电话费,这样他们就
可以在工作时间以外从家里连接到 Apex 的电脑和数据文件。从去年开始,Apex
的生产能力增长了 15%。其他公司可以借鉴 Apex 的成功,提供家用电脑和到公

[12.19 广州--clipperp]

1. The following appeared as part of an annual report sent to stockholders by Olympic
Foods, a processor of frozen foods.

“Over time, the costs of processing go down because as organizations learn how to
do things better, they become more efficient. In color film processing, for example,
the cost of a 3-by-5-inch print fell from 50 cents for five-day service in 1970 to 20
cents for one-day service in 1984. The same principle applies to the processing of
food. And since Olympic Foods will soon celebrate its twenty-fifth birthday, we can
expect that our long experience will enable us to minimize costs and thus maximize

着时间流逝,    由于机构了解了做好事情的方法进而提高了效率,处理的成本会降
低。比如在彩色胶卷处理方面,3/5 英寸照片的成本从 1970 年的 5 天 50cent 降
至 1984 年的 1 天 20cent。同样的规律适用于食品处理方面。由于奥林匹克食品
即将庆祝它的 25 岁生日,我们可以指望我们长期的经验会使我们达到最小的成

[ 12/23 北京--sunyanonline][ 12.23 晚场北京--lanshu][ 12.23--ykilym]

110. The following appeared as part of a memorandum from the loan department of
the Frostbite National Bank.

“We should not approve the business loan application of the local group that wants
to open a franchise outlet for the Kool Kone chain of ice cream parlors. Frostbite is
known for its cold winters, and cold weather can mean slow ice cream sales. For
example, even though Frostbite is a town of 10,000 people, it has only one ice cream
spot — the Frigid Cow. Despite the lack of competition, the Frigid Cow’s net
revenues fell by 10 percent last winter.”
Frostbite 国家银行的借贷部门的备忘录:
我们不应该批准那个希望开一家 KK 冰激凌连锁店的特许店的本地团体的借贷
请求。Frostbite 以其寒冷的冬天而闻名,而冷天气意味着冰激凌的销售不利。比
如,虽然 Frostbite 是个有 10000 人的镇子,它却只有一家冰激凌店 Frigid Cow。
尽管缺乏竞争,Frigid Cow 的净收入去年冬天下降了 10%。

[12 23 北京--xiaofan_47]

92. The following is taken from an editorial in a local newspaper.

“Over the past decade, the price per pound of citrus fruit has increased substantially.
Eleven years ago, Megamart charged 5 cents apiece for lemons, but today it
commonly charges over 30 cents apiece. In only one of these last eleven years was the
weather unfavorable for growing citrus crops. Evidently, then, citrus growers have
been responsible for the excessive increase in the price of citrus fruit, and strict
pricing regulations are needed to prevent them from continuing to inflate prices.”

过去的 10 年里,桔类水果的价格实际上上升了。11 年前,Megamart 每个柠檬
要价 5 分,现在一般要价为 30 分一个。过去 11 年只有一年不适合桔类水果生长。
显然, 柑桔种植者应该对桔类水果价格过度上涨负责。为防止他们继续哄抬价格

[12.19 北京--hang13][ 12 月 27 日--renj86]

47. The following appeared as part of an article in the business section of a local

“The owners of the Cumquat Cafe evidently made a good business decision in
moving to a new location, as can be seen from the fact that the Cafe will soon
celebrate its second anniversary there. Moreover, it appears that businesses are not
likely to succeed at the old location: since the Cafe’ move, three different businesses
—a tanning salon, an antique emporium, and a pet–grooming shop—have occupied
its former spot.”

Cumquat 咖啡店的拥有者最近做出了一个出色的商业决定:搬迁到新地址。从事
实可见,    咖啡店会很快在那里庆祝它的两周年店庆。而且这项业务看来在原址上
不能获得成功。因为咖啡店搬迁后,3 家不同的商家:一个日光浴沙龙,一个古


1.版本一:讲公司有一种 Cereal 产品叫 Breakfast Crunch,含有比市面上别的
Cereal 多 20%的 vitamine k,而且经过调查 Breakfast Crunch 的 regular
consumer 里面,有 70%反映同其 (11 月考过 2 次)

[12 月 8 日--gfwindy]

版本二:有个公司说他们生产的早餐麦所含的维他命 K 比所有其他公司的产品都
高,然后通过问卷调查发现 75%的顾客都愿意选择他们的产品,所以作者建议将

[12.22-- novaniu]

版本三: 一家公司的 cereal contains at least 20% more vitamin K than any other
cereal, 然后说 75% regular consumers responde they 更喜欢这家公司的 cereal。作
者说可能是由于这家公司的 cereal price 比较低,没引起广泛关注之类的。为了
increase sales,should 向大家展现出这家公司和其他公司的 vitamin K 含量和 XX

[12.29 上海--xiaoy791]

2.Due to the decline demand of the mining technology, all the realted
corporations are sufferring form decline of profit and sales this year, including
Blastcom Corporation. Blastcom Corporation is considering adopting one
growth strategy: to shift some of the researchers from mining technology to
the renewable energy technology, the demand for the renewable enenergy
such as solar energy. Some of the prominent companies which markets the
renewable energy are successful in recent years. Therefore, it is garanteed that
company X will also be successful in the furture by providing renewable energy..

{考古 10 月版本:因为 demand 减少,               stock price 降低,Blastcom Corporation 原
来的 mining technology 面临困境。所以 Blastcom 定了一个新策略∶directed
scientists of our staff to switch to renewable energy technology. Because the
renewable energy industry is booming and several prominent renewable
energy companies (举了三个)have been successful in recent years. 因为以
上所说,Blastcom Corporation 会在未来比较安全。}

[12.8 Shanghai-- banana_zh]
3.The following appeared in a memorandum from the head of a human
resources department at a major automobile manufacturing company to the
company's managers:

“Studies have found that employees of not-for-profit organizations and
charities are often more highly motivated than employees of for-profit
corporations to perform well at work when their performance is not being
monitored or evaluated. Interviews with employees of not-for-profit
organizations suggest that the reason for their greater motivation is the belief
that their work helps to improve society. Because they believe in the
importance of their work, they have personal reasons to perform well, even
when no financial reward is present. Thus, if our corporation began donating a
significant portion of its profits to humanitarian causes, our employees’
motivation and productivity would increase substantially and our overall profits
would increase as well.”

Discuss how well reasoned . . .etc.

[12 月 9 日广州—kawaiikay][ 12 月 18 日--ppaigaara][12.26--PrinceD]

4.The following appeared in a presentation by the chief production manager of
a machine parts manufacturing company at a management meeting:

“Our factory in Cookville is our most advanced and efficient. It is capable of
producing ten drill bits for each dollar of production costs, whereas none of our
other factories can produce more than seven drill bits per dollar of production
costs. Therefore, we can reduce our overall drill bit production costs by
devoting the Cookville factory entirely to drill bit production. Since reducing the
production costs of individual machine parts is the only way to achieve our
larger goal of reducing our overall production costs, dedicating the Cookville
factory entirely to drill bit production and shifting all other machine part
production to our other factories will help us to attain that larger goal.”

Discuss how well reasoned . . .etc.

[12 月 9 号 广 州 —MJHNIOW] [12.12 午 战 北 京 --gamerzyr] [1218 晚
--pumpkinll][ 12.19--rainzr]
 5. The following appeared in a memorandum from the CEO of a consumer
electronics manufacturing firm to the head of the company's human resources
department, who is responsible for hiring new employees:

“Eight years ago, our firm’s profits were increasing with each new employee we
added. We discovered that each employee had the skills and motivation to
generate more revenue for the firm than his or her salary cost us.

However, for the past two years, our profit margin has been falling, even
though we have continued to add employees. Thus, our newer employees are
not generating enough revenue to justify their salaries. We must not be hiring
new employees with the same level of skills and motivation as those we used to
attract. Clearly, then, failures in the human resources department account for
our falling profits.”

Discuss how well reasoned . . .etc.

[12.9 , 海 外 —liuchunlei][12.17 大 连 --kingwhl0943][ 16 日 晚 场 --2snoopy]
[12.23 纽约--三个世界]

6.版本一:去年因为油价上涨,一家航空公司在去年年头又扩张了 5 个城市,导致去
年这家公司赢利下降 20%,但同期其他同样 suffer 油价上涨的航空公司利润却上
因,主因是扩张 5 个城市,所以建议高层取消这五个城市.

[12.10 上海--lxj3429] [12.18 成都--Krystal_Wang]

都影响;另一个原因可能是机构扩张- 去年新增了 5 条航线。因为有些其他航空
引起他们公司利润下降的是新增的航线,应该取消这 5 条新增航线。

[12.8 Beijing--annebelle_l[12-24--emilyzouduff]

版本三:Prinvia Airline's profit decreased 20% last year. last year, oil price
raised substaintially. Also, Prinvia Airline added five more flights. However, all
other airlines revenue raised despite the increase in oil price. Then it must be
the added flights rather than the increased oil price that caused Prinvia's profit
to decrease because more flights cost means more operation costs.

[12 月 16 日北京-- elissamuah]
7. Greentree Grocers has been experiencing high sales volume but decreasing
profit margin. Its customers are wealthy people looking for gourmet food and
luxury shopping experience, so it must cut costs without hurting the customers'
shopping experience. So it plans to layoff 10 employees per store and eliminate
expensive displays and free samples. In addition, it will partner with XX Cafe to
have a coffee shop in each store. This is supported by a recent survey that the
Grocers and the Cafe attract similar types of customers. The conclusion is that
Greentree Grocers will experience high sales volume as well as high profit

[12.11-- wlcx2001][ 12.15BJ--narcisuss]

{考古 10 月版本:说在 Greentree 的一个地方的 grocery 最近销售不错,但是利
润下降,由于他们是做奢侈品的食品的,他们决定每个店减少 10 个雇员,并且
取消昂贵的产品和样品展示,      认为应该不会影响那些喜欢奢侈品和优秀服务的客
决定和咖啡店合作,在每家 Greetree 的 location 增加一个咖啡店.}

8.B9.The following appeared in a memorandum to a team developing
accounting software for SmartPro Software, Inc.:

“Currently, more professional accountants use SmartPro accounting software
than any other brand. However, in the market for personal accounting software
for non-professionals to use in preparing their income tax returns, many of our
competitors are outselling us. In surveys, our professional customers
repeatedly say that they have chosen SmartPro Software because our most
sophisticated software products include more advanced special features than
competing brands. Therefore, the most effective way for us to increase sales of
our personal accounting software for home users would clearly be to add the
advanced special features that our professional software products currently

[12 日晚 BJ-- synn] [ 12.29 北美--afive]

9. 由于工业的污染,造成某一地区旅游业的收入下降,因此一项关于建立...计
划被提出, 建立这个就能提高以后的 REVENUE 并且使在旅游业中事业的人能够重
新工作,如果不建立,就会导致 REVENUE 的持续下降和经济更加恶化。

[12 月 15 日 SH--ktkoalaml]
一个政治领袖说:M 镇原先是依靠 national parks 作为主要经济来源,后来因为
了巨大的矿藏。这个领袖认为应该批准开发这些矿藏,这样的话这些 mining
companies 可以增加收入,同时提供给那些从旅游业下岗的员工工作岗位。如果

[ 12.16--pc123][ 12/30 北美--snowhite1026]

国家 W 的主要经济是来自于它的几个国家公园所吸引到的游客,但是随着工业
污染的加重,visitors will no long visit these parks, 但是最近在公园里发现了大量
的矿石,所以 advisors 建议 政府允许公司去开采这些矿,这些公司 revenue 所交
的税可以成为国家的经济来源,并且可以为之前在这些 national parks 工作的人
提供继续的就业机会。advisors 因此说,permitting mining is the best way to 解决
W 的经济 (也可能是„有利于它的经济平稳‟原文是什么不计得了)

[12 月 19_London--cuity]

{考古 11 月版本 1: 某地 W,因为工业污染导致当地的 national parks less
许开发呢,    挖矿公司可以为政府贡献很多税+为那些曾经在旅游业工作的人创造

{考古 11 月版本 2: 一个地方的经济衰退,是因为旅游业衰退,是因为国家公园
污染所致。   但是在这些公园里又发现矿藏,作者认为如果政府发展采矿业的话不

10.B3. The following appeared in a memorandum from the information
technology department of a major advertising firm:

“The more efficient a firm’s employees are, the more profitable that firm will be.
Improvements in a firm’s information technology hardware and software are a
proven way to increase the efficiency of employees who do the majority of their
work on computers. Therefore, if our firm invests in the most powerful and
advanced information technology available, employee productivity will be
maximized. This strategy ensures that every dollar spent on enhanced
information technology will help to increase our firm’s profit margins.”

[12.15JJ--kankan525] [ 12.18--congqilu]
11.B6. The following appeared in a letter from a part-owner of a small retail
clothing chain to her business partner:

“Commercial real estate prices have been rising steadily in the Sandida Heights
neighborhood for several years, while the prices in the adjacent neighborhood
of Palm Grove have remained the same. It seems obvious, then, that a retail
space in Sandida Heights must now be much more expensive than a similar
space in Palm Grove, which was not the case several years ago. So, it appears
that retail spaces in Sandida Heights are now overpriced relative to those in
Palm Grove. Therefore, it would be in our financial interest to purchase a retail
space in Palm Grove rather than in Sandida Heights.”

[17 早场-- ifliao][ 12/17--ginsburg]

12. sallon 的一个 manager 准备再开 3 家餐馆,用三个 employees 管理的那个

[sh 19--E958]

13. A33. The following appeared in a memorandum from the president of
Sinecor, a computer-software company.
“The amount of money Sinecor spent last year on paid vacations and medical
benefits increased by 30 percent. To offset these expenses, we should
increase to 30 percent the portion of our employees who are temporary or
contract workers. Since we will not have to give these workers vacation
time or medical benefits, we will save money by employing them. In addition,
our regular employees will be motivated to work harder to preserve their
jobs as well as their vacation and health benefits. These changes will
improve Sinecor’s overall profitability and ability to compete with
other companies.”

[ 1218 晚--jinguojiang] [作者原文]一个 SOFTWARE COMPANY 要 cut budget 来
提高收益。它应该 follow the strategy in the auto industry.这个 SOFTWARE 公
司用的都是 FULL-TIME 的员工, Auto 的公司用了很多 temporary and cheaper
labor,还不用给他们一些福利,极大了降低了 budget。因此,软件公司也应该
用一些临时工替代全职员工。             软件公司应该将 25%的员工换成临时工。 。。 。       。 。

[12.29 上午--chelsenmao]    要靠裁员和雇佣临时工来代替现有的职工
14.A7. The following is a memorandum to the president of the
EZ-Manufacturing Company from the manager of cafeteria services.
“Offering pizza in our cafeteria has proved extremely profitable. To
further increase our profits from pizza sales, we should switch to PDQ
Pizzeria to supply our pizza. PDQ pizza was twice voted the ‘best pizza’
in the neighboring town of Hamiltonia in on-line surveys of Hamiltonia
Gazette readers. The PDQ branch in our town currently sells pizza for only
slightly more than our cafeteria does and has begun offering free daily
delivery. Switching to PDQ pizza will clearly improve satisfaction with
our cafeteria and hence increase the cafeteria’s profits.”

[1229 北美-- ccjhwk]

15. George 在一个有数千大学生的大学开了一个 restaurant,卖独家 sandwich,收
入猛增,于是他计划在 nearby towns and cities 新开三家分店,并且他会派现有店
已经受过他培训的员工去做经理,他预期会 triple his profit

 [12 月 30 日上海--jlshen]



16. Average house price doubled in last five years, while average stock market
price declined. So ALL residnet should buy house because the house price is
predicted to increase in a similar trend in next five years. Furthermore, house
owner can enjoy the use of house, while the people who invest in the stock

[12/30 北美--Laodou]

说的是一个地方的政府说,当地的 house 在过去 5 年中价格 double 了,而同时
期的 stock 却始终低迷。购买 house 的人们从中得到了比投资 stock 的人更多的
利润。所以说,鼓励大家来买 home (注:原文真的就是叫大家都来买个 home -_-! 好

[ 12.24 日--cypolo]