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              SCOPE OF SERVICES



       PASCO WORK ORDER NO. C-9992.01

                 October 15, 2009
                 Prepared by: FDC

    Pasco County Engineering Services Department
            Project Management Division
                 4454 Grand Blvd.
        New Port Richey, Florida 34652-5402
                               Sunlake Boulevard at Sunlake High School
                                       Intersection Signalization

                                         Work Order No. C-9992.01

                                                Exhibit "A"
                                             Scope of Services


This Project consists of the following intersection improvements: Design of a standard FDOT mast
arm signal at Sunlake Boulevard and Sunlake High School.


The PROFESSIONAL will prepare construction plans and permit applications for the above
mentioned intersection improvement. The plans will be prepared to meet COUNTY and FDOT
requirements. The services include the following: topographic survey, geotechnical investigation,
signal structural design, traffic signal design, utility coordination, subsurface utility engineering, and
application and obtainment of necessary permits.


    1. The construction plans, permit applications, meetings, and utility coordination will be
       performed concurrently for the intersection within one hundred and eighty (180) calendar
       day design duration from the Notice to Proceed for this Project.

    2. Survey services are to be provided by the COUNTY.

    3. lmprovements will not require an ERP Permit.

    4. lmprovements will not require an NPDES permit.

    5. No separate utility relocation plans will be required for the Project. Any necessary
       relocations will be indicated on the Roadway Plans or Signalization Plans. Services do
       include coordination with utility owners who may have some adjustments necessary for the
       Project. Utility information will be obtained from utility owners within the project limits and
       shown on the plans.

    6. Maintenance of Traffic plans will consist of references to FDOT Standard Indexes, drawings
       and notes.

    7. Services do not include any bid phase or construction phase services.

    8. The design for the intersection shall be based on the survey data and design plans prepared
       by the PROFESSIONAL, as part of the design of improvements for Sunlake Boulevard. The
       survey services for this Project, to be provided by the County, include obtaining pavement
       elevations at the proposed signal pole locations, the existing pavement elevations across
       the span of the mast arms, identifying the location for the geotechnical tests, and locating

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       where the subsurface utility exploration tests are to be taken. The survey services will also
       include any supplementary surface topographic survey information that may be necessary.
       Utility information will be obtained from utility owners within the project limits, and shown on
       the signalization plans.

    9. A geotechnical investigation will be performed at the location of all proposed poles or mast
       arm support foundations. The investigation will include Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
       borings to a depth of approximately thirty (30) feet below the existing grade. Groundwater
       level measurements will be collected at each boring location. Hand auger borings will be
       conducted at 100 foot intervals on Sunlake Boulevard at Sunlake High School Intersectiion.
       The Geotechnical Subconsultant performing this work will prepare a report.

    10. The structural services shall include the design and construction plans development for the
        signal structures at the intersection. The signal structures at the intersection will be FDOT
        mast arms. Preferably the standard FDOT mast arm design will be used. Services shall
        include design calculations, and detailed plans for development of this design for the
        Sunlake Boulevard at Sunlake High School Intersection.

    11. Roadway improvements shall be designed in general compliance with applicable FDOT
        manuals and guideline publications.

    12. All structure plans and/or structural designs for portions of this Project are to be prepared in
        accordance with the latest design specifications adopted by AASHTO, FDOT Plans
        Preparation Manual, FDOT Standard Specifications, FDOT Structural Design Guidelines
        and the FDOT Structural Detailing Manual. The design shall be performed in English units,
        in general compliance with recent FDOT standards and format.

    13. Subsurface Utility Engineering investigations will be made at the location of the mast arm
        bases to identify any utilities in close proximity to the proposed pole bases. The utility
        investigation for the mast arm bases will consist of a 6-foot by 6-foot by 6-foot, trench at
        each location.

    14. Four signal poles are assumed to be required at this intersection.


     a. Prepare one (1) full set of roadway improvement and signalization plans for the intersection
        in 11" x 17" format, signed and sealed.

     b. Signals and pole foundations shall be for mast arms.

     c. Video Detection will be used for all approaches (See standard signal plan notes).

    d. Sunlake Boulevard at Sunlake High School        -   Controllers and cabinet assemblies shall be
       NEMA TS2 Type 1.

    e. Sunlake Boulevard at Sunlake High School - No communications are required.

    f. 3M Opticom emergency vehicle pre-emption shall be provided for all approaches at the
       intersection. Advance detection shall be included when less than 1,000 feet line of sight is

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    g. All traffic controller units furnished for this Project shall be of the same make, model, and
       software version, and shall be completely compatible with the COUNTY'S system software.

    h. Mast arms, the future pole for the westbound should be included in the design, but will not
       be installed until the apartment complex is built.

    i.   Full pedestrian signals with an exclusive pedestrian phase will be provided.

   j.    LED Black out signs "NO TURN ON RED" all four approaches to be "On" when pedestrian
         phase is active.

    k. Future SOP 10 to operate as an SOP 12 with exclusive pedestrian phase.

    I.   Four advance warning flashers, northbound and southbound, shoulder and median with S1-
         1, W16-9P and W13-1-35 MPH signs. All signs to be strong yellow green. The flashers
         shall be controlled from the signal controller by use of a Time of Day time clock output.

    m. There shall be three (3) design submittals at the 60%, loo%, and final design stages. At
       each stage, the COUNTY shall be allotted ten (10) calendar days for review of each

    n. The COUNTY'S Standard Signal Plan Notes are attached hereto, made part hereof and
       shall apply to this project.


                               Pasco County Traffic Operations Division
                   Traffic Signal Controller Specifications and Standard Plan Notes
                                   Mast Arms with Video Detection

                                         - END EXHIBIT " A -

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