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					                                                             County of Bexar                                                                         UPDATED 071409
                                                         Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (SMWBE) Program
                                                         Procurement Agencies (Bidder'sList) and Assistance Organizations Directory

                   NAME OF ORGANIZATION                     CONTACT NAME                           TITLE               PHONE          FAX NO.                           E-MAIL

12th Contracting Squadron / Air Education and Training
Command                                                  Estella Calvillo          Small Business Specialist           652-5460       652-2699
311th Human System Wing                                  Grace Elizalde            Small Business Specialist           210.536.4347    
37th Contracting Squadron, Lackland, AFB                 Arthur Dinwiddie          Small Business Specialist           210.671.1713    
419th Contracting Support Brigade                        Jacqueline Newton         Small Business Coord                210.295.6040    
754th Electronic Systems Group / P3S Corp                Mary Ellen Trevino        President                           496-6934       496-6935
ACCION Texas                                             Virginia Torres           VP of Lending                       226-3664       531-0988
Ad Graphics/Digital Vision                               Elise Cox                 President                           826-0291       824-5173
African American Chamber or Commerce                     Lou Miller                President                           490-1624       490-5294
Air Force Small Business                                 Tech. Sgt. Earl Morgan    Executive Support                   703.696.1103 210.536.2997

Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce                     Gwendolyn P. Robinson     Executive Director                  226-9055       226-0524
Alamo Colleges                                           Lacy Hampton              SMWBE Diversity Administrator       485-0711       485-0622
Alpha Building Corporation                               Patricia Ralph            Marketing/Communications Manager    491-9925       491-9932

Alpha Quadrant                                           Michele Bussone           President                           210-344-3330   210-344-8151
American Subcontractors Association                      Heidi Wilson              Executive Director                  349-2105       349-2847
Associated Builders Contractors                          Steven Schultz            President                           342-1994       342-5385
Austin Commercial, LP                                    Elaine Goliday            MWBE Coordinator                    335-9025       858-0981
B2G Now Diversity & Contract Management System           Frank Begalke             Chief Operating Officer             602-325-9277   866-892-2913
Bear Audio Visual                                        Mike Ramon                President                           736-1714       735-5331
Benson Design Associates, Inc.                           Tami Benson               President                           822-8337       342-8372
Bexar Appraisal District                                 Randy Hutchison           Finance Director                    242-2402       242-2451
Bexar County Clerk's Office                              Betty Aguilar             Chief Deputy                        335-2247       335-2813
Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center                   Anita Sitz-Castillo       PEEAR Mediation Coordinator         335-2128       335-2941       ascastillo@bexar .org
Bexar County Flood Control Capital Improvement Program   Arturo Villarreal, Jr.    Watershed Program Coordinator       210.335.0328   210.335.6713
Bexar County Purchasing                                  John Steele               Assistant Purchasing Agent          335-2945       335-2219
Bexar County SMWBE Program                               Renee Watson              Manager                             335-2478       335-0673
Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office             Lisa Anderson             Chief Deputy of Administration      335-6588       335-6573
Bexar County Veterans Service Office                     Craig Erickson            Veterans Service Officer            335-6738       335-3632
BOEING Aerospace Support Center                          Irma Studivant            Procurement Agent                   932-6677       932-6335

Brooks Development Authority                             Sha-Rone V. Caffie-Reyes Contracts Manager                    678-3300            
Cendant Car Rental Group                                 Susan Pettit             Sr. Procurement Specialist           516-489-3535        
City of Alamo Heights                                    Ann McGlone              City Manager                         832-2244     822-5181
City of Boerne                                           Ron Bowman                City Manager                        830-249-9511 830-249-9264
City of Castle Hills                                     Rita Hoyl                 Assistant City Manager              342-2341       342-4525
City of Castroville                                      Bob Lee                   Mayor                               830-931-4070 830-931-6373
City of Cibolo                                           Jennifer Hartman          Mayor                               658-9900       658-1687
City of Converse                                         Samuel R. Hughes          City Manager                        658-5356       659-0964
City of Helotes                                          Rick Schroder             City Administrator                  695-8877       695-2123
City of Hill Country Village                             Frank Morales             City Administrator                  494-3671       490-8645
City of Houston Airport                                  Michael Martin            Sr. Compliance Officer              281.233.7861 281.233.1874
City of Kirby                                            Zina Tedford              Mayor                               661-3198       661-4525
City of Leon Valley                                      Lanny S. Lambert          City Manager                        684-1391       684-4476

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                                                                    County of Bexar                                                                          UPDATED 071409
                                                                Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (SMWBE) Program
                                                                Procurement Agencies (Bidder'sList) and Assistance Organizations Directory

                NAME OF ORGANIZATION                               CONTACT NAME                          TITLE                 PHONE          FAX NO.                          E-MAIL

City of Live Oak                                                Kathy Schobinger         Purchasing and Budget Coordinator     653-9140       653-2766
City of Olmos Park                                              Amy Buckert              City Manager                          824-3281       826-5008
City of San Antonio - Aviation Department                       Lisa Brice               Special Projects Manager              207-3505       207-3500
City of San Antonio - Center City Development Department
Empowerment Zone Program                                        Barbara Ankamah          Economic Development Manager          207-3900       207-8151
City of San Antonio - Economic Development Department Federal
Procurement Technical Assistance Program                        Pat Tovar                Program Manager                       207-3900       207-3009
City of San Antonio - Economic Development Department Federal                            Assistant Director & Industry
Empowerment Zone                                                Ed Davis                 Development Operations                207-8031       207-8151
City of San Antonio - Economic Development Department Small
Business                                                        Melisssa Aguillon        Program Manager                       207-3900       207-3909
City of San Antonio - Library Department                        Mr. Jody Hampton         Librarian I                           207-2500          
City of San Antonio - Capital Improvements                      Courtney McClure         DBE Coordinator                       207-6027          
City of San Antonio - Purchasing Department                     Denise Gallegos          Purchasing & Contract Administrator   207-4053       207-7270
City of San Antonio - US Department of Commerce                 Michael Rosales          Int'l Trade Specialist                207-8100       228-9874
City of San Antonio Veterans Affairs Commission                 Carmelina Davis          Sr. Economic Development Specialist   210.207.6529   210.207.8151
City of Schertz                                                 Don E. Taylor            City Manager                          619-1000       658-6466
City of Selma                                                   Ken Roberts              City Administrator                    651-7824       651-9450
City of St. Hedwig                                              Mary Jo Dylla            Mayor                                 667-9568       667-1448
City of Terrell Hills                                           J. Mark Browne           City Manager                          824-7401       822-2297
City of Universal City                                          Ken Taylor               City Manager                          659-0333       659-7062
City of Windcrest                                               Ronnie Cain              City Manager                          655-0022       655-8776
Clark Construction Group, LLC                                   Bridget Negron Booth     Diversity Program                     210-319-2119 210-832-0038
Clark/Hunt                                                      Nick Job                 VP                                    210.395.3868 210.395.3959
Computer Express                                                Tabetha Trask            Sr. Account Mgr                       490-4700     490-5252
CPS Energy                                                      Bonnie Rogers            Small Business Operations Assistant   335-3656     353-3021
                                                                                         Financial Advisor and Investment
Cross Financial Services                                        Cyndi Blackmon           Specialist                            822-5585     822-2332
Crystal Communications                                          Crystal Darby            President                             210-863-2250    
CTS Consolidated Telecom Services, LLC                          Vanessa Moyer            Executive Administrative Assistant    512-674-9438 512-495-9473
Defense Logistics Agency                                        Patricia A. Cleveland    Ability One Liaison                   703-767-1652   703-767-1670
Department of Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars                    Tashawnya McCullough     Chairman                              210.818.4038   210.221.4949
EarthTech                                                       Ellen Mack               Small Business Liaison Officer        271-0925       271-3061
Edgewood Independent School District                            Anne Lackner-Messer      Business Partnership Director         444-8119       444-4548
Edwards Aquifer Authority                                       Susan Rodriguez          M/WBE Coordinator                     222-2204       222-9869
Employees Retirement System                                     Ann Tillman              Purchasing Lead/HUB Coordinator       512-867-7199   512-867-3199
Environmental Protection Agency                                 Elenora Thompson         Office Automation Assistant           202.566.2709   202.566.0266
Export-Import Bank of the US                                    Tamara Maxwell           Business Development Officer          202.565.3375   202.565.3930
Freeman Coliseum                                                Derrick Howard           Executive Director                    226-1177       210-226-5081
Frost Bank                                                      Donna Normandin          Sr. VP & Community Development        220-4851       220-5595
Greater San Antonio Builders Association                        Becky Oliver             Executive VP                          696-3800       692-3459
GSA                                                             LaVida Barnes            Business Specialist                   817-978-0800 817-978-0440

Health and Human Services                                       Sherice Williams Patty   HUB Adminstrator                      512-424-6703   512-424-6530
HEB                                                             Wayne Terry              Supplier Diversity Manager            938-8378       938-7809
Hispanic Contractors de San Antonio, Inc.                       Maria Monita             Director                              444-1100       444-1101
Hollywood Park                                                  David Ballard            President                             494-2023       494-7859

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                                                                   County of Bexar                                                                          UPDATED 071409
                                                               Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (SMWBE) Program
                                                               Procurement Agencies (Bidder'sList) and Assistance Organizations Directory

                NAME OF ORGANIZATION                              CONTACT NAME                          TITLE                PHONE           FAX NO.                           E-MAIL

Humana                                                         Elizabeth Delgado        Regional Marketing Consultant        617-1861     991-9258
Judson Independent School District                             Gloria Hunter            Secretary to Purchasing Director     945-5526     945-6910
JW Marriott SA Hill Country Resort & Spa                       Derek Ellis              Hotel Manager                        210.602.0197         
Latino Breakfast Club                                          Joe Solis                Director                             210.582.5857         
Lockheed Martin Aircraft and Logistics Centers                 Lillie Bowens-Caldwell   Small Business Liaison Officer       864-422-2191 864-236-3461
Lower Colorado River Authority                                 Al Beavers, C.P.M.       Supplier Diversity Manager           512-473-3278 512-473-4037
MEDCOM Small Business Program Office                           Nancy Villarreal         Associate Director                   210.295.4415 210.221.4126
Military Order of the Purple Heart                             Gilbert Ochoa            National Service Officer             210.221.2587 210.221.2599
Mission & Installation Contracting Commanding Center-Ft. Sam
Houston                                                        Deanna Ochoa             Contract Specialist                  210.221.5268    210.221.4452
NASA /Johnson Space Center                                     Nancy L. Liounis         Lead NASA Industry Programs          281-483-1865    281-483-3106
NASE                                                           Robin Mainer             Division Leader                      710-0211        930-4411
National Association of Women Business Owners                  Cheryl Cook              President                            210-289-8942       
National Association of Women In Construction                  Jennifer Swinney         President                            800-552-3506    817-877-0324
National Science Foundation OSDBU                              Donald Senich            Director/OSDBU                       703.292.7082    703.292.9055

                                                                                        Sr. Director of Procurement & e-
North East Independent School District                         David Bohanon            Commerce                             804-7100x404 804-7105

North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce                          Wendy Thomas             Manager Business Development         210.344.4848 210.525.8207
Office of Rural Community Affairs                              Gina Garcia              HUB Coordinator                      512-936-6731 512-936-6776
OfficeMax ImPress                                              Lynette Bearden          Strategic Account Mgr                832.640.1468 210.821.6554
PBS&J                                                          Rachel Medellin          Sr. Program Assistant II             972-588-3121    972-387-5932
                                                                                                                             512.989.5300x      ;
Pearson                                                        Deborah Bonds            HUB Coordinator                      4080            512.989.5043
Port Authority of San Antonio                                  Wyndie Applewhite        Contract Manager                     362-7849        362-7832
Prairie View A&M University                                    Jim Nelms                Purchasing Agent/HUB Coordinator     936-261-1932    936-261-1966
Quality Services International, LLC                            Frank Arevalo            Executive Assistant                  212-8784        212-8790
Randolph Metrocom Chamber                                      Pat Obrien               Chairman of the Board                365-6424        658-1817
RK Group, LLC                                                  Randy Castaneda          Event Planner                        225-4535        223-9950
San Antonio Manufacturers Association                          Mike Harris              President                            979-7530        979-0527
San Antonio Business Journal                                   Shirley Hardcastle       Circulation & Marketing Director     477-0864        342-4443
San Antonio Express News                                       Kimberly Lara            Marketing                            210.250.2548    210.250.2705
San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce                       Ramiro Cavazos           President                            225-0462        225-2485
San Antonio Housing Authority                                  Stacy Padgett            Director of Procurement              477-6171        477-6167
San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD)                Pamela Morrison          Director of Materials Management     224-2781        229-9028
San Antonio Manufacturers Association                          Michael Harris           President                            210.979.7530    210.979.0527
San Antonio Retail Merchants Association                       Mandy Bulmer             Executive Assistant                  210.244.4536    210.244.4514
San Antonio River Authority                                    Karen Guerrero           Contract Administrator               227-1373        858-0265
San Antonio State School                                       Patrick Haas             Procurement Spec.                    210-531-5151    210-531-5151
San Antonio Water System                                       Philip Compos            Contracting Director                 233-3871        223-5011
San Antonio Women's Chamber of Commerce                        Laura F. Macom           Chair                                299-2636        299-4169
SCORE, Chapter 164                                             Gordan Sanford           Chairman                             403-5931        494-3933
Small Business Office - Brooks City Base                       Esmeralda Rodriguez      Small Business Specialist            536-3991        536-4363
SOAR                                                           Jaime Johnson            Project Coordinator                  210.493.2811    210.493.7828

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                                                             County of Bexar                                                                           UPDATED 071409
                                                         Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (SMWBE) Program
                                                         Procurement Agencies (Bidder'sList) and Assistance Organizations Directory

                 NAME OF ORGANIZATION                       CONTACT NAME                            TITLE                PHONE          FAX NO.                           E-MAIL

Social Security Administration                           Oscar Garcia               Public Affairs Specialist            210.472.4444   210.472.6480
South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency        Ross Mitchell              Executive Director                   227-4722       227-5712
South East Skyline Pony League                           Joann Ramon                President                            210.387.7929      
South SA Chamber of Commerce                             Cindy Taylor               Chair                                533-5867       532-7788
South Texas Alliance for Regional Quality                Jack Davis                 President                            829-3183       805-3564
                                                         Blanca Uribe de
South Texas Business Fund                                Hernandez                  Economic Development Specialist      207-3919     207-3939
South Texas Veterans Health Care System                  Charles Trumpfheller       Contracting Officer                  210.617.5342 210.949.3777
Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council          Jennifer Mort              Certification Manager                210-477-8615   210-477-8617
Southwest Research Institute                             Eva Mendez                 Small Business Administrator         210.522.2237   210.522.2237
SPAWGLASS Contractors, Inc.                              Linda Blount               Executive Assistant                  210.651.9000   210.651.4450
SPURS Sports and Entertainment                           John Tethford              Logistics Manager                    444-5125       444-5092
State Comptroller of Public Accounts                     Hilda Galaviz              HUB Program                          512-463-3911 512-475-0223
State of Texas, Office of the Attorney General           Mindy Cohen                HUB Coordinator                      512-475-4411 512-397-1622
Strategies for Small Business/Superior Financial Group   Sue Malone                 Principal                            925-381-8409 925-831-3217

Tarleton State University                                Beth Chandler              Director of Purchasing & HUB Services 254-968-9611 254-968-9838

Texas A& M University System                             Tom Bullock Jr.            HUB Coordinator/DBE Liaison Officer 979.458.6400 979.458.6250
                                                                                    Director of Purchasing & Support
Texas A&M International University                       Laura Rea                  Services / HUB Coordinator          956-326-2488 956-326-2349
Texas A&M University                                     Barbara Clemmons           HUB Program Director                 979-458-4827 979-458-4828
                                                                                    Assistant Director of Purchasing &
Texas A&M University - Commerce                          Travis Ball                HUB Coordinator                      903-886-5060 903-886-5039
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi                    Minerva Garcia             HUB Coordinator                      361-825-2196 361-825-2772
Texas A&M University - Kingsville                        Bruce Payne                HUB Coordinator                      361-593-3814 361-593-2719
Texas A&M University System                              Tom Bullock Jr.            Chairman                             979-458-6400 979-458-6419
Texas A&M University System Health Science Center        Tommy Bosquez              HUB Director                         979-458-7276 979-458-7283
Texas A&M University-Texarkana                           Cynthia E. Henderson       VP of Development                    903-223-3053 903-223-3119
Texas Agricultural Experiment Station                    David Kirk, C.P.M.         HUB Coordinator                      979-845-6471 979-458-1217
Texas AgriLife Extension Services                        Guadelupe Landeros         County Extension Director            467-6575     930-1753

Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission                        Ron Hunter, CTP/CTPM       Purchasing Manager/HUB Coordinator   512-206-3262   512-206-3274
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality                Daniel Dominguez           HUB Program Director                 512-239-1273   512-239-0371
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts/ HUB Program        Rachell Snell              HUB Marketing Coordinator            512-463-6958   512.475.0223
Texas Department of Public Safety                        Harold "Hank" L. Vice II   HUB Program Liaison                  512.424.2534   512.424.5419
Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice                          Sharon Schultz             HUB Director                         936-437-7026   936-437-7088
Texas Dept. of Housing & Community Affairs               Sue Jaeger, CTP/CTPM       Sr. Purchaser                        512-475-3984 512-475-2672
Texas Dept. of Information Resources                     Bernadette Davis           HUB Coordinator                      512-469-5712 512-475-4759
                                                                                    Director of Purchasing & Contract
Texas Dept. of Insurance                                 Regina Durden              Administration                       512-463-6174 512-463-6159
Texas Dept. of Public Safety                             Shawn Constancio           HUB Coordinator                      512-424-2534 512-424-5419
Texas Dept. of Transportation                            Berdell Collins            Program Specialist                   512-486-5500 512-486-5529

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                                                                 County of Bexar                                                                          UPDATED 071409
                                                             Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (SMWBE) Program
                                                             Procurement Agencies (Bidder'sList) and Assistance Organizations Directory

                 NAME OF ORGANIZATION                           CONTACT NAME                           TITLE                PHONE          FAX NO.                            E-MAIL

Texas Engineering Experiment Station                         Juanice Kirby             Purchasing Manager                   979-458-7433 979-458-7435
Texas Engineering Extension Service                          Yvette Tschirhart         HUB Coordinator                      979-458-6794 979-458-6890
Texas Facilities Commission                                  Sarah Evans               HUB Adminstrator                     512-463-1785 512-236-6164
Texas Forest Service                                         Dolores Stephens          HUB Coordinator                      979-458-7300 979-458-7303
Texas General Land Office                                    Angel Abitua              HUB Program Coordinator              512-463-1313 512-475-3018
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation                    Ken Johnson               Lender Participation                 512-219-4619 512-219-4705
Texas Legislative Council                                    Steve Villarreal          Contract & Purchasing Supervisor     5124631155 5124631155
Texas Lottery Commission                                     Joyce Bertolacini, CTPM   HUB Coordinator                      512-344-5293 512-344-5058
Texas Office of Rural Community Affairs                      Rebecca Valenzuela        Program Specialist                   512/936-6716 512/936-6776
Texas Parks and Wildlife                                     Trena Barnett             HUB Coordinator                      512-389-4784 512-389-4677
Texas Racing Commission                                      John Altman               Procurement Officer                  512-490-4031 512-833-6907
Texas Rehabilitation Commission                              Debra Pendley             HUB Coordinator                      512-424-4441 512-424-4119
Texas School for the Deaf                                    Thomas Williams           Purchasing Manager                   512-462-5345 512-462-5333
Texas State Securities Board                                 Joan Kocurek              Invenstor Education Coordinator      512.305.8305 512.305.8336
Texas Transportation Institute                               Kathy Cowen               HUB Coordinator                      979-845-2284   979-845-9678
Texas Veterans Commission                                    Raymond Pina              Supervisor                           210.582.1645   210.822.9623
Texas Veterans Land Board                                    Ruben Balle               Operations Manager                   355-1922       481-5489
Texas Water Development Board                                Jessica Balandran         Prcmt Team Lead                      936-6079       475-3009
Texas Workforce Centers/ SER Jobs for Progress               Linda Rivas               President                            438-0586       438-8058
Texas Workforce Commission                                   Ardra Alexander           HUB Program Manager                  512-463-2284 512-475-3502
Texas Youth Commission                                       Lisa Maldonado            Procurement/HUB Mgr                  512-924-6268 512-424-6337
The Associated General Contractors - San Antonio Chapter     Doug McMurry              Executive Vice President             349-4921     349-4017

The Center for Heath Care Services                           John Quintanilla          President / Construction Manager     731-1300     731-1315
The Department of Veterans Affairs                           Linda Sitney              Sr. Small Business Specialist        202-565-8132 202-565-8156
The Department of Veterans Affairs/ Office of Small and
Disadvantaged Business Utilization                           David Canada              Sr. Small Business Specialist        202-565-8132 202-565-8156
The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Small Business
Resource Center                                              Daniel Casillas           VP Area Business Councils            308-2011       349-4957
                                                                                       MWDBE Programs & Contract
The Hertz Corporation                                        Sonia Mercado             Administration                       307-2102       841-8868
The Surety Association of South Texas, Inc.                  Jim Swindle               President                            930-5550       930-3255
The TRADE Group, LLC                                         Dollie Bodin              Design Consultant                    227-5500       227-5501
The University of Texas - Pan American                       Alex Valdez               HUB Coordinator                      956-316-7105   956-381-2164
The University of Texas at Austin                            Tiffany Mays              HUB/Small Business Staff Associate   512-471-2863   512-471-2689
The University of Texas at San Antonio - Purchasing          Irene Maldonado           HUB Program Manager                  458-4068       458-4061
                                                                                                                            (210) 562-     (210) 562-
The University of Texas Health Science Center at SA          Vikki Foster Ross         Director of Purchasing               6201           6290 
The University of Texas Pan American Veterans Business
Outreach Center                                              Mark Winchester           Director                             956.292.7550 956.292.7521
Travis County Government-Purchasing Office                   Sylvia Lopez              HUB Program Liaison                  512-854-4561 512-854-9185
Turner Construction                                          Jennifer Martinez         Office Manager                       210.787.3120 210.787.3121
United States Postal Service                                 Amy Garza                 Diversity Development Specialist     368-5563     368-8411

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                                                                   County of Bexar                                                                          UPDATED 071409
                                                               Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (SMWBE) Program
                                                               Procurement Agencies (Bidder'sList) and Assistance Organizations Directory

                NAME OF ORGANIZATION                              CONTACT NAME                          TITLE                 PHONE          FAX NO.                           E-MAIL

Universal City                                                 Blake Partridge          Water Department                      658-5365            
University Health System                                       Gabriela Canales         Supplier Diversity Coordinator        358-9114       358-9106
University of Houston                                          Sandra Webb              HUB Coordinator                       713-743-5662 712-743-5592
University of Texas at Austin                                  Tiffany Dockery          HUB/Small Business Staff Associate    512-471-2863 512-471-2689
University of Texas Medical Branch                             Karen Gross, CPM/CPPB    Supplier Diversity Program Manager    419-747-8000 409-747-8030

University of Texas SA Small Business Development Center IED   Erica Campos             Administrative Assistant              210.458.2460 210.458.2464
University of Texas System                                     Alisha Thompson          Sr. Adminsitrative Associate          512-499-4606 512-499-4311
US Air Force - Air Education and Training Command -Randolph
AFB, TX                                                        Estella Calvillo         Small Business Specialist             652-5460       652-4673
US Air Force - Air Intelligence Agency                         Brenda Dillard           Small Business Specialist             977- 5637      977-2453
US Air Force Outreach Program Office                           Pete Villareal           Management Analyst                    536-1317       536-8772
US Army Corps of Engineers-Ft Worth District                   Carolyn L. Staten        Deputy for Small Business Programs    817-886-1382   817-886-6452
                                                                                        Deputy Associate Director for Small
US Army-Fort Sam Houston                                       Nancy Villarreal         Business                              295-4415     221-4126
US Dept of Energy-OSDBU                                        Yosef Patel              OSDBU Associate Director              202-586-7377 202-586-5488
US Dept of Housing & Urban Development                         Judith Stackhouse        Staff Specialist                      202-708-1428 202-401-6930
US Dept of State                                               Shapleigh Drisko         Veterans Business Advocate            703-875-4240 703-875-6822
US Dept of the Interior                                        Robert W. Faithful IV    Sr. Policy Analyst                    703-964-8458    
US Dept. of Health and Human Services                          Ruth E. Lewis            Program Support Analyst               202-690-7301 202-260-4872
US Dept. of Homeland Security                                  Kyle Groome              Chief Procurement Officer             202-447-5282 202-447-5552
                                                                                        Director of Small & Disadvantaged
US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development                        Denise Rodriguez-Lopez   Business Utilization                  202-366-1930    
US Dept. of State                                              Gregory Mayberry         Director/OSDBU                        703-875-6823 703-875-6825
US Dept. of Transportation                                     Angela Dilver-Dendy      Deputy Director                       202-366-1930 202.366.7228
US Environmental Protection Agency                             Debora N. Bradford       Small Business Programs               214-665-7406 214-665-8505
US National Science Foundation                                 Donald Senich            Director/OSDBU                        703-292-7082 703-292-9055
US Navy Fleet & Industrial Supply Center                       Linda Owen               Deputy for Small Business Programs    757-443-1435 757-443-1355
US Small Business Administration                               Mary Alice Blanco        Business Development Specialist       210.403.5900 210.403.5936
US Small Business Administration - Marketing, 8(a), SDB &
Hubzone                                                        Debra Dimando            Business Development Specialist       403-5914       403-5935
                                                                                        8(a) Contracting Officer & Business
                                                                                        Development Specialist/Veterans'
US Small Business Administration -Veterans Officer             Fernando Guerra          Business Development Officer          403-5924       403-5935
US Small Business Administration-Women's Program               Theresa Scott            HUBZone Liaison Officer               403-5912       403-5936
UT System Office of HUB & Federal Small Business Program       Katherine Iannessa       HUB Associate                         512-499-4530   512-499-4311
UTSA Institute for Economic Development                        Yante Gomez              Training Coordinator                  458-2454       458-2464
UTSA International Trade Office - SBDC                         Cliff Paredes            Director                              458-2470       458-2464
UTSA Minority Business Enterprise Center                       Orestes Hubbard          Director                              210-458-2488   210-458-2481
UTSA Technology Center - SBDC                                  Chris Hernandez          Director                              458-2761       458-2754
Veterans Business Center                                       Bobby Watts              Director of Small Business Programs   652-4840       652-8344       Bobby.Watts@RANDOLPH.AF.MIL

VIA Metropolitan Transit                                       Edward Cruz              DBE Compliance & Outreach Specialist 210.362.2077 210.362.2571

Warrior Group                                                  Trelaine Mapp            Director of Construction Management   972.228.9955 972.228.9972

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                                                                     County of Bexar                                                                      UPDATED 071409
                                                                 Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (SMWBE) Program
                                                                 Procurement Agencies (Bidder'sList) and Assistance Organizations Directory

                NAME OF ORGANIZATION                                 CONTACT NAME                         TITLE                PHONE          FAX NO.                      E-MAIL

Wayland Baptist University, San Antonio                          Becky Bridges            Director                             826-7595     826-5699
Wells Fargo                                                      Annie Turner             VP Business Banking Manager          210.856.5277 210.856.5093
West San Antonio Chamber of Commerce                             Mary Cruz                President                            299-5244     299-5160
West Texas A&M University                                        Ann Caraway              Director of Procurement              806-651-2105 806-651-2109
Wheatley Heights (Community Venue)                               Frank Dunn               President                            210-227-5800    
Women's Business Enterprise Alliance                             Susan Repka              Executive Director                   (713)681-9232 713-681-9242
Workforce Solutions Alamo                                        Charlie Moke             Director of Business Services        210.581.1063 210.272.3290
Zachry Construction Corporation                                  Rita L. Phillip          Supplier Diversity Officer           871-3219      871-6908

•South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA)
   Local Agencies – or (210) 227-4722
Bexar County, BexarMet, City of San Antonio, University Health System, Edwards Aquifer Authority
San Antonio River Authority, San Antonio Housing Authority, Alamo Colleges, Port of San Antonio
Brooks Development Authority and VIA Metropolitan Transit

•Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) – State Database
    (CMBL) 274 State Agencies, Entities, Colleges and Universities

•Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council (SMSDC) – Fee

•Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) – Fee

•Women's Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA) – Fee

•SBA 8(a), SBE, SDVBE– Federal or or

•Texas Department of Transportation – USDOT
      Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

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