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					Name                 Job Title                                Company Name
Laxmi Chaudry        Director                                 1 Stop HR
Maurizio Beni                                                 Alitalia
Zoeb Bhujwalla                                                American Muffin Co. Ltd
Jose Mulji                                                    American Muffin Co. Ltd
Edwina Silo                                                   AOC
Paul Toyne           Director                                 Article 13
Dipa Joshi           Architect                                Assael Architecture
Diane Chandler       Business Development Consultant          Aviation Resource
Kully Sandhu         Commercial Director                      Aviation Resource
Estelle Benveniste   Recruitment Consultant                   A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Gail Brown           Management Development Consultant        A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Lelia Livadas        Recruitment Consultant                   A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Natalie Dee          Executive Coach                          A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Rob Kenwrick         Reward Specialist                        A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Roy Duncan           Recruitment Consultant                   A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Sue Gouldman         Training & Development Consultant        A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Alison Hough         Solicitor                                A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Ben Tagoe            HR Consultant                            A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Brian James          Director of Marketing Services           A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
David Strong         Managing Director                        A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Gill Rouse           HR & Change Consultant                   A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Lesley Rutter        Recruitment Consultant                   A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Linda Denny          Director of Coaching Services            A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Lynne Strong         Director                                 A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Mike Taylor          Spreadsheets Consultant                  A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Philippe Berard                                               A-Z HR Solutions Ltd
Kuljeet Birdee                                                BAA
Roger Beales         Deputy Agent for Greater London          Bank of England
Wendy Hyde           Agent for Greater London                 Bank of England
Dele Obilade         Solicitor                                Barlow Robbins LLP
Davinder Sandhu      Solicitor                                Barlow Robbins LLP
Phil Thompson        Senior Partner                           Beat Creative
Kim Poole                                                     BP
David Stanning       Partner                                  BP Collins
Gary Reece                                                    BP Collins
Nina Azemoudeh       Senior Associate                         BP Collins
Sheena Verma         Associate                                BP Collins
Karl Wingfield       Chief Operating Officer                  BP Collins
Ricky Sidhu          Associate                                BP Collins
Shona Dunning        Associate                                BP Collins
TBC                                                           BP Collins
Samira Ahmed         Head of Transport Strategy               BSkyB
Peter Selencky                                                BSKYB
                     Head of Strategic Planning & Workplace Solutions
Peter Mooney                                                  BSKYB
                     Group Head of Property & Facilities Management
Steve Probert                                                 B
                     Head of Real Estate & Project Management SKYB
John Owen            Project Manager                          BSKYB
Ashley de Safrin     Account Manager, Tourism and Hospitality Business Link for London
Andrew Knifton       Business Developer                       Business Link for London
Anne Marie Gildea    Business Development Manager             Business Travel Direct
Jeremy Silverstone   Business Development Director            Byron Design
Glyn Teifi-Jones     Business Development Manager             Byron Design
Mary Overton                                                  CACI International
Tracey Kehoe                                                  Cancer Research
Robert Lynch         Partner                                  Clarks Legal
Mandy Passfield      Area Sales Manager                       Comfort Hotel
Jonathan Suri        Managing Director                   Commercial Lending Solutions
Paresh Raja          Associate                           Commercial Lending Solutions
Nicholas Deacon      Managing Director                   Conference Craft
Armin Venencie       Regional Sales Manager for UK       Delta Air Lines Inc
David Hoy            Property Development Officer        Diageo Plc
Paul Newman          Vice President                      Discovery Networks Europe
James Veall          Senior Vice President               Discovery Networks Europe
David Russell        Director                            Discovery Networks Europe
Martie Kretchmar     Director                            Discovery Networks Europe
Rod Swane            Director                            Duct Tape Marketing
Tony Lazar           Director                            Duct Tape Marketing
Leslie Morgan                                            Durbin Plc
Angela Conner        Founder                             Eggmeg
Kannan Nathan        Manager                             Elephant Walk
Martin Sinclair      Projects Sales Manager              EMAP
Ross Sturley         Strategy & Development Director     EMAP
Bernd Gluckert       Director                            ESD Structural Engineers
Babu Datta                                               Ethos Brand Design Consultant's Ltd
Sheetal Kapoor       Managing Director                   Europoint Holdings Ltd
Sue Brown            Managing Director                   FD Tamesis
Jackie Owens                                             Fiserve
Mike McSweeney       Corporate Manager                   Fulham Football Club
David Rooke          Business Development Manager        Gateway to London
Neil Mansell         Business Development Manager        Gateway to London
Atma Singh           Advisor                             GLA
Catherine Warick-Wilson to VP, WWRE R&D Ops              GlaxoSmithKline
Brendan Bourke                                           GlaxoSmithKline
Duncan Kerr                                              GlaxoSmithKline
Nick Green                                               GlaxoSmithKline
Lesley Cleps                                             GlaxoSmithKline
Manda Wright                                             GlaxoSmithKline
Natasha Page         Secretary Real Estate               GlaxoSmithKline
Graham Whittle       Managing Director                   Going4Growth Ltd
Sital Nana           Business Development Manager        Government Office for London
Liz Walker           Managing Director                   Great Events
Peter Desmond        Managing Director                   Growth International
Garth Buckle                                             GSK/Education
William Hickey       Regional Managing Director          Halcrow Group Ltd
Angela Kanwar        Business Support Officer            HCP
Dr Onkar Sahota                                          Health Care 360
Ash Verma            Chief Executive                     Heathrow City Partnership Ltd
Marianne Downie      Programmes Director                 Heathrow City Partnership Ltd
Victor Coffie        Operations Director                 Heathrow City Partnership Ltd
Tarun Ghulati        Consultant                          Heathrow City Partnership Ltd
Parveen Thethy       Executive Assistant                 Heathrow City Partnership Ltd
Julia Fitzgerald     Hillingdon Business Forum Manager   Hillingdon Business Forum
Moira Henderson      Director of Business Development    Hilton London Heathrow Airport
Sophie English       Director of Sales                   Hilton London Heathrow Airport
Denzil Ratnam        General Manager                     Holiday Inn Brentford Lock
Ricky Kapoor         Commercial Director                 Hotel & Travel Reservations Ltd
Steve Mathews        President                           Hounslow Chamber
David Slee                                               HR Intrim
Mohan Padala         Manager                             HSBC
Justin Govier        Partner                             IBB Solicitors
Andrew Olins         Partner                             IBB Solicitors
Juliusz Wodzianski Partner                               IBB Solicitors
Simon Hobbs           Partner                                    IBB Solicitors
Paul Kite             Partner                                    IBB Solicitors
David Clark           Partner                                    IBB Solicitors
Steven Booth          Managing Partner                           IBB Solicitors
Nigel Codron          Director                                   Icon Business Solutions
Callum Morrison       Director                                   Icon Business Solutions
Peter Muholland       Director                                   James & Taylor
Joshua Pater          Surveyor                                   Jansons
Bal Panesar           Surveyor                                   Jansons
Darren William        Surveyor                                   Jansons
Duncan Richardson Managing Director                              JDI Integrated Advertising
Dinah Liversidge      Co-owner                                   John Liversidge Project
Mark Outtrim          Associate Director                         Jones Lang LaSalle
John O'Hara           Surveyor                                   Jones Lang LaSalle
James Berry           Director                                   Jones Lang LaSalle
George Long           Trainee Surveyor                           Jones Lang LaSalle
April Haywood         Sales Manager                              Jury's Inn Heathrow
Mamta Ganda           Sales Executive                            Jury's Inn Heathrow
Sarah Ahmed           Director of Sales & Marketing              K West Hotel & Spa
Carl Randall          Meetings & Events Manager                  K West Hotel & Spa
Kevin Devanney        Director                                   KDFL
Phill White                                                      Kempton Park Racecourse
Lucy Toon             Field Sales Executive                      Kempton Park Racecourse
Jacky Wilson          Field Sales Manager                        Kempton Park Racecourse
Gail Parmer                                                      KTA Publication
Aaron Hiscock         Manager                                    Labour Ready
Nicole Giermann       Manager                                    Labour Ready
Peter Ward                                                       Land Rover
Sheryl Martin         Senior Employment & Training Specialist Leaders Employment Resource
Caroline Egley Turner Marketing Consultant                       Lodestar Marketing
Ingrid Hooley         Regeneration Manager                       London Borough of Brent
Andy Donald           Assistant Director, Policy and RegenerationLondon Borough of Brent
Ted Kyzer                                                        London Development Agency
                      Group Director Olympics and Pan-London Infrastructure
Hannah Hartog         Innovation Partnership Manager             London Development Agency
Bianca Lapins                                                    London Development Agency
Bhop Singh            Director of Sales                          London Heathrow Marriott
Lorainne Berry        Director of Sales & Marketing              London Heathrow Marriott
Covi Larxerey         Sales Executive                            London Heathrow Marriott
Jayne Hillner         General Manager                            London Heathrow Marriott
Nicola Rance          Corporate Sales Manager                    Lookers Land Rover Kensington & Park Royal
Mary Penley           Director                                   Mary Penley Fine Arts
Anna Merriman         General Manager                            Master Roberts Hotel
Ferguson Smith        John Ferguson Smith                        Mathew Clarke
Jeff Benveniste       Director                                   Maximum Performance Ltd
Richard Emmett        Partner                                    Menzies
Andy Young            Business Development Manager               MJF Group
Shaun Beresford-Evans Commercial Director                        MJF Group
Adrian Powell         Director of Sales                          MJF Group
Justin Bass           Director of Sales                          MJF Group
Wendy Noakes          Business Development Manager               MJF Group
Nadia D'Austin                                                   National Air Traffic Control
Jimmy Wallace         General Manager                            Northwick Park
Lionel Prenat         Assistant Director of Sales                Novotel London West
Alain D'Addio         Corporate Sales Manager                    Novotel London West
Shallil Bhattessa     Managing Director                          Pantheon Hotels
Priya Thiara          Sales Manager - Conference                 Park Inn Heathrow
Adrian Taylor     Senior Corporate Sales Manager            Park Inn Heathrow
Catherine Raynor                                            Park Royal Magazine
Jackie Sadek      Chief Executive                           Park Royal Partnership
Joanna Lyall      Director of Business Growth               Park Royal Partnership
Sandra Eyre       Planning Consultant                       Park Royal Partnership
Gurnam Selvarajah Operations Manager                        Park Royal Workforce
Pankaj Joshi      Learning & Development Manager            Park Royal Workforce
Andy Rubbani      Sales Director                            Penta Foods Ltd
Colin Glass                                                 Photobox
Rebbecca Cossey                                             Pontis
John Chapman      Partner                                   PRP Architects
Lisa Delaney-Gala Managing Director                         Purple Chair Marketing
Hilary Reid Evans Head of Corporate Communications          Quintain
Neel Radia        Business Development                      Raj Foods
Chris Rowland     Director                                  Rowland Design
Steven Bilby      Associate Director                        Royal Bank of Scotland
Mark Christie     Associate Director                        Royal Bank of Scotland
Andrew Johnstone  Associate Director                        Royal Bank of Scotland
Lalji Vekaria     Proprietor                                Saloria Architects
Kelly Blair                                                 Samsonite
Michelle Taylor                                             Samsonite
Kalwinder Sehmi   Director                                  Sehmi Builders & Merchants
Nadeem Shakoor                                              Senoi
Shayan Italia     Special Guest Artist                      Shayan Italia
Andrew Cox        Business Development Manager              Slough Audi
Ross Feeney       Marketing Manager                         South London Business
Tracie Rice       Workforce Development Manager             South London Business
Cornelius O Brian Business Development Manager              South London Business
Adrienne Foskett  Office Manager                            South London Business
Krishan Perrera                                             Srilankan Airlines
Ian Dobie         Managing Director                         St George West London Ltd
Christine Tiernan Sales & Marketing Director                St George West London Ltd
Kapil Thakrar     Managing Director                         Star Direct
Kieran Seale                                                Steere Davies Gleave
Patrick Murphy    General Manager                           The Barn Hotel
Claire Moran      Public Relations Consultant               The Forge Public Relations
Benoit Linossier  Managing Director                         The Full Experience Company
Kirsty Railton    Business Development Manager              Think London
Nick Hine         Partner                                   Thomas Eggar
Pat Taphouse                                                Titan Travel
Lily Alicabiotics                                           Travelocity Business
Antonia Mealing   New Business Director                     TTC Creative Translation
Martin Cook       International Trade Director for London   UK Trade & Investment
Sabe Tibbits                                                UK Trade & Investment
Lorraine Vanzie                                             UK Trade & Investment
Ron Cartland                                                UK Trade & Investment
Sarah Cole        Legal & Quality Manager                   Universal Commercial Relocation Ltd
Patrick Molloy    Head of Sales & Marketing                 Universal Commercial Relocation Ltd
James McStay      Head of Project Management                Vector Management Ltd
Peter Langridge   Management Consultant                     Vector Management Ltd
Rod Lyons         Business Director                         Veredus
Gareth Davies     Business Director                         Veredus
Duncan Pickering                                            Vipre
Gary Virdee       Production & Operations Manager           Wagamama
Nicholas Waloff   Managing Director                         Waloff Associates
Johanna-Maria DammMarketing Officer                         Watermans
Leigh Stops          Marketing Director                   Watermans
Dhruba Chhetry       Director                             Wembley Tandoori
Ray Cambell          Head of Business                     West London Audi
Carl Van Petegem     Local Business Development Manager   West London Audi
David Martinez       Local Business Development Manager   West London Audi
Shelley Sharma       Event Manager                        West London Business
Nam Sharma           Event Manager                        West London Business
Manvier Jagpal       Head of Events                       West London Business
Sharon Kidd                                               West London Business
Julie Parokkaran                                          West London Business
Man Tai              Events Team                          West London Business
Steven Lum           Events Team                          West London Business
Frank Wingate        Chief Executive                      West London Business
Paul Davies          Projects Manager                     West London Business
James Cummings       Economic Development Executive       West London Business
Susan Boles          Marketing Manager                    West London Business
Simon Caffrey        Business Development Manager         West London Business
Carol Fraser         Office Manager                       West London Business
Russell Harris       Economic Development Manager         West London Business
Nina MacPherson      Business Development Executive       West London Business
Mike Grieshaber      Insolvency Manager                   Wilkins Kennedy
Michaela Izquierdo   Audit Managers                       Wilkins Kennedy
Sylvia Tse           Audit Managers                       Wilkins Kennedy
Ray Herb             Insolvency Administrator             Wilkins Kennedy
Richard Poole                                             World Tuty Free
Grant Strelling      Director                             You Manage Ltd
Design Consultant's Ltd
d Rover Kensington & Park Royal
mmercial Relocation Ltd
mmercial Relocation Ltd
Name       Surname Both                 Position Guest Of Company Table No. Address 1
Satish     Kanabar Satish Kanaba                               Barclays
Bill       Hanway Bill Hanway                                  EDAW Plc               1a Lonsdale Square
Jason      Prior     Jason Prior                               EDAW Plc               1a Lonsdale Square
Dermot     Finch     Dermot Finch                              Institute for Public Policy Research
Mr         Hugh      Mr Hugh                                   London Borough of Hillingdon
Jonny                                                          London communications
Jim        Steele    Jim Steele         Managing Director      Meica Services
Cay        Stratton  Cay Stratton                              Queen Panel            28 Centre
                                        Director National Employment Anne's Business Broadway
Mr         Miliband Mr Miliband                                                       609 Nobel House
                                                               Secretary of State's Office
Deborah Wharton Deborah Wharton Area Director                  Seeda                  Milton Keynes
Elizabeth Howlett AMElizabeth Howlett AM                       Merton and Wandsworth  London Assembly
Tom        Riggs     Tom Riggs                                 GlaxoSmithKline
                                        Area Director, Brentford & Greenford          Facilities Department GSK House
Mark       Gilks     Mark Gilks         Chief Executive        LBH
            Linda Thomas Thomas
Professor Linda Thomas                  Pro-Vice-Chancellor Brunel
Alex       Goodship Alex Goodship                              West London Transport Strategy
                                        West London Travel Plan Co-ordinator
Tim        Forrester Tim Forrester                             West London Transport Strategy
                                        West London Travel Plan Co-ordinator
Peter                Peter Lambert OBE Director, London & South East In The Community
           Lambert OBE                                         Business Business Support
                   Address 2 Address 3 Postcode TelephoneEmail         Dietary    Notes      Member   Amount
                                                020 8218 6749
                   London                       020 7700 9543
                   London                       020 7700 9543
Public Policy Research                          020 7470 6167

                                                  01784 229900
                                                  0207 340 9591
                    London                                  rob.davies@DEFRA.GSI.GOV.UK
                                                  0207 2385366
        Milton Keynes
                    City Hall London    SE1 2AA
        Facilities Department GSK House         8800 3301

                            4th Ealing Council
                                        12-16 Uxbridge Rd, 020
                  C/O Transport, Floor Perceval House 2HL Ealing 8825 7223                            No
                            4th Ealing Council
                                        12-16 Uxbridge Rd, 020
                  C/O Transport, Floor Perceval House 2HL Ealing 8825 7223                            No
                  137 Shepherdess Walk             N1 7RQ 020 7566      Partners
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