Elevator Pitch Guidelines by uyk41809


									                               Elevator Pitch Guidelines

What it all means:
An elevator pitch is a 60-second (200 words or less) action-oriented description of a
business designed to sell the idea of the business to another.
       -It is longer than a vision statement or tagline.
       -It is not to be your mission statement—it should not only tell what you do or what
       you want to do, but get the person to buy in to what you are aiming to do
       -May sound like a sales pitch—that is the idea

-The goal of an elevator pitch to a customer is to perk the listener’s interest enough to
set a formal appointment for further discussion.
-The goal of an elevator pitch to a potential employee is to kindle a passion for your
-The goal of an elevator pitch for general networking is to ensure that the other person
leaves with your key message
-The goal of an elevator pitch to a family member is for your parents to keep supporting
you and your uncle to introduce you to that angel investor he claims to know.

Format of Delivery:
1. Lead with a hook
2. Purpose of the service/product
       a. How your firm/product/service is unique or superior to competition
3. Where the business is now
4. What type of capital is needed

How it should Sound:
-It should be a conversation
-There should be room for conversation
        a. Person asks you a question, you have the answer, and you can then go on
        with the rest of your information
-It should not be memorized/robotic
-You should be excited about what you are pitching
        a. The person should be able to hear the passion in your voice
        b. You aren’t being graded, you are being awarded capital
UNeMed Competition “You, the Investor, 60 Seconds…Go!”
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

      The first ever UNeMed Elevator Pitch Competition presents UNMC students,
      faculty and staff with a great opportunity to pitch their scientific business idea to a
      panel of judges and a chance to win cash prizes. The term elevator pitch has
      been thrown around the business world, which literally means, “Tell me about
      your business within the time that it would take to ride up an elevator.”
      Presenting yourself effectively is an essential tool in the business arena. A well-
      planned elevator pitch can open the doors to your future endeavors. Please note
      that ideas may be at any stage of development from creation of concepts or
      ideas to an established business.

             1. Create a learning opportunity for students, faculty and staff to present
                their business venture or idea in an environment that promotes new
                venture creation and the spirit of entrepreneurship
             2. Award students, faculty and staff on the merits of presenting their idea
                with cash prizes and certificates of participation
             3. Give students, faculty and staff a chance to showcase their talent and
                passion for entrepreneurship

            1. The competition will be comprises of registered participants, in a
               single round of presentations
            2. The judging will be held by three judges which will hear all pitches
            3. Judges will present the prize winners at the end of the competition

      Pitch Guidelines
             -The purpose of a pitch is to QUICKLY get the potential investor’s
             attention, let them know what you have and what you are offering to get
             them to say…”Tell me more!”
             -Distributing material, samples and/or prototypes is permitted
             -The use of audio visual equipment is NOT permitted, i.e. PowerPoint,
             transparencies or slides
             -Each competitor will be given a 60 second break at the conclusion of the
             pervious presentation
             -Each competitor will be given 90 seconds to present their pitch
             -Presenters may only have 1 team member deliver the presentation

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