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					March 2006

Elevating Your Elevator Pitch
How many times a day does someone ask you this question:

“So, what do you do?”

Most of us would respond by launching into a well-rehearsed spiel, then hand the
person a business card. But what if, instead telling someone your story, you handed
that person a video iPod or cell phone and showed him or her a short video story that
succinctly tied your philosophy, mission, and values to your products and services?

Think about the honest personal connection your mobile video story could help you
create with another person. When your “straight from the heart” story meets “state
of the art” video technology, all kinds of powerful and memorable interactions can
occur. From a practical standpoint, a mobile video story enables you to consistently
deliver the same story to new audiences, without worrying whether or not you’re
having an “off” day.

We’ve been swimming in the mobile video waters for the past couple of months, and
we love the freedom of showing people what we do, rather than telling them. And
we love the responses we’ve been getting. When Holly attended the Seth Godin
marketing seminar in New York last January, she packed her video iPod.

During a seminar break, she was chatting with a man about real estate, and showed
him the story we created for real estate agent Timm McBride. Holly’s new friend
loved the story, the high video and audio quality of the video iPod, and the ease of
use. He had been looking for a real estate agent in the Washington, DC area and
told Holly he wished the realtors he had been talking to had created a story like
Timm’s, because he wanted to see how they actually worked with clients.

Here are two more examples of how our clients are using mobile video technology to
spread their stories. One of our clients is a church pastor. He downloaded his video
story to his video iPod. He is able to share his story by using a delivery method his
youthful, tech-savvy audience could relate to.

Another client is the proud father of a rising star in the world of BMW Formula USA
racing. We recently completed a video sponsorship story and downloaded it to a
video iPod. Our client can now show potential sponsors an engaging and exciting


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story about his son, any time, anywhere. Our client travels extensively, and we’re
sure he talks about his son’s success every chance he gets. Now he can show his son’s
story, too.

Tips for Creating a Successful Mobile Video Story
We are big believers in using mobile video technology to spread your story. But
there’s more to it than slapping a series of video images together and loading it to an
iPod or cell phone. Here are our suggestions in creating a story that works for the
small screen:
    • Mobile audiences have very short attention spans so keep your story short.
        Three minutes is the maximum; two to two-and-a-half minutes is actually
    • Make every image and word count. You can tell a great video story in two-
        to-three minutes, as long as you keep a tight focus on your message.
    • Use a tripod when shooting video. Because your story will be seen on a screen
        that measures two inches by two inches (or less), any movement in your video
        images will be magnified. Ditto with using large-scale video effects.

In conclusion, mobile video technology is not just for kids. It’s an effective business
tool that enables you to use the power of video to tell a great story and spread the
word through one-on-one relationships. But remember: cool video technology means
nothing if you don’t have a great story to tell.

Web Site Update
Like a lot of things in life, our Web site is taking longer to launch than we planned.
Our new goal is to have it up and running in April. Expect to see more video stories
and less text. We’re excited about the way it’s shaping up and we’re looking forward
to sharing our “new look” with you.

Talk to you next month-

Wayne & Holly