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					                                             Building an
                                                          ELEVATOR Pitch
                                                          How to better sell your product or service

Imentioned in previous articles for the necessity of having an effective elevator pitch   to
describe your products and services to a prospect or customer. I often find that trade show
exhibitor staff frequently can’t quickly tell me what their products or services are and thus
lose my interest. I thought that a refresher on the subject might be in order.

OK, so what is an elevator pitch and how do you build one?

An elevator pitch is an overview of a product or service delivered quickly and concisely.
The name reflects the fact that an elevator pitch can be delivered in the time span of an
elevator ride.

What are the key components?
Your elevator pitch should cover the following:

    What is your product or service?
      Briefly describe what it is you sell.

    Who are you selling the product or service to?
      Briefly discuss who you are selling the product or service to. What are the
      characteristics of a typical buyer?

    What problem does your product solve?
      Briefly discuss the benefits of having your product or service in terms of revenue it will
      generate, money or time saved. What are the deliverables?

    What is your competitive advantage?
      You need to effectively communicate how your product is different and why you have an
      advantage over the competition. Better features? More efficient and/or effective?

    What is the expertise of your company to offer the product or service?
What your “Elevator Pitch” must contain:
  1. A hook
     Open your pitch by getting the listener’s attention with a statement or question that
     piques their interest to want to hear more.

  2. About 100-150 words
     Your pitch should go no longer than 30 seconds.

  3. Passion
     Customers expect energy and dedication from sales people.

  4. A call to action
     At the end of your pitch, you must ask for something. Do you want their business card,
     to schedule a full presentation or to ask for a referral?

Example of an “Elevator Pitch”
Are you interested in learning how to solve enterprise data nightmares?

ABC Data Integration Suite is a fully unified solution for building, deploying, and managing
complex data warehouses as part of SOA, business intelligence, and master data
management. ABC Data Integration helps companies in a rough economic climate by reducing
development costs by approximately 30 percent, improving business process execution times
by roughly 70 percent, and increasing the speed of handling data by about 50 percent.

For almost 30 years, ABC Company has been helping customers like you manage your
business systems and information with reliable, secure, and integrated technologies.

Would you like see a demo of our software to find how you could make an immediate impact
on the handling of your enterprise data?

If you include the elements above and practice your pitch, you should see an immediate
difference. Get started and have fun! Thanks to Robert Pagliarini of for
some help in making this article succinct.

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