Immigrant Youth in the United States

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					         Background Information and Statistics on Immigrant Youth

   There are over 15 million immigrant youth comprising over 20% of children in the
    United States today. If current immigration trends continue, they will comprise 25%
    of all U.S. children by 2010.

   80% of these children were born in the United States, thus they are U.S. citizens. 61%
    of these youth live in families where one or more parents are non-citizens. This has
    significant implications for access to basic services due to parents’ lack of legal

   5 million children have “undocumented” parents (also referred to as unauthorized or
    illegal immigrants). Even in these families, 2/3 of the children are U.S. citizens.

   In 2000, 68% of young children of immigrants lived in California, Texas, New York,
    Florida, Illinois, and New Jersey. However, the number of immigrant families is
    growing most rapidly in North Carolina, Nebraska, Nevada, Georgia, Iowa,
    Tennessee, Oregon, Colorado, and Idaho.

Courtesy of The Urban Institute, 2006.