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       Business intelligence software facilitates the dynamic management
                    of telecommunication network resources

      * generates on-demand documentation to speed up and optimize network configuration and

Brussels, Belgium, July 3, 2007 --- Today, NetworkMining releases what is believed to be the first
commercial query, reporting and analysis package for managing telecommunications network
resources. Called NetworkObjects, the application software exploits the data available from inventory
and operational support systems to provide a carrier's network engineering decision makers with on-
demand maps, documentation and analysis of the transport layer infrastructure.

Unlike other categories of operational support software, which have typically been developed for
volume processes and transactions, NetworkObjects provides a business intelligence platform for
engineering staff to quickly and jointly make one-off decisions on network service and resource
configuration and deployment and troubleshooting. The system also helps users analyse and reduce
risk, by providing incident simulation for example, and provides helpful reports such as key
performance indicator (KPI) 'dashboards'.
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                                    NetworkMining has launched what is believed to be the first commercial
                                    query, reporting and analysis package for managing telecommunications
                                    network resources.
                                    Images, anticlockwise, from top left:
                                        • Selecting a particular ring.
                                        • Viewing a circuit in a selected timeslot.
                                        • Zooming in to see the installed equipment.
                                        • Vector graphics ensure clear views at all stages of drill down
Network Objects, 2/2

NetworkObjects' capabilities and query tools have been field proven before commercial launch,
through deployment with several large European carriers.

"A carrier's network is constantly evolving, and engineering teams typically take decisions by referring
to an outdated map, combined with calls to on-the-spot engineers who know the current local
situation," says Bart Stuyckens, CTO of NetworkMining. "If they possess any automated
understanding of the network, it's usually generated by custom software. NetworkObjects delivers an
open and extremely versatile solution for tracking network resources, that provides a powerful tool for
progress in the increasingly dynamic business environment faced by carriers."

NetworkObjects provides vendor-neutral, multi-system dashboards, graphical reports and network
diagrams, as well as advanced analysis modules and KPI calculations in a single click. Users can 'drill
down' through the information contained in maps and views to obtain detailed intelligence on physical
and logical network configuration. The use of vector representation ensures that clear graphical views
are presented at all stages of drilling down. Dozens of useful KPI reports are available as standard,
which users can select from when configuring the package for their network.

NetworkObjects 1.0 uses standard web browser software technology and will run on application
servers based on Microsoft Windows, and database servers using mySQL. The software has been
designed to facilitate rapid interfacing with other packages such as a carrier's proprietary element
management systems, or commercial inventory or network management system. Numerous interfaces
have already been developed as part of the company's work with lead users.

"Our success with our group of lead users demonstrates that there is a genuine need in the industry for
automated network business intelligence solutions. NetworkObjects significantly lowers the bar for
carriers to exploit the wealth of information stored in network management systems and inventory
management systems” adds Bart Stuyckens.

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