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					    A   COMMITMENT            TO   SERVICE      EXCELLENCE       FOR    OVER     45   YEARS                    WINTER      2005

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             Letter to                      Sharp’s STAR                      Charitable                           Canon
             Customers                      Program                           Foundation                           imageRUNNER®
             and Associates                                                   Donations                            2270 and 2870
             Tech Talk:                                                       GFC Fitchburg
             Eliminating Lines                                                Facility
             on Copies

Canon’s imageRUNNER® 3570 and 4570:
Superior Integration Features Streamline Document Workflow
D esigned to integrate the complex
workflow processes of today’s business
                                       3570 and 4570 can be customized
                                       to meet the needs of specific office
                                                                            finisher provides neatly stapled
                                                                            and hole-punched output.
world, Canon’s imageRUNNER®                  environments, increasing equipment
3570 and 4570 deliver unmatched              versatility and integrating existing             Protect confidential data with the
performance, reliability and innovation.     functions for effective management of            imageRUNNER’s state-of-the-art
Ideal for medium-sized businesses and        paper- and digital-based information.            security features. Secure Print enables
work groups, the imageRUNNER 3570                                                             the user to delay printing until a
and 4570 offer a number of value-added       Easy-to-use, featuring a full-color,             password is entered at the device.
features to streamline workflow and          touch-screen interface, the                      ID Management and Single Sign On
maximize productivity.                       imageRUNNER 3570 and 4570 deliver                features limit access to the device by
                                             maximum system performance with a                requiring a pre-set password. The
Equipped with Canon’s MEAP®                  512MB RAM for powerful processing                enhanced security package also allows
(Multifunctional Embedded                    technology and a 20GB Hard Disk                  for controlled viewing of documents and
Application Platform) technology, the        Drive for extensive memory capacity.             data on the network with the ability to
imageRUNNER                                                                                   encrypt materials with a password.
                                             The imageRUNNER 3570 and 4570
                                             complete copy and print work quickly             Customize the way your office
                                             and efficiently with a digital laser             communicates with the optional
                                             copier printer engine that delivers print        document distribution capabilities
                                             speeds of 35 and 45 pages per minute,            available on Canon’s imageRUNNER
                                             respectively, and an expandable paper            3570 and 4570. The Universal Send™
                                             supply that includes up to six paper trays       Kit enables distribution of digital
                                             with a maximum 4570-sheet capacity.              documents to any network destination,
                                                                                              while eCopy ShareScan™ OP (Open
                                                          Create professional-looking         Platform) connects the system with
                                                          documents with the                  your company’s e-mail and network
                                                          imageRUNNER’s quality               applications for secure document
                                                          output resolutions of               distribution and data management.
                                                          2400 x 600 dpi and
                                                          full document finishing             For more information on Canon’s
                                                          capabilities. The saddle            imageRUNNER 3570 or 4570, please
                                                          finisher creates in-house           contact your Gordon Flesch Company
                                                          booklets, while the internal        representative.
                       Canon ImageRUNNER® 3570

             w       w        w         .   g       f      l      e      s       c        h       .     c      o      m
        C   O   M   P A   N   Y,   I   N C .

Dear Customers and Associates,

At the Gordon Flesch Company, we take our commitment to service seriously — not only our customer service,
but our community service as well.
In this issue of The Source, we feature the annual donations made by the Gordon Flesch Charitable Foundation.
In its second year, the Foundation selected 20 worthy organizations to receive more than $100,000 in donations
to help better the lives of those in communities the Gordon Flesch Company serves.
We also recognize a new class of graduates from Sharp’s Technical Academy Rewards (STAR) program. Sharp’s STAR
program focuses on increasing the knowledge and skills necessary to offer our customers excellent technical service.
Through the work of the Gordon Flesch Charitable Foundation and that of our skilled employees, the Gordon
Flesch Company is ready to serve you, your business and your community in the year ahead.

Tom Flesch                             John Flesch                    Bill Flesch

     ocument feeders have made photocopying faster and
easier by enabling you to copy several pages consecutively.
However, occasionally problems will arise with the feed,
                                                                              Getting Rid of Lines
                                                                              On Your Copies
                                                                              To resolve this problem, carefully lift up the document feeder to
                                                                              locate the slit glass. It is a thin (about an inch wide) piece of glass
                                                                              that runs from the front to the rear of the
resulting in issues such as lines on your copies. While a number              machine right next to the large exposure
of things can cause these lines, the most common cause in new                 glass. On some models, the slit glass is
models is a dirty “slit” glass — a problem that can easily be                 part of the large exposure glass. To clean
solved by the operator.                                                       the slit glass, use a non-abrasive towel
In order to determine if the slit glass is the problem, note                  with alcohol or glass cleaner.
whether the lines appear on all copies or just the ones fed                   If copy lines or problems persist after
through the document feeder. If copies made off the glass or                  cleaning, contact the Gordon Flesch
from print jobs are free of lines, a dirty slit glass is the likely           Company. Our dedicated service
culprit. These lines are caused when originals are scanned                    professionals will help address your
and fed over the slit glass. Any small piece of dirt or toner                 photocopying problems in a timely
on the slit glass will show up as a line.                                     manner.


             w            w        w           .   g     f       l        e         s       c       h        .       c       o       m
               Gordon Flesch Company Honors Sharp® STAR Program Recipients
Sharp® Document Solutions Company of America, Services & Support,                             adds product specific knowledge, requiring technicians to choose an
is encouraging service excellence and customer satisfaction in the                            area of specialization: multifunctional printers, color or connectivity.
industry with its Sharp Technical Academy Rewards (STAR) program.                             Gold certification includes content focused on solutions applied to
Sharp’s STAR program, introduced in July of 2003, recognizes and                              the technician’s area of specialization.
rewards technicians that consistently deliver exceptional service                             Technicians must pass all courses within a specific certification
and performance. The STAR program is comprised of three levels                                at a minimum grade level of 85 percent or better to be eligible
of certification: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each certification level                           for the next level of certification. Upon completion of a certification
is designed to increase knowledge by focusing on a unique skill                               level, technicians receive Sharp STAR rewards for their work.
set through a series of online or instructor-led courses at Sharp                             The Gordon Flesch Company recognizes and commends all field
Technical Academy.                                                                            engineers who have qualified for STAR program certification — these
Bronze certification establishes a foundation of basic skills including                       employees exemplify the Gordon Flesch Company commitment
digital, printer, fax, PC and networking expertise. Silver certification                      to service excellence.

 Bryan Ashley, IL       Bobby Berrier, IL         Jeff Craig, IL        Eric Leach, IL        Jeff McMenamin, IL     Tim Pedersen, IL        Joe Schubert, IL        Rob Sherman, IL
      Bronze                 Bronze                   Bronze                Bronze                  Bronze                  Bronze                Bronze                  Bronze

 Matt Watkins, IL       Jon Andrews, OH          Ed Daniels, OH        James Dodd, OH         Mark Edwards, OH        Bill Gorby, OH         Ron Herron, OH          Matt Kamm, OH
      Bronze                 Bronze                   Bronze                Bronze                  Bronze                  Bronze                Bronze                   Silver

Mark Langford, OH       Rick Marczak, OH         Jay Nichols, OH        Al Sager, OH          Ron Schemrich, OH     Mike Schumaker, OH       Matt Taylor, OH         Dustin Brasch, WI
      Bronze                 Bronze                   Bronze                Bronze                  Bronze                  Bronze                Bronze                  Bronze

 Mark Bubolz, WI         Jon Clark, WI            John Cone, WI         Bob Cotter, WI         Jeff Diederich, WI     Jon Forston, WI        Ron Frazer, WI            Tom Hall, WI
      Bronze                 Bronze                   Bronze                Bronze                   Bronze                 Bronze                Bronze                  Bronze

Mark Helgeson, WI       Daniel Hines, WI        Justin Hollman, WI      Al Huerth, WI          Alex Hughes, WI        Andy Mayer, WI          Jim Marty, WI         Shawn McCauley, WI
      Bronze                 Bronze                   Bronze                Bronze                  Bronze                  Bronze                Bronze                  Bronze

 Jim McEvoy, WI         Roger Munns, WI           Jeff Olson, WI       Terry Parker, WI        Scott Penegor, WI    William Schmid, WI       Tim Smith, WI           Jim Soehnlein, WI
      Bronze                 Bronze                   Bronze                Bronze                  Bronze                  Bronze                Bronze                  Bronze

                                                Steve Stoffels, WI     Al Thorman, WI          Matt Wilson, WI       Alan Zimmer, WI
                                                      Bronze                Bronze                   Bronze                 Bronze


                    w          w            w         .            g    f        l        e           s         c       h            .   c          o           m
             The Gordon Flesch Charitable Fo

    Awards Seco
    Annual Donat                                                                                                                                The following
                                                                                                                                                Gordon Flesch
                                                                                                                                                • New Hope Sc
                                                                                                                                                   educational pr
                                                                                                                                                • Greater Illinois
      Pictured from l. to r.: Rev. Paul E. Anderson and                     Pictured from l. to r.: Bonnie Aberle, Gordon Flesch Company;
      Judith Anderson, New Hope School; J. Gordon Myers                                  Hugo Cardona and Geri Howley, La Causa, Inc.;          • American Can
      and Ed Daniels, Gordon Flesch Company                                                     J. Gordon Myers, Gordon Flesch Company
                                                                                                                                                • Hesed House —
                                                                                                                                                   serving those in
    C    ontinuing the Gordon Flesch Company’s commitment to           The New Hope School of Chicago received a donation                       • Visiting Nurses
    community service, the Gordon Flesch Charitable Foundation         to help fund the school’s work with minority youth from the              OHIO
    awarded its second annual donations this past fall. More           Chicago Lawns neighborhood. New Hope offers Chicago                      Columbus
    than $100,000 was given to worthy charities throughout             youth a safe haven from gang violence and drug activity                  • American Can
    Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin.                                                                                            2
                                                                       year round. During the summer, New Hope is open 1 hours                  • The American
    According to plan, the Gordon Flesch Company associates            a day, offering hot meals and educational activities to                  • Central Comm
                                                                       children pre-school through third grade.                                   with the skills n
    played an integral role in selecting this year’s charities,                                                                                   safe neighborho
    providing suggestions and recommendations to Charitable            In Aurora, Ill., the Charitable Foundation donated to the
    Foundation board members. The board members, who are               Hesed House, a non-profit coalition of religious ministries              • Children’s Hung
    also Gordon Flesch Company associates, researched potential        serving those in need of food, medical care, shelter and                   nutrition progra
    recipients within their respective communities and then with       hospitality. The Charitable Foundation’s donation will target            • The Homeless F
    other board members, reviewed those candidates, placing a          the organization’s Transitional Living program.                            support to fami
    special emphasis on organizations concerned with providing                                                                                  WISCONSIN
                                                                       The Homeless Families Foundation (HFF) in Dublin, Ohio received
    physical, mental and emotional assistance to children. The board                                                                            Madison
                                                                       a donation to help fund the Foundation’s work, providing shelter,        • The Center for
    also made an effort to focus its donations on specific programs    support and security for homeless children and their families              learning assista
    within larger organizations. From a pool of many worthy            while they prepare to acquire and maintain permanent housing.            • Children’s Serv
    recipients, the board selected 20 organizations reflecting         The Homeless Families Foundation also runs a Children’s                    for Foster Chil
    a variety of causes.                                               Education Center designed to help children achieve in school               for foster paren
    Examples of the donations include:                                 and provide art, nature and music enrichment.                            • The Chris Farle
                                                                                                                                                  youth substance
    In Milwaukee, Wis., the Charitable Foundation donated to           The Charitable Foundation provided a donation to                         • Community Pa
    La Causa, Inc., an organization providing child care, education    Children’s Hunger Alliance® in Dublin, Ohio to help fund                   program — pro
    and child abuse prevention. With a 24-hour temporary shelter       their nutritional work with more than 1,600 family childcare               suffering from
    and crisis nursery, La Causa provides a safe environment           providers across Ohio. The Alliance sets nutrition standards             • Madison Comm
                                                                                                                                                  for Kids progra
    for children, newborn through 12 years, in times of family         for childcare providers, works with schools to establish                   low-income fam
    emergency, crisis or respite care.                                 foodservice programs, and advocates for legislative                      Milwaukee
    Wisconsin’s Madison Community Health Center (MCHC)                 changes to expand statewide nutrition programs and                       • Children’s Hea
    received a donation to help fund its operation of community-       federal funding for child nutrition programs.                              preventative he
    based clinics for low-income residents in Dane County. The                                                                                  • Kyle’s Korner —
                                                                       The Gordon Flesch Company funds the Gordon Flesch
    health center’s Dental Care for Kids program will receive the                                                                               • La Causa, Inc.
                                                                       Charitable Foundation primarily with dollars formerly spent
    Charitable Foundation donation to help fund approximately                                                                                   • Second Harves
                                                                       on holiday parties, recognition dinners and other celebratory
    250 dental visits for children in the Dane County area.                                                                                     • The Wisconsin
                                                                       occasions, as well as employee contributions.                              sponsors a sum

                                                                                                       w         w         w          .     g        f       l

g organizations received 2004
h Charitable Foundation donations:

chool — an inner-city school providing
rogramming and activities for children

 s Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association                Fitchburg Facility Set to Open this Summer
ncer Society®
                                                         I n order to accommodate company growth and increasing business demands, the Gordon
                                                         Flesch Company is relocating its Madison, Wis. branch and company headquarters to a
 — a coalition of religious ministries
 n need
                                                         new, expanded facility in Fitchburg, about 3 miles from the current location. The 46,000-
                                                         square-foot facility will house 235 of the Gordon Flesch Company’s 700 employees.
                                                         “We are very excited about this expansion,” said John Flesch, executive vice president
                                                         and treasurer of the Gordon Flesch Company. “Our new location will enable us
ncer Society® “Relay for Life”                           to continue to grow as a leading business equipment provider, sharing innovative
 Lung Association®                                       technologies with our customers and continuing to deliver superior service.”
munity House — provides children and parents
necessary to build strong communities and                The layout of the new facility encourages efficient workflow and processing of
 oods                                                    customer requests and fulfillment. Large, private product demonstration rooms have
                                                         been added enabling customers to receive firsthand experience with the equipment
 ger Alliance® — provides childhood                      and software available. The new building will also house special training facilities
 ams                                                     for Gordon Flesch Company sales and administrative employees to keep them
 Families Foundation — provides shelter and              current on the latest technologies.
 ilies preparing to acquire permanent housing
                                                         The new facility broke ground in August of 2004 and is expected to be complete
                                                         by August 1, 2005.
r Learning and Development (CLD) — provides
ance to children with complex learning challenges
 vice Society of Wisconsin , Treatment Care
 ldren program — provides support services               Employees Honored with Golden Eagle Award
  nts with children at high levels of need
ey Foundation — a foundation to help reduce
 e abuse                                                 Nine members of the Gordon Flesch sales team have been named 2004 Golden Eagle
artnerships, Inc., Caring for our Daughters              Award winners. The Golden Eagle Award is a sales incentive program from Canon U.S.A.
 ovides assistance to children and youth                 that recognizes office equipment sales representatives for placing Canon products in
  mental illness, as well as their families              workplaces. Salespeople receive points for each placement redeemable for merchandise
 munity Health Center (MCHC), Dental Care                and travel. The Gordon Flesch Company congratulates the following members of its sales
am — provides dental care for children of
milies                                                   team on their accomplishments:

alth Education Center — provides
 ealth education to children
                                                         Dave Conroy; Geneva, IL                Scott Mikos; Geneva, IL
                                                         Jerry Davis; Madison, WI               Frank Schaefer; Chicago; IL
— a bereavement program for children
  — a crisis nursery
                                                         Jay Erfurth; Madison, WI               Max Traven; Dublin, OH
 st Food Bank of Wisconsin                               John Klus; Madison, WI                 Steven Widmer; Milwaukee, WI
 Alliance for Fire Safety (WAFS) Summer Camp —           Leslie McCleary; Geneva, IL
mmer camp for youth with significant burn injuries

     e         s        c        h       .      c    o        m
New Canon imageRUNNER® 2270 and imageRUNNER® 2870
All-in-one Units Maximize Business Efficiency and Control
Small work groups can now enjoy               that can be customized to fit your                   tasks, delivering output speeds of 22
total system integration with Canon’s         business’ specific needs — saving                    and 28 pages per minute, respectively,
imageRUNNER® 2270 and 2870.                   you time and money.                                  with resolutions of up to 2400 x 600 dpi.
Whether it’s creating complex documents       Providing the ultimate in multifunction              Completing these projects is no problem
or sharing information through your           technology, the imageRUNNER 2270                     with the units’ comprehensive offering
network, these units provide a host           and 2870 make printing, copying,                     of finishing capabilities, such as collation
of innovative hardware                         scanning, sending and faxing documents              and stapling.
and system accessories                          easier than ever. These units are                  Innovative document sharing capabilities
                                                  powered by the latest Canon                      and job forwarding options allow for
                                                  imagePlatform architecture, designed             secure paperless distribution of data, while
                                                  to provide unmatched quality and                 advanced security features ensure that
                                                  exceptional performance across all               information is well protected. Users can
                                                  functions. Canon MEAP® technology                choose from several industry-standard file
                                                  also allows users to effectively                 formats and easily select destinations
                                                                 manage information                from the units’ high-capacity address
                                                                 by incorporating                  book. Each unit is equipped with ID
                                                                 unique applications.              Management and Single Sign On features,
                                                                     The imageRUNNER               limiting access to authorized users.
                                                                     2270 and 2870’s               For more information on Canon’s
                                                                     high-quality, digital         imageRUNNER 2270 or 2870, please
                                                                     laser copier/printer          contact your Gordon Flesch Company
                                                                     engines easily handle         representative.
                                                                     everyday business

                        Canon ImageRUNNER® 2270

  the                              2101 West Beltline Highway
                                   Madison, WI 53713
                                                                    5655 Venture Drive
                                                                    Dublin, OH 43017
                                                                                                 401 North Kirk Road
                                                                                                 Geneva, IL 60134
                                                                                                                          30 South Wacker Drive
                                                                                                                          Suite 3905
  g o rd o n f l e s c h           Phone: 608-271-2100
                                   or 800-333-5905
                                                                    Phone: 614-789-5700
                                                                    or 800-756-1 4
                                                                                                 Phone: 630-262-8300
                                                                                                 or 800-950-4718
                                                                                                                          Chicago, IL 60606
                                                                                                                          Phone: 312-544-6850
  c o m p a ny                     Fax: 608-271-9703                Fax: 614-789-0902            Fax: 630-262-0294        Fax: 312-544-6858
                                                                                                                          Satellite offices: Downers Grove, IL
  s e r ve s yo u                  11021 West Lincoln Avenue
                                   West Allis, WI 53227
                                                                    2756 Lexington Avenue
                                                                    Mansfield, OH 44904
                                                                                                 1504 Essington Road
                                                                                                 Joliet, IL 60435
                                                                                                                          Janesville, WI
                                                                                                                          Beloit, WI
                                                                                                                                              Libertyville, IL
                                                                                                                                              Rockford, IL
  f ro m t h e s e                 Phone: 414-321-8844
                                   or 800-365-1672
                                                                    Phone: 419-884-2031
                                                                    or 800-866-2031
                                                                                                 Phone: 815-7  44-1414
                                                                                                 or 800-475-5457
                                                                                                                          Kenosha, WI
                                                                                                                          Racine, WI
                                                                                                                                              Findlay, OH
                                                                                                                                              Lancaster, OH
  l o c a ti o n s :               Fax: 414-321-8867                Fax: 419-884-3349            Fax: 815-7 41-5375       Buffalo Grove, IL
                                                                                                                          Calumet City, IL
                                                                                                                                              Newark, OH
                                                                                                                                              Chillicothe, OH
                                   w     w     w     .    g     f      l    e    s    c      h     .    c    o     m      Crystal Lake, IL    Wooster, OH

2101 W . B E L T L I N E H I G H W A Y
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