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Bryan L Glass


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									Matthew L. Rosendaul___________________________517-712-7665
302 Warren Ave                                                                            matt@rosendaul.com
Charlotte, MI 48813-1967                                                                   www.rosendaul.com

      Most of my professional life has been spent in self-employment or in roles wherein I was required to act
      without direct supervision. These roles have reinforced my strength as a self-motivated individual. I have
      developed a strong reputation for being a very organized, efficient, and profit minded professional. I am
      currently seeking employment within a medium sized company or organization. My ideal position would offer
      me opportunities to advance to higher management positions and would allow me access to a comprehensive
      benefit package and an exciting and challenging work environment.

Professional Knowledge and Skills

         Management
             o   To be successfully self-employed means being a good manager. I start each day by reviewing the
                 lists I made the previous day, adjusting items for priority. I endeavor to make consistent progress
                 on every project. My management style is indicative of a view of the “big picture” and is based on
                 successful principles and focused on the mission statement of the company or project in question.
         Business Planning & Development
             o   I have written several business plans for projects ranging from existing business purchases and
                 reorganizations to completely new business concepts. Each of my plans has led to business
                 financing and serves the business owners as a resource for managing their companies on a daily
                 basis. I have a mock plan in my portfolio for prospective employer review. The strongest elements
                 of my business plans are the financial statements such as pro-forma income statements, cash flow
                 forecasts and break-even analyses. Each plan also includes comprehensive market analysis of
                 customers and competitors and a marketing plan.

         Sales, Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations
             o   I have held positions in retail sales and have developed great sales skills in my years of self-
                 employment. I understand that in order to sell a product, one must first sell themselves and the
                 company. My confidence and communication skills combined with a superior product, makes a
                 winning sales combination.
             o   Holding a degree in Marketing from WMU, I have further advanced my knowledge of business
                 marketing with real world experience. I have been involved in product development, branding,
                 patent & trademark registrations, and marketing research. I have written successful radio and
                 television ad campaigns, as well as numerous press releases and print ads.
         Human Resources Management
             o   I have managed staff and teams of every size up to about 60 employees in my last management
                 role. I am a very hands-on manager and enjoy participating in many of the tasks I delegate to
                 others. I appreciate and reward staff on a daily basis and enjoy motivating and training others to
             o   In each of my recent roles I have been required to recruit and interview managers and staff. I
                 have written employee policy manuals and have processed the payroll and all aspects of employee
                 record keeping. I am very experienced in handling human resource concerns such as
                 unemployment compensation, workmen’s compensation, F.O.C. claims, and Social Security
                 Disability benefits. It is here that my organization skills are well utilized.
         Technical Expertise
             o   One of my guiding principles has always been to learn something from every project and every
                 person I encounter. I take a scientific and engineering approach to each project. I have an
                 extensive collection of micrometers and other specialty measuring devices. I can read and
                 interpret blueprints and schematics, and I have been involved in engineering every aspect of
                 restaurant operations including beverage dispensing and gas mixing systems, air handling
                 equipment for ventilation and recovery, HVAC systems, and ergonomic efficiency.
Work History Summary

1997-2002       Pro Copia, Inc. DBA Billiards Playground, Kalamazoo, Michigan
     I purchased the business I had been managing in January. It wasn’t too much of a change for me because I always managed
       like I was the owner. Over the five years I owned the business, I expanded the kitchen and pro-shop, grew the number of
       tournaments and leagues, and became an instructor. In 1999 I was elected to the Board of Directors of the BCA, the national
       trade association and governing body of billiards in the U.S. and most of the world. Managing the room, promoting
       tournaments, and traveling the U.S. as an instructor and industry insider over-exposed me to the hobby that I loved. I had
       expectations of growing and expanding the business even more than I had, but the local township had made it known that they
       would not support my efforts to expand. Even though I had proven that the business was an asset to the community, it became
       apparent that unless I could expand the business by purchasing a liquor license and buying the property, the business would
       not meet my ambitions. In a sense, I had bought myself a job. In 2002, Ed approached me about moving to Lansing to open a
       new business. As we were planning on how to close or sell Billiards Playground, another business person approached me
       about buying all the assets of the business to open a billiard room of his own in a neighboring town. The timing was perfect,
       the buyer had cash, my property lease was up, so I took the money, sold the assets and my house and moved to the Lansing

       What I learned: I learned to manage a business based on principles. One of the most important ones was “Spend money on
        things that make money”. I also learned that every cliché ever said is 100% true and should be heeded as strong advice. I
        learned the value of taking care of good employees because they are the most important assets in any business. What I miss
        most about Billiards Playground is the number of customers I considered friends. About 80% of the people who came in on a
        daily basis were not just customers, but people I cared about. For most small businesses, maintaining regular customers is as
        simple as being a friend and caring about them as people.

2002-2004       Barley’s American Grill, Lansing, Michigan
     This was supposed to be a short term assignment while we organized things to open Fajita Factory. Barley’s is a sports bar,
       restaurant, and billiard room all in one. This is the business that Ed Hall opened using some of the money he received when I
       purchased Billiards Playground in 1997. I was hired as a manager, but shortly after became the General Manger after the
       original GM was fired. Barley’s gross sales were in excess of $1 million and included a large amount of bar business. An
       additional setback to our timeframe of opening Fajita Factory came when Ed broke his leg. This put the project behind in time
       and money. It did allow me to take more time to refine the business plan and design our concept.

       What I learned: I learned a great deal about the bar and restaurant business, but the long hours and late nights really turned
        me off from wanting to pursue a career in it. I refined my knowledge of beer and wine and spent a great deal of time as a
        bartender. I began working part time at Michigan Brewing Company as well. My whole time there was spent looking forward
        to opening Fajita Factory.

2004-2005         Fajita Factory (Now Sunset Grill & Bar), Lansing, Michigan
     In the spring of 2004, we received financing to begin our newest venture. The financing was granted based almost entirely on
       a well written business plan. With almost two years to work on it and refine our concept, the business plan was a work of art.
       In fact, our loan officer thought we had hired a consulting firm and paid tons of money to have it written. It was the best
       written plan he had seen in ten years of commercial lending. We began working on construction of the restaurant in July of
       2004. We leased a former Bill Knapp’s restaurant building on the south side of Lansing and completely remodeled it to
       eliminate any flavor of the old business. Although the project took too long to complete, and was way over budget, we finally
       opened in November of 2004. Over the next ten months, I assumed the duties of General Manager. Our staff numbered nearly
       60 in the beginning. It took all my skills of organization, delegation, marketing, management, technical expertise, and many
       skills I never knew I even had. It also took an incredible amount of time. For ten months I worked 60-70 hours per week,
       often 7 days a week. Although we did turn a profit after only seven months, business never really took off like we expected.
       Right now we are in the process of adding a more extensive menu and doing some minor remodeling to attract a wider
       customer base. I am no longer in the role of General Manager, but still remain active in the business. I am not interested in
       returning to work there on a daily basis, and may sell my ownership stake to the two other owner/managers.

       What I learned: Project Management, more about delegation and employee recognition, how to manage the finances of a
        small business and the importance of having a financial plan and budget, constantly referring to it and updating it to meet
        upcoming needs. Largely this was the application of all that I had learned up to this point. I will be better prepared to state
        what I learned during this project after I start my next career or project.

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