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									                                                                                       First Financial Credit, Inc.
                                                                                       205 North 18th Street
                                                                                       Middlesboro, KY 40965
                                                                                       Ph: (606) 248-5050
                                                                                       Fax: (606) 248-9276

First Financial Credit, Inc. is recognizing you as an important client.

     We would like to show our appreciation with this live check-offer for $1400.00.

                This check is an excellent way to boost your available cash!

      Cash availability is immediate                   Offer expires 30 days from issue date

                          Take advantage of. . .
No office visits                                                  No forms to fill out
No pre-payment penalty                                                Low monthly payments
This is an unrestricted offer. If there is a need for a larger sum of money please contact me
before cashing the check so First Financial Credit, Inc can make every effort to meet your needs.

We look forward to maintaining a personal relationship with you.


Tom Hourigan
Tom Hourigan
Chief Operating Officer
First Financial Credit, Inc.

        **By cashing this check you have accepted our offer of a loan. See reverse side for details.
         **An Equal Housing Lender
                                                                                 DETACH AND KEEP FOR YOUR RECORDS THIS
                                                                               PROMISSORY NOTE AND DISCLOSURE STATEMENT.

                               ANNUAL                                      FINANCE                                        AMOUNT                                 TOTAL OF
                               PERCENTAGE                                  CHARGE                                         FINANCED                               PAYMENTS
                               RATE                                        The dollar amount                              The amount of                          The amount I will
                               The cost of my                              The credit will cost                           credit provided to                     have paid after I
                               Credit as a yearly rate                     me.                                            me or on my behalf                     have made all
                                                                                                                                                                 payments as
                               27.03%                                      $318.46

              NUMBER OF PAYMENTS                           AMOUNT OF PAYMENTS                            WHEN PAYMENTS ARE DUE
              18                                           $95.47                                        MONTHLY BEGINNING ON THE 30T H DAY AFTER CHECK IS CASHED

PREPAYMENT IN FULL                          If you pay this loan off early, you will not have to pay a penalty and may be entitled to a refund of part of the Finance Charge.
LATE CHARGES                                If ½ or more of any payment is more than 7 days past due, a late charge equal to five cents for each one dollar ($1.00) of the $95.47 scheduled payment, or a minimum of $15.00,
                                            whichever is greater may be collected. Only one (1) charge may be collected for each scheduled installment.
SECURITY                                    This transaction is unsecured.

Refer to the rest of this Promissory Note, Disclosure Statement and Optional Insurance Disclosure for information about nonpayment, late payment, default, prepayment refunds and penalties, and any required payment in full
before the scheduled due date.
                        (1) The Amount Financed is the amount of the attached check ($1,400.00).
In this Promissory Note and Disclosure Statement (the “Note”), the words “you” and “your” mean anyone endorsing the attached check.
The words “we,”and “us” mean First Financial Credit, Inc.

PROMISE TO PAY                              You promise to pay us the applicable TOTAL OF PAYMENTS stated above, in consecutive equal monthly payments beginning on
                                            the first payment date stated above, which shall be the 30 th day after the attached check is cashed, and continuing on the same day of
                                            each month until this Note is fully paid. If there is no such date in any month that follows, then payment shall be made on the last day
                                            of that month The date of this Note is the date that you cash the attached check. The Finance charge shall be precomputed at the
                                            Annual Percentage Rate show above and consists of interest and credit investigation fee of $1.50 for each $50.00 of the principal
                                            amount of the loan.
PREPAYMENT IN FULL                          If you prepay this Note in full, we will allow a refund of the unearned finance charge for the months prepaid using the “Rule of 78’s”
REBATE                                      method. No refund less than one dollar ($1.00) will be made. No refund of the Credit Investigation Fee will be made.
LATE CHARGES                                If ½ or more of any payment is more than 7 days past due, a late charge equal to five cents for each one dollar ($1.00) of the $95.47
                                            scheduled payment, or a minimum of $15.00, whichever is greater may be collected. Only one (1) charge may be collected for each
                                            scheduled installment.
DEFERRAL                                    In the event of payment of all wholly unpaid payments on which no default charge has been collected is deferred one or more full
                                            month’s you agree to pay a deferment charge not exceeding two cents ($0.02) for each one dollar ($1.00) of the sum of payments so
                                            deferred, multiplied by the number of months the maturity of the loan is extended.
ACCELERATION                                If any payment is not paid when due, or if you fail to comply with any of the terms of this loan transaction, the unpaid balance of this
                                            indebtedness may, at our option, become due and payable without notice or demand and if this occurs, you shall be allowed a refund
                                            credit of unearned finance charge computed as set forth in the “prepayment if Full Rebate” section.
CONVERSION                                  If two or more full payments are one full month or more past due at any payment date, you agree that we may reduce the balance due
                                            on this Note by the rebate which would be required if this Note was prepaid in full on such payment date, and from that date you agree
                                            to pay charges computed at the Agreed Rate of Charge on unpaid principal balances for the time actually outstanding, with pay ments
                                            being applied first to charges due on the date of payment and the balances, if any, being applied to the unpaid principal balance of this
                                            Note for the time actually outstanding.
NSF CHECK CHARGE                            You agree to pay us a bad check charge of the greater of $25.00 or the actual amount charged by the financial institution for any check
                                            it returns or dishonors.
ATTORNEY FEES                               You agree to pay reasonable attorney’s fees if this loan agreement is referred for collection to an attorney who is not our salaried
                                                                                                                                                                            BORROWER’S SIGNATURE (REQUIRED)

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Promissory Note and Disclosure Statement ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Inc. the applicable Total Of Payments pursuant to the attached
                                                                                                                                                                                                              By endorsing this check, I agree to pay First Financial Credit,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                NOTE AND ENDORSEMENT

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