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									                   The Healthy Breast Program                                                                  Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type
                      Thermography Clinic                                                                            For Practitioners
                                     Prepared by                                                                                Presented by
                   Medical Thermography International Inc.                                                               Helen Luczak, BA, PHCP
                                    at                                                                                             at

                      Whisper Wellness                                                                             Whisper Wellness
For the Prevention and of Breast Disease and other Body Systems                               Eat Right 4 Your Type – 18 hour Training for Health Practitioners
A new approach to breast screening using digital infrared imaging                             Apply the principles of the Blood Type Diet to Build Immunity and Fight
This technology can also be used for other parts of the body; for example, the thyroid.
Mammograms work best for soft post menopausal breast tissue, and for slow-growing             This is a specialty course for practitioners only. Learn to apply a decade of
tumors. Mammograms do not view the whole chest wall; they are not effective for young,        blood type diet science that has helped hundreds of thousands of people who are
dense breast tissue, large breasts, fibrocystic breasts, enhanced breasts (implants) and      living and enjoying life with fewer symptoms of disease. As Dr. Peter D’Adamo
breasts of women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or on hormone replacement therapy
                                                                                              emphasizes, we must embrace the whole package since how we sleep, exercise,
                                                                                              manage stress, and even our personality traits are linked to our blood type
Digital infrared imaging, ultrasound MRI and mammography - what is the difference?            biochemistry.
Thermography has more benefits for all ages and breast conditions and types.
Email info@medthermonline.com with your questions.                                            With 10 years of experience as a blood type diet specialist, Helen Luczak is
                                                                                              eager to help you learn and apply this research of more than 12 of D’Adamo
Major Benefits:                                                                               publications beginning with an overview of the science, and then carefully
1. Timely: Problems can be found before abnormalities are seen with mammograms.               examining all four blood type profiles. Pull it all together with lots of practice
    Early detection provides the best outcome.                                                on how to conduct an Eat Right Nutritional Consultation.
2. Inclusive: Examines the whole chest, breasts and armpit areas
3. Good for all Ages & Stages: puberty, pregnant, breast feeding, pre-menopausal
    years and post menopausal years.                                                          Investment: $300.00 plus gst
4. Good for all breast types: Dense, pregnant, breastfeeding, fibrocystic, enhanced
    (implants) and women on oral hormones medication ( BCP & HRT)                             When: Fri., Sept.26 and Sat., Sept. 27, 10:00am to 5:00pm both days
5. Painless: No squeezing, no pressure, no touching by equipment or technician                (Optional 3rd date TBC)
6. Risk Free: No harmful rays emitted so digital infrared imaging scan can be done as
    often as needed to monitor breast health and to guide treatment.                          Accommodations: are available near by at special rates.
7. Risk Indicator: Digital infrared imaging results are a better indicator of future breast
    disease, than a family history of disease.
To view sample scans: www.thermascan.com
                                                                                                                   CONTACT: Helen Luczak for more details
                                                                                                                     E-mail: HelenLuczak@rogers.com
             The clinic will be held at Whisper Wellness on                                                           Web: www.waytogonutrition.com
                    Saturday, Sept. 13, 10am to 4pm
     To book appointments for you or your clients ($250.00 includes gst), please call:                                            or Register at:
             1-866-242-5554 or 905-770-7458 www.medthermonline.com
                                                                                                          Whisper Wellness     Email: info@whisperwellness.com
             Whisper Wellness     Email: info@whisperwellness.com
                                                                                                          Web: www.whisperwellness.com Phone (905) 893-5444
             Web: www.whisperwellness.com Phone (905) 893-5444
                                                                                                                 9867 Hwy 27, Kleinburg, Ontario L0J 1C0
                    9867 Hwy 27, Kleinburg, Ontario L0J 1C0
                    Reiki Level I and II Training                                                         Homeopathy for Beginners Part 1
                                     Presented by                                                               For Practitioners
                 Karen Fiorucci, Usui Reiki Master-Teacher                                                                       Presented by
                                     at                                                                             Marla Samuel MASc., HD, RNCP
                      Whisper Wellness
                                                                                                                    Whisper Wellness
Usui Reiki is known as the purist form of Reiki practiced today; the traditions and methods
are the same as used by the original master himself Dr. Mikao Usui.
                                                                                              Take a journey and discover the healing powers of this amazing
USUI REIKI LEVEL 1: Usui Reiki Level 1 is taught in a small group during a one day            energy medicine called Homeopathy…
intensive training. Attunements are given. It includes 1 hour Reiki Treatment session
performed by the Reiki Teacher, a session that can be scheduled any time after the Reiki
course. All information and techniques are covered including:
                                                                                              Learn how to heal every day ailments with homeopathic remedies to heal you,
         The history of Usui Reiki
                                                                                              your family and clients, as well as animals.
         The five layers (bodies) of a human being
         The specifics (in detail)                                                            Create a First Aid remedy kit with over 40 remedies and gain valuable
         The effects of a Reiki treatment                                                     knowledge for First Aid use
         Usui Reiki hand positions
         How to give a complete Reiki treatment for self and others                           Topics of interest include:
         Japanese Reiki Techniques taught by Dr. Usui including: Gassho meditation, Byosen    •   Digestive disorders: Indigestion, Bloating/flatulence, Diarrhea/ Constipation.
         Scanning - detecting where Reiki is needed                                           •   Mind and Emotions: Anxiety, Fears, Moods, Concentration difficulty,
         The hygiene and the energy cleaning (protection) of the hands                        •   Anger, Sensitivities.
                                                                                              •   Women’s Health: PMS, Menopause, Gonad issues, Pregnancy, Cystitis.
USUI REIKI LEVEL 2: Usui Reiki Level 2 is taught during a one day intensive training.         •   Men’s Health: Gonad issues.
Attunements are given. All information and techniques are covered including:                  •   Children’s Health: Colic, Colds/Coughs, Teething, Fever, Infections,
         The difference between Reiki Level 2 and the first Reiki level                       •   Common childhood disorders discussed.
         Three Reiki symbols: Cho-Ku-Rei, Sei-he-ki, Hon-sha-ze-sho-nen                       •   Bach Flowers: 38 flower essences reviewed. Case examples discussed
         The specifics of Reiki Level 2 energy (in detail)                                    •   for each essence. Combine your own remedies in class!
         The effects of Reiki Level 2 energy treatment                                        •   Tissue Salts: 12 tissue salts discussed.
         How to give a complete Reiki treatment for self and others                           •   First Aid: Bruising, cuts, bites, burns, frostbite, bleeding, respiratory ailments,
         Japanese Reiki Techniques taught by Dr. Usui                                             broken bones, rashes, pre and post-surgery prophylaxis

Both classes are a combination of talks, discussion and experience. Practice time             Approved by IONC for 12 hours upgrading
includes giving and receiving a complete Reiki treatment using all the hand positions, the    Professional Certificate of Completion included
self treatment and practice using the Japanese Reiki Techniques mentioned above.
                                                                                              Investment: $225.00 includes gst, course workbook, 12 hours instruction,
Investment: $175.00 Level I, $200.00 Level II. The student receives course                    Certificate of Completion, holistic lunch and 2 breaks both days.
materials and a diploma that certifies the level achieved. Min. 4 people required.
                                                                                              When: August 16 & 23 (Saturday), 10am to 5pm both days
                  Level I: Saturday, Sept 13 from 10am to 4pm
                Level II: Saturday, Oct 25 from 9:30am to 4:30pm
                                                                                                    CONTACT: Whisper Wellness Email: info@whisperwellness.com
      CONTACT: Whisper Wellness     Email: info@whisperwellness.com                                    Web: www.whisperwellness.com Phone (905) 893-5444
          Web: www.whisperwellness.com Phone (905) 893-5444                                                  9867 Hwy 27, Kleinburg, Ontario L0J 1C0
                9867 Hwy 27, Kleinburg, Ontario L0J 1C0

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