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          T h e          A s s u m p T i o n

Koimisis of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church

Palm Sunday – March 28                            March 2010

    Blessed is He Who comes in the
          Name of the Lord!!
  Church Service                                                       Sacraments
    Schedule                                                                Funerals
                                                                        February 6, 2010
                                                                    Efstratios Kouloumberis

                                                                        February 20, 2010
                                                                        Panagiotis Gyftakis

                                                Kroger Cards, Direct Debit, and Stewardship
                                            We continue to benefit from the Kroger Community Rewards Program, in coopera-
Sunday Divine Liturgy                       tion with Kroger Supermarkets. Parishioners no longer need to use a Kroger Gift
         Orthros: 8:15 a.m.                 Card, but may simply register their normal Kroger Plus Card with the Church’s or-
     Divine Liturgy: 9:30 a.m.              ganization number. Kroger will then donate 5% of all purchases made with that Plus
                                            Card back to our Church.
                                            Think about it: assume that each family spends just $50 per week on groceries at
     English Liturgy                        Kroger, Kroger would then send $2.50 back to the Church each week. That totals $130
    Second and fourth Sundays               each year. And if each of our families did the same, that would total over $70,000,
      9:30 a.m. in the Church               adding tremendously to our Church’s annual income. It would help the Church tre-
                                            mendously, while costing you nothing. Instructions are included on page 2.
                                            On a related note, we would like to emphasize again that we are equipped to set up
     Weekday Services                       direct debit for your Stewardship pledge. As with many other commitments, you
 Divine Liturgy, Compline, Pre-             can schedule your contributions to Assumption so that they are debited from the
sanctified Liturgy, and Salutations         account of your choice (including credit cards) each month without any need to go
Services as announced in calendar           through the hassle of writing a check and bringing it to the Church. So please, take
                                            some time now to set up this service, and save yourself time for the rest of the year.
                                            As always, we ask that you remember that the Church asks for your financial com-
                                            mitments, not as though they were dues to a club (if they were they would be mandi-
                                            tory), nor as though they were donations to a charity (if they were we would pursue
                                            you more strenuously), but in the spirit of the reality of the Church. That is to say,
   spring office hours                      this is your Church, your home, your family, and thus, when we remind you to take
      Mon-Thurs 9:00-5:00                   care of the Church, we are reminding you to take care of yourselves. May God bless
        Closed Friday                       you all.

                                                    orthodox Life
The spring 2010 session of orthodox Life will continue this month on march 2nd, 9th, and 16th. The ser-
vice of Great Compline will follow immediately afterward. Fr. Anthony will be leading us as we go over the history
of the Orthodox Church from the Apostolic Era through the present. We will be using The Orthodox Church, by
Timothy Ware (available in the church bookstore) as a guide. Any questions or suggestions can be communicated to
Fr. Anthony by email at franthonyc@mac.com or by phone at 586-779-6111 ext. 17.

                                    The Assumption epistle; Vol 49, Issue #2, March 1, 2010
   Published Monthly by The Assumption Greek orthodox Church, 21800 Marter Road, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 • (586) 779-6111
                                          ...from Fr. Anthony
Dear Parishioners,                                                     It is, indeed, only in Christ’s Humility that we can see His
As we see the end of the Great Fast drawing near and pre-              glory, for His glory in His essence as God is all-consuming,
pare for Great and Holy Week and the glory of Pascha at                and His greatness is beyond not only our understanding,
the culmination of that week, it is a joy to greet all of you in       but surpasses the bounds of our nature. But because He has
anticipation of this greatest Feast of the Church Year. Καλή           lowered Himself to the depths of our degradation, because
Ἀνάστασις!! A Good Resurrection to you all!                            He has condescended in His love to become one of us, we
                                                                       are able now to see, veiled in the flesh and bone of human
A pivotal part of our preparation for the Feast has been the           nature, “the glory as of the Only-Begotten of the Father, full
various regular services of the Lenten Fast: the Complines,            of grace and truth” that St. John speaks of in his Gospel.
the Presanctifieds, and the Salutations service Friday
evening, which service is one of the few times that most               And thus His triumphant entrance into Jerusalem is a fitting
Greek Orthodox people in the country hear the entirety                 prelude to the services of the following days, as we will see
of the Canon to the Theotokos, which is sung before the                Him Palm Sunday evening, in the first of the Bridegroom
Salutations themselves begin.                                          services, stripped, crowned with thorns, humiliated with
                                                                       the purple robe of mockery, and holding the reed instead of
In one of the hymns of the 4th Ode of the Canon, we hear               the scepter which is His by Divine right, in the scene which
the following hymn:                                                    is called in the West by the words of Pontius Pilate at the
    More exalted than the heavens, rejoice, you who carried            moment depicted, “Ecce Homo,” “Behold the Man,” but
    earth’s foundation painlessly in your womb. Rejoice, O             which we in the East have, from ancient times, called rather
    sea shell who dyed with your own virgin blood the divine           by the spiritual reality of the moment: “Ὁ Νυμφίος,” “The
    purple robe worn by the King of angelic hosts.                     Bridegroom.”
Now, it is strange enough that we call the Panagia a sea shell         For it is in this moment of uttermost humility that Christ’s
(in Greek, a κογχύλη), and stranger still that we speak of             work is nearing completion, at this moment that the
her dying Christ’s purple robe of Divinity with her virgin             Marriage of Creator and Creation nears its consummation.
blood. But when we understand that the ‘sea shell’ is a refer-         And thus, as you will see in the course of the Holy Week
ence to the source of the dye for the purple robes of the em-          services, it is at the very moment that we commemorate
peror, and that the particular ‘divine purple robe’ of which           Christ’s Death, as He says, “It is finished,” and bows His
the hymn speaks is nothing other than the very humanity                head in death, that we pass from mourning into the first
which our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ took upon Himself              preludes of the unsurpassable joy of Pascha.
by His conception and birth, then all becomes clear to us.             And when we stand together in the Church in the early
We can then see the hymn as a magnificent poetic expres-               hours of Pascha Sunday, holding aloft the candles of the
sion of the mystery of Christ’s Incarnation, highlighting              Resurrection and meeting Christ Himself sprung forth
for us the paradox that Christ’s glory is shown forth in His           from the tomb “as from a bridal chamber,” in the words of
humility, that His Kingship in this creation is sealed by His          the hymn – then will our joy be fulfilled. For in that moment
taking on Himself the form and nature of a slave, that is, of          we will see the fulfillment of our Lord’s humility in the glory
fallen man.                                                            of the Resurrection. By His Rising, Death is despoiled, the
I mention this because it is the self-same revelation that is          power of sin is overthrown, and fallen mankind is raised up
given to us on Palm Sunday, the final Sunday of this month             to the very heights of heaven.
and the last before Pascha. For in this feast, we see Christ           It is this that we see foreshadowed on Palm Sunday, this that
entering the city of Jerusalem, preparing for his Passion, but         is veiled by the poetry of the Akathist, and this that we have
hailed as King and Saviour by the people of the city. It is the        awaited for the entirety of the Great Fast, and, in truth, have
most significant moment of acclamation and glory of His                awaited for all our lives. I pray that we may all enter fully
entire life upon this earth – and yet, at this moment, He is           into the sorrow and the repentance and the joy of these
not riding on a charger as a conquering hero, nor is He car-           coming days, and may stand together at the Resurrection,
ried in a great chariot, as were the Roman generals and em-            full of the love of the Son of Man Who is the Son of God,
perors when they celebrated a Triumph in the city of Rome.             Christ in our midst.
Rather He enters in humility, on the foal of a donkey.
                                                                       Καλό Πάσχα!
                                                                       Fr. Anthony Cook
Epistle                                                            1                                                   March 2010
                                   Koimisis of the Theotokos
                                                        March Parish News
Memorial Dates for March are March 14th and 21st.                                       make Cleaning Rewarding!
April dates are April 18 and 25                                          The Macomb County Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers pro-
                                                                         gram provides supportive services to those neighbors in
          new iconography Available for Donation
                                                                         our community who cannot afford to pay for professional
Now that the first step of the restoration of our iconography
                                                                         help and do not have family available locally to assist them
is completed, it is time to look to the future and the funding
                                                                         with basic housekeeping tasks that have become difficult for
of the next stages. Please see page 6 for a list of icons which
are currently available for purchase and sponsorship.
                                                                         If you have a couple hours once or twice a month that you
              Didactic Divine Liturgy DVDs                               can offer to provide some light housekeeping for a strug-
We now have re-stocked the Didactic Liturgy, and have over               gling neighbor, you can make a real difference in someone’s
80 copies available. The Didactic Liturgy package includes 2             life – and gain immeasurable rewards in the process! We will
DVDs with almost 4 hours of content, a copy of the Divine                schedule around your other commitments. For more details,
Liturgy pew book, the outline of the presentation, and an                please call (586) 757-5551.
icon card with the mosaic of the Koimisis of the Theotokos
from the narthex.                                                                        scholarship Applications
                                                                         The Archdiocesan Chancellor’s Office administers three scholar-
The entire package is selling in the Church bookstore for $25.
                                                                         ships. Applications and instructions for the 2010-2011 scholar-
Please see or call the Church office with any questions, or if
                                                                         ships are now available.
you would like to see the content of the DVDs.
                                                                              Gioles Scholarship (Undergraduate)
                      Crop Walk 2010                                          Malta Scholarship (Undergraduate)
Our church has the honor of hosting the annual Crop walk to                   Paleologos Scholarship (Graduate)
fight hunger. All area churches are involved in the fight to stamp
out hunger. Let’s show how strong the support can be from the            Please go to the link below to access them. The deadline for all
Assumption Family. See the ad on page 9, and sign up today!!             three is April 20, 2010.

            Kroger Rewards program – update                              http://www.goarch.org/archdiocese/administration/chancellor/
Kroger has changed their community rewards program. From                 scholarships2010.
now on we will no longer have to replenish the Kroger cards                                      market Day
that we received when we joined the fundraising program.                 Assumption Church sponsors a monthly food fundrais-
The church will now simply receive credit as we use our Kroger           ing program called Market Day. Through this food co-op,
rewards cards. These cards are the ones that are scanned at the          restaurant quality food products from such companies as
registers to receive the sale price on selected items.                   Tyson, Quaker, Campbell’s, Pierre Foods and Kraft (to name
For this reason, Kroger has assigned us a new organization               a few) will be available for purchase. We will earn a profit
number. It is 83290.                                                     based on the total volume of the sale. All products are 100%
                                                                         Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Parishioners are asked to register their Kroger rewards cards
online with our new organization number at                               Participation is simple. Pick up a catalog at the Church of-
                                                                         fice, complete the order sheet and return it by the date listed
              www.krogercommunityrewards.com.                            (payment is not sent at that time), and pick up and pay on the
The office staff will also assist those who do not have access           same day. You can also fill out your order at www.marketday.
to the Internet. Please call or stop by and give anyone in the           com.
office your Kroger card number. What an easy, no hassle way              Please give it a try! If you have any questions, call Dafni at
for our church to earn money. We hope that the entire parish             586-212-6839 or Olga at 586-779-6111, ext. 3.
                                                                                     Assumption Website/email List
           philanthropy Referral Forms Available                         If you wish to receive the most up-to-date news announce-
It is essential that we offer our love and assistance to others in       ments from our Assumption Church via email, please send
need. If you or anyone you know are in the hospital, shut-in at          your request to Fr. Anthony at franthonyc@mac.com. In ad-
home, or otherwise in need of help or visitation, the church has         dition, the monthly Epistle and weekly Sunday sermon are
several volunteers on call for just this purpose. Please contact         available for download at our website (www.goassumption.
Tony Niarhos or Joan DeRonne with your request or referral.              org). If you wish not to receive a hard copy of the Epistle,
If you need clergy visitation, please contact the church office.         please contact the church office.
Epistle                                                              2                                                     March 2010
                                                 News and Events
Dear Parishioners and Fellow Members,                           The Ladies Philoptochos will be attending the “Festival
I would like to start off by thanking the chairpersons          of Flowers”Spring Luncheon Saturday April 10th @ St.
for this years Macadonatha Dance, Penny Khourminia,             Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Ann Arbor. If in-
Angela Nichols and Anna Gaggos. We enjoyed a                    terested in attending please contact Harriet Stoukas @
wonderful meal by Marchiori Catering, music by                  586-773-9171 or Georgia Falzone @ 586-295-5917.
Onerio and many gift baskets to by won as well as a             We are looking for new members who have it in their
50/50 raffle. However the best part was the friendship          heart to help others. For information regarding The
shared by all the friends and families that attended the        Ladies Philoptochos please contact Georgia Falzone
dinner. On behalf of our Ladies Philoptochos, I would           @ 586-295-5917.
like to thank everyone that attended.                           Anyone who has not paid their membership dues can
Preparations for Lent and Holy Week are under way.              do so at the next meeting. Our next meeting is set for
We will be hosting our Pre Sanctified Liturgy- Pot              March 14th following Liturgy.
Luck on March 10th. Other important dates to re-                God Bless
member are: March 26th- Making of the Palms, April
1st- Egg Dying, April 2nd- Decorating the Epitaphio.            Georgia Falzone
Everyone is welcomed to join us while we prepare for            Philoptochos President
Holy Week.

                                          Senior Citizens
There was no doubt what the Senior Citizens were                The wine was donated by Chrisoula Dafingas in
celebrating at our February 9th meeting. Decorations            memory of her husband Michael Dafingas, who
of hearts all over the banquet room, red silk roses in          passed away one year on the 24th of February. May his
vases at the center of each table, red napkins with             memory be eternal. The cake that we had for dessert
white tablecloths and a box of heart candies were at            was donated by the wife of Anthony Sendoykas, Maria
each dish. It was Valentine’s Day 2010.                         for the memory of his 13 years. May his memory be
After lunch, we heard the minutes from our last meet-           eternal. Thank you very much to those two ladies.
ing from Tina Theodorou and Lola Parris gave us the             Our Lent will start February 15th this year and
Treasurer’s report.                                             our March meeting we will be celebrating Greek
I gave a report on various greeting cards that were sent        Independence Day.
to our members and get well wishes and prayers. We              You will be receiving your card written and mailed
prayed for our Seniors who could not be with us ,Vee            by our Vice-President, Marion Vrahoritis. She will
Poletis, Pauline Carris, Athena Panourgios, Mary                remind us all to bring one of your senior friends to
Bayo, Chris Kocoves, Mary Kosmas, Pauline Litos.                our meeting so they can share a nice lunch and share
Let us pray for them.                                           in some fun.
Our mini birthday cake recipients were Julia Athans,            I’ll see you at the March 16th meeting. Don’t forget
Marie Farrell, Nina Volis, Frank Baldwin, Peter Patsalis,       the date!
Pauline Litos, Georgiana Gust, George Panourgias and            Take care of yourselves
yours truly, Catherine Spadafore. Ted Theodorou led
the group with the “Happy Birthday” song.                       Until then, I remain

The winner this month for the 50/50 raffle was                  Catherine Spadafore
Calliope Hadgikosti. Congratulations! She donated               Senior President
the winnings to the Senior Citizen’s Organization.

Epistle                                                     3                                              March 2010
                                        Youth Programs
                                               News and Events
                                             Greek School Times
                                            by Elli Patouhas, Principal
Since the New Year our students continued with their lessons and they had several activities as well:
On January 27 special attention was given to the Three Hierarchs/Greek Letters Day. Father Anthony spoke to
the students, teachers and parents about the religious and historical meaning of the day, and the importance
of the Greek language. It was a wonderful educational and spiritual experience and we are grateful for the
In February our school offered parent/teacher conferences. The parents were invited to come to school meet the
teachers discuss the progress of the students and receive the report card. The parents are always welcome to stop
by and ask the teachers any question they may have.
On February 24 our students had the opportunity to bring a friend to school for another “Guest Day”.
March is always a special time in our school because we are getting ready for the Greek Independence Day
In May of 1453 the Turks conquered Constantinople, and so began a bitter slavery that lasted 400 years for the
On March 25th of 1821 with an outcry “Freedom or Death” the Greeks heroically revolted in a long and costly war.
The price of freedom was paid with blood, sweat, and tears.
After years of fighting, Greece once again became a free nation in February of 1828.
The heroism of the Revolution will never be forgotten. It is the greatest moment in Greek history.
Each generation of Greeks pays tribute and remembers.
This great event will be celebrated by the Assumption Greek School on Monday, March 22nd at 6:00 p.m. Our
students are rehearsing songs, poems, Greek dancing, and a historical play.
Everybody is invited to see the beautiful show and celebrate with us our history and heritage.
                                    Sunday School (5th and 6th grade)
Assumption’s 5th and 6th graders are taught how to incorporate Jesus’ teachings into their daily lives.
We begin each class with a prayer, followed by a summary of the previous week’s lesson.
Then we study the gospel lesson read in Church. The students learn via the Socratic method – we ask pointed
questions and the students respond. The questions we ask walk the students, sentence by sentence, through the
gospel lesson. We ask the students to determine, for example, whether the reading is a parable, where the narra-
tive takes place, who are the people in the reading, and the overall message Jesus is teaching us.
From there, we talk about ways the students can incorporate the meaning of the gospel lesson into their daily
lives. Sometimes we divide the students into groups and ask that they write their own parables with the same
message as the gospel reading. The students then present their parables to the rest of the class.
We also integrate multimedia into our lessons. For example, we watched a series of cartoons depicting the story
of Noah’s Ark, including versions from 1933 and 2000, both produced by the Walt Disney Corporation®. The
students were asked to contrast the depictions in the two cartoons with one another and with the account recited
in the Bible.
As part of our class service project, the students helped make survival kits for victims of the earthquake in Haiti
and helped paint bowls for the Empty Bowls Fundraiser to benefit Gleaner’s Community Food Bank.
Assumption’s 5th and 6th grade students are bright, energetic, and inquisitive. And it has been our pleasure to
teach them.
Stephen & Natalie Kontos

Epistle                                                 4                                               March 2010
                                               Youth Programs
                                                        News and Events
                                           Metropolis Summer Camp Update
The dates for the 2010 camp season at the Metropolis of Detroit Summer Camp have been announced on the
MDSC website (www.gomdsc.org). Camper registration packets should be available on the MDSC website by late
February/early March, and I strongly encourage you to register your children for their preferred week by April
1st – camp weeks closed by mid-April last year! MDSC is also looking for young adults to work in various roles
as Counselors-in-Training (age 16-17), Counselors (age 18 & over), Lifeguards and Health Directors. Staff ap-
plication will also be available by late February/early March. For more information, please contact Dean Niforos
at (313) 418-6085.
                                                      Basketball Update
The OYAA basketball season is coming to an end, and Assumption’s basketball teams are continuing to have a
good season (as of 2/15/10). Our Biddy C team (ages 7-8) and Biddy B team (ages 9-10) are playing well and
improving each game, although standings are not kept for this division. The Biddy A team (ages 11-12) is 3-1.
Our Girl’s team (ages 13 & over) has a 4-2 record, but our Junior Boys team (ages 13-15) team is undefeated at
6-0 and in 1st place. The Intermediate team (ages 16-18) is 3-4, and our Senior Men’s team is 5-1. The OYAA
season continues through mid-March, and will finish with Assumption’s teams competing in the annual Pan
Orthodox Tournament during the weekend of March 19-21st. We encourage all of our parishioners to come by
the games and support our youth! Game schedules are posted near the gym or available on the OYAA website
                                                    Sunday of Orthodoxy
On Sunday, February 21st, the Assumption parish celebrated the Sunday of Orthodoxy, in commemoration of the resto-
ration of the icons after the Iconoclastic Controversy. In accordance with the ancient tradition of the Church, the clergy
processed around the Church, chanting the Apoly-
tikion for the Feast, and met the children of the Sun-
day School at the Solea, as all held aloft the icons of
our Saviour and of His Holy Ones from all the ages.
At the Solea, Fr. Michael read out the Synodikon of
   This is the Faith of the Apostles! This is the Faith of
   the Fathers! This is the Faith of the Orthodox! This
   is the Faith that has established the Universe!
More pictures of this and other events are available
online at our website: www.goassumption.org, in the
Multimedia section.

     Get Ready for Assumption GreekFest 2010
       with Youth Greek Dancing Classes
           Celebrate our Heritage Every Wednesday 4:30 P.M - 6 p.m.
                                      Open To Parish, Ages 5-6, 7-9, 10-13
                                           Director Stella Kircos
                                      Associate Director Maria Patsalis

                                           Senior Group Ages 14-20
                                             Meets once monthly
                                        Call church office to register
                                               586-779-6111 ext 3

Epistle                                                        5                                             March 2010
                    Icons Remaining Available for Purchase
In preparation for the return of our Iconographers later this year, we are working hard to find donors for all of the
elements of the Iconography, complete, in progress, or planned for the next stage of work. If you are interested in
purchasing one of the icons listed below, please speak with Harriet Stoukas or Joan DeRonne.

    BApTisTRY ChApeL                     ALTAR & CenTRAL ARCh sT. neCTARios ChApeL
INSIDE CHAPEL ON COLUMN:                 INSIDE ALTAR                             INSIDE CHAPEL ON COLUMNS:
St Silas                      $6,000     Hierarchs                    $6,000 ea   St Cosmas                     $6,000
                                         St John Chrysostom                       St Damianos                   $6,000
                                         St. Basil the Great
                                         St. Gregory the Theologian
Symbol of Baptism             $3,000                                              ICONS ON WALL INSIDE CHAPEL:
                                         St. Iakovos
                                         St. Nicholas                             St Nectarios Ordination       $9,000
                                         St. Kyrillios
FACING CONGREGATION:                     Sacrifice of Abraham         $8,000      OUTSIDE CHAPEL ON COLUMN
Decorative borders with Peacocks                                                  FACING CONGREGATION:
                                         SOLEA ARCH - PANELS:
                             $8,000 ea                                            Decorative borders with Peacocks
                                         Baptism of Christ            $40,000
                                                                                                               $8,000 ea
                                         Nativity of Christ           $40,000

                                         SOLEA ARCH - PROPHETS
                                         MEDALLION                    $5,000 ea

Epistle                                                       6                                             March 2010
                                      Holy Week 2010
                                         March 27th – April 4th
              Holy Week 2010                                 Η ΜΕΓΑΛΗ ΕΒΔΟΜΑΔΑ 2010
march 27, saturday of Lazarus                              27 Μαρτίου, Σάββατο του Λαζάρου
  8:30 am    Orthros                                        8:30 πμ    Όρθρος
  9:30 am    Divine Liturgy                                 9:30 πμ    Θεία Λειτουργία
  10:30 am   Pancake Breakfast & Making of Palm             10:30 πμ   Πρωϊνό μετά τη Θ. Λειτουργία και
             Crosses                                                   προετοιμασία των Βαΐων
  4:00 pm    Great Vespers -Orthros of Palm                 4:00 μμ    Μέγας Εσπερινός -Όρθρος
             Sunday                                                    των Βαΐων
march 28, palm sunday                                      28 Μαρτίου, Κυριακή των Βαΐων
  8:30 am    English Divine Liturgy                         8:30 πμ    Θεία Λειτουργία (Αγγλική)
  10:00 am   Divine Liturgy                                 10:00 πμ   Θεία Λειτουργία
  6:00 pm    Bridegroom Service                             6:00 μμ    Ακολουθία του Νυμφίου
march 29, holy monday                                      29 Μαρτίου, Μεγάλη Δευτέρα
  9:30 am    Presanctified Liturgy                          9:30 πμ    Προηγιασμένη Λειτουργία
  7:00 pm    Bridegroom Service                             7:00 μμ    Ακολουθία του Νυμφίου
march 30, holy Tuesday                                     30 Μαρτίου, Μεγάλη Τρίτη
  9:30 am    Presanctified Liturgy                          9:30 πμ    Προηγιασμένη Λειτουργία
  7:00 pm    Bridegroom Service                             7:00 μμ    Ακολουθία του Νυμφίου
march 31, holy Wednesday                                   31 Μαρτίου, Μεγάλη Τετάρτη
  9:30 am    Presanctified Liturgy                          9:30 πμ    Προηγιασμένη Λειτουργία
  4:00 pm    Holy Unction Service                           4:00 μμ    Ακολουθία του Αγίου Ευχελαίου
  7:00 pm    Orthros of Holy Thursday &                     7:00 μμ    Όρθρος της Μεγ. Πέμπτης και Ιερόν
             Anointing with Holy Unction                               Ευχέλαιον
April 1, holy Thursday                                     1 Απριλίου, Μεγάλη Πέμπτη
  7:00 am    Vesperal Liturgy of the Last and               7:00 πμ    Εσπερινή Λειτουργία του Μυστικού
             Mystical Supper                                           Δείπνου
  6:30 pm    Holy Passion Service (Service of the           6:30 μμ    Ακολουθία των Αγίων Παθών (Τα 12
             Twelve Gospels)                                           Ευαγγέλια)
April 2, holy Friday                                       2 Απριλίου, Μεγάλη Παρασκευή
  10:00 am   Service of the Royal Hours                     10:00 πμ   Ακολουθία των Βασιλικών Ωρών
  3:30 pm    The Unnailing of Christ from the Cross         3:30 μμ    Η Αποκαθήλωσις του Κυρίου
  6:30 pm    The Epitaphios Service                         6:30 μμ    Ο Επιτάφιος Θρήνος
April 3, holy saturday                                     3 Απριλίου, Μεγάλο Σάββατο
  10:00 am   Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil the Great        10:00 πμ   Εσπερινή Λειτουργία του Μεγ. Βασιλείου
  11:00 pm   Resurrection Service, Orthros and              11:00 μμ   Ακολουθία της Αναστάσεως με
             Divine Liturgy                                            Όρθρο και Θ. Λειτουργία
April 4, hoLY pAsChA                                       4 Απριλίου, ΑΓΙΟΝ ΠΑΣΧΑ
  11:00 am   Agape Service                                  11:00 πμ   Ακολουθία της Αγάπης

             Christ is Risen!                                          Χριστός Ανέστη!

Epistle                                                7                                         March 2010
           Assumption Nursery School Summer Camp
It’s Registration Time for Assumption Nursery School’s Summer Camps!
Assumption is offering exciting summer camps for children ages 1-6 and youth ages 7 – 12. The theme for the ten week
summer program is “Express Yourself!” For the younger set, ages 1-6 children will have the opportunity to discover the
wonder of the arts, provoke a sense of accomplishment and instill a desire to learn! They will enjoy activities including
creative art, music, dance, storytelling, cooking, games, sports and outdoor fun.
Youth 7-12, will engage in multiple hands-on activities that will increase awareness of physical and creative self-expression
such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, the arts, cooking, and outdoor experiences. Discover ways to maintain a healthy
lifestyle, engage in the arts to express thought and ideas all while inspiring a personal commitment to work as a team.
Two celebrations are highlighted over the ten weeks and are open to families and friends: Let’s Get Physical – a “field day”
celebration and The World is a Stage! – a celebration of different art mediums including acting, drawing, painting and
Summer Camp will be in session from June 21-August 27th. Hours are 9:00 – 12:00 with full day child care available from
6:30am – 6:00pm. The registration fee is $75. Each child who enrolls will receive a free “Assumption Summer Camp”
t-shirt! This is a great opportunity for your child to enjoy “New Friendships and New Challenges!” Registration begins
Friday, March 26th, 2010, 8am. Application forms are available in the school office.
Call the school office for Summer Camp registrations or to schedule a tour with school Director, Anne Chilingirian. 586-
772-4477. Be sure to visit our website www.assumptionnursery.org.

          Assumption Nursery School & Toddler Center
                                   Register Now for Fall 2010-2011 School Year
                   Toddler Center         Transition Room          Preschool    Young 5’s      Kindergarten
                        1-2 yrs                  2-3 yrs            3-5 yrs       4-5 yrs          5-6yrs
Registrations for the school year 2010-2011 are now being accepted. The Assumption Nursery School and Toddler Center
offers educated and professional staff and an environment honored with the Governor’s Quality Care Award. It provides
Child Care for the entire day, from 6:30am to 6:00 pm.
This ideal school environment is housed in a newly renovated, air-conditioned building with a full sized gymnasium. We
offer a full developmental program both mornings and evenings. Our facility also features spacious playgrounds, a Nature
Trail & Gardens, and an enclosed courtyard. We also offer several Enrichment Activities, including Cooking, Computer
Classes, Kalo for Kids Exercise, and French Language Library.
Please call us at 586-772-4477 for Fall Registration or to schedule a tour with school director Anne Chilingirian. Please feel
free to visit our website at www.assumptionnursery.org for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

                        Greek Independence Day Parade
Help us spread the word of the upcoming Greek Independence Day Parade, and tell all your friends. As Greeks we can be proud
for the contributions that our community has made over the last 100+ years to the City of Detroit, the State of Michigan and the
Midwest Region: we must keep our rich Hellenic Culture and Heritage alive for our future generations.We have every reason to
be proud of our inheritance and, together, with pride, to showcase Hellenism and its traditions.
This year we will be bringing the famous Laographikos Omilos Kouriton from the Island of Crete. They will perform: Friday
night April 16, 2010 at the Hellenic Museum of Michigan.
On Saturday night, April 17, they will give a full performance and show at the Pre-parade & Hellenic Heritage Award Dinner at
the Royalty House of Warren, MI., and on Sunday, April 18, they will participate in the Doxology at the Cathedral and finally,
dressed in their traditional brakofore costumes, they will march in military cadence at Sunday’s parade.

Epistle                                                        8                                                  March 2010
Epistle   9   March 2010
                                            Assumption Stewardship 2010
                         Let us commit ourselves and one another and our whole life to Christ our God
88 STEWARDSHIP BENEFACTORS as of February 14, 2010
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund               Mr. and Mrs. Christ Daskas       Dr. and Mrs. Ted Hadgis              Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mellos        Mr. and Mrs. George              Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thomas
Ahee III                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard             Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Hedglin            Mrs. AnneMarie Michon           Petrouleas                       Mr. and Mrs. Steven Torakis
Mrs. Eoanna Ahee                  DeRonne                          LTC and Mrs. Samuel Homsy            Mrs. Dorothy Mike               Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Poletis      Ms. Roula Tsaprailis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Andoni          Mr. and Mrs. Robert              Mr. Linos Jacovides                  Mrs. Daphne Moraitis            Mr. and Mrs. David Poletis       Fr. and Presvytera Varlamos
Mr. Paul Aviews                   DeWaele                          Mr. and Mrs. James Johns             Mr. and Mrs. Nikolaos           Mr. and Mrs. Alexandros          Mr. and Mrs. George Verras
Mr. and Mrs. George Backos        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earle        Mr. Thomas Jordan                    Moschouris                      Pozios                           Mr. and Mrs. Lydia
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Backos        Ms. Helene Economou              Mr. and Mrs. John Karisny            Mr. Anthony Niarhos             Mr. and Mrs. Apostolos           Villeneuve
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bajis        Mr. and Mrs. Harry               Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kircos            Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nichols      Pozios                           Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Drs. Gust and Effie Bills         Economou                         Mr. and Mrs. David Kohl              Mr. and Mrs. Dean Niforos       Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Rafaill      Vlahantones
Mr. and Mrs. William Blair        Mr. and Mrs. Charles             Mr. and Mrs. Stephen                 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore           Dr. and Mrs. Chris Raphtis       Mr. and Mrs. George Volis
Mrs. Kalliopy Callas              Falzone                          Kontos                               Niforos                         Mr. Michael Roustemis            Mrs. Nina Volis
Ms. Delphine Campbell             Mrs. Stella Ferris               Mr. and Mrs. Petro Kotsis            Mr. and Mrs. Bill Panagos       Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Saros       Mr. Robert Vickrey
Mr. and Mrs. John Cardasis        Mr. and Mrs. George Fotias       Mr. and Mrs. Jim Koukios             Mr. and Mrs. Ted                Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sarris      Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Zachary
Mrs. Niki Caris                   Mr. and Mrs. George              Mrs. Amalia Kyriazis                 Papakonstantinou                Mr. and Mrs. John Sheoris        Drs. Christo and Marsha
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carson       Gazepis                          Mrs. Pauline Lopiccolo               Mrs. Manual Papista             Dr. and Mrs. Steven              Zingas
Ms. Lorraine Christy              Mrs. Effie Gehlert               Mr. and Mrs. Chris Macres            Mr. and Mrs. Theodore           Tapazoglou
Fr. and Presvytera Cook           Mr. and Mrs. James Giftos        Mr. and Mrs. Elias Majoros           Pappas                          Dr. and Mrs. Ari Thanasas
Mr. and Mrs. George Dallas        Drs. George and Holly            Mr. and Mrs. Alex Markus             Mr. and Mrs. Christ             Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. John Dallas          Goffas                           Mr. and Mrs. Rich Mayk               Petrouleas                      Thomas

203 STEWARDSHIP PLEDGED MEMBERS as of February 14, 2010
Mrs. Patsy Addotta                Mr. John Butsicaris              Dr. George Farmakis                  Ms. Konstantina Kyriazis        Ms. Ritsa Papakonstantinou       Silamianos
Mrs. Dina Agridis                 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Calas          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frederick        Mr. and Mrs. Savas Laskarides   Ms. Tina Papakonstantinou        Mrs. Ann Skuras
Mr. Niko Ahee                     Mrs. Fran Carter                 Mr. and Mrs. George Gaggos           Ms. Marie Layman                Mr. Speros Papalexis             Ms. Bessie Skuras
Ms. Harriet Alex                  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Caruso        Mr. and Mrs. John Galbo              Mr. Peter Lazaris               Mr. and Mrs. Athanasios          Ms. Corinne Smith
Ms. Stella Alex                   Mrs. Helen Castino               Mrs. Kay Ganas                       Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lipinski   Papapanos                        Mrs. Catherine Spadafore
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Alexiou         Mr. and Mrs. Michael Catros      Mrs. Aspasia Garkinos                Ms. Antoinette Lolea            Mrs. Artemis Pappas              Mr. Stephen Stamatiou
Mr. Pete Alexopoulos              Mr. and Mrs. George Cavis        Ms. Krisanne George                  Ms. Estelle Loleas              Mrs. Cora Linda Pappas           Ms. Harriet Stoukas
Mrs. Mary Alogdelis               Mr. Konstantinos Cavis           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gregg           Mr. and Mrs. Peter Loukas       Ms. Maria Pappas                 Mr. Christos Strubakos
Mr. and Mrs. George               Ms. Anastasia Chalou             Mrs. Calliope Hadgikosti             Dr. and Mrs. John Makris        Ms. Niki Pappas                  Mr. and Mrs. Theodoros
Alexopoulos                       Mr. and Mrs. James Champane      Mrs. Viola Hadgikosti                Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mazur        Mr. and Mrs. William Pappas      Strubakos
Ms. Nikki Ameredes                Mr. and Mrs. Panos Chasiotis     Mr. William Hadgikosti               Mr. Christopher McWherter       Ms. Annette Parkis               Mrs. Toula Kappas Suciu
Mr. Nicholas Anagnostopoulos      Mr. and Mrs. Nick Cheolas        Mrs. Viola Hadjiyanis                Mrs. Kathleen Meek              Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Parris        Mr. and Mrs. James Tapazoglou
Mrs. Froso Andiaris               Ms. Jeanne Cholack               Mr. and Mrs. William Hamlin          Mrs. Christina Mellos-Pantely   Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Patsalis     Mr. and Mrs. George Tecos
Mr. and Mrs. George               Ms. Antonia Christofis           Mrs. Harriet Hanzakos                Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Miller     Mr. and Mrs. Pete Patsalis       Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tecos
Andreopoulos                      Mr. and Mrs. George              Mr. Takis Harlaftis                  Mr. and Mrs. John Miller        Mr. and Mrs. Petre Petkof        Mr. and Mrs. Al Telegadas
Mrs. Helen Arambages              Christopulos                     Dr. Lena Hatzichronoglou             Mrs. Rebecca Miller             Mr. and Mrs. Peter Phillips      Mr. and Mrs. James Telegadas
Mrs. and Mrs. Efstathios Aronis   Ms. Jane Constantine             Mrs. Eugenia Hatzis                  Mr. Andrew Mimikos, Jr.         Mrs. Mary Pisley                 Mr. and Mrs. Aristotle
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Athan           Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Cooksey     Ms. Barbara Isola                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mishige     Mr. and Mrs. Rick Portwood       Theodorou
Mr. and Mrs. Taso Ayan            Mr. and Mrs. John Costa          Ms. Rose Janevic                     Ms. Lillian Mitchell            Mr. and Mrs. Theofanis Pozios    Mr. and Mrs. Nick Theophonous
Mrs. Bessie Backos                Mrs. Anastasia Costopoulos       Mrs. Elpes Janisse                   Mrs. Vasiliki Morakeas          Mrs. Dorothy Raptoulis           Mr. Spero Theros
Mr. Nicholas Backos               Mr. and Mrs. George Coutlish     Mr. Evlambio Johnson                 Mrs. A. Ann Morrin              Ms. Tasia Regos                  Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Antonios Bakoulas    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Czech        Mrs. Elly Kafritsas                  Ms. Despina Moschouris          Mrs. Effie Ribble                Mr. James Thompson
Mrs. Georgia Baltsas              Ms. Diane D’Ambrosio             Mr. and Mrs. George T. Kalina        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nanos       Mrs. Eva Roubas                  Mr. and Mrs. Dimitrios Tingas
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bartnik      Mrs. Hanna Dabain                Mr. Theodore Kalina                  Mrs. Helen Niarhakos            Ms. Pauline Roubas               Mrs. Virginia Tomasevic
Mrs. Mary Bayo                    Mrs. Athena Dafingas             Mrs. Patricia Kanakaris              Mr. and Mrs. William Niarhos    Mrs. Cleo Rousos                 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Treppa
Mr. and Mrs. John Bekios          Ms. Angela Dallas                Mrs. Helen Kappaz                    Ms. Nancy Nicholas              Mr. and Mrs. Christos            Mrs. Esther Triantes
Mrs. Catherine Bertakis           Ms. Patricia Dallas              Mrs. Irene Karan                     Mr. Art Nichols                 Roustemis                        Mrs. Vicky Tsolis
Mr. and Mrs. Eustace Bitsicas     Mr. and Mrs. William Dallas      Ms. Ramona Karan                     Mrs. Penny Nix                  Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rybicki          Mr. and Mrs. Dimitri Vasilos
and Peter                         Mrs. Mary Demasek                Mr. and Mrs. John Karras             Ms. Despo Pangalos              Mr. Tony Safar                   Mr. Vasilis Vasilos
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Boukis         Mr. and Mrs. George Diamond      Mr. and Mrs. George Kiriazis         Ms. Helen Pangalos              Mr. and Mrs. James Sarcheck      Mrs. Virginia Velas
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Bournias         Mr. and Mrs. Nick Dimitriadis    Mr. and Mrs. George                  Mr. Nick Panos                  Ms. Mary Scalici                 Ms. Margo Vrahnos
Ms. Stephanie Brennan             Mrs. Ann Dollar                  Kissonergis                          Mr. and Mrs. George             Mrs. Sophie Scandalis            Mrs. Marian Vrahoritis
Ms. Christina Bucca               Mr. and Mrs. James Duceatt       Mr. and Mrs. Panagiotis              Panourgias                      Mr. and Mrs. Melissa Schervish   Ms. Maria Zingas
Mrs. Maria Buchholtz              Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eliades       Kolizeras                            Mr. and Mrs. John Papadakis     Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schrock      Mr. and Mrs. Nick Zingas
Mr. Sophie Burbulis               Mr. and Mrs. Dean Etsios         Mr. John Korachis                    Mr. and Mrs. Chris              Mrs. Maria Sendoykas             Ms. Mary Zoto
Mrs. Soula Burns                  Mrs. Nota Evangeliou             Mrs. Chrysoula Korovessis            Papakonstantinou                Mr. and Mrs. Michael

                                                                  Gold Rush Still On!
 Thanks to those who donated pieces of gold jewelry to the church, Ahee Jewelers has converted those odds and ends to $2,900 towards
 the reduction of the Building Repair Fund. As a result, the drive will continue. Bring your pieces anytime to the church office or on
 Sundays to the Stewardship table.
 The necessary replacement of the air conditioning and roofs for the center and boiler for the church and center in 2007 forced us to
 secure a line of credit for $500,000. The cost of replacements was $463,344. Due to direct donations and the second tray designated to
 the repairs on Sundays, our balance is approximately $380,000.
 We thank everyone for their contributions and encourage everyone to assist in retiring this debt. Even during these difficult economic
 times, we must all work together to contribute what we can to retire this debt. The Dome repairs and replacement will cost us approxi-
 mately $75,000 therefore we must eliminate the building repair debt so that we can move forward to insure the Dome will be prepared
 prior to the completion of the interior iconography. The Gold Rush proceeds will go directly towards the loan reduction.
Epistle                                                                                            10                                                                           March 2010
             Koimisis of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church March 1 - March 31

March 2010
                                               In Memoriam
Manuel L. Papista                                                    PC with their colleague, Donald Garfinkle, which was lo-
                     Manuel (Mike) Louis Papista fell                cated in the Cadillac Towers in downtown Detroit. Mike
                        asleep in the Lord on January 23,            focused his practice in the areas of business, real estate, and
                          2010. He was born in Detroit,              probate and estate law. He cared deeply for his clients who,
                           the youngest of three children.           decades later, would praise his compassion, hard work, and
                           His parents, Gust and Anthy,              dedication to their legal matters.
                           emigrated from Kozani. They               Mike met his loving wife Louise, an elementary school
                           owned a tavern, Papa Gus’s,               teacher, through mutual friends. They married in 1961 and
                          in Hamtramck where the fam-                completed their Masters in education together at Wayne
                        ily lived above the tavern where             State University in Detroit. As a young lawyer, Mike was
                     they all worked. Mike often com-                active in Democratic politics and was a lifetime member
mented          that he learned a great deal about people            of the Hellenic Bar Association. He was dedicated to the
from working at the tavern. During a sit down strike in              Assumption Greek Orthodox Church. For over forty-eight
the 1940s, the Papistas helped the union members prevail             years, he served as legal consul and for many of those years
by setting up pulleys from the tavern to hoist food to the           as a parish council member. He offered his professional wis-
workers in the plant with only a verbal promise from the             dom and guidance selflessly. His love and dedication, giv-
union to pay. While the strike lasted for over two weeks,            ing of time and talent to his church community, is known
Gus’s tavern ensured that the striking workers were fed.             nationally and was recognized by Archbishop Spyridon by
As a result, the union remained very loyal to the tavern. A          bestowing upon him the Medal of St. Paul. In 2008, Mike
union lawyer who frequented the family tavern inspired               received the Hellenic Heritage Award honoring his long-
Mike as a child to become a lawyer.                                  time service to the Greek community. From the front of
Mike graduated from Southeastern High School where                   the church to the back of the gymnasium to our Eastpointe
he excelled academically and on the athletic fields. Gifted          school further down Marter Rd, one can find Mike’s imprint
with speed and agility, he played varsity football, basket-          on legal records, programs, buildings, and much, much
ball, track, and baseball. He also competed in sandlot ball          more. Most important, his mark is in the hearts of so many
for Joe Gentile during the summers and loved playing in              lives that he touched from the Clergy, Assumption Family
Tiger Stadium. He was valedictorian and class president              and staff to the community we invited to share our Faith.
his senior year. He went on to attend the University of              Mike enjoyed time with his family foremost; his daugh-
Michigan where he earned a baseball scholarship and                  ter, Anthy who joined him in his law practice, son, Costa
played football as well. He pledged the Phi Delta Theta              whom he traveled the world with whether Costa was play-
fraternity. Mike graduated in 1951 with a B.A. in his-               ing hockey or managing hockey teams, daughter-in-law
tory. He was accepted to the University of Michigan Law              Lisa, and adored granddaughter, Eva, as well as his sister,
School where he completed his first year of legal stud-              Theano Johnson, brother-in-law, George Johnson, and
ies. He postponed his studies to serve in the U.S. Army              sister, Alexandria (brother-in-law, late George) Mallos.
during the Korean Conflict and acted as an information               When time permitted, Mike took pleasure in sports,
and education sergeant at Ft. Knox, Kentucky where he                travel, and theater. He especially loved Shakespeare’s
met his future law partner and long-time friend, William             plays. The family spent many memorable summer days
Lipton. Mr. Lipton encouraged him to complete his le-                at the family cottage in Lexington, Michigan. He was im-
gal studies at the Detroit College of Law (DCL). Mike                mensely proud of his granddaughter, Eva, and took great
returned to the Detroit area and began teaching U.S. his-            joy in being able to spend time with her.
tory at Southlake High School in St. Clair Shores while              Mike loved, encouraged, and inspired his family, friends,
he completed his law degree as a night student at DCL,               his Assumption Family and the greater community he
which he accomplished in 1958.                                       served throughout his life and will always be remembered
Shortly after becoming an attorney, Mike and Mr. Lipton              for his caring and compassion for others.
formed the successful law firm, Lipton, Papista, & Garfinkle,        May his memory be eternal.
Epistle                                                         12                                                    March 2010
                     Assumption Parishioner Honored
Assumption’s own Michael Lipinski, age 11, was selected by the Prudential Financial Company as one of two
Michigan youth volunteers to be honored in the 15th Annual Prudential Spirit of Community National Awards
Program. He received $1,000, an engraved silver medallion, and an all-expense-paid trip to Washing, D.C. this
May for several days of national recognition events. At that event, 10 of the 100 students invited will be named
America’s top youth volunteers for 2010. Below are the paragraphs about Michael included on the Prudential
website and in several publications, both in Michigan and nation-wide.

    Michael Lipinski, 11, of Roseville, Mich., a sixth-grader at St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School in St. Clair Shores,
    launched a summer program at Children’s Hospital of Michigan that teaches kids with traumatic brain inju-
    ries how to fish, and then takes them on outings to try out their new skills. “Fishing has always been a passion
    of mine,” said Michael, who learned to fish when he was just 18 months old. After winning several local and
    national casting competitions, he was asked by a therapeutic recreation specialist at Children’s Hospital to
    share his talent with young brain-injury patients.
    Michael’s one-day seminar for the patients in 2007 was such a success that he decided to develop an ongo-
    ing program the next summer that would not only teach the kids how to fish, but also let them experience
    the thrill of actually catching a fish. First, he needed to find equipment. He asked guests at his 10th birthday
    party to bring fishing poles, reels, lures, hooks, and bobbers
    instead of presents, and received donations from local bass
    clubs, fishing vendors, and a national fishing organization.             Save the Date !
    He then began teaching patients about fish species and fish-
    ing safety, as well as how to bait a hook, cast a line, and oth- Garage Sale            June 11 and 12
    er techniques. Once they had mastered those skills, Michael Golf Outing                 June
    took the children on four outings throughout the summer Festival                        August 19-22
    to practice what they’d learned. “The joy and excitement on
    the kids’ faces when they caught a fish was priceless!” he said. Senior Expo            October 7
    Michael repeated his program, called “Fishin’ Mission,” last Harvest Night              October 24
    summer, and plans to continue. “There is no greater reward Christmas Bazaar November 6
    than knowing that you can make a difference in the lives of Feather Party               November 7
    others,” he said.
                                                                     Auction                 November 13

                      Assumption Festival Countdown
 Days from Palm Sunday until the Assumption                                                 Assumption
                  Festival:                                                             GreekFest

                           143                                                         August 19,20,21,22

                      It’s not too early to volunteer!!

Epistle                                                   13                                             March 2010
    The following owers and Easter items are available for
    donation during Holy Week and Pascha:

           Palm Strips (palm crosses)                  $500

           Anastasi Wreath                             $250

           Vaia                                        $500

           Easter Lilies                               $20 each
    **The Ladies of Philoptochos will be passing a special tray on Palm Sunday for the
    Epitaphio owers. If you wish to make a general donation to the Easter Flower Fund,
    please free to do so using this form. Please make checks payable to Assumption Greek
    Orthodox Church (also note on your check Easter Flower Fund).




    Phone (     __ )_______________________

    Enclosed Check Amount $____________

    For the health of ________________________
    In Memory of___________________________

Epistle                                        14                                    March 2010
  Advertise in the Epistle
     Please contact the church office for details
               Call: (586) 779-6111

    1/8 Page ....................................................$50.00
    1/4Page .................................................. $100.00
    1/2 Page ................................................. $200.00
    Full Page ................................................ $400.00

Epistle                                                                   15   March 2010
                                                       Assumption Greek Orthodox CALAMARI
                                                                        Epistle Ad SARDINES
                                                                                     MUSSELS • BRANZINI
                                                                                      SEA BASS • ORATA
                                                                           May 19, 2008 SNAPPER
                                                                                   RED MULLET • OYSTERS
                                                                                   SHEEPHEAD • OCTOPUS
                                                                                  AND MANY OTHER FRESH
                                                                                    SEAFOOD SPECIALTIES
                                                      THE LARGEST & FRESHEST           FROM GREECE.
                                                        SEAFOOD SELECTION            ALL CLEANED WHILE
                                                              IN TOWN!                    YOU WAIT.

          Trust, Earned by Generations of Care           CLINTON TWP.                    MACOMB TWP.
                                                      36800 GARFIELD (At 16 Mile)   49800 HAYES RD. (At 22 1/2 Mile)
                                                           586.293.3500                    586.566.8700

                Grosse Pointe Woods                   (586) 775-2424
                   Mack & Vernier
                  David A. Kesner, Mgr.

               Masonic & Schoenherr                   28433 Jefferson Ave.
                   586.293.8030                       St. Clair Shores, MI 48081
                  Bruce P. Calder, Mgr.
                                                               FRANK T. McGillen
                                                               MichaelT. LORBACH
              David Peters, President                                       Manager

Epistle                                          16                                                 March 2010
                                                                                        Premium bread
                                                                                          Rolls & buns
                                                                                   Serving restaurants
                                                                                          and the food
                                                                                      service industry

                                                                                                  8579 Lumpkin

                                                                                                         (313) 875-7246
                                                                                                         (313) 875-7792

                                                                       Current Locations

                                                       CLAWSON                           ROYAL OAK
                                                       Maple and Crooks                  Main Street at 12 Mile Road
                                                                                         (Open 24 Hours: 7 Days)
                                                       CLINTON TOWNSHIP
                                                       Garfield at 19 Mile Road          ST. CLAIR SHORES
                                                       (Open 24 Hours: Fri-Sat)          SHORES SHOPPING CENTER

                                                       ROSEVILLE                         STERLING HEIGHTS
                                                       Groesbeck at 12 Mile Road         WASHINGTON PLAZA
                                                       (Open 24 Hours: 7 Days )          Dequindre at 14 Mile Road

                                                       GROSSE POINTE
                                                       Mack at 7 Mile (Moross)           TROY
                                                                                         Rochester Road
                                                       MACOMB                            North of 16 Mile Road
                                                       Hall Road (M-59) at Hayes         (Open 24 Hours: Fri-Sat)

                                                       MACOMB MALL                       UTICA
                                                       Gratiot at Masonic                M-59 at M-53
                                                       (Next to Value City)              (Next to Jarad’s Jewelers)
                                                                                         (Open 24 Hours: 7 Days)
                                                       ROCHESTER HILLS
                                                       HAMPTON VILLAGE CTR.              WARREN
                                                       Rochester Road at Auburn          Van Dyke north of 12 Mile Road
                                                                                         (Open 24 Hours: Fri-Sat)
              CORPORATE OFFICE LOCATION                Gratiot at I-696                  WATERFORD
                     27947 Groesbeck Hwy.              (Open 24 Hours: 7 Days)           Dixie Hwy. north of Walton
                         Roseville, MI                                                   (Open 24 Hours: Fri-Sat)
          PH. (586) 771-7744      FAX (586) 771-9578   SHELBY TWP.
                CALL US TO CATER FOR YOU               Schoenherr                        ST. CLAIR SHORES
                                                       South of 23 Mile Road             Harper north of 8 Mile Road

                                                                              GOING ON VACATION? VISIT US AT:
                VISIT US AT OUR WEB                                                 MIDFIELD TERMINAL
           WWW.NATIONALCONEYISLAND.COM                                              METRO AIRPORT

Epistle                                                17                                                                 March 2010
     Not all chapters in life are easy.
 Visit our Online Grief Library at www.Verheyden.org

                     Brian A Joseph, Owner/Chairman
                          Family owned and operated Chairman
                      Brian A Joseph, Owner /since 1908
           313-881-8500                                                 586-756-5530
        16300 Mack Avenue                                             28499 Schoenherr
                                                                                                                          CALL OR EMAIL
      Grosse Pointe, MI 48230                                         Warren, MI 48088                                    US FOR SPECIAL
                                                                                                                        VETERANS PRICING
  Adrianna Stanlonis, Manager John P. F. Jones, Manager
  Joseph A.N. Schnell, Manager Jennifer Murphy, Manager                                                                  info@verheyden.org

Senior ad ShorePointe Village:Layout 1          3/13/09    2:14 PM    Page 2

                                                                                                                 Beaumont Hospital’s
                                                                                                                  number one choice
                                                                                                                  for your continued
                                                                                                                      plan of care

      A Premier Health Care Management Facility                                                        An Affiliate of Beaumont Hospitals

      Services & Care:                Rehabilitation                 Long Term Care                Respite Care               Hospice Care
      G Licensed and trained staff members - 24 hours per day          G Emergency call systems in each suite and bath                                 16 MILE ROAD / METRO PARKWAY

      G Consulting dental, podiatry and optical services               G Private and semi-private suites with private baths
      G Contract laboratory, and diagnostic x-ray                      G Picture windows in each suite                                                 13 MILE ROAD

      G Licensed and registered therapists, including physical and
                                                                                                                                                                                                      11 MILE

                                                                       G Air conditioning throughout
                                                                                                                                                            SCHOENHERR ROAD

                                                                                                                                                                              10 MILE
                                                                                                                                            VAN DYKE

        occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists      G Pre-wiring for Telephone and Cable TV                                                                    9 MILE

      G Intravenous and nutritional therapies
                                                                                                                              8 MILE ROAD

                                                                       G Smoke alarms, sprinklers in each suite
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            St. Clair

      G Medication administration and management


                                                                       G A luxurious Hair Salon


      G Regular visiting Physicians

                                                                       G A smoke-free environment
                                                                                                                                                                                                 GROSSE POINTE

      ShorePointe Nursing Center                     H       26100 Jefferson Avenue                  H       St. Clair Shores, MI 48081
                                       586.779.7000                                         www.aPremierLife.com

Epistle                                                                    18                                                                                                                 March 2010
                                Μιλάω ἑλληνικά

  Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee!                     20
                                                 Satisfi Years of

  COMO’S                                               ed Cu

                     Guaranteed Quality Work
             Complete Collision Repair and Refinishing
 Auto-Theft Recovery Utilizing the Latest State of the Art Equipment
          Certified Technicians • Towing Service Available
      Ser vicing All Insurance Companies
22015 Mack Ave. (between 8-9 Mile)
       Saint Clair Shores                (586) 771-5757
                                                                                 Invisalign / Invisible Braces
                                                                                 One Hour Laser Whitening
                                                                             One Visit Crowns • Veneers • Onlays               is hard enough…
                                                                               Drill-less Dentistry • Implants

                                                                                                        20 Years Experience


                                                                                                           “Convenient Hours
                                                                                                            by Appointment”

                                                                             Grosse Pointe Family Dentistry
                                                                                               Chris C. Panagos DDS
                                                                                                Olga Panagos DDS

                                                                                          18501 Mack • Grosse Pointe
                                                                                                                                    NOW yOu CAN GO

        JIM J. Koukios
                  Associate Broker

                Cell Phone: 313-683-5020
                Voice Mail: 313-345-0528
             Email: jkoukios@mirealsource.com

                       Fluent Greek spoken
               All information strictly confidential

                        Saros Real Estate
            17108 Mack Avenue Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

Epistle                                                                 19                                                            March 2010
                                              RAm’s hoRn
                                       It’s Where To Go When You’re Hungry!

                                     TWO GREAT LOCATIONS
          CELEBRATING 35                                                         NEW LOCATION

                                                          OPEN                     FRASER
                                                                              CORNER OF MASONIC
           N. OF 12 MILE                                 24 Hours               AND UTICA RD.
           ON GRATIOT

                                     Great Breakfast Specials Starting at $3.29
                                         Mon - Fri 5:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
                                     Homemade Soups, Gravies and Sauces             Ram’s Horn
                                                   Thank You!                   $1.00 Off Next Visit
                                                     Efharisto                     exp 11/13/10

   edmund t. AHEE jewelers
                   Grosse Pointe Woods

           Mon.-Sat. 10am to 6pm, Thurs. 10am to 8pm
                     Extended Holiday Hours

             Best Watch and Jewelry Store by AOL
               Best of Detroit by Hour Magazine
                Michigan's Retailer Of The Year
          Unparalled collection of diamonds, platinum,
                  gold, gems and fine watches
            Largest source of GIA certified diamonds
            International award winning design team

             Visit our award winning web site

Epistle                                                     20                               March 2010
Fr. michael Varlamos       parish Council                           ministries
 Proistamenos              Committees 2009                          Church
Fr. Anthony Cook           Welcome and ushering                     Athletics
 Assistant Priest            Ted Kotsis                               George Petrouleas
                           stewardship                                313-882-6828
Joan DeRonne                                                          Dean Niforos
                             Christ Petrouleas
 Administrator               Lydia Villeneuve                         313-418-6085
olga Cardasis              Church Youth Committee                   Choir
                             Cathy Livingston                        Stan Takis
 Office Manager                                                      517-655-2060
                             Chris Manos
pat nanos                  philanthropic ministries                 GoYA
 Stewardship Secretary       Tony Niarhos                            Dean Bakoulas
                           Center Activities                         586-779-7737
parish Council
                             Tony Lipinski                          Greek school
 Jim Koukios                 Roula Tsaprailis                        Elli Patouhas
                           Long Range planning Fund                  586-795-4866
  Council President        Development                              The Ladies philoptochos society
 Tom Thomas                  George Petrouleas                       Georgia Falzone
                             Ernest Zachary                          586-295-5917
  Council Vice President   eastpointe                               Assumption parents Group
 Tony niarhos                George Petrouleas
                                                                      Dean and Judy Etsios
  Council Secretary                                                   313-881-6713
                             Bob DeWaele
                                                                    senior Citizens
 Robert DeWaele              Tom Nanos
                                                                      Catherine Spadafore
  Council Treasurer        Legal
                             Chrysanthe Kohl
                             Ted Niforos                            sunday school
 Jeffrey Bajis                                                        Chris De Waele
                             Louis Theros
 Sophie Burbulis                                                      Krisanne George
 George Dallas               Dave Poletis                           organizations
 Krisanne George           Catering
                             Ernest Zachary                         AhepA
 Chrysanthe Kohl           Board of Auditors                         John Hatzis
 Theodore A. Kotsis          George Gazepis                          586-268-9747
                             Andy Kallapure                         Assumption Parishioners Association
 Cathy Livingston            Lou Vlahantones                          Marietta Samaras
 Tom Nanos                 epistle                                    586-774-5279
 Theodore Niforos            Fr. Anthony Cook, general editor       Daughters of penelope
                             Jeff Petersen, publishing
 Christ Petrouleas                                                   Sandy Moisides
 George Petrouleas
 David Poletis
 Harriet Stoukas
 Roula Tsaprailis
 Ernest Zachary

                                                  Assumption nursery school and Toddler Center
                                                    22150 Marter Road
                                                    St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
                                                    Anne Chilingirian          586-772-4477
                                                    Website: www.assumptionnursery.org
Assumption Greek Orthodox Church
21800 Marter Road
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
Phone: 586-779-6111
Fax: 586-779-8369
Website: www.goassumption.org

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                Find a rightful place for
               stewardship in your heart
                    and in your life

                 “I will not offer to the Lord my God
                   that which has cost me nothing”
                                       David the King of Israel

              Giving Our Gifts With Faith In Christ

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