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TABER  Alberta, Canada
                                                                                                                                                                           Creating Opportunities...
The Town of Taber is “A Great Place To Grow’’and is located in the
Municipal District of Taber, in central southern Alberta. The Town
lies within the centre of the rich irrigated, diversified farmland belt,                                             23                              542

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jor markets. It is served by two (2) primary highways, the crossroads of                                   2                                    Champion                     845                                                     ALBERTA
Crowsnest Hwy. #3 and Hwy. #36 as well as the main Medicine Hat -                                                                              23

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                                                                                                                                                 County                                                                     Coutts

                                  Population Information                                            Geographic Information
                                                                                        2004        Location: Municipal District of Taber, Alberta
                                  Municipality:                                         7,671       Major Highways: Highway 3, 36
                                  Within a 50 km Radius:         106,407                            Distance to Major Areas:
                                                                                                    50 km (32 miles) East of Lethbridge
                                  Income                                    (2001)
                                                                                                    272 km (169 miles) Southeast of Calgary
                                  Average Household Income:                 $55,009
                                                                                                    98 km (60 miles) North of Coutts/Sweetgrass USA
                                  Median Household Income:                  $46,713
                                                                                                    Border Crossing
                                  Average Family Income:                    $63,009
                                  Median Family Income:                     $53,470
                                                                                                    Taber Facts
                                                                                                    Educational Facilities
                                  Tax Rates                                                         High Schools (Public)                                                                                                                  1
                                  Municipal Tax Rates: (2006)
                                                                                                    High Schools (Separate)                                                                                                                1
                                   Residential/Farmland: 9.3911
                                                                                                    Junior High/Middle Schools (Public)                                                                                                    1
                                   Non-Residential: 11.9962
                                                                                                    Junior High/Middle Schools (Separate)                                                                                                  2
                                  Mill Rates: (2006)
                                                                                                    Elementary Schools (Public)                                                                                                            3
                                   Residential: 13.8409
                                                                                                    Elementary Schools (Separate)                                                                                                          2
                                   Non-Residential: 18.3783
                              Labour Force By Industry (2001)                                       Nearest Post-Secondary Institutions:
          Manufacturing 12.5%                                    Mining 11.9%                       Lethbridge, Alberta 50 km (32 miles)
             Construction 6.9%                                                                        Lethbridge College
                                                                                                      Enrollment Approx. 7,000
                                                                 Agriculture 4.9%
            Trans. & Util. 8.6%                                                                       University of Lethbridge
                                                                 Public Admin. 3.9%                   Enrollment Approx. 8,000

      Retail & Wholesale 16.2%
                                                                 Business &
                 Finance 4.2%                                    Community Service 31.1%
                                     Source: Statistics Canada

   Commercial and Industrial Land Bank
   Commercial land is available at the south-west corner of Hwy #3 and #36,
     Contact: John MacDonald - Triumph Properties (604) 298-7770
   Industrial land is available along Hwy #36.
     Contact: Pat Shimbashi (403) 634-1512
   Town-owned Industrial & Commercial land is available
     Contact: John Henricks (403) 223-5500
                                                        “   The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in
                                                                                         south central Alberta
                                                               - Pete Lovering, Manager, Chinook Community Futures, Taber        “
                        Taber Information                                          Recreational/Cultural Assets/
                        Government Information                                     Community Facilities
                        Municipal Government                                       Libraries: 1
                        Mayor                                   Ray Bryant         Museums: 1
                        Chief Administrative Officer             Gary Hudson        Golf Courses: 1
                        Economic Development Officer             John Henricks      Swimming Pools:1
                                                                                   Ball Fields: 7
                        Safety & Security                                          Parks: 12
                        Fire Protection:                                           Ice Arena: 1
                        Taber is served by a volunteer fire department              Curling Rink: 1
                        Police Services:
                        Taber is served by the Taber Police Service.               Airport
                        Ambulance Services:                                        Taber has an airport with a 914 metre paved runway
                        Local ambulance service is available                       and all-weather facilities. The nearest commercial
                        Taber also has 911 Service.                                and air freight services are in Lethbridge, 50 km west
                        Other:                                                     of Taber.
                        Justice Infrastructure – Provincial Court (Taber)          Accommodations
                        Utilities & Service Data                                   Motels/Hotels: 6
                        Electric Power Providers in the Region:                    Total Rooms: 290
                        Fortis Alberta                                             Conference Facilities: 5
                        Natural Gas Providers in the Region:                       Bed & Breakfasts: 1
                        ATCO Gas                                                   Financial Institutions:
                        Landfill/Waste Transfer Locations:                          Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
                        Operated by Taber & District Waste Management              Bank of Nova Scotia
                        Authority                                                  Bank of Montreal
                        Recycling: Facilities are available.                       Royal Bank
                                                                                   First Choice Credit Union
                        Garbage Collection:
                                                                                   ATB Financial
                        Town of Taber
                                                                                   Business Support Organizations
                                                                                   Chinook Community Futures
                        Water Service Supplier:                                    Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
                        St. Mary’s River Irrigation District/Taber Irrigation      Business Development Bank of Canada
                        District                                                   Taber & District Chamber of Commerce
                        Local Service Providers: Telus
                                                                                   For Further Information:
                        Medical Services                                           Town of Taber
                        Hospitals: 1                                               4900A - 50 Street, Taber, Alberta T1G 1T1
                        Health Units/Clinics: 2                                    Tel:      403-223-5500
                        Dentists: 3                                                Fax:      403-223-5530
                        Doctors: 13                                                Web Site:
                        Chiropractors: 3                                           E-mail:

Major Employers
Name                                       Product or Service                                    The information and data
1. Horizon School Division                 Education                                            for this community profile
2. McCains                                 Processed Foods                                          was obtained from
3. Roger’s Sugar Ltd.                      Various Sugar Products                          Statistics Canada,
4. Hostess Frito-Lay Products Ltd.         Potato Chips                                 and
5. Lamb Weston                             Processed Foods                                           the Town of Taber

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