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					Town of Davidson
November 18, 2008

The regular meeting of the Davidson Town Council was held in the Town Council
Chambers on November 18, 2008.

Present:   Mayor Mary Jane Morrison, Councillors Jason Shaw, Cliff Cross, Mary
Ann Chomyshen, Clayton Schneider, Adrian Schmiedge, Administrator Gary Edom.

Absent:         Councillor Jeff Alexander

Mayor Morrison called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.


2008-202        Schmiedge: That the minutes of the regular council meeting, held on
                Chomyshen: October 21, 2008 be approved as presented.


2008-203        Cross:        That the minutes of the October 21, 2008 Public Hearing
                Schmiedge:    be approved as presented.


Business Incentives

2008-204        Cross:        That we pay Michael and Teresa Beckie, owners of Q & A
                Schmiedge:    Car Wash, a municipal tax refund for a new business of
                              $ 2,244.04 for 2007 and $ 1,122.02 for 2008.


2008-205        Cross:        That any further tax concessions applied for by new
                Schneider:    be brought to council for consideration until such time as
                              a bylaw is passed to clarify the Town’s definition of a
                              “new” business.


Eileen Rettger Tree

2008-206        Schneider: That a registered letter be sent to Eileen Rettger
                Chomyshen: advising her that next year we will plant a tree,
                           somewhere on town property, to replace the one directly
                           north of her property on Ottawa Street that she poisoned
                           and had cut down, and that she will be charged for the
                           cost of the tree and planting it.



Gerrid Gust attended the meeting to inform council that he is willing in 2009 to provide
the chemical and spray our ball diamonds for weeds.

Billy Gust attended the meeting to inform council that the Davidson Kinsmen Club is
considering purchasing three defibrillators and that one may be made available for us
at the Community Centre and Communiplex.

Financial Statements

2008-207        Schmiedge:    That the October 2008 financial statement be approved as
                Cross:        as presented.


2008-208        Cross:        That the October accounts, cheque #14203 to #14292,
                Schneider:    totaling $ 113,310.06, be approved for payment.


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Town of Davidson
November 18, 2008

Caroline Johnson Resignation

2008-209        Shaw:        That we accept, with regret, Caroline Johnson’s
                Schneider:   resignation from her position, as Recreation Secretary,
                             effective December 31, 2008.


Mid Lakes Community Coalition

2008-210        Schneider: That the Town of Davidson support and participate in
                Chomyshen: whatever way possible, the Regional Economic
                           Development Plan being developed by the Mid Lakes
                           Community Coalition.



2008-211        Cross:       That the following correspondence, having been read, be
                Schneider:   filed:
                                 1. Caroline Johnson – resignation
                                 2. SGI – Seat belt challenge wrap up in Saskatoon
                                 3. Mid Lakes Community Coalition – Regional
                                    Economic Development Plan


Susan Wakefield

2008-212        Schmiedge:   That we deny Susan Wakefield’s request to have the Town
                Cross:       pay her outstanding water bill as compensation for having
                             her sewer line plugged, on the basis that we feel we have
                             met our responsibility by paying to have the line cleaned.


James Tichit Wages

2008-213        Schneider:   That we inform James Tichit that the Town is willing to
                Shaw:        increase his wage to $ 15.50/hour effective January 1,
                             2009 when the other employees’ salaries are reviewed.


Asst. Town Foreman

2008-214        Schneider:   That we advertise for an assistant foreman position for
                Cross:       one week in all weekly newspapers across Canada.


Request for Rezoning

2008-215        Schmiedge:   That in response to Ellen Packet’s request, we proceed to
                Schneider:   rezone Pt. of Lot 23 and Lot 24, Block 17, Plan D845CNV
                             (former Davidson Legion Hall property), from R2
                             Residential to C1 Commercial to accommodate a hair
                             salon she intends to open at that location.


Bylaw No. 712 (To amend Official Community Plan)

2008-216        Chomyshen: That Bylaw No. 712, being a bylaw to amend Bylaw No.
                Shaw:      480 (Official Community Plan), be introduced and read a
                           first time.


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Town of Davidson
November 18, 2008

Bylaw No. 713 (To amend Zoning Bylaw)

2008-217        Cross:       That Bylaw No. 713, being a bylaw to amend Bylaw No.
                Schmiedge:   482 (Zoning Bylaw), be introduced and read a first time.


Doug Palmer

2008-218        Schneider:   That we pay Doug Palmer $ 1,250.00, for working
                Cross:       October 7th – October 14th, in addition to the cheque he
                             received for $ 2,500.00 for working the rest of the month.


Recreation Committee Recommendations

2008-219        Cross:       That we approve the Recreation Committee’s
                Schneider:   recommendations, with the exception of #4, as attached
                             to these minutes.


Recreation Secretary/Director

2008-220        Cross:     That we advertise for the position of Recreation Secretary/
                Chomyshen: Director, with applications to be received by December
                           15th, 2008.



2008-221        Chomyshen: That this meeting be adjourned.


                                                        Mary Jane Morrison, Mayor

                                                        Gary Edom, Administrator

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