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                                             SEPTEMBER, 2008

Welcome to the 2008/09 school year!
                                                                           DATES TO NOTE
                                                                           September 8
                                                                           Homework Time begins
                                                                           3:20 - 4:10 p.m.

                                                                           September 10
                                                                           Band (Gr. 3-8) starts 3:30 - 4:30

                                                                           September 15
                                                                           • Hot Lunch and Milk Program
                                                                           • Homework Time, Pre & Post Care,
                                                                             Field Trip and Yearbook payments,
                                                                             are due.       

                                                                           September 17
                                                                           • Bike Day (Grades 1-8) - JK/SK will
                                                                             be doing other activities on-site.
                                                                           • Instrumental Music Clinic (Gr. 3-8)
                                                                             3-4:30 p.m. (parents welcome)
                                                                           • Parent Orientation and
                                                                             Wine & Cheese
                                                                             7:00 - 8:30 p.m. teacher sessions
    Welcome back to our                                                      8:30 - 9:30 p.m. wine & cheese
returning families, and our
many new families!                                                         September 23
Welcome to the first issue                                                  Immunization Clinic for Gr. 7 & 8
of our new monthly family                                                  September 24
newsletter. You should find                                                 Off-site Phys. Ed. begins
this communication tool
informative, and sometimes even                                            September 26
                                                    Christina Dickson      School Photos.
entertaining, as it develops
                                          Communications Coordinator
month by month. As always, feel                                            September 30
free to offer any suggestions.                                              Casual Dress Day

    Parent Orientation Evening & Wine and Cheese,
    September 17th, 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.
    Our orientation evening on September 17th is a          There will be a wine & cheese, following the
great opportunity for parents to be introduced to all   teacher presentations, to give you an opportunity to
of our teachers, and hear about the planned             meet casually with other parents and staff.
curriculum for this year.

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                                                  SEPTEMBER, 2008


    Grade 6 students Grace Osler, Madeleine Poirier,        The conference, brought together 700 youth
Kyra Rogers, Julianna Schwindt, and Grade 5 student     from over 100 countries. Our team presented a
Steven Wright, travelled with Mr. Léveillé, and their   workshop on Biodiversity, which featured a game
chaperones to Norway to share their Macoun Marsh        they had designed. The students also presented their
Project with other youth from around the world.         Macoun Marsh journals.
The students attended the 2008 Tunza International          “The Macoun Marsh Project involves working
Children's Conference on the Environment, held                                          with others, developing
from the 17 to 21 June 2008, in Stavanger, Norway                                       new skills, undertaking
                                                                                        practical conservation
                                                                                        and influencing
                                                                                        society,” says Mr.
                                                                                        Léveillé. “We have
                                                                                        made a conscious
                                                        decision to protect and celebrate our own Macoun
                                                        Marsh. We are inspiring other individuals and schools
                                                        to take a serious look at their own backyards.”
                                                             Aside from the obvious curriculum benefits, The
                                                        Marsh offers these young students opportunities to
                                                        develop increased confidence, improve their social
                                                        skills, develop values and beliefs about the
                                                        environment, and a greater belief in personal efficacy
                                                        - the types of personal skills that are increasingly
                                                        important to academic and life success.
(www.ua21.no/tunza). They are pictured here at The
Iron Age Farm.                                              www.macounmarsh.bravehost.com

Biodiversity Matters: Second International Youth Symposium
on biodiversity
                                          St-Laurent Academy      PARENT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES
                                          students will be        FOR BIODIVERSITY MATTERS 09
                                          hosting youth from      If you are interested in putting your skills to use in the
                                          around the world        following roles, please contact Mr. Léveillé:
                                          here in Ottawa at the   YOUTH COORDINATOR (opening ceremony) 

                                          Second International    YOUTH COORDINATOR (closing ceremony) 

Youth Symposium for Biodiversity, planned for July 5-11,          FINANCIAL ASSISTANT
2009. Students (Grade 6 to 12) from around the world will         FUND RAISING EVENT PLANNER
present their biodiversity projects, and explore The National     ON SITE VOLUNTEERS (delegate information)
Capital Region’s own ecosystems. For further information:
www.biodiversitymatters.org, or

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                                                                     SEPTEMBER, 2008
                                                 soapstone sculpture, and is busy these days     Social Studies in local private schools and 4
2008/09 STAFF                                    with her new puppy Ruby.                        years as a Vice-Principal, she is a seasoned
                                                                                                 and enthusiastic teacher. Outside of class,
Ms. Susan Kelly, Principal                       Mr. Nelson McClinton, Music                     she enjoys windsurfing, skiing, skating, and
Ms. Kelly holds her Bachelor of Education in     Nelson McClinton has been teaching              spending quality time with her kids, family
English and Physical Education from De           elementary school Music for 5 years. He has     and friends.
Montfort University in Great Britain. She        taught Music privately to children at several
has taught English, Science, and Physical        Ottawa studios. While at the RCMP, he           Mr. Scott Pruneau, Phys. Ed.
Education in the private school sector. She      played Principal Flute and Piccolo with the     Mr. Pruneau has been teaching Physical
also taught English for five years in Japan       RCMP Concert Band, and gave Music clinics       Education for 3 years, since graduating from
and acted as Director for two International      to students across Canada. Mr. McClinton        Human Kinetics. He also teaches
Summer Camps in Great Britain. This is Ms.       studied saxophone, flute and oboe, and           Gymnastics and Dance at our sister school
Kelly’s second year as Principal.                instruction in all of the Wind, Brass and       St-Laurent Academy Childcare. He is
                                                 Percussion instruments. Mr. McClinton           passionate about martial arts,
Mrs. Moira Holmes, Administrator                 studied Music at the University of Victoria     snowboarding, and playing guitar.
Mrs. Holmes is a graduate from Teacher’s         and Douglas College. He continues to
College, Strathclyde University, Scotland.       perform as a professional musician.             Mr. Richard Forsyth, Gr. 3/4 Math,
Before joining us as Administrator, Mrs.                                                         Grade 5/6 Social Studies, Resource
                                                 Ms. Sharon Mintz, Art                           Assistant
Holmes spent 15 years teaching in Ottawa
private schools. She also taught in                                                              Mr. Forsyth most previously taught at Fern
                                                 Ms. Mintz studied Interior Design at            Hill School, and before that was with the
International Schools in Ethiopia, Israel,       Dawson College. Following that, she
Ghana, and Zambia. Mrs. Holmes enjoys                                                            Halifax School Board. He holds a BSc (PE)
                                                 received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from           from St. Francis Xavier, BEd from the
kayaking, cycling, cross country skiing, and     Concordia University. Ms. Mintz has led
spending time with her two sons who are                                                          University of New Brunswick, and a MPE
                                                 classes and workshops at the OCDSB, and         from the University of Ottawa. An avid
attending University in Montreal.                The Ottawa School of Art. She also holds        hockey enthusiast, when he’s not on the ice,
                                                 her Masters Degree in Art Therapy, and          or collecting memorabilia, he enjoys cycling
Mr. Yves Tourigny, Gr. 5-8 Math,                 continues to work as a consultant to
7/8 Social Studies                                                                               and running.
                                                 Ottawa psychologists.
Mr.Tourigny ( Mr. T) has a Bachelor of Arts
Degree and a Bachelor of Education                                                               Mrs. Anne Cauley, Resource
                                                 Mr. Jean-Christophe (JC) Gagnon,
degree, both Cum Laude, from Ottawa              French Program, Drama                           A Graduate of Queen’s University Teacher’s
University. There he studied Social and          Mr. Gagnon is in his 7th year of elementary     College, Mrs. Cauley has been a private
Physical Geography, in addition to               teaching. He taught previously at Glebe         tutor for several years, helping many
Mathematics. He has taught Mathematics           Montessori School. Mr. Gagnon holds a           children achieve their potential. She home-
and Science at all intermediate and high         degree in Political Sciences from the           schooled her two children (now grown
school levels in public and private schools in   University of Ottawa, and a Montessori          professionals) for 15 years. She holds an
Ottawa. He has also tutored in Mathematics       Teaching Certificate. He is also trained as a    Ontario Teaching Certificate, and has
and other topics. He is a notorious              level 4 instructor in the AIM French            specialized training in the Barton Reading &
collector of games and books.                    Program. His passion with theatre began in      Spelling Program - an Orton-Gillingham
                                                 high school. In University Mr. Gagnon was       based remediation tool. Luckily for her, her
Ms. Patti-Jane (PJ) Stanley, Gr.1/2              on the improvisation team, and now he is        favorite Indian Restaurant, Coconut Lagoon,
Math and English, Gr. 3/4 Social                 thrilled to lead our drama classes. He has      is just down the street!
Studies and English.
                                                 additional training as a lifeguard, ski &
Ms. Stanley received a Bachelor of Arts          snowboard instructor.                           Mr. Michael Léveillé, Science, Gr.
degree, with distinction, from Carleton                                                          1/2 Social Studies, Computer
University. There, she studied Geography         Mr. Joseph Cousineau, FSL                       Mr. Léveillé’s professional background at The
and was a member of the Geography                                                                Museum Of Nature, and as an illustrator
Society.  She then received a Bachelor of        Mr. Joseph Cousineau is bringing his            and cartoonist has made his teaching for the
Education, Suma Cum Laude, from the              extensive success working with youth to         last 11 years really come alive for students!
University of Ottawa. She has taught at          the classroom. An experienced tutor and         He graduated from The University of
many public schools across the Ottawa            team leader, he will be applying his creative   Ottawa, in Visual Arts. When he’s not at the
region and outlying areas. She also tutored      approaches to his work at St-Laurent            Macoun Marsh, he’s relaxing at home with
Math at the high school level. Following         Academy. He will be finishing his training in    his wife and kids. He also LOVES sushi!
that, she taught for many years at a private     the AIM French Program shortly, and will be
school in Ottawa. She has experienced            using this innovative curriculum with our       Mrs. Lee Coutu, JK/SK,
various aspects of education, teaching from      students. Mr. Cousineau holds a Bachelor of     Pre/Post Care
Senior Kindergarten to grade 8 .                 Arts Degree with High Honours from
                                                 Carleton.                                       In her own words, Mrs. Coutu was “born to
                                                                                                 be with children.” First, a children’s
Ms. Eliana Mandel, Gr. 5-8 English                                                               librarian, then a devoted mother to three
Ms. MandeI is new to St-Laurent Academy          Mdme. Church, Advanced French
                                                                                                 (now grown) boys, Lee ran a home daycare
having recently moved to Ottawa from             Mdme. Church completed her Bachelor of          for 10 years, before moving to teaching
Montreal. She has been teaching for 4 years      Arts in Industrial Relations at McGill          kindergarten 8 years ago. She majored in
in private schools, and is currently pursuing    University and obtained her Masters degree      Psychology at York University, and has taken
her PhD in Child Study. Ms. Mandel does          in Education at the University of Ottawa.       several specialized courses related to special
                                                 With 7 years experience teaching FSL and        needs.

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                                             SEPTEMBER, 2008

School Band & Choir                   front door to the kindergarten
                       We have        classroom.                             OFF-SITE PHYS. ED.
                       both a                                              Wednesday activities at the
                                      School Clubs                         St. Laurent Complex will begin
                       junior and                                          September 24, 2008.
                       senior              Over the next few weeks we
                                      will be starting several lunch and            Grade 5-8 - swimming
                       choir. All
                                      afterschool clubs. These are             (swimsuit, towel, and goggles are
                       students                                                        recommended)
                       participate    teacher-led volunteer activities.
                                                                                   Grades JK-Gr.4 - skating
                       in choir on    Check the Parent Information
                                      Board on the main floor for more         (bring a winter jacket, snow pants,
                       Fridays.                                                mittens, and skates, helmets are
                       Our school     information.                                       mandatory)
                       band is an     Old Newspapers NEEDED!
afterschool activity offered to any                                         Students will eat lunch at 12:00 and will
student (Gr. 3-8) who would like to       Bring your old newspapers to     then be bused to these activities.
learn a wind instrument.              school and we’ll put them to good    During the next 2 weeks the Phys. Ed
                                      use in art class. Kindly drop them   activities will be as follows:
Late arrival                          off in the Art Room.
     Students who arrive after        Our Childcare Centre has grown!      September 10         On-Site Phys ED.
8:20 a.m. should enter through                                             September 17         Bike Day: Gr. 1-8
the front door and report to the        St-Laurent Academy
reception.                         Childcare, our sister school,
                                   operating out of St.Laurent
Outdoor Shoes                      Complex, has expanded - 36
                                   additional spaces have been added.
                                                                            Interested in
     Just a reminder that outdoor
shoes should be appropriate for    Some spaces are still available, so      Volunteering?
Phys. Ed. class. A pair of running please spread the word about our
shoes with good foot support is    unique program offering a
ideal. Sorry...no Crocs. For your                         diversified        Parent Volunteers are
child’s safety, crocs are not                             preschool         presently needed to
permitted for Phys. Ed. Although                          curriculum,
                                                          and daily
                                                                            assist with skating.
we love them too, they offer no
ankle support, and leave children                         sports for        Help is needed to tie
vulnerable to serious injury.                             active minds      skates, and on-ice
                                                          and bodies.
New Kindergarten Drop Off                                 Interested        help is also welcome.
                                   families should call 613-842-8047.
     Beginning on Monday
                                        St-Laurent Academy Childcare
September 8th, Kindergarten
                                   is located at 525 Côté Street, in the
                                                                            Parent Volunteers are
parents may use the front parking                                           also welcome for
                                   St. Laurent Complex.
lot, and your children will be
greeted by Mrs. Coutu at the                                                lunch supervision.

                                                                            There will be additional
                      Homework Blog                                         opportunities throughout
         A very useful resource, our homework blog lists homework
                                                                            the year for parent
      assignments, and often reports on the day’s activities. Both
                                                                            volunteers. Please discuss
    Mr. T and Mr. Léveillé have begun using the blog this year, and as
                                                                            your interest with Mrs. Kelly
         the weeks unfold you will see more subjects included.
                                                                            or Mrs. Holmes.

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                                        SEPTEMBER, 2008

    Congratulations to St-Laurent Academy’s              We were honoured to have the European
first Grade 8 graduating class! We wish all of         Union Ambassador to Canada open our
our graduates success and happiness in their          International Fair in February. It was a wonderful
secondary education. Two of                                            event for students and parents
our eight graduates were                                               alike. Many thanks to all of our
accepted into highly                                                   students for producing such
competitive International                                              tremendous projects on their
Baccalaureate Programmes!                                              heritage.
    Morgan O’Dea (Grade                                                  On May 22, 2008, The
7), was the recipient of the                                           Macoun Marsh Project with
City of Ottawa’s 2008                                                  partners St-Laurent
Local History Award in                                                 Academy, and The
conjunction with the                                                   Beechwood Foundation
Historical Society of Ottawa,                                          presented a benefit concert,
which she received at school                                           raising $6000 for
on April 30. Four students                                             BiodiversityMatters: Second
from St. Laurent Academy were chosen to               International Youth Symposium on
attend the regional Historica Fair, where             Biodiversity which we will host in Ottawa, July
students across Ottawa displayed their Canadian       2009.
history projects for a chance to compete at the            Five students from our Grade 5/6 class
provincial level. Two of those students, Kristina     attended the Tunza Conference in Norway in
Scott and Brendan Fitzgibbons, attended the           June. Our students, as well as 700 other youth
Provincials June 11 to 15.                            from 103 different countries, were selected to attend
     Congratulations to Donald Clysdale               this United Nations International Children’s
(Grade 8), who scored 100% on the Waterloo            Conference on the Environment.
Gauss Math Contest – well recognized as a                  In June 2008, The Macoun Marsh Project,
leading event for students gifted in Math, with       was chosen as the winner of Toyota Canada’s
about 20,000 participants! On average, less than 1%   Make Things Better Challenge, for our
of students receive 100%! This achievement is a       environmental stewardship. For his submission, one
testament to Mr. T’s passionate math teaching.        of the Marsh Directors, Clint Monaghan, has been
Keep the games rolling!                               awarded a Toyota Prius.

                                    CONGRATULATIONS to Principal
                                    Susan Kelly - our very own World
                                         Susan Kelly is a competitive Lifeguard and a member of the St.
                                    Laurent Masters Lifesaving Team. She won 9 medals at the 2008
                                    World Championships this summer in Germany! Her team placed
                                    1st in the World, winning a total of 33 medals.

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