Update your income to enjoy up to 4X spending power
If your income has increased over the year(s) since becoming our customer, you may update us with your latest income
documents and get an increased credit limit of up to 4 times your monthly income!

Simply submit the completed form together with your latest income document(s) via fax to 6789 3762 or mail to
Standard Chartered Bank, Card Services, Tampines Central Post Office, P.O. Box 226, Singapore 915208.

Permanent Credit Limit Increase Application Form

 YES, I would like to increase the credit limit of all my Credit Card(s) and/ or Personal Credit (if applicable)
   (Note: Not applicable to secured credit card or credit card with $500 credit limit. To request for a limit increase on secured credit card, please visit our
   nearest branch for placement of additional lien against the credit card.)

Name:                                                                                   Standard Chartered Credit Card Number:

NRIC No:                                                                                                -                  -                  -

Email*:                                                                                 Personal Credit Account Number (if applicable)

Mobile No.*:                                                                                    -       -                          -

Office No.*:                                                                            Income Documents (please submit one of the
Company Name:                                                                           • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment (latest
                                                                                            2 years for self-employed); OR
Annual Income:                                     Years in Service
                                                                                        • Latest IR8E form; OR
                                                                                        • Latest computerised payslip (3 months for
By signing herewith, I agree to be bound by the Terms and                                   commission income earner); OR
Conditions below.                                                                       • Latest 6 months’ CPF statements

Principal Cardholder’s / Personal Credit Main Applicant’s Signature                                                              Date

* Your new contact number will be updated for all accounts. Please note that the mobile phone must be a Singapore registered number in order for you
to perform Update of Particulars and Add 3rd Party Payee via Online Banking.

For Bank’s Use:
Secured Credit Card         Yes         No
$500 Credit Card            Yes         No

By signing this application, I declare that the information I have given on my application is true and complete and I authorise Standard Chartered Bank
(“the Bank”) to check and verify the information in any manner as you deem fit. I acknowledge that the Bank rely on this information to consider my
I understand the Bank is authorised (but not obliged) to receive instructions given by telex, facsimile transmission, telegraph, cable, email (or other
electronic means), short message services (SMS) from handphone or telephone (collectively “Oral Instruction”) from or purporting to be from me with or
without separate verification by the Bank as to the genuineness of such Oral Instructions.
If my application is approved, I agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions stated in this application form in addition to the Standard Chartered
Bank’s Customer Terms and Credit Card Terms and/ or Personal Credit Product Terms, the Personal Loan/ Personal Line of Credit/ Overdraft Terms.

Terms and Conditions for Credit Limit Increase
1. The credit limit increase application is subject to the Bank’s approval and is applicable to all your Credit Card accounts and/ or Personal Credit. It is
    not applicable to secured credit cards or credit card with $500 credit limit.
2. The maximum credit limit available is subject to the current regulations stipulated by the regulatory authorities, or up to S$100,000, whichever is
3. Review and revision of the credit limit is conducted by the Bank based on the latest income information received, subject to any regulations
    stipulated by regulatory authorities and the Bank’s assessment at the sole discretion of the Bank.
4. If your latest income documents reflect a lower earned income than what is currently in our records, the Bank has the right to lower the credit limit
    of your Credit Card and/or Personal Credit.
5. Where applicable, your information will be updated into the Bank’s record based on the information stated in this application form.

                                                                                                                                                    10 Dec 09

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