March 30th Troop Committee Meeting called to order a 645 PM by sofiaie


									March 30th Troop Committee Meeting called to order a 6:45 PM

Attendance: Stephanie Nerges, Agnes-Baffoe Bonnie, Lisa Ferkitech, Roger Chatot, Doug
Jenkins, Rudy Cvetkovic, Michelle Scannell

Opening words - Doug Jenkins

Charter Representative: Doug J.- Troop fell short of $145.00 in our Friends of Scouting drive. But
considering the economy, we are thankful for all who donated.

Scoutmaster Report: Roger C.- Had a good time at last camping trip, a new skit was performed
by scouts. Crossing Over Ceremony was good and we gained 5 new Scouts. About 27 Scouts
and 8 Adults will be going on summer camping trip to Tuckahoe.
Iron Chef 2nd annual Cook Off was discussed and voted on. The 4 basic ingredients, to be
used. (Ground Beef, Onion, Salt and Pepper). $25.00 budget approved to purchase supplies.

Treasurers Report- No report But we may have missed date for deposit for summer camp. Doug
J. will check with Hugh G. and or John T. on status of deposit. If possible will use a personal
credit card to get early bird fee and Troop will reimburse costs.

Troop Calendar Repot: Rudy-The PLC date is on web site calendar Minutes of Troop meetings
will be posted after Michelle and or Doug reviews and will be posted to Troop web site calendar
via Bryan Sayre. The committee will pick a date in May, for the summer Troop Committee
Meeting for next year planning.

Outdoor Activities Report:- No report April 24-26 Tyler Camporee , May 15-17 Yards Creek,
June 12-14 Allair Park

Advancement Report :Doug J.-Tyler Scannell has advanced to next rank. Will be recognized at
next Troop meeting, and acknowledged at Court of Honor. Will look into new Rankling and
Advancement Board or at least updating present one.Doug and Roger will confer.

Eagle Coordinator Report: No report

Chaplain Report: Agnes B. B.- Ryan Jenkins is the new Scout Chaplain and is working out well.
April 21st Agnes will attends meeting.

Training Report: No report from chair. Doug J. thought we are at 92% in compliance for
leadership training.

Equipment Report: No report

 Activities Report: Lisa F.- The permit for use of Pavilion at Core Creek was procured and was
reviewed and filled out for the Troop family picnic. The cost is $120.00 dollars.

O.A. Report: No report

Fund Raising Report;- Would like to have new Scout sand parents become involved in popcorn

Old Business- Web Site: Bryan S.-Needs updated patrol information with names of new Scouts.

Approved ordering Hoodie's using the same logo and color for Scouts and Adults. Doug will set
up order form. Michelle thought we could order between 30-50 at a cost of $10-$12 a piece. The
weight of material will be determine the costs. Would like to have for summer camp if possible.
Stepping stones were approved by LPC, and Roger C. will purchase thru place of employment
(Home Depot). They will be placed at entrance walkway to main door of cabin. Purchase

New Business- Agnes B.B. suggested we Honor Leadership who have contributed many hours
and years to our troop. Perhaps a certificate of appreciation given at the end of their duty tour. Is
there such certificate available at the scout store in Dolyestown?

Still working on suggestions for new neckerchiefs. Stephanie N. will look at for ideas
and check fabric stores.

The committee voted on and asks that all Committee Chairs who do not attend meeting
,please forward a report to Michelle ASAP for consideration. If you have no report, please
at least let Michelle know you will not attend.

Meeting closed at 8:40 PM
Submitted by the Secretary, Stephanie Nerges

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