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									                       Welcome ATA Delegates
                                                                                         Africa Travel Association is meeting at a very
  I extend to you all the warmth and friendli-
                                                                                         propitious time in the travel industry. When
  ness of the people of Zambia. In particular I
                                                                                         other travel industry meetings have been
welcome you to Lusaka, the Capital City and                                              postponed because of unstable global events
      Livingstone, the Tourist and Adventure                                             such as war and the economy, ATA, its country
   Capital of Zambia (home of the Victoria - a                                           members and travel industry partners from
  ‘must see' falls) and the 28th African Travel                                          North America, are holding our annual market-
                                                                                         ing congress in Africa as scheduled. In fact, ATA
 Association Congress. Travel dynamics have
                                                                     has forged on in the post 9/11 era, and successfully held all our
     placed responsibilities on the traveler to not only derive
                                                                     scheduled ATA events: Yaounde, Cameroon; Conakry, Guinée;
  maximum satisfaction from a destination visited but also to        Fés, Morocco; and now, ATA’s first-ever two venue Congress,
 ensure that the visit is beneficial to the host community and       Lusaka and Livingstone, Zambia. We are all here because we are
takes care of future needs. Therefore this year's theme; Ethno-      optimistic about the future of global travel in general, and more
 Tourism: A key to sustainable development and job creation          specifically, to the continent of Africa.
       seeks to encourage destinations to utilize their cultural        e
                                                                       W have good reasons for this optimism. ATA’s member coun-
                                                                     tries, representing most of Africa’s major tourism destinations,
 heritage for the sustained livelihoods of their rural or indig-
                                                                     are recognized by the more sophisticated traveler as among the
       enous people. Africa has a unique and diverse cultural        world’s most safe and stable countries to visit at this time.
 heritage which if well exploited can give an added appeal to        Another reason was best expressed by a recent Fodor survey
                                                     the region.     taken in March at the peak of the Iraq war. It suggested that 76%
    I am aware of your tight program. However, your visit to         of Americans will continue with their travel plans despite the
 Zambia will not be complete if you did not visit the Victoria       war. This was no less true about travel to Africa. Even before the
                                                                     war ended, North American -based tour operators had reported
       Falls (locally known as Mosi-O-Tunya " the smoke that
                                                                     few cancellations and were reporting good bookings for the
  thunders"), participate in Livingstone's adventure activities
                                                                     summer season. In the past several weeks, some reported a surge
  (white water-rafting, elephant Back-ride tours, micro-light,       of pent-up travel demand to Africa.
      abseiling, river-boarding, bungi-jumping etc.), walk the          e
                                                                       W at ATA, can take some credit for the work that we have done
wilderness and experience the abundance of wildlife of South         in educating our American - based travel industry partner
    Luangwa National Park, canoeing in the Lower-Zambezi             members, so that they can in turn, be more knowledgeable and
                                                                     confident about selling Africa: first as a safe destination, even in
    National Park etc. Let this visit be the most memorable of
                                                                     time of global instability; second as a continent rich in history,
                                       your lifetime. Welcome!
                                                                     culture, natural wonders and wildlife; third, as an affordable
                                                                     vacation experience enhanced by the strong US Dollar found in
                                Hon. Patrick Kalifungwa, MP          many African countries, while at the same time the world’s true
                              Minister, Tourism, Environment         luxury destination. Africa is home to some of the world’s most
                                        and Natural Resources        famous luxury hotels, resorts and tented bush camps.
                                                                       Since wor of mouth is the best promotion, we hope that each
                                                                     and everyone of you will take the time to explore Zambia and its
                                                                     neighboring countries - and tell your clients back home that the
                                                                     most peaceful and tranquil, yet exciting and diverse travel
                                                                     destinations are right here on the Continent of Africa. I wish you
                                                                     all a fruitful and successful Congress and a “Safari Njema.”

                                                                     Hon. Zakia Hamdani Meghji, MP,
                                                                     Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism,
                                                                     Republic of Tanzania, President ATA

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Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania
Past President: Hon. Jake Obetsibi- Lamptey,
                                                    host country ..
Minister of Trade and Tourism, Ghana
1st Vice-President: Gaynelle Henderson-Bailey,
President, Henderson Travel Services                           Looking Ahead
Vice-Presidents: Hon. Yusuf A. Sukkar,                                                           Ecotourism Symposium in Sharm El-
                                                               by Jerry W. Bird                  Sheikh, Egypt. Cities hosting events in
Commissioner for Tourism and Hotels, Ethiopia
                                                                 This year's double header       2006 are Entebbe, Uganda and Lagos,
Roger A. Kacou, Inter-Continental Hotels
Doris Wooten, Africa Tour-rific                                  congress offers our members     Nigeria/The Lake Region. We hope to see
Sam C. Okungo, Director of Tourism, Kenya                        two great destinations in one   you at these and many other travel industry
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Venue International Professionals Inc.                           able Development and Job
Executive Director: Mira Berman                  Creation" is the conference theme. What a       Index to this edition:
Directors/Governments                            challenge this is for ATA, promoting travel
Republic of Cameroon: Hon. Pierre Héle,                                                          ATA Host Countries                     Page
                                                 to fifty three nations in a twelve million
Minister of Tourism,                             square mile area. What’s more, Africa is        Zambia - 2003                           3
Republic of Guinea: Hon. Sylla H.K. Diakite,     home to a sixth of the world’s population,
Minister of Tourism and Hotels                                                                   Previews
                                                 speaking some 800 languages and dialects.
Republic of Ethiopia: Hon. Yusuf a. Sukkar,                                                      Tanzania/ Zanzibar - 2003              10
                                                 Our ATA Congress in Zambia is destined
Commissioner for Tourism and Hotels
Republic of Kenya: Hon. Raphael Tuju,            for success, so what do we do for an            Cameroon - 2004                        14
Minister of Tourism and Information              encore? Glad you asked! Following this
                                                                                                 Ethiopia - 2004                        16
Republic of Nigeria: Hon. Boma Jack,             event, Africa Travel Magazine’s editors
Minister of Tourism and Culture                  and official photographer Robert Eilets         Kenya - 2005                           18
Republic of South Africa: Hon. Mohammed Valli    will cover the country, conducting inter-       Egypt- 2005                            20
Moosa, Minister of Environmental Affairs and     views and gathering images, which will
Tourism                                          appear in Africa Travel Magazine’s “Post
Republic of Zambia: Hon. H.E. Patrick            Congress” Edition. Then our circulation         Guinea -2002                           22
Kalifungwa, MP, Minister of Tourism              and subscription drive then gets underway       Morocco -2002                          24
Directors / Airlines                             in the USA and Canada via mailings, ATA
Air Harbour Technologies: Hani A. Z. Yamani                                                      South Africa - 2001/ 2002              28
                                                 chapters, airlines and the “Africa Travel       ATA International Congress, ATA Ecotourism
Air Tanzania: Emmanuel A. Kimaro                 Theatre“ at major trade shows.
Ethiopian Airlines: Bisrat Nigatu,                                                               Symposia and ATA/IIPT Africa Global Summits
                                                 What’s on the ATA agenda? The “USA-
Tewolde G. Mariam (USA)                                                                          Women in Tourism                       center
Ghana Airways: Wilberforce Tengey                Africa Business Summit,” June 24 to 27 in
Nigeria Airways: Nnenna Johnson-Nsofor           Washington, DC is a huge opportunity for
                                                 African government and private sectors to       Next Editions
South African Airways: Paula Newton
Directors/ Hoteliers                             “Build Partnerships.” Our year-end ATA          More editorial features on Zambia and
Accor Hotels: Leu Francois                       Cultural and EcoTourism Symposium is in         other African Host Countries and Events in
Golden Tulip Hotels: Thom Sheriff                Zanzibar, Tanzania, Dec. 2-7, followed by       our “Post Congress” International Trade
Hilton International: Bobby Husain               the Second IIPT/ATA African Peace               Show Supplement. This coming issue
Inter-Continental Hotels: Roger A. Kacou         Through Tourism Summit in Dar es                includes the current pages, plus photos
Sheraton Hotels: Jean-Pierre Manigoff            Salaam, Tanzania. Next May, the ATA 29th        and stories from the 2003 Congress and
Sun International Hotels: Lorenzo Giani          International Congress convenes in              Zambia tours by ATA members and media.
Balance of Board Members                         Douala, Cameroon, followed in October           To advertise in the Post Congress and our 2003
(see center section)                             by ATA’s EcoTourism Symposium in                Ecotourism Edition, tel. (604) 681-0718, or
                                                 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Jubilee Year             e-mail:africa@dowco.com
                                                 Celebrations begin in Nairobi, Kenya, May
                                                 2005 and wind up with a Grand Jubilee
                                                 Africa Travel Magazine 4 www.africa-ata.org
 Photos in this section are courtesy of          Zambia Destination Profile                               east with Malawi and Mozam-
 Zambia National Tourist Board and the           by Helen C. Broadus
                                                                                                          bique; on the south with Zimba-
 Livingstone Tourism Association.                                                                         bwe, Namibia and Botswana; and
                                                                                                          on the west with Angola. With a
                                                 Much to our pleasure, the Africa
                                                                                                          surface area of 750,000 km2 there
                                                 Travel Association (ATA) has chosen
                                                                                                          are nineteen national parks, six
                                                 the African nation of Zambia,
                                                                                                          major lakes, more than twenty
                                                 located in the heart of Southern
                                                                                                          different ethnic groups, several
                                                 Africa as the location for its 28th Annual
                                                                                                 museums, archaeological sites and the
                                                 International Congress to be held in May
                                                                                                 incomparable natural wonders of the
                                                 2003. The name "Zambia" is derived from
                                                                                                 Victoria Falls and Zambezi River. For those
                                                 the Zambezi River, and boasts a wealth of
                                                                                                 looking for a fantastic African wildlife
                                                 natural highlights as well as a tourism
                                                                                                 experience, Zambia has much to offer,
                                                 industry geared towards exhibiting the
                                                                                                 including all of the "Big Five" and more
                                                 country's splendor. The Republic of Zambia
                                                                                                 than 700 species of birds. The rich wildlife
                                                 is the most centrally located country in the
                                                                                                 of the country can be easily explored on
                                                 southern region of Africa and is therefore
                                                                                                 walking safaris, all terrain (4X4) vehicles
                                                 the ideal destination from which to fully
                                                                                                 and/or canoeing safaris.
                                                 explore the region. Zambia shares its
                                                                                                 This feature by Ms. Broadus is available in its
                                                 borders on the north with the Democratic        entirety on the ATA web site - www.africa-ata.org/
                                                 Republic of the Congo and Tanzania; on the      zambia. htm/ Read her 10 best reasons (below).

                                                 Ten best reasons to visit Zambia
                                                                                                 7th: Cultural Heritage. There are seven
                                                 1st: Proximity to other Southern African        major ethnic groups within the country
               Zambia's Defining
                                                 countries. Zambia is easily accessed by air     comprising 25 distinct ethnic groups with
               Moment Revisited                  from all parts of the world and has an excel-   their own unique rituals and 73 language
               by Muguette Goufrani              lent network or regional airlines, railroad     dialects.
                From all of the mail received    routes and road links.
                in nine years at Africa Travel                                                   8th: Victoria Falls. Not the highest, but
                Magazine, and earlier as a       2nd: Luangwa Valley. South Luangwa is           certainly the largest and most beautiful
                travel agent in North and        one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in     waterfall in the world. Victoria Falls is
                West Africa, a certain           the world. The concentration of game            locally known as Mosi-O-Tunya or the
engraved invitation holds a special place in     around the Luangwa River and its ox-bow         "smoke that thunders."
my heart. It came from the Zambian               lagoons is one of the most spectacular in
Embassy inviting me to attend the coun-                                                          9th: Historical Interest Sites. Museums that
try's first Independence Day Celebration. I                                                      preserve the long tradition of ethnic
was in Cote d'Ivoire with Air Afrique at                                                         artifacts as well as famous monuments of
                                                 3rd: Kafue National Park. This is the
the time and my mother Suzanne was with                                                          more recent times remembered at the
                                                 largest game reserve in Africa and offers
the US Embassy. Zambia's hospitality
                                                 viewing of all of the major species of the      Livingstone Monument, the Von Lettow
extended to use that glorious day encour-
                                                 continent.                                      Vorbeck Memorial and the Railway
aged me to visit Zambia shortly after. So
                                                                                                 Museum in the town of Livingstone.
here I am years later, with a heaven-sent
opportunity for an encore. It’s a delightful
                                                 4th : Zambezi River. As one of the greatest
                                                 waterways on the African continent, this        10th: Climate and Infrastructure. Because
rendezvous with my Zambian friends in
                                                 river attracts adventurous spirits to explore   of its height above sea level, Zambia has a
Livingstone, Lusaka and throughout the
                                                 its length or challenge its rapids.             very pleasant climate for a tropical African
country. Watch our Summer Update for my
comments and picture stories.
                                                                                                 nation. This, and the well-developed
Accentuate the Positive: Travel broadens         5th: Lochinwar National Park. Although          infrastructure of transportation and
the mind, lifts the spirit and opens the         one of the smallest National Parks,             accommodations, makes it a particularly
door to a treasure chest of experiences,         Lochinwar has over 400 known species of         comfortable place to visit.
acquaintances and lasting friendships.           birds as well as other wildlife.
Many of my ATA colleagues say they are                                                           For more information about Zambia, and
making friends with countries, which often       6th: Lake Kariba. A man-made lake 280 km        constant updates from our ATA Zambia
graduates from the friendship level to           long. An engineering marvel and conserva-       Chapter, visit www.africa-ata.org
outright love for a particular people or         tion miracle.
destination. A good example is 94 year old
Elyse White of Harlem, New York, who
hasn’t missed an ATA Congress since 1975.
A Fodor's travel survey says Americans
will continue to travel, despite the war. A
majority of 76% say they will continue
with their travel plans.” That’s the kind of
news we love to hear, so follow the advice
of Louis ‘ Satchmo” Armstrong and Nat
King Cole -- and Accentuate the Positive!

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Majestic Victoria Falls
Unique History and Culture
Adventure Activities
Quality Accommodation and Services
Majestic Wildlife
Safe, Friendly and Peaceful Environment

Real Africa in the spray

‘Livingstone, I presume’
is where to stay


                  Livingstone Tourism Association                        More about
                                                                         Livingstone, Zambia
                  Michael Mwanawasa (Secretary)                          and Victoria Falls in
                  Tel (260) - 3-322089, Fax 322895                       Africa Travel
                                                                         Magazine’s Post
                  mailto:lta@zamnet.zm                                   Congress Color
                  Karien Kermer: Wild Side Tours                         Supplement for
                  Livingstone, Zambia                                    North American and
                                                                         World distribution
                  Tel: (260) 3-323726, Fax 3-322895

                           Africa Travel Magazine 6 www.africa-ata.org
             Are you ready to discover the Real Africa?
                                                                                                itself off from the outside world. The price
Livingstone’s a great place to start!                                                           of copper, their main export, decreased.
                                                                                                The economy did not diversify. Zambia
                                                                                                became poorer and poorer. Livingstone
A delightful characteristic most ATA                                                            suffered badly as tourism was not encour-
delegates share is their eagerness                                                              aged and the manufacturing base declined.
to explore new parts of this fasci-                                                             It left Livingstone (along with the rest of
nating continent. With 53 unique                                                                Zambia) with extremely high unemploy-
countries and an endless variety of                                                             ment and dreadful poverty. Finally the
topography, cultures and wildlife                                                               people stood up to be counted and voted in
species, it’s truly a lifetime quest.                                                           a new government which espoused a
The trio on the right is a fine exam-                                                           multiparty democracy. Since then Zambia
                                                                                                has opened its doors to the outside world
ple of ATA’s jet setters - Robert              people were not happy in the new                 and taken on major economic reforms.
D’Angelo of Philadelphia; Elyse                Livingstone and wondered what was to             Continued Over. This has led to an increase
White of Harlem, and Robert Eilets,            become of them. Then the BSAC decided            in tourists visiting Zambia, especially
whose photos are seen on our web               to move their administrative centre from         Livingstone.
site and magazine. Like most mem-              Kalomo to Livingstone. From 1907 to 1935,        Continued in the Center Section of this edition.
bers, they are anxious feel the                Livingstone was the capital of North             For full information on services at Livingstone
spray and catch the splendor of                Western Rhodesia, and this was a time of         Tourism Association, see the web site:
Victoria Falls. They also seek to              prosperity. It was during these years that       www.livingstone.com, e-mail: lta@zamnet.com
                                               many buildings were erected.
learn facts about Livingstone, our
hosts for a key segment of the 2003            We often consider these times as being
Congress. Livingstone Tourism                  romantic, and to us it must seem that way,
Association has provided the                   but life was not easy. Water was a con-
following historical sketch, written           tinual problem - it had to be pumped up
by Mr. Gill Staden, a well known               from the Maramba River and bucketed to
journalist from the area. We know              the houses. The toilets of all the houses
that you will enjoy his story.                 were sited at the back of the yards where
The City of Livingstone was born on 25         the bucket brigade using ox-carts came
February, 1905, much to the annoyance of       every morning to empty the sanitary
the white pioneers who had come to the         buckets. All the roads were deep sand,
area. These hardy men and women had            making a walk of any distance tiresome. A
settled themselves by the river, 5 km          tram-line was laid from town to the
upstream from the Victoria Falls and they      railway station and then on to the boat
felt that a move up to the new Livingstone     club. Small cabooses were made for
would be disastrous for trade. The British     people to sit on and they were pushed up
South African Company (BSAC), who              and down the hill by servants. Many of the
administered this area of Central Africa       old houses which were built at this time
had, in 1905, completed the Victoria Falls     have fallen into a state of disrepair. But
bridge and felt that it was about time to      some are being lovingly restored and are
move the pioneers from the mosquito-           well worth looking for. In the future if the
infested swamplands by the river where         economy continues to pick up more will be
the people had lived for the past 10 years.    restored and this will enhance the beauty
The BSAC had to enforce the edict by           of Livingstone.
giving fines of one shilling per day for       North Western and North Eastern Rhode-
anyone who failed to move. Eventually          sia were amalgamated in 1935 to form
the old settlement was abandoned. There        Northern Rhodesia and it was then that the
is not much to see at the original site,       capital was moved to Lusaka - a more
known as the Old Drift, only some non-         central location. Livingstone continued to
indigenous trees and the graves of some        thrive for some time because it became a
of the many who died there. It is now          manufacturing centre. Factories made
within the Game Park.                          blankets, textiles, clothes, cars. But slowly,
The first buildings to be erected at the new   as the economy started to decline, so did
Livingstone were made of poles and mud,        the wealth of Livingstone. After Inde-
with tin roofs. The site was high up on a      pendence in 1964, Northern Rhodesia
sand ridge in the middle of a forest of teak   became Zambia and shortly after that
trees. The railway line had only reached       Zambia adopted the politics of humanism,
the station, about one km away - quite a       which is akin to socialism, and a one-party
distance to walk on the sandy roads. The       government. More and more Zambia cut

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