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     March/April 2010

    Today’s place for today’s kids!
 SKCC’s 6th Annual BUD, SPUD & STEAK @                                                               Garden City

Our biggest fundraising money          then we won’t have to do any other
maker is fast approaching. Our         fundraising events throughout the
success is dependant upon our          year (chocolate bars, spices, maga-
involvement of all families.           zine subscriptions, etc.).

HOW THIS BENEFITS THE                  With that being said, a little bit of
CHILDREN                               leg work, or phone work will pay
                                       off in the end. Please help your-
The fundraising money is used
                                       self to donation letters available in
for what the children of the
                                       the hall and contact your connec-
centre look forward to each and
                                       tions by putting in a little bit of
every year...fieldtrips and swim-
                                       time to get your children some si-
ming lessons to all children at
                                       lent auction prizes for this event!
SKCC during the summer.

                                       Since we are a large centre, we
                                       have the power of numbers. If
                                       each family brings in just one
1) The more money we raise,            item, we will have just under 100
the less the families are respon-      items added to our silent auction,
sible for paying.                      thus helping in making it an enor-
2) If this event is successful in      mous success.
meeting our fundraising quota,

                                       Grade 3—BULLYING WORKSHOP
                              In the middle of January we       The definition of bullying        Bullying is one sided, inten-
                              started offering a bully free     How it affects people             tional and repeated when
                              program to children in grade 3.   -Bringing awareness of bully-     someone hurts, leaves out, or
                              The first class went really       ing                               frightens someone else.
                              well. The children played a       -List of bullying behaviors
                              game where they had to decide     -Understanding the difference     Remember to check out the
                              if certain situations involved    between tattling and telling in   parent resource board for more
                              bullying or not. Over the next    order to help                     information.
                              couple of weeks, the course       -Understanding conflict and
                              will cover the following:         problem solving
113-2424 King Edward Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba                                    WE ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING TYPES
R2R 2R2
                                                               OF PAYMENTS
Phone: 204-694-0855
Fax: 204-633-6117

Today’s Place for Today’s Kids!

              the web!!
     We’re on


                                The Good Things About Video Games
                              G o o d -                zation                               rent events. Some medical professionals,
quality video games offer lots of benefits        •    develop skills in reading, math,     such as Doctor Kourosh Dini, also feel
to kids. They can:                                     technology and problem-solving       that "age appropriate multi-player video
     • provide a fun and social form of                                                     games can allow children to learn how
          e n t e r t a i n m e n t                                                         other people think - a key aspect of empa-
                                                  •    encourage participation in re-       thy. Games can also help a child become
                                                       lated offline activities, such as    more comfortable with new and ever pro-
    •   encourage teamwork and coop-                   reading         or       sports      gressing technology."
        eration when played with others
                                                  •    encourage    civic   participation   Recent studies have shown that video
    •   make kids feel comfortable with                                                     games can have a positive or negative
        technology—particularly impor-                                                      effect on how players behave, depending
                                                  •    improve hand-eye co-ordination       on the content. Pro-social games can in-
        tant for girls, who don't use tech-
                                                       and fine motor skills                crease empathy, co-operation, helping
        nology as much as boys
                                                  •                                         and emotional awareness, while violent
                                              Video games also can teach important          games can diminish these traits.
    •   in crea se children's sel f-          skills or address serious issues, Organiza-
        confidence and self-esteem as         tions such as Games For Change promote        Check out the following link http://www.
        they      master      games           the use of games for education and social for more media and
                                              action, and often involve kids in the crea-   children information.
    •   provide points of common inter-       tion of games they can use to express
        est and opportunities for sociali-    themselves on important issues and cur-       Just remember, everything can be good in

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