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Waste Deep in the Big Muddy
By Dave Steele, PhD.
        e live in a land of incredible wealth    Actually, we absolutely cannot use it up.      defecant is actu-
W       and abundance. Giant houses, fancy
cars, VCRs, DVDs, computers, iPods. Our
                                                 And it is becoming a very big problem.
                                                   Well, you ask, how can it be that there is
                                                                                                ally       mostly
                                                                                                water, it is much
land stretches for thousands upon thou-          so much manure per person these days? I        nastier than the
sands of miles. We have recreational             don’t remember there being so much when        manure it
opportunities galore. There is more fresh        I was a kid. Where is all of this manure       came
water here than in any other country in the      coming from?                                   from.
world. Canada is a breadbasket to the                There are two answers, really. First,      Bacteria thrive in the stuff. It is extremely
world. We have more food than we know            Canadians eat more meat than they did in       hard to compost. Sometimes this liquid
what to do with. And we have way more            the past. We eat something like twice as       manure leaches into the ground water. The
poo per capita than almost any other coun-       much per person as we did in 1950; four        people of Walkerton, Ontario can attest to
try in the entire world!                         times more than we ate in 1900. And there      the deadly consequences of that.
  Yeah, poo. Number 2. Excrement.                are many more of us now than were alive           Even when the stuff doesn’t get into the
  Individual Canadians probably don’t pro-       then. Second, these days we raise most of      ground water, it can be a very big problem.
duce any more sewage than the next guy.          our farm animals on ‘factory farms.’           Residents of Paulding County, Ohio have
Rather, our farm animals do it for us. North       An American invention, factory farms are     been forced from their homes. Fumes from
American farm animals – cows, pigs,              popping up all across Canada. According        the holding ponds in their area have poi-
chickens together – generate about 6000          to figures from the US Department of           soned local people. The Cleveland Plain
pounds of manure for every man, woman            Agriculture, the percentage of pigs raised     Dealer reports that some suffered brain
and child on the continent. In the dung          on factory farms has risen from 27 percent     damage and worse because of the hydro-
world, we are about as rich as rich can be.      in 1994 to 73 percent today. The figures in    gen sulfide emanating from the bubbling
   Now manure is not entirely a bad thing.       Canada are undoubtedly similar. Each           lagoons. Tests in Iowa routinely show
Farmers have traditionally used the stuff to     farm has thousands of animals living in        ammonia concentrations well above the
fertilize their fields. Biodynamic farmers,      close quarters and producing tons of           allowable limit for human health – some-
especially, put it to good use. It’s way bet-    manure. And because of the way it’s han-       times exceeding that limit by more than ten
ter than chemical fertilizers. But 6000 lbs      dled, the manure is far bulkier than it was    times. Unfortunately, data on the Canadian
per person? I don’t think that we can grow       in years past.                                 situation are not available.
enough vegetables to use all of that.               ‘Modern’ hog barns, for example, use a        All of this ignores the effects on the ani-
                                                                     liquid manure han-         mals themselves. Living in close quarters,
                                                                     dling system. They         in cages or in pens, the animals on these
                                                                     liquefy the solid pig      factory farms lead short, hellish lives.
                                                                     waste by mixing it         Often confined to spaces little larger than
                                                                     with water until it is a   their bodies, most cannot move around and
                                                40112373             slurry. The slurry is      sometimes they cannot even lie down.
                                                                     then pumped into           They live mired in their poo. It’s no laugh-
2150 Maple Street
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6J 3T3                                      holding ponds before       ing matter. Consider all of this the next
                                                                     it is hauled off for use   time you think about putting a pork chop,
                                                                     as fertilizer or who       chicken breast or steak on your dinner
                                                                     knows what. While a        plate.
                                                                     ton of this liquid
Letters to the Editor                                                                  verifiable information about farming practices, trade deals (fair or
                                                                                       otherwise), environmental costs, animal welfare, and yes, health
Submissions of articles and letters are gratefully accepted. Please                    impacts.
send your contributions to newsletter@earthsave.bc.ca.                                    “Sensuality”, in contrast, is about enjoyment: taste buds, cer-
                                                                                       tainly, but also conviviality, memory and association. Certain
To the Editor:                                                                         foods evoke deeper resonances in my memory and feelings: bread
The leading article in the last newsletter sounded a welcome note                      (and real, fat, yellow, organically produced butter), citrus, honey,
of caution regarding media reports of nutritional studies (“Top                        apple strudel, beans, sauerkraut, cherries, buckwheat, watermel-
Researchers Say Tofu a Powerful Aphrodisiac!”). Building on this                       on, tea. The key is to honour and value these resonances: they
sound foundation of common sense, there is a further level to this                     have as much right to the title of “nourishment” as the actual
whole issue which I believe is worth delving into.                                     nutrients which we have so laboriously isolated.
     One problem I see with this whole study-mindset is the
avalanche of results being quoted in the media and pushed by spe-                      Ana Simeon
cial-interest groups. (For example, there’s at least one nutrition–
or health-related “study” that greets me every morning as I open
my Yahoo! Mail. Today’s proudly bore the earth-shattering title                        To the Editor:
“Inhaling Citrus Oils Prevents Asthma in Rats!”) As has been said                      Thanks to Dave Way for his insightful piece in the
many times before, information overload is the scourge of the age.                     November/December issue of EarthSaver. Perhaps it may be
An even graver drawback, in my view, is these studies’ discrete,                       noted here that it is not merely “science” and “scientific research”
disparate and discontinued nature. They seem to be more a col-                         that will best lead us into an evolved future but rather a deep car-
lection of trivia than a reliable (beyond the most superficial level)                  ing compassion and respect for our planet, her plants and her crea-
description of natural processes.                                                      tures. We feel before we think and a mind all logic is like a han-
   Compared with even twenty years ago, our culture seems to be                        dle-less sword that cuts the very hand that holds it.
hopelessly embroiled in counting and weighing compounds: cho-
lesterol, trans-fats, antioxidants. This obsession with splitting                      Ross Victor Hermiston
things up invades the whole discourse about food and clogs our                         Vancouver, BC
mental environment. The mind is flooded with information, which
is so abundant that we will soon require specialized software for
meal planning. Even when the data is digested to the mind’s sat-
                                                                                                 See your Letter to the
isfaction, it remains unconnected to the sensory and emotional
aspects of food. Unable to bring these aspects together, we flit
                                                                                                  Editor in print here!
between narrow-minded accountancy and mindless indulgence.
  What is missing here is a holistic approach that would allow us                                 Email the Canada EarthSaver at
to synthesize – rather than compartmentalize information coming                            newsletter@earthsave.bc.ca to express your
from many sources (internal as well as external), and integrate it
into a coherent personal standpoint from which to act. So what                              views on topics related to EarthSave or its
would that holistic approach look like? I call my version of it                            mission of food choices and the environment,
Enlightened Sensuality.                                                                            nutrition and animal welfare.
   “Enlightened” points to an ethical standpoint which values the
search for and careful ingestion of meaningful information to
facilitate responsible action. That includes all kind of precise, factual,

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2 Canada EarthSaver • January/February 2005                                                                                                             www.EarthSave.bc.ca
Vegetarian Adventures in South Asia
By Dennis Nicoll
        y vegetarian adventures in South Asia began in India. I           a good vegetarian meal for me. I asked him to write down what
M       arrived in New Delhi and found myself in vegetarian heav-
en. Vegetarianism is normal in most of India. Many restaurants
                                                                          it was for me in Chinese. Soon after he got off the train, but for
                                                                          the rest of my time in Xinjiang, when in doubt, I used this piece
won’t even serve eggs for breakfast. When you buy samosas you             of paper to order a meal. You can’t get too sick of noodles with
can assume they are veg unless advertised otherwise. Most rail-           tomatoes. A young man I’d met on the train took me out to din-
way stations have two separate restaurants with big Veg and Non-          ner in Urumqi. I’d thought he had understood my ‘no meat’
Veg signs. A full meal, a thali, in the Veg side consists of dal, rice,   request. We took a taxi to what he proudly called the most famous
wet and dry curries, pappadam, naan, raita and a wicked chilli –          Uigar restaurant in Urumqi. But there was nothing without meat
best left alone. This is all for 22 Rupees, under a dollar. My            on the menu and no inclination from the restaurant to help. My
favourite veg memory though is not of food, but is the sign in the        friend had already ordered ribs. So when they arrived we took
lobby of Hotel Indra Bhavan in Mysore. It stated “non-veg foods           them away uneaten and went to a regular Chinese restaurant with
and alcoholic drinks are forbidden in the hotel premises”.                lots of good veg choices – and he proceeded to eat his ribs.
   On the other extreme, Pakistan is vegetarian hell. Everything              So after eight months of veg heaven, hell and everything in
has mutton or goat in it. I even found meat in my bread. When             between, I’m now happily back in Canada enjoying the easy
you buy a samosa (or almost anything else) you can assume it has          availability of soy chocolate drink, almond dessert tofu and
meat in it, and that a veg version is not available. I survived by        English speaking veg-friendly restaurants.
asking for rice and sabzi – vegetables. This usually resulted in a
horrible dish of slimy overcooked bhindi, otherwise known as
                                                                          Insight into Food
ladies’ fingers or okra. Although Pakistan may be vegetarian hell,
it was heaven when it came to hospitality. I have never met such
friendly people and been treated so well by strangers (though I
                                                                          By Heather Freeland
admit there were also a few scary ones closer to Afghanistan).
                                                                                esanto Melina’s talk at the SPEC building on November
   In between were Bangladesh, Nepal, Tibet, Sri Lanka and the
Xinjiang Province of China.
   In Bangladesh it was almost impossible to avoid fish. Visiting
                                                                          V     23rd proved to be a very insightful look into the relatively
                                                                          new understanding of food intolerances and sensitivities.
the home of one very friendly Bengali, I was assured the dinner           Different from food allergies, which are an immune system
had no meat or fish. I soon pulled something long, thin and hard          response to a food that the body identifies as foreign, a food intol-
from my mouth. No problem, they said, it’s just a fish bone – but         erance is an adverse reaction to food ingredients that involves the
no fish?                                                                  digestive system; a food sensitivity is both. The possible rela-
    In Nepal there’s the famous dhal bhad, lentils and rice. Also         tionship between food and various disorders, such as eczema,
Tibetan vegetable momos are excellent. Once in Tibet, yak meat            depression, chronic fatigue and many digestive disorders is still a
seemed to be in everything and vegetable momos were harder to             new and mysterious phenomenon, which Vesanto probed, along
find. I also had to endure yak butter tea. Here I made the mistake        with her co-authors Jo Stepaniak and Dina Aronson, when writing
of drinking it quickly based on the theory that the hotter it is the      the recently published Food Allergy Survival Guide.
less you can taste it – and even hot it was truly awful!                     According to their research, the top eight food allergens are:
   Unfortunately this backfired as being the first to finish just         dairy, eggs, gluten, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, wheat and
resulted in an immediate refill. Another misadventure was in a            yeast. Many things can exacerbate allergies, such as over con-
restaurant in a small town in Tibet. Absolutely no English was            sumption of these foods over a prolonged period of time, over-use
spoken so I looked around and pointed at a good-looking plate of          of pesticides and herbicides in food production, antibiotics, and
noodles with no meat in sight that someone else was eating.               even allergy testing itself. As tests are only about 80-90% affec-
Unfortunately mine came covered with meat – the other fellow              tive and many mild allergies and intolerances are almost impossi-
must have eaten all his meat first.                                       ble to detect, how are we to know if our well-being is being com-
   Sri Lanka was much like India. A good variety of veg dishes to         promised? Food Allergy Survival Guide gives guidance and sug-
choose from, perhaps even a little spicier.                               gestions on how to find out. By keeping a food diary and cutting
   In Xinjiang Province, again very little English was spoken. At         out certain foods for a given period of time and then reintroduc-
the beginning of a 26-hour train ride from Kashgar to Urumqi I            ing them, it is possible to discover what your sensitivities are
was lucky to meet an army surgeon who spoke some English. He              without any testing and with more accuracy. To make the process
said he’d learned English ten years earlier but this was the first        of eliminating some of the common allergens easier, the book is
time he’d used it. He came with me to the dining car and ordered          also loaded with many healthful recipes that avoid all these foods.

www.EarthSave.bc.ca                                                                                      Canada EarthSaver • January/February 2005 3
How Now Mad Cow?
By Denise Swanson
       ad cow disease was first brought to widespread public atten-      Also mentioned was the inhumanity of present slaughter meth-
M      tion when a serious case erupted in Britain in 1986.
Thousands of Britons are likely now infected, with about 150
                                                                       ods. Often the bolt meant to stun a cow is misaimed and the cow
                                                                       is dismembered while still fully conscious because the line is
dead from the human form of mad cow disease: variant                   moving too fast. This is also dangerous for workers.
Creutzfeld-Jacob disease (CJD). The symptoms of the disease are           Dr. Friedlander is now paid by the USDA, but has no assign-
unimaginably horrible, caused by actual holes forming in the           ment, allowing him to travel across the U.S. and Canada, inform-
brain. The illness is caused by virtually indestructible mutant pro-   ing us about the dangers of our meat supply. Look out for his
teins called prions. How do these get into our food supply?            upcoming book The Hamburger Files.
   We found out from Dr. Lester Friedlander on November 14th
when this former USDA Veterinary Trainer of the Year spoke at                     VOLUNTEER NIGHTS AT
EarthSave Canada’s Speaker Series, giving us a wealth of hard-to-
find information on what our meat goes through before reaching
the market. Dr. Friedlander is one of several highly respected            Join other like-minded individuals every Thursday evening
experts who have been fired by either the USDA, or in our coun-         from 6:30-9:30pm at the EarthSave office, 2150 Maple Street
try’s case, Health Canada, for speaking out on issues that concern          (the SPEC building on 6th Avenue), to help with general
public health.                                                             office duties. It’s a great way to get involved on a casual,
   In order to keep profits high, meat packing plants need to keep                   drop-in basis and to meet new people.
the “disassembly line” moving as fast as possible. If all the
unhealthy looking cattle are identified, it slows down the line and
profits dive; therefore most inspectors allow many cattle through                       CLASSIFIED ADS
that should have been held back for examination. This is due to a       Ear, hand and foot reflexology certificate courses prepare you
conflict of interest of the Food Safety Inspection Service (CFIA in      to practice reflexology competently – $295.00. Professional
Canada) which strives to keep the meat industry happy AND the             and student clinics, books, charts, instructional video, etc.
consumer healthy. Dr. Friedlander explained how the public is at              Pacific Institute of Reflexology (604) 875-8818 or
great risk because the consumer’s safety plays second fiddle to                            www.pacificreflexology.com
    Ante Mortem inspection of cattle
(vital for detecting signs of central ner-
vous system damage) cannot be done
properly due to the faulty viewing pro-
cedure. High air and water pressure
used to remove meat from bone, as
well as techniques used for carcass
splitting and for removing the spinal
cord allow for specified risk material
(body parts with highest concentrations
of infecting prions) to contaminate
meat headed to the consumer.
   Downed cows (unable to walk) have
been banned in the U.S. for human
consumption, but not in Canada. These
downer cows are ground up for chick-
en and pig feed, then parts of those
chickens and pigs are fed back to cows;
thus the disease-causing prions may
end up back in our meat. Chicken drop-
pings too are used in cattle feed, an
even higher risk route. Another poten-
tial means of transmission of the dis-
ease is through the saliva of deer
infected with chronic wasting disease
who share salt licks with cattle des-
tined for human consumption.

4 Canada EarthSaver • January/February 2005                                                                             www.EarthSave.bc.ca
Ask Nancy                                                               Two Thumbs Up For
EarthSave Past
President, Nancy Callan,
                                                                        New Veg Video Game
                                                                        By Lesley Fox and Brandy Humes
answers your veggie
related questions                                                              eet Bryce, a courageous cow and hero of the Steer Madness

Q: Is the word “vegan” pronounced “VAY-gan” or “Vee-gun”
                                                                        M      video game, who escapes his certain fate when the truck
                                                                        that is driving him to the slaughterhouse turns over in a collision.
and is it not the same as a strict vegetarian?                          Finding himself stranded in the big city (modeled after
                                                                        Vancouver), he quickly makes friends with a young vegan girl.
A: Vegan is pronounced VEE-gn, with a hard “g”. The word was            Through her influence, Bryce dedicates his newfound freedom to
coined in England in 1944 and comes from the first three and last       helping other animals.
two letters of “vegetarian”. A vegan seeks a lifestyle free from ani-       Bryce will complete 14 dangerous but important missions
mal products, usually for environmental and/or ethical reasons.         including sneaking into a cosmetics testing lab and freeing the
This involves eating a diet with no animal products, even honey,        rabbits inside, replacing orders for hamburgers with veggie burg-
and usually not wearing leather, wool or silk. Many vegans also         ers and hijacking chicken transport trucks to free the chickens
take care not to purchase products, such as shampoo, which have         headed for slaughter.
been tested on animals.
  The word “vegetarian” does not imply any such lifestyle choic-
es outside of the diet, which, while free of flesh foods, unlike a
vegan diet, may contain animal products such as eggs or dairy.
The word was coined in England in 1847 and is said to have been
derived from the Latin “vegetus”, meaning “lively”, or “veg-
etare”, “to enliven or invigorate”, not from the word “vegetable”.
Before that, vegetarians were often referred to as “Pythagoreans”,
after the famous mathematician.
   Pythagoras, considered the father of vegetarianism, eschewed           Steer Madness is a refreshing video game which takes the play-
both materialism and meat-eating for members of his society. The        er on the adventures of an animal advocate. Full of cool indie rock
slaughter of animals for food lead to warfare, he believed. He was      music, heart-thumping action and daring rescues, the game has
also a proponent of raw foods. Now we hear the term raw foodist         the ability to keep the player fully engaged, while subtlety raising
or even rawist.                                                         awareness of issues effecting animals. In a non-threatening way,
  And yet another dietary distinction has made it into the veggie       the video game encourages the player to think about why some-
lexicon. The adjective “vegitan” has been coined to distinguish         one would want to rescue animals from a lab, save animals head-
those who won’t eat a muffin made with margarine that contains          ed for slaughter or actively promote vegetarianism.
whey, yet will wear wool mittens, from those who won’t do either.            Created by Veggie Games Inc. founder and programmer
   In my world, I’m still having conversations where I have to          Johnathan Skinner, Steer Madness is totally original, thought-pro-
explain that well, no, I’m not one of those “vegetarians” who eats      voking and completely non-violent. Despite all of Bryce’s dan-
seafood or chicken. I don’t want to further complicate things by        gerous and heroic actions, no one gets hurt, maimed or killed
using a word coined in 2002. And since sheep have been observed         throughout, which makes the game suitable for all ages. The game
to eat meat on rare occasion, yet still qualify as herbivores, I fig-   easily appeals to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Steer
ure my occasional lack of consistency should not disqualify me          Madness, is so easy to play and is so enjoyable, people who do
as vegan. Or maybe I’ll just stick with vegetarian.                     not typically play video games will be pleasantly surprised.
                                                                           Bryce, the cow and star of Steer Madness is truly an amazing
    EarthSave Launches Internet Forum!                                  and interactive character. He is full of life, wit, humour, intelli-
                                                                        gence – with a dash of charm. He is environmentally conscious
  Visit our website and check out our internet forums.                  therefore he rides BMX, mountain and street bikes and also the
                                                                        bus to help complete his missions. He can even operate a variety
                Hook up with others with similar interests,
                                                                        of construction equipment, including a crane! His passion and
                      find out about events, or discuss
                                                                        dedication to saving the lives of other animals while promoting a
                        issues. Make friends and have
                                                                        plant based diet, is an inspiration to us all.
                      fun! Go to www.earthsave.bc.ca and                  To get a glimpse of Bryce’s amazing adventures, you can watch
                     click on the Forums link.                          the trailer for Steer Madness online. Visit www.steermadness.com

www.EarthSave.bc.ca                                                                                    Canada EarthSaver • January/February 2005 5
Natural Alternatives to Sugar
By Kathy Nowak, RHN, RNCP
Sugar                                           brain tumors, birth defects, depression,
    Most of us have heard about how the         epilepsy, skin lesions, headaches, insom-
excess consumption of refined white sugar       nia, hyperactivity, pms, psychiatric disor-
plays a role in modern diseases. White          ders, reproductive problems, and even
sugar has been stripped of its nutrients,       death. Due to all of the hype of the fad
such as vitamins, minerals and trace ele-       diets, marketers try to satisfy the sweet
ments that naturally occur in the whole         tooth by pushing artificial sweeteners as       Here are some natural unrefined options on
sugar cane; therefore, our bodies must use      sugar replacements, and stress their no-        the market:
our own stored vitamins and minerals to         calorie or carbohydrate claim. For some-        • Sucanat and Rapadura are dehydrated
process it. Refined sugar stresses the          one trying to lose weight and avoiding          sugar cane juices. They provide many
body’s metabolism, affects the brain and        white sugar, it may be hard to resist.          important minerals, and can be substituted
often disrupts digestion. Diabetics need to     However, artificial sweeteners actually         for sugar in any recipe.
watch their intake of both refined and nat-     increase appetite and can deplete the           • Date sugar is made from whole dates. It
ural sources of sugar. A common miscon-         body’s supply of chromium (helps metabo-        is highly nutritious and provides vitamins,
ception is that brown sugar is better for us,   lize sugar). So along with contributing to      minerals and fibre.
whereas it actually is just white refined       serious health problems, artificial sweeten-    • Stevia is an herbal extract of white
sugar with some molasses added back to it.      ers may also be causing one to gain weight.     chrysanthemum. It has many health
Sugar is added to just about every                                                              advantages.
processed food packaged and canned.             Natural Alternatives                            • Fresh fruit and un-sulfured dried fruit
      Almost all breakfast cereals are             Removing refined sugar and artificial        • Organic, free trade chocolate – is made
processed with an extruder, formed into         sweeteners from your diet is an easy step       with natural, wholesome ingredients,
flakes and O’s, then sprayed with refined       towards optimal health. There are many          including whole cane sugar. Look for
oil and sugar to allow them to stay crispy      safe, delicious and nutritious alternatives     antioxidant rich dark chocolate which has
in milk – even the organic ones! They are       to modern sugar in the marketplace – but        high in flavonoids
then “fortified” with synthetic vitamins.       be aware that they must be consumed in          • Maple sugar/syrup – high nutritional
Use whole grains for breakfast instead of       small quantities or they may cause weight       value and can be used for baking and
these cereals.                                  gain and other health problems. Also, keep      cooking.
                                                in mind that the immune system is weak-         • Barley malt
Artificial sweeteners                           ened by all simple sugars, including honey,     • Brown rice syrup
   No artificial sweetener has been proven      molasses, rice malt, fruits and fruit juices.
to be safe. Studies show that many con-         They should all be temporarily eliminated       Kathy Nowak, RHN, RNCP, is one of
tribute to a list of health problems.           when there is an infection.                     EarthSave’s regular nutrition advisors.
Aspartame use is specifically linked to

              Earn Money For EarthSave!!
                      BUYING or SELLING a HOME?
                        Allow me to represent you                                                          “ P l e a s e Su p p o r t A
                                                                                                          C r u e l t y - Fr e e W o r l d ”
           16 years experience - Recipient of Realtors
             Care Award 2002 for community service.                                                        Laura-Leah Shaw
        Always collecting donations of goods for the needy.                                                  RE/MAX Crest
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    For each EarthSave related sale a donation will be made to EarthSave Canada.                             604.551.9297

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Members’ News & Special Events
       UPCOMING VEGAN POTLUCKS                                           MEET LIKE-MINDED SINGLES -
  When: Second Sunday of every month at 6pm (doors open at              TRY EARTHSAVE’S SPEED DATING!
                                                                         Come out and support a great cause and meet 10-12 other
    Location: 2150 Maple Street (at 6th Avenue), Vancouver
                                                                           singles for brief anonymous dates. Unlike other speed
  Cost: Free to members; $3 for non-members (Everyone MUST
                                                                       dating in Vancouver, you’re guaranteed to have something in
                    bring a VEGAN dish)
                                                                        common with most participants since the event targets those
                                                                         with an interest in the environment, animal welfare and/or
     EarthSave welcomes Silvia Wilson, a long time EarthSave
                                                                       healthy eating. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians are welcome.
         volunteer, to the position of Potluck Coordinator.
                                                                       When? Friday, January 28th, 2005
                                                                       Ages? 40-50 (women) & 40-55 (men) at 7:00pm; 30-40
                    Volunteer Opportunity:
                                                                       (women) & 30-45 (men) at 9:00pm
  The potluck volunteer team meets on the Thursday prior to the
                                                                       Where? 2150 Maple Street, Vancouver
potluck from 7-8:30pm. While at the potluck, volunteers get to eat
                                                                       Cost? $20 members, $25 non-members – includes a drink
 FIRST! For more info, contact Silvia at 604-879-3886 or email:
                                                                       and appetizers (paid upon registration by cash or credit card).
                                                                       How to register? Call 604-731-5885. For more details,
                                                                       please visit our website: www.earthsave.bc.ca/events/
        EARTHSAVE READING GROUP                                        What happens at the event? You
                                                                       will meet 10-12 other singles for 6
     The first meeting is being held at the SPEC building on           minute dates. Contacts are facilitated
 Wednesday, January 19th at 7:30pm. Be prepared to discuss Eric        afterwards by the organizers. At least
 Schlosser’s book Fast Food Nation. The group will be reviewing        one match is guaranteed.
             the section entitled “The American Way”.

  Friday, January 14th at 7pm                 with raspberry coulis and tea or coffee.     cooked in special spices and seasoned
  East is East                                Price: $14 inclusive for members ($17        with cashew nuts and spices) and Cayoti
  3243 West Broadway, Vancouver               for non-members)                             Squash. Sweets for dessert.
                                                                                           Price: $14 for members ($17 for non-
  Sorry, this dine-out was sold out 6 weeks   Tuesday, February 8th, 2005 at 7pm           members)
  before the date! But watch for future       Dosa Hut
  dine-outs at this location. Check the       1279 East Hastings Street Vancouver          Friday, February 25th, 2005 at 7pm
  website for details.                                                                     La Mascotte
                                              Dosa Hut, near the Vancouver water-          3236 West Broadway, Vancouver
  Thursday, January 27th at 7pm               front, has some of the most authentic
  Serenity Cafe                               South Indian food outside of Bangalore.      Dim lighting and a Mediterranean Bistro
  3347 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver             Spicy but not impossibly so, the flavours    atmosphere await us at La Mascotte.
                                              are quite different from the more familiar   We’ll be having a large buffet with a
  Serenity Cafe is an out of the way find     North Indian cuisine. We’ll be having        green bean dish, barley stuffed zucchini,
  for those on special diets. We will start   fried donuts made with lentil and veg-       rice stuffed eggplant, kale and chick
  with organic green salad with balsamic      etable, Mysore Masala Dosa (thin rice        peas, tabouli salad, a taro root dish and
  vinagrette, followed by roasted squash      and lentil crepes layered with spicy chut-   unique savory pumpkin pie. This is our
  and coconut milk soup and organic roast-    ney and topped with potatoes, peas and       second visit to La Mascotte and the
  ed potatoes. The entrees will be tofu       cauliflower), Oothappam (thin pancake        first did not disappoint. This dine-out
  coconut and cashew curry on organic         with tomato and peas topping), Keeral        will accommodate up to 50 people.
  brown rice with mango chutney and           Adal (thick pancake blended with             Price: $16 for members ($19 for non-
  roasted vegetable pie with red pepper       spinach), Idlis with pepper, cumin,          members)
  and basil sauce. For dessert, we’ll be      cashew nuts, raisins, ginger and corian-
  having an organic vegan chocolate cake      der, Ven Pongal (steamed rice and lentils
     To register for any of these dine-outs, please send your full name and phone number as well as those of any guests you are
  registering to dineout@earthsave.bc.ca no less than 48 hours before the dine-out. If you do not have convenient internet access,
  you can also register by phoning 604-736-INFO (604-736-4636). Your registration is your commitment to attend. No shows may
                                           result in EarthSave being charged for your meal.
www.EarthSave.bc.ca                                                                                Canada EarthSaver • January/February 2005 7
                                                                                                               Rainforest Reptile Refuge Society          1395 176th St., Surrey                   604-538-1711
                                                                                                               Raith, Dr. S. - Ayurvedic Consultant       2672 West Broadway, Vancouver             604-761-6537
                                                                                                                  (20%)                                                                          www.ayuryogi.com
                                                                                                               Sea Spray (Kelp Growth Supplement)         300-1497 Marine Dr., West Vancouver      604-926-3352
                                                                                                               Sejuiced                                   1958 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver          604-730-9906
                                                                                                               Semperviva Natural Health Food Stores      2608 West Broadway,Vancouver             604-739-1958
                                                                                                               Serenity Cafe                              3347 West 4th Ave., Vancouver            604-739-9777
                                                                                                               Shiatsu Therapy with Colin Vankeith, RST                                            604-682-7339
                                                                                                               Simply Vegetarian Restaurant               135-8291 Ackroyd, Richmond               604-278-0852
                                                                                                               Small Potatoes Urban Delivery              no discount; $15 off first order         604-215-7783
                                                                                                               Sprouts                                    6138 Student Union Blvd., Vancouver      604-822-9124
                                                                                                               Swagat Restaurant                          1726 Davie St., Vancouver                604-688-9400
B.C. - LOWER MAINLAND                                                                                          Sweet Cherubim (Restaurant Only)           1107 Commercial Drive, Vancouver         604-253-0969
Ayurvedic Center Inc.                             5182 Victoria Dr., Vancouver              604-761-9442       Tachia Bakery and Deli                     4111 Macdonald Street, Vancouver         604-731-7766
BC Gelati                                         1102 West Broadway, Vancouver             604-733-2979       Thai Body Work by Bernard Dalziel          332 East 4th Ave., North Vancouver       604-984-1260
Best Bread Co.                                    Tri-City Area and Maple Ridge             604-468-2504       Transilvania Peasant Bread                 3474 West Broadway, Vancouver                no phone
(No Discount - No delivery fee for first order)                                           www.BestBread.ca     Unique Nutrition Health Centre             2-555 West 12th Ave., Vancouver          604-872-8647
Bodhi Choi Heung Vegetarian                       3932 Fraser Street, Vancouver             604-873-3848       Vadhwana, Gita                             7437 Willard Street, Burnaby             604-522-1413
Restaurant                                                                                                       Ayurvedic Cooking Instructor
Bo Kong (5%)                                      80-8100 Ackroyd, Richmond                  604-278-1992      Veggie Delight Cafe                        2280-8181 Cambie Rd., Richmond            604-276-2251
                                                  3068 Main Street, Vancouver                604-876-3088      West Best Vegetarian Market (discounted    4834 Victoria Drive, Vancouver            604-323-2362
Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant                    137 East Pender Street, Vancouver          604-683-8816      items & bulk packs excluded)
Empowering People                                 101-2145 W. Broadway, Vancouver            604-323-6669      West Pointe Organic Produce                2625 West 4th Ave., Vancouver             604-736-2839
Evergreen Vegetarian Foods                        4166 Main St., Vancouver                   604-879-3380
                                                                                                               OUTSIDE LOWER MAINLAND LOCATIONS
Everybody Loves Veggies                           555 West 12th Ave., City Square Mall,      604-873-4417
                                                                                                               Black Sea Health Foods                     7054 Pioneer Ave., Agassiz                604-796-3677
                                                                                                               Canadian Wilderness Ecotours               923 Catherine St., Victoria               250-595-1835
Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary                     2672 W. Broadway, Vancouver                604-734-4372
                                                                                                               Green Cuisine                              Market Square, 560 Johnson St.,           250-385-1809
Goddess Gift Gatherings ($1 off reg.              Various locations, Greater Vancouver       604-879-5867                                                 Victoria
admission fee; 5% on related events)              www.goddessgiftgathering.com
                                                                                                               Hoodoo Ranch Organic Fruit                 Box 155, Spences Bridge, BC               604-980-2217
Greens & Gourmet Vegetarian                       2582 West Broadway, Vancouver              604-737-7373      Interlude-Kripalu Massage                  Victoria, BC                              250-514-6223
                                                                                                               Johnstone, Stacy - Reiki Practitioner      845 Birch Ave., Kelowna, BC               250-763-4033
Happy Veggie World                                378 - 13988 Cambie Rd., Richmond           604-278-5519
                                                                                                               Lotus Pond Restaurant                      617 Johnson St., Victoria                 250-380-9228
Health Connection, The (15%)                      Unit 2 - 2773 Barnet Hwy., Coquitlam       604-464-2723      Mandy & Me Trailriding                     174 Bear Creek Rd., Kelowna, BC           250-769-5735
Health is Wealth (5%)                             4455 E. Hastings, Burnaby                  604-298-0595      The Soap Exchange                          1393A Hillside Ave., Victoria             250-475-0033
Healthy Green Wheatgrass (50% off first           Home Delivery Service                      604-879-2280                                                                                           250-475-0077
tray)                                                                                                          Tree House Health Foods                    100 Fort St., Hope                        604-869-5545
HOC Health Centre                                 112-250 Schoolhouse St., Coquitlam         604-520-6867      * Bold = New Addition
Kitsilano Hemp Company                            2918 West 4th, Vancouver                   604-730-1865
Levin, Tony - Massage Practioner ($5              Vancouver                                  604-879-7776

                                                                                                                               Support EarthSave –
Life Time Organics (10% on vitamins               2099 152nd Avenue, White Rock              604-541-0933
only, 5% on food)
May 3rd Enterprises, Electrolysis & Ear
My Private Chef, Organic Personal Chef
                                                  2023B Hyannis Dr., North Vancouver

                                                                                                                                Become A Member
Nordic Living Water Systems                       904 Leovista Ave., North Vancouver         604-990-5462        Annual membership rates:
                                                                                          or 1-888-644-7754
Nowak, Kathy - Nutrition Consultant               10-2495 Commercial Drive, Vancouver        604-251-6879
Nyala Restaurant                                  2930 West 4th, Vancouver                   604-731-7899        $12 Student                                $48 Family
Ocean Park Health Foods                           12907 16th Ave., South Surrey              604-531-7011
OM Vegetarian Restaurant                          3466 Cambie Street, Vancouver              604-873-6868
                                                                                                                 $24 Senior                                 $96 Corporate
Pacific Institute of Reflexology                  535 West 10th Ave., Vancouver              604-875-8818        $36 Individual
Paradise Vegetarian Noodle House                  8681 10th Ave., Burnaby                    604-527-8138
Planet Veg Restaurant                             1941 Cornwall St., Vancouver               604-734-1001
Rainbow Vegetarian Restaurant                     2-8095 Park Road, Richmond                 604-273-7311             Phone the EarthSave office (Tues-Sat, 12-4pm) at
                                                                                                                           604-731-5885 to become a member.

                                                  Sprouts                                                                                      Serenity Cafe
         Sprouts is a student run, not-for-profit                                                                Serenity is a new cafe and catering company
       cooperative grocery store, carrying fresh,                                                              located in Kitsilano, accommodating customers
   organic produce from the UBC farm, as well as                                                                   who are on special diets, all the way from
   bulk foods, groceries, snacks, baked goods and                                                                 vegans to celiac. Wheat-free, dairy-free and
    fair-trade coffee, tea, and chocolate. Sprouts is                                                               egg-free dishes are regularly available.
   located on the lower level of the Student Union

8 Canada EarthSaver • January/February 2005                                                                                                                                                 www.EarthSave.bc.ca

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