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									                            CAR OF ILLINOIS
                             "CAPITAL CLUB"
CAR of Illinois is dedicated to helping elect responsible state officers and members of the Illinois
General Assembly who are open minded to the concerns and problems facing the automobile and
truck dealer today. Towards that end, your contribution will now be a factor in deciding who controls
your dealership: government's rules and regulations or YOU. Your timely contribution joins that of
your fellow dealers who have already contributed to the goals which CAR seeks. Corporate checks
are legal under the Illinois Election Laws.

Please forward all contributions to:
                                                   CORPORATE CHECKS ARE ACCEPTABLE!
Mr. Jerry Grebner, CAR Chairman
CAR of Illinois
P.O. Box 3045
Springfield, IL 62708

Yes Jerry, we need a strong voice in government, enclosed is my corporate check made payable to

       Governor's Club
       $1000   (Golf Shirt Size: M L XL XXL)     _______ My Corporate Check for $__________ is Enclosed.
       Senate Club
       $500 (Golf Shirt Size: M L XL XXL)        _______ I prefer to use my personal credit card:
       House Club
       $300 (Recommended Level)(Golf Shirt Size: M L XL XXL)             _____ Visa _____ Mastercard
       $100                                 Card #: _______________________________________

                                            Expiration Date: ________________________________

                                            Signature: _____________________________________

Name of Contributor: ________________________________ Title: __________________________

Dealership: _______________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________________________________

Telephone: ______________________________________________

                                THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING CAR!
                               Illinois Automobile Dealers Association

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