SWOT Analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities

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					                          SWOT Analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
SWOT Analysis is an effective method of identifying your Strengths and Weaknesses, and to examine the Opportunities and Threats
you face. Often carrying out an analysis using the SWOT framework will be enough to reveal changes that can be usefully made. The
purpose of SWOT analysis is to isolate key issues and to facilitate a strategic approach. You can use a SWOT Analysis to identify and
analyze the Strengths and Weaknesses of your organization (internal), as well as the Opportunities and Threats revealed by the
information you have gathered on the external environment. While developing a strategic plan, or planning a solution to a problem,
after you have analyzed the external environment (for example, the culture, economy, health, sources of funding, demographics,
etc.).To carry out a SWOT Analysis answer the following questions:
                                                                                Consider this from your own point of view and from
                              Behaviors or circumstances that help              the point of view of the people you deal with. Don't
                              you achieve your goals:                           be modest, be realistic. If you are having any
 S Strengths                  What are your advantages?                         difficulty with this, try writing down a list of your
                              What do you do well?                              characteristics. Some of these will hopefully be
                                                                                Again this should be considered from an internal and
                              What could be improved?                           external basis - do other people perceive weaknesses
W Weaknesses                  What is done badly?                               that you don't see? Do your competitors do any
                              What should be avoided?                           better? It is best to be realistic now, and face any
                                                                                unpleasant truths as soon as possible.
                                                                                 Useful opportunities can come from such things as:
                              Identify the additional and/or                       Changes in technology on both a broad and narrow
                              unexpected chances for success:                      scale
O Opportunities               Where are the good chances facing                    Changes in local or state policies
                              you?                                                 Changes in social patterns, population profiles,
                               What are the interesting trends?                    lifestyle changes, etc.
                                                                                    Local events
                                                                                What obstacles do you face?
                              What are the aspects of a situation that          What is your competition doing?
T Threats                     inhibit, harm, or threaten your chance            Are the required specifications for your job, products
                              to achieve a desired goal.                        or services changing?
                                                                                Is changing technology threatening your position?
Carrying out this analysis is will often be illuminating - both in terms of pointing out what needs to be done, and in putting problems into
perspective. You can use this information to help you develop a strategy that uses the strengths and opportunities to reduce the weaknesses and
threats, and to achieve the objectives of your organization.
In-Class Activity:
  Project teams for hypothetical companies – each must develop a new slogan:

          Group 1 – for a soft-drink company
          Group 2 – for a cereal company
          Group 3 – for a toothpaste company
          Group 4 – for a hair replacement therapy provider
  After your group has developed its slogan, each individual should conduct a personal SWOT
  assessment of his/her listening skills during this exercise. When all members have completed their
  assessments, compare and discuss your assessment with the other members of your group.

          Potential Internal Strengths                   Potential Internal Weaknesses
   1.                                               1.
   2.                                               2.
   3.                                               3.
   4.                                               4.
   5.                                               5.
        Potential External Opportunities                   Potential External Threats
   1.                                               1.
   2.                                               2.
   3.                                               3.
   4.                                               4.
   5.                                               5.