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									Waste Reduction Week at Acadia
Waste Reduction Week (WRW) is a series of events held every October across
Canada to raise public awareness about how waste impacts on the environment, society and the
economy. The event was established by a coalition of non-government, non-profit environment
groups from each of the provincial and territorial jurisdictions. While Waste Reduction Week
traditionally focuses on reducing our production of solid waste by following the 3 R's: reduce,
reuse, and recycle, it is important to reduce our consumption of all our valuable resources,
including water and energy. WRW partner, Clean Nova Scotia, organized one of the first Waste
Reduction Weeks fourteen years ago in the province and encourages schools and communities
in Nova Scotia to take part in the program. This year Acadia signed on to do our part. Join Acadia
students, staff and faculty in reducing our consumption by participating in events this week and
by taking action on campus, in your community and at home. For more information go to

Acadia WRW Events
Tuesday Oct. 21

                       Heap Day: How big is your heap?
                       Time: 11:00am-4:00pm
                       Location: BAC Grounds (Acadia St.)
                       Come waste your time at the Heap! Have a look at the waste generated
                       in residence on campus in one day! Play the recycling game and learn
                       about waste management on campus. Contact: Sarah Gatien

Wednesday Oct. 22

Webcast: Climate Realities, Challenges, and Progress in Higher
Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm
Location: KC Irving Centre Second Floor meeting room
Panelists will talk about the latest scientific information on climate change, as well as the
convergence of campus staff, faculty, and student activity in efforts to address climate change
and sustainability on campus in 2008-2009. The webcast includes Andrew Revkin, science
reporter for The New York Times, Richard Moss, vice president and managing director for
Climate Change for the World Wildlife Fund-US, Anthony Cortese, president of Second Nature, a
non-profit organization dedicated to making healthy, just, and sustainable action a foundation
of higher education, and Jessy Tolkan, executive director of programs for the Energy Action
Coalition. Space is limited. Register in advance. Contact: jodie.noiles@acadiau.ca. Hosted by the
Society for College and University Planning for Campus Sustainability Day. Sponsored by Acadia

Eco-Trivia night and Acadia Eco-Olympics logo winner
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Axe Lounge
Eco-Trivia night at the Axe will highlight sustainability and environment issues. The winner of the
Eco-Olympics logo challenge will also be announced and the new logo unveiled. Contact: Rose
Whitehorn 078329w@acadiau.ca

Thursday Oct. 23

Heap Day Rain Date
Details as above

                       Garbage Warrior
                       Time: 6:00pm
                       Location: BAC Room #138

                       Join students in Bus 4963: Strategic Issues in Business for a viewing of
                       the documentary “Garbage Warrior”. This is the epic story of radical
                       Earthship eco architect Michael Reynolds, and his fight to build off-the-
                       grid self-sufficient communities. Contact: Dr. Edith Callaghan
                       edith.callaghan@acadiau.ca or jodie.noiles@acadiau.ca

Paper Towel Free Day
Time: All Day
Location: Chase Court Residence

Take the paper towel pledge and help reduce our residence footprint. Contact: Brynne Sinclair-
Waters 080424s@acadiau.ca

Friday Oct. 24

Sorting Search
Not sure what waste receptacle to use for an item? Check out the new Sorting Search Engine
from Valley Waste Resource Management. Contact: VWRM info@vwrm.com
For more information contact:

Jodie Noiles, Sustainability Projects Coordinator
Arthur Irving Academy for the Environment
Acadia University
P: 902-585-1932 E: jodie.noiles@acadiau.ca

Arthur Irving Academy for the Environment: www.acadiau.ca/academy
Waste Reduction Week in Canada Official Site: www.wrwcanada.com
Valley Waste Official Site: www.vwrm.com
Acadia University Environmental Society: http://axe.acadiau.ca/envirosociety

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