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					                   WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE

Welcome to you all today. My name is Rev. Ed Barclay and the Lord has placed this
message on my heart for a number of months now and I have an urgency in my spirit
because the time is short.
What I want to speak to you about is your up and coming future, and the question I
am going to ask is: If you were to die tonight where will your soul be? Before you
answer that question I would like you to read a few verses of scripture. These verses
are from Matthew Chapter 24 and they are the words of Jesus Christ. These verses
reflect exactly what is happening at this point in time, this very hour. What I am about
to say is chillingly accurate. Think about the words I am saying and put them into the
Light of what is happening in the world at this very point in time.
       And Jesus answered and said unto them, "Take heed that no man
      deceive you. 5For many shall come in my name, saying, 'I am Christ;' and
      shall deceive many. 6And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see
      that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the
      end is not yet. 7For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against
      kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in
      diverse places. 8All these are the beginning of sorrows. 9Then shall they
      deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of
      all nations for my name's sake. 10And then shall many be offended, and
      shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. 11And many false
      prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. 12And because iniquity shall
      abound, the love of many shall wax cold."
      Matthew 24:4-12
Chilling accurate wouldn't you say?
Let's look at wars and rumors of wars: Afghanistan- Iran being warned not to interfere
there. In India and Pakistan we have a tense situation developing there with the threat
of a nuclear exchange. Iraq secretly building up a stockpile of chemical weapons,
anthrax scares, terrorism, bio-terrorism. The Korean peninsula -The DMZ zone has
frequent exchanges of gunfire, Bosnia, Africa, the list can go on and on and on.
What about: Famines in Africa, Korea, Afghanistan, killing millions of people
What About: Plagues like AIDS decimating the continent of Africa, AIDS is growing
in plague proportions in the former Soviet Union and in Places like Thailand and
What about : The Ebola Virus killing many in Africa?
What About: Earthquakes that are growing in multitudes and intensities.
We see these things happen every day, but what it means is this: as every day goes by,
the closer we get to Jesus Christ returning.
The Bible is 100% accurate in what it says, thus it astounds me why people go to
great lengths to find out what the future holds. They spend money on Astrologers,
Tarot Cards, and Psychics and Diviners who cannot predict the future. But God has
already foretold us what is about to happen. It is written in His WORD exactly what is
about to happen.
Jesus makes it very clear. Wars and rumours of wars must take place but the end is
not yet. These are the beginning of sorrows; the worst is yet to come!!! It is like a
women giving birth, with the onset of labour pains. As time goes on the contractions
get stronger and stronger and stronger until it is time for the child to be born. So these
things will start to happen on a much greater scale. Greater wars, bigger famines,
killer earthquakes killing 10's of thousands of people.
Throughout Matthew 24 there is an emphasis by Jesus on two main things:
False prophets and False Christs
The deception of many by these persons
This is what is happening throughout the Church this present time. Exactly that! You
have false prophets and teachers who are leading God's people astray. Men like
Benny Hinn with his false healings and false prophecies. I have read a number of his
books and cannot believe the amount of scriptural error in them. I had the opportunity
to hear him speak in Australia and I have seen him numerous times on TBN, and the
question I ask you is this: Would Jesus go around in designer clothing and wearing
Gucci shoes and suit worth a couple thousand bucks? Did Jesus live in a luxury
mansion? The answer to both of these questions is an emphatic No. However men like
John Avazzini and Creflo A. Dollar will try and convince you he did.
Today, however, you have these televangelists strutting on stage in their fabulous
wealthy designer clothes, wanting more and more money so that their lavish lifestyles
can be maintained. If you take the time to read, have a look at the lifestyles of men
like George Mueller, William Carey, David Livingstone and Frank Bartlemann and
you will see that their lifestyles were a complete contrast. At least these men knew
what true faith was and they solely depended upon God to meet their needs. They
never appealed to men for money, they appealed to God directly.
What about Kenneth Copeland? Kenneth Hagin? The word of Faith Teaching is
"another" Gospel. They have a different Jesus, not the one in the Bible. What about,
Hickey, Meyers, Creflo A. Dollar, Morris Cerullo, Peter Popoff? All are false teachers
leading many astray. Before you start to get mad please sit down and listen to what I
have to say. I know what I am talking about because I got caught up in this deception
a very long time ago. Thank God for a good friend who was able to rescue me out of
this. The problem with the Word of Faith is the root of it. Jesus said you shall know
them by their fruit. The root of the Word of Faith Teaching comes from E. W.
Kenyon, who was into the Metaphysical side of things. He was into Christian Science
thought, which is neither Christian, nor science, and it explains why the Word of Faith
teaching is false and contrary to the true Gospel. It also shows why the Word Of Faith
teaches that Jesus died spiritually. All False teaching in one way or another denies the
Cross and the work of Christ at the cross. The "Jesus died spiritually" teaching taught
by Copeland and company is HERESY!!! Copeland in his tape called "What
Happened from the Cross to the Throne" says that he (Copeland) could have died to
take your sin away because he was a born again man and Christ wasn't. Jesus had to
Go to Hell to take on a Satanic nature and be born again. What Blasphemy this is?!
Would you rely on Jesus or Copeland to take your sin away? I know where I have put
my money!
Think about this for a moment: Jesus Christ who is the creator of all, who is God,
dying spiritually? Think it through! If Jesus Died spiritually then there would be a
separation in the Godhead. God would not exist, we would not exist. The universe
would have destroyed itself 2000 years ago, yet Christians lap this garbage up. I weep
when I think of thousands that are going to the pit because they follow a blind guides
like Copeland and Hinn and company.
What about The Southern Baptist Convention who has pastors that are into
freemasonry. A large number are. If you are a Christian and a freemason then you
cannot serve two masters. The god of freemasonry is Satan. Listen: most masons only
go as far as the third level or Master Mason. You only really find out who the god of
freemasonry is when you reach the 30th Level and beyond. Albert Pike, in his book
Morals and Dogma, said this: (Now Pike was A 33rd Degree Mason, The Sovereign
Pontiff) To you Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, and you may repeat
it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees; the Masonic religion should be
by all of us initiates maintained in the purity of the Lucerifian doctrine. If Lucifer
were not god, would Adonay (God of the Christians) bother to spread harmful
statements about him? Yes, Lucifer is god. I have the exact quote in a number of
books that I have researched, and if any one is interested I will gladly give it to you.
The Initiation ceremonies have the person being initiated taking witchcraft oaths, and
by taking these oaths you place a curse upon yourself. I have all of these along with
all other masonry rites as well. They are the same for MORMONS! Ask your Pastor if
he is a Mason, and if he is ask him what are these initiations. He cannot tell you
because he has been sworn to secrecy, and if he did then his intestines would be
ripped out, his throat would be cut. If your pastor is a Mason then either have him
removed or leave and find another church, as you spiritual health is at stake. It is
interesting to note the majority of American Presidents this century were Masons,
along with major key world officials including those in the Vatican.
So we have an abundance of false prophets and teachers that Jesus warned us about
leading many millions astray. Satan does a good job because the finances that would
be directed for spreading the Gospel end up in some conman's pocket. Lets get real
here. What motivates these people is cold, hard Cash, and there are suckers out there
called Christians who are blind and deceived giving their hard earned dollars to these
flakes who are living high off the hog while millions starve.
Where should the money be going? To the honest pastor out in the backblocks
somewhere, who is faithful to God, who toils in the word, who has a genuine desire
for the lost and needy and hurting; that's where it should go.
While I was in the United States in October last year I had a heavy burden for the
people of the US. The pain I felt was enormous. I could see the spiritual climate of the
place and it wasn't pretty. It was like Sodom and Gomorrah. The numbers of people in
the US who claim to be Christian is about 80%. The numbers who follow what the
Bible teaches day in day out is about 10%.The Church is giving God lip service! They
have lost the HOLY FEAR of GOD!!
Do you think that what happened on September 11 was not a wake up call? Well, for
those of you who missed it, YES IT WAS!! Your country has been weighed and
found wanting. Why did your President not call for a National Fast and Prayer Vigil?
Nineveh did when Jonah preached condemnation. Why did your leaders not Publicly
REPENT for the Sins of the Nation? Where were your Church Leaders? There were
only a minority that had the Guts to call the shots. One Man, Jerry Falwell, hit the nail
on the head about it being God's judgement. But what did congress do? They Scorned
him and rebuked him. Franklin Graham also had the Guts to call a spade a spade with
the issue of Islam. The rest SIMPLY Compromised!!
Is God pleased with the 40 plus million babies that have been aborted since 1973?
Hell No!
Is God Please with the Filth that is churned out by pornographers both on TV and
Is God pleased with the Drug problem escalating out of hand?
Hell No!
Is God pleased with a Nation that has taken the 10 Commandments out of schools
along with public prayer?
Hell No!
Is God Pleased with the legislators that change laws that make homosexuals marriages
the same as normal heterosexuals marriages?
Is God pleased when your kids have to take a weapon to school to defend themselves?
Is God Pleased with a society that has removed Him from view?
Hell NO!
What you sow you will reap, and it will be God's wrath which He is storing up for
you. Open your bibles and read the Book of Jeremiah. It is exactly what is happening
spiritually in the USA today. May I suggest to those who go to Church to start getting
down on your knees and start interceding on behalf of your leaders? The time has
come when God has started to judge His Church, and then after that He will judge the
world. The Church has lost its fear of a HOLY GOD, and instead He has been replace
with a sugar Daddy!!!
Many months ago I was praying and the Lord dropped this into my spirit: "Work
while you still have the Light, for the time is short. Go out into the highways and
byways and collect all you can." I knew what this meant immediately. Another man
of God who was 12,000 miles away confirmed this some weeks later. He got the same
message from God, at the same time. The time is coming when a spiritual darkness
will envelope the earth. Have you noticed over the last 6-7 years an upswing in
witchcraft, occult, New Age? Have you noticed what type of movies Hollywood is
churning out? They have a fascination for the occult. Look at Charmed, the Blair
witch project, Buffy, Sabrina and Harry Potter. Ever notice in Bookstores that you can
by books on casting spells, Tarot, Ouiji Board games, and other witchcraft
paraphernalia? Interestingly, the statistics show that it is young girls who get caught in
up in to this type of thing more than boys. Witchcraft is on the increase along with
black Mass rituals.
In saying that, what we see today is only a small glimpse of what will happen. It is
going to get far worse; it will become a very bad nightmare. NO one will be able to
hide from it. God's purposes and Plans will come to pass. And guess what: you are
included in them.
Hey, you out there with a needle in your arm. Jesus Loves you and wants to set you
free from this addiction. He will do it instantly. Hey, you out there that is
contemplating a murder. Jesus came to give life abundantly. Hey, you, a pregnant
teenager who is thinking about aborting your baby. Jesus Loves you and says "You
shall not kill," for murderers and perjurers and liars have no place in the Kingdom of
God. Hey, you out there reading this at this very moment, and you are thinking you
want to end it all by killing yourself. Listen! Hell is real and you will be in eternal
anguish and suffering. Don't do it! Jesus can heal the pain and loneliness you are
suffering. What about the parents of severely disabled children, or parents who have
had Children die? Jesus understands; let him comfort you. You all very special
important people! You are wanted by God to be Loved and Cared for, if only you
would turn and surrender your heart to him. What a peace and a joy your heart will
I asked a question earlier on. If you died tonight where will your soul be? If you are a
Christian, have you done what the Bible says to do, that is, Love God with all your
heart and all your soul and love your neighbour as yourself, or have you been
downright nasty and mean fisted, couldn't bother about God? Has your life been a life
of Holiness, or has it been a life of a Sunday Christian, where you are Holy only on
Sundays and lived like a pig during the rest of the week? Have you fled from sin and
held on to what is good, or do you get so easily ensnared by sin and fall headlong into
it? Has your walk been as a walk that is on the straight and narrow, or do you long for
the things of this world? Have you been obedient to God and his word, or have you
wanted to it your way? Have you been a good servant, or have you placed yourself
above others? These questions require an honest and open search, because if you
brush these aside then you have deceived yourself.
Will you hear the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:22-23, "depart from Me, I never knew
you"? How shocking to find this after you have died. Examine yourself now while
you still have the time and be brutally honest with yourself. Get it right before it is too
late. The same question can be asked of you who don't know Jesus as your saviour:
What will happen to you? The answer in One Word is "Horrible." When you die your
destination is hell. It is the foulest place ever imaginable. The smell, the torture, the
agony, the pain, the thirst and the horrendous suffering make it a place where you
want to stay out of at all costs. Your master Satan will torture you and make you
writher in unspeakable agony while he laughs with delight. The Bible says in the book
of Revelation that the smoke from their torment arises forever and ever. Eternity has
no time frame. You cannot get out of Hell. God makes no mistakes once you are
there. It is permanent! You cannot escape. Hell is Final Full STOP. Jesus speaks more
on hell than He speaks on Heaven, warning people it is not a place where you want to
go. You may say God would never send me to hell. I have lived a good life done all
the right things. Think about this then. God will show the whole of mankind every sin
you have ever committed, starting from a little white lie to every word said in anger,
every evil thought and deed done. You may say that God would never accept me in
the state I am in. The answer to that is, YES, He will accept you as you are. He offers
a free gift to you. It is a gift of pardon and total forgiveness. With No strings attached.
All you have to do is take it and receive that Gift. THAT gift was paid for in Blood,
the, Blood of His Son Jesus, who died on a Roman Cross for your sin and mine 2000
years ago. God's nature does not Change; the book of Hebrews says this. Jesus is the
same yesterday, today and forever. He doesn't change. Will you believe what God has
said about you and come to him this day?
Maranatha. Come, Lord, Come.
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Ed Barclay

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