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Unit 4 Poetry

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									                                                              DO NOW# 116

Denote which Logo goes with which

And then Explain the connotation with each .

          Logo                    Denotation                              Connotation
                                                                The Panda is cute, well liked
1. World Wildlife                                               animal that people love and want
Fund.                  Black and White Panda                    to save, persuasive
                                                                 Represents the super hero of
                        Yellow oval, with a black bat           Gotham city, emergency,
2. Batman              outline, stylistic                       mysterious, boring

                                                                 Fancy, Distinctive , Fun, Popular,
3. Coca-Cola           A red cursive coca cola sign             caffeinated

                        Bold, all CAPS, with the sploosh         Nice shoes & clothing, strength,
4. Nike Classic        (fancy check mark) underneath            sports, action, classic, excitement
                                                                Fast, athletic, persuasion, comfort,
                        Green, all caps, with a puma            more marketing for females,
5. Puma                jumping over it                          durable

                        A fox searching, circling, around       Internet browser, quick, fast, most
6. Firefox             the earth, tail is on fire               popular less viruses, safer
                        Blue & White checker mark,
                       Initials all Cap for co. Bayerische       Nice, elite, safe, sophisticated, fast
7. BMW                 Motoren Werke                            powerful, masculine
                                                                Cool, Watching music videos,
                                                                reality tv shows, award shows,
8. MTV                 Capital Big M, little tv, stands for     comedy, cartoons, racy,

9. Adidas              Lower case, with a pyramid shape         Sports, fast, exciting, cute
                                                                Disney, cute, fun, family,
                                                                imaginative, entertainment,
10. Mickey Mouse       Outline of Mickey’s head                 persuasive

Using the following words make your own connotation denotation
poem (50 word minimum) Make sure to underline the 10 key words
Yes, you can put them in a different order and yes, you can use an
examples ( games = Halo 3, Uno, Basketball). Make a cumulative
total as you write.

Denotation           Connotation
1. Baby              is a new idea.(5)
2. Animals           represents habits (8)
3. Clothes           signify how the you see yourself (14)
4. Death             symbolizes change. (17)
5, Examination       signifies discerning(investigating) the truth.
6. Falling           symbolizes the action of awaking or consciousness.
7. Food              represents knowledge.
8. Games             represent the perspective of life
9. Hair              symbolizes current thoughts or issues

10. Hands            indicate purpose.

                      Baby new main focus (4)
                      Pets annoying animals (7)
                 Style, feelings, Michael Jordan (10)

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